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No Base Trio (Suazo / Vicens / Osuna): No Base Trio (Setola Di Maiale)

The trio of alto saxophonist Jonathan Suazo, guitarist Gabriel Vicens, and drummer Leonardo Osuna, formed in 2010 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, emerging from a standards-based band influenced by jazz, rock, electronic and ambient music to a fully free improv group, focusing on creative improvisation that balances lyrical moments with raw sound & energetic momentum.

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Jonathan Suazo-alto saxophone

Gabriel Vicens-electric guitar

Leonardo Osuna-drums

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UPC: 195269016302

Label: Setola Di Maiale
Catalog ID: 4180
Squidco Product Code: 29585

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: Italy
Packaging: Digipack - 4 panel
Recorded at Audio Degenerate, in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, on Janurary 21st, 2019, by Marcos Maura.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"This recording features an energetic and imaginative set of entirely improvised music by one of Puerto Rico's most creative bands.

No Base Trio is the union of alto saxophonist Jonathan Suazo, guitarist Gabriel Vicéns, and drummer Leonardo Osuna focusing on creating music without barriers and consistently pushing boundaries of sound and improvisation. After 10 years of performing at many important venues in Puerto Rico, No Base Trio will release their debut album on July 10th, 2020 under the radical label, Setola di Maiale created by Paolo De Piaggi and Stefano Giust, which highlights some of the most adventurous and creative musicians all around the world.

Recorded in January 2019 in Puerto Rico, the debut album features an entire set of highly creative, fully improvised music with influences of jazz, rock, electronic music, and ambient music. No Base Trio has a peculiar, individualized voice that these musicians have collaboratively crafted for over a decade. The energy of the album can be felt from the first track, EXT - 1. The track gradually leads to an energetic interplay of sounds, while the second track EXT - 2 is carried by a repetitive groove built between Vicéns and Osuna, and followed by Suazo's imaginative melodic lines. Vicéns and Suazo intentionally craft their sound with special pedal effects throughout the album, exploring different textures and characters.

Other highlights include EXT - 5, an abrupt free improvised guitar intro by Vicéns, gradually joined by Osuna's percussion and Suazo's "EWI," leading to a swinging guitar solo over a distinct walking bass by Suazo and the straight-ahead drumming of Osuna. The album culminates with EXT - 8, a meditative improvisation starting with the guitar creating some mysterious and unusual sounds, soon joined by Osuna's floaty cymbals and Suazo's inventive EWI sounds.

With the release of the No Base Trio debut album, this outstanding group is a representation of music's continuous evolution, as these musicians find new ways of expression with wisdom, creativity, and passion. No Base Trio's self-titled album is destined to become both a landmark in the canon of music made by Puerto Rican musicians, as well as in the canon of global music."-No Base Trio

Artist Biographies

"Jonathan Suazo:

Born and raised in Puerto Rico (July 8th 1989), Jonathan got interested in the arts very early in life. His father was a Graphic Designer/Saxophonist that always had a great love for the arts. These passions rubbed off on young Jonathan as he grew interested in photography, paintings and of course, music. He picked up his dad's instrument at the age of 12 right before starting his studies at the "Escuela Libre de Música Ernesto Ramon Antinini" in San juan, where he graduated from with a growing interest for Jazz music. He then Went along to form part of the Jazz department at the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico where he really started to dig into the music on a much more serious level. While in the Consevatory, Jonathan received numerous scholarships from Berklee Collage of Music by attending the summer camps that they offer in Puerto Rico every year; Jonathan decided it was best to stay at the Conservatory in Puerto Rico where he graduated from with honors thanks to the teachings and guidance of great teachers like: Marco Pignataro, Rafael "el Indio" Martinez, Ricardo Pons and Mariano Morales. Throughout the years, Jonathan has been making a name for himself in the Puerto Rico Jazz scene, releasing his first album as leader ("Extracts of a Desire" -SUAZOJAZZ- febuary 19, 2013) and leading his quintet in the most important Jazz event in the Caribbean "The Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz fest" (march 22, 2013); Suazo has also shared the stage with great artist such as: Paoli Mejias, Tony, Escapa, Eddie Gomez, Luis Aquino, Miguel Zenón, David Sanchez, Charlie Sepulveda and many others.

Jonathan's music can be described as "Very emotional" with an Afro Caribbean/ Rock/Experimental vibe to it. He seeks to transmit energy, life experiences, feelings, and ideals through his compositions.."

-One Point FM (

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"Critically acclaimed guitarist and composer Gabriel Vicéns has been described as "a thoughtful improviser with a quiet tone who makes every note count" by Downbeat Magazine and as "an exceptional artist, with a shimmering sense of sonority and the ability to find a keen balance between poetry and intensity" by Latin Jazz Network. Originally from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Vicéns relocated to New York City after more than a decade of performing and recording with his group and other top artists from the Puerto Rican jazz scene and a four-year professorship at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico.

Vicéns has been featured at venues and festivals such as Heineken Jazz Fest in Puerto Rico, SF Jazz Center in San Francisco, Ljubljana Jazz Festival in Slovenia, Uno Jazz San Remo Festival in Italy, and Havana World Music Festival in Cuba. He has worked with artists such as Eddie Gómez, Miguel Zenón, Alex Sipiagin, John Benitez, Paoli Mejias, Luis Perdomo, David Sánchez, and Will Vinson, among others. In New York, he has frequently performed at prominent venues such as The Cell Theater, Cornelia Street Cafe, Birdland Jazz Club, Teatro LATEA, Fat Cat, The Owl Music Parlor, and Terraza 7, both as a leader of his groups and as a sideman.

His debut album "Point In Time," independently released in 2012, features tenor saxophonist David Sánchez and legendary bassist Eddie Gómez who praises Vicéns as "a creative musician that displays a new vision on the guitar." The release gained rave reviews in many jazz publications around the globe. World-renowned jazz critic and writer Bill Milkowski noted in JazzTimes magazine, "Guitarist-composer Gabriel Vicéns, a leading light of Puerto Rico's jazz scene, flaunts a modernist sensibility on his impressive debut as a leader."

In 2015, Vicéns released his second studio album "Days," on Greg Osby's influential record label Inner Circle Music. The record was co-produced by trumpet giant Alex Sipiagin, and features Sipiagin himself, David Sánchez, and percussionist Paoli Mejias. The recording also garnered acclaimed reviews including 4 stars in Downbeat magazine and 4.5 stars in All About Jazz by music critic Mark F. Turner who stated, "A rising jazz guitarist... Vicéns has provided a splendid recording that conveys a clear representation of his culture and individuality."

Gabriel Vicéns' most recent album, "The Way We Are Created,'' released in 2021 on Inner Circle Music, was co-produced by the great Puerto Rican saxophonist Miguel Zenón and explores a unique amalgamation of modern jazz with folkloric music from Puerto Rico. The record features some of today's most accomplished musicians in the New York City jazz scene: Roman Filiú on alto saxophone, Glenn Zaleski on piano, Rick Rosato on bass, E.J. Strickland on drums, and Victor Pablo on percussion. Music critic Roger Farbey from the British magazine Jazz Journal noted, "The meticulously constructed compositions benefit from canny arrangements utilising all the instruments in a perfectly balanced formation of tonality and harmonic colour."

In addition to Vicéns' releases as a leader, he is co-leader of the free jazz/experimental ensemble, No Base Trio. Formed in collaboration with alto saxophonist Jonathan Suazo and drummer Leonardo Osuna in 2010 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, NBT has released two albums under the radical label Setola di Maiale. Their debut eponymous album was released in 2020 and their second studio album, NBT II, in 2022. Both records received praised reviews in prominent publications such as The Free Jazz Collective, Avant Music News, and Percorsi Musicali. Music critic Paul Acquaro observed, "It will pleasantly surprise you with its mix of melody and exploration."

In 2022, Vicéns went to the studio to record an album of original chamber works including pieces for piano trio, wind quintet, and Pierrot ensemble. The record features some of the finest performers in the New York City classical scene and was released in Spring 2024 on the Milan-based record label Stradivarius. This is Vicéns' fourth studio album under his name and the first one to feature his work as a composer of contemporary classical music.

Gabriel Vicéns received a Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Caribbean Music Studies and Performance from the Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico where he studied with Fernando Mattina and graduated Summa Cum Laude as the first guitarist in the program. In 2017, he earned his Master of Music in Jazz Studies and Performance from Queens College, studying with Paul Bollenback. Between 2019 to 2021, Vicéns studied painting at The Art Students League of New York with color-field painter Pat Lipsky, occasionally assisting her in her studio.

In 2022 he received a Doctor of Musical Arts in Jazz Studies and Performance from Stony Brook University under the direction of Ray Anderson. In addition, during his doctorate, Vicéns studied composition and worked closely with Daria Semegen. He dual focused his studies on the exploration of merging modern jazz with Puerto Rican Bomba and Plena, and composing contemporary classical music. Other composition teachers include Carlos Cabrer and Lois V Vierk.

Vicéns is a recipient of the prestigious "New Jazz Works" grant from Chamber Music America, which he received in 2023."

-Gabriel Vicens Website (

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Leonardo Osuna Sosa is a Puerto Rican drummer, composer, musical director, known for his work with The No Base Trio, Thought Experiment, Sr. Langosta and Loop Council. He appears on albums by Edén Cruz and Dianne Reeves.

-Squidco 7/10/2024

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Track Listing:

1. Ext - I 8:48

2. Ext - II 8:23

3. Ext - III 3:08

4. Ext - IV 2:32

5. Ext - V 4:18

6. Ext - VI 5:25

7. Ext - VII 11:40

8. Ext - VIII 13:13

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