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Fishkin, Daniel

Dark Listening [CASSETTE w/ DOWNLOAD]

Fishkin, Daniel : Dark Listening [CASSETTE w/ DOWNLOAD] (Tripticks Tapes)

Taking the viola da gamba and the daxophone into uncharted (dark) territories, composer Daniel Fishkin (who studied with daxophone inventor Hans Racheil) presents four works leveraging interference & frequency patterns, performed with an exceptional set of specialists on each instrument, and Fishkin's own 20-foot long instrument, The Lady's Harp, creating long, sustained tones.

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Daniel Fishkin-composer, daxophone, Lady's harp

Cleek Schrey-daxophone

Ron Shalom-daxophone

Doug Balliett-Viola da Gamba

Loren Ludwig is-Viola da Gamba

Zoe Weiss-Viola da Gamba

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Label: Tripticks Tapes
Catalog ID: TTT039
Squidco Product Code: 33736

Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: USA
Packaging: Cassette

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Starting with Composing the Tinnitus Suites (2011-present): this project revolves around an instrument I invented called the Lady's Harp, a 20 foot long ecosystem of piano wires, pickups, transducers, and mixer feedback. My Harp's long, sustained tones don't exactly represent tinnitus, but resonate alongside it. With my Lady's Harp, I can cover tinnitus up with sound, and reveal the ringing again, to create the perception of ever-changing harmonies. But having tinnitus isn't just a sound-it's also a very emotional experience, because, well, everything you hear could just disappear, especially if it gets worse. In other words, having tinnitus is not just hearing your ears ringing, but fearing your ears ringing even more.

After ten years with the Lady's Harp, I wondered if I could notate Tinnitus Music for other instruments. Masking Songs deals with the principle of auditory masking and suppression, in which the perception of acoustic sound is affected by other sounds. This is explained by the "critical band" principle in psychoacoustics, which describes ranges where sounds can interfere with each other. However, my research into the work of neuroscientist Pawel Jastreboff revealed that tinnitus does not respond to the critical band principle, and thus sounds of similar frequencies are of no use towards masking it. Instead, sound at any frequency set at the proper dynamic threshold can mask tinnitus. In Masking Songs, I applied these principles in notation, and my tinnitus appears "on the page" for the first time."-Tripticks Tapes

Artist Biographies

"Daniel Fishkin's ears are ringing. Composer, sound artist, and instrument builder. Completely ambivalent about music. Daniel studied with composer Maryanne Amacher and with multi-instrumentalist Mark Stewart. He has performed as a soloist on modular synthesizer with the American Symphony Orchestra, developed sound installations in abandoned concert halls, and played innumerable basement punk shows. Daniel's lifework investigating the aesthetics of hearing damage has received international press (Nature Journal, 2014); as an ally in the search for a cure, he has been awarded the title of "tinnitus ambassador" by the Deutsche Tinnitus-Stiftung. He is the only luthier that studied with the daxophone's inventor, Hans Reichel; Daniel's instruments have traveled the world, and are played everyday by players based in Canada, California, Norway, Germany, France, Japan, Kazakhstan, and Australia. Daniel received his MA in Music Composition from Wesleyan University, and has taught courses on instrument design and electronic music at Bard College and the Cooper Union. He is currently a PhD Candidate in Composition and Computer Music at the University of Virginia."

-Daniel Fishkin Website (

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"Described by the Irish Times as "a musician at one with his instrument and his music," Cleek Schrey is a fiddler, composer, and filmmaker from Virginia, now based in NYC. He plays a range of instruments including the hardanger d'amore, a violin with sympathetic strings, and the daxophone, a wooden idiophone designed by Hans Reichel. Recent engagements include the Big Ears Festival (TN), the Kilkenny Arts Festival (IR), SuperSense Festival of the Ecstatic (Aus) and Issue Project Room (NYC). Frequent collaborators include electronic music pioneer David Behrman, the viol da gamba player Liam Byrne, traditional fiddle icon Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, and composer Alvin Lucier. The journal Sound Post has noted that Schrey "possesses a rare combination of traits: deep respect for traditional music and the people who make it, and an unbounded curiosity about new directions for sound." He was a 2021 Pioneer Works Sound Artist-in-Residence on Governors Island and is currently a Resident Artist at Roulette."

-Roulette (

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"Ron Shalom is a producer, composer, instrumentalist and theater maker. Minivan is his electropop project featuring custom lights, instructional dance and disintegrating drag. Fers Yn Ri is the ensemble dedicated to his baroque death pop. He studied music and linguistics at Oberlin College and Conservatory and completed his master's in composition at Wesleyan University, where he also directed the erstwhile Cult of the Illuminated Orifice, an amateur performance troupe that probed public life with theatrical interventions such as the Mobile Colonoscopy Clinic. Solo artist residencies include the Atlantic Center for the Arts and Rhizome DC. As part of a composer's collective with Daniel Fishkin and Cleek Schrey, residencies include Harvestworks, Princeton University, with support from The Pew Center at The Rotunda, and forthcoming at the Watermill Center."

-Issue Project Room (

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Doug Balliett is a New York composer, poet and bass player.

-Doug Balliett Website (

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"Loren Ludwig is a performer-scholar based in Baltimore, MD.

Loren studied viola da gamba at Oberlin Conservatory and holds a PhD in Critical and Comparative Studies in Music from the University of Virginia.

[CURRENT]: Excited that the BBC3 turned my research on civil rights luminary and early music pioneer Bayard Rustin into a Sunday Feature that will run on Jan. 21, 2024. BBC3 writes, "Rustin's great enthusiasm for Early Music and how he used it within his political work has been brought to life by the academic research of musicologist Loren Ludwig, who speaks to Joseph [McHardy] about his research on Rustin. Joseph and Loren dig deep into Rustin's 1952 album, which combined Early Music with African American Spirituals, and they explore the radical roots of the Early Music revival in the United States." [/CURRENT]

As a viol player, Loren performs widely as a soloist and chamber musician. He is a co-founder of critically acclaimed ensembles LeStrange Viols, the 17th century string band ACRONYM, and Science Ficta.

As a scholar of early modern musical culture, Loren researches what he terms polyphonic intimacy, the idea that music in the Western tradition is constructed to foster social relationships among its performers and listeners. Loren has served as musicology faculty at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, Grinnell College, and the New Zealand School of Music. Loren teaches chamber music and performance practice at residencies and festivals across four continents.

In Baltimore, Loren serves as a lecturer in Johns Hopkins University's Medicine, Science, and Humanities Major. He teaches a course he developed called "Music as Medicine," a seminar in which students discover the deeply intertwined histories of music and medicine in the West (Pythagoras identified foremost as a healer; the stethoscope was developed by a flute maker; etc.) and engage with guests working across the many professional intersections of music and medicine (research, clinical practice, environmental and community interventions, etc.). Loren also develops and delivers programming at the nexus of the arts, humanities, and health on the JH Medical Campus as the Program Coordinator for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine's Program in Arts, Humanities, & Health.

Current (music) research projects include the reconstruction of a lost tradition of ensemble string playing in New England c1800 and archival work in VA and MD uncovering evidence of the participation by African American musicians in colonial musical culture. For ongoing, public-facing content related to this work, please visit the publications area of my website."

-Loren Ludwig is Website (

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"Musicologist and performer on the viola da gamba and Baroque cello. Zoe is a performer-scholar and Assistant Professor at the University of Denver. She performs widely on the viola da gamba and Baroque cello and is a founding member of LeStrange Viols and Science Ficta."

-Zoe Weiss Website (

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Track Listing:


1. Off-Frequency Listening in Subjects (excerpted from Masking Songs, 2023) 9:45

2. Composing The Tinnitus Suites: 2020 14:15

3. Excitation Patterns (Excerpted From Masking Songs, 2020) 12:16


1. Composing The Tinnitus Suites: Mise-en Transcription (2016) 36:03

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