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Volume Eight: Before Birth to Expiration

CHANGES TO blind: Volume Eight: Before Birth to Expiration (Squidco Records)

The eighth album from the long-running CHANGES TO blind project of Phil Zampino, eight works drawing on compositions & improvisations, acoustic & synthetic instruments, field recordings & samples, with guests Levi Erik providing field recordings & voice and Wilmington, NC's 910 Noise Members of Carl Kruger, subterrene, John Bishop, Authorless and Ryan Lewis.

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Phil Zampino -compositions & improvisations, acoustic & synthetic instruments, field recordings & samples

Levi Erik-field recordings & voice (Learning the Birds)

Carl Kruger-voices & sounds

Grant Stewart-voices & sounds

John Bishop-voices & sounds

Authorless-voices & sounds

Ryan Lewis-voices & sounds

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UPC: 19526928268

Label: Squidco Records
Catalog ID: squidco-024
Squidco Product Code: 34384

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2024
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Squidco Studio, in Wilmington, North Carolina, in 2010-2017, by Phil Zampino.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Featuring Phil Zampino on compositions & improvisations, acoustic & synthetic instruments, field recordings & sample and Levi Erik on field recordings & voice plus guests - the 910 Noise Members. Phil Zampino is an old friend of mine that I've known three decades. You also might know of Phil since he founded and still runs Squidco Music. The title here says "Volume Eight" so perhaps there are more titles from Changes to Blind than I can recall. I know that Phil has been doinf this sort of stuff for many years but only releases something new on rare occasion. "Balloon Breath" is first and it is a series of breath-like sounds & samples with some electronics added. The blend of keyboard drones, eerie ghost-like voices or samples is quite hypnotic. "Do Oxygen Masks Matter?" features some strong spoken words and layers of electronics and/or samples. Some of the voices sounds like the voice of authority here with the electronics getting more dense as the piece unfolds. There is some looping going on here which selectively used but not overdone. One of the things I like about this is that it is rarely too dense or hard to deal with. Ideas and sounds are often used one or two at a time before things evolve into something else. There is a good deal of attention to detail here as each sound or group of sounds is carefully manipulated. Those of you who appreciate electronic music or the selective sampling of odd sounds should take note as this is an impressive array of sonic exploration done with taste and craft."-Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

"Welcome to my Eighth Volume. It's been a long journey, the CTb project starting as far back as 1984 with an Atari computer, a couple of synths and a microphone. That song project was my obsession for the next decade, and paused for a few years when I moved to NYC, my life changing and my ears absorbing a tremendous amount and diversity of music and sound. When I fully returned to my sound work I had less interest in song, and a great deal of interest in sonic experimentation, with a tangent interest in sound poetry. My tools changed, preferring a merging of acoustic instruments with electronics, less about keyboards and more about synthesis. I also embraced studio improvisation, spontaneous composition that became meat for projects using the studio as a compositional tool.

The last album I released, Evolvensum (Volume 7) cleared out a lot of that 1990s and early 2000s work that I had wanted to share with listeners. While satisfied with that album, it wasn't an accurate reflection of my most recent work, working methods and sonic configurations. This release brings listeners up to current times, most of the pieces having been composed and developed over the time between the release of Volume 7 & this new Volume 8.

For good or bad I create a tremendous amount of music regularly, and sifting through the years to select these track was challenging. Many of my favorite sounds will be heard throughout the album, including balloons, birds, disruptive sounds, insidious laughter and rich microtonal interactions. I hope that the selection and pacing is captivating enough to prevent converting this CD into a coaster."-Phil Zampino

Artist Biographies

phil zampino, born in 1961 in Westpoint, NY, is the son of clarinetist Gerald Zampino, and was raised with shards of music stimulating his ears from his initial memories. A mixture of music, mathematics, computers, and a love of collecting unusual recordings led to the ineludible formation of CHANGES TO blind. Those same foundations led him to forming this very same Squidco, the online music store and distributorship focused on improvisation and experimental sound. Having no longer a concept of right or wrong in "music", he follows his eccentric ear to wherever sounds leads him.

-Squidco (

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Levi Erik is an Atlanta, Georgia-based actor, film-maker, performer and improviser known for his work on Bessie (2015) and About Him 2: The Revolution (2017). He is a member of Sunburn Boy, a radical experimental improvising organization in Wilmington, NC.

-Squidco 4/17/2024

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American abstract sound artist influenced by micro and macro sound. Know for groups Baby Daddy, Caucasians, Ibiza Shock Troops, Kevin Brodenheimer, Nipple Stools, Peer Group &c.

-Squidco 4/17/2024

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"Grant Stewart is the creative mind behind the name subterrene. He weaves found and synthesized sounds together to realize audible textures, and to delineate soundscapes. Stewart has been creating music since 1997, and has been a member of a number of experimental groups, including Machine Language, Daedal, A Perfect Mirror, The Eschaton Manifest, and most recently The Inference Engine.

Stewart has been deeply influenced by ambient music and noise, in particular the works of artists such as Tim Hecker and Lawrence English. He also draws much of his inspiration from incidental environmental sounds, both natural and human-made."


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Modular synthetics in free form evolution, a mysterious and psychedelic blending of tones and rhythms. Authorless is a member of the 910 Noise Collective.

-Squidco 4/17/2024

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Contrasts of noise exploration and melodic interventions from Mr. Stonecipher, aka Ryan Lewis, employing a variety of approaches to soundwork both attractive and brutal.

"Shadows burn the rain with faces in your lap. Soft shiny numbers of what we have to become. Giant medicine minds give out bags of snakes. There comes a drum on the left window. ...tell them it was Mr. Stonecipher."

Mr. Stonecipher is the solo harsh dream sound project of Ryan Lewis. The project dives deep within Ryan's childhood traumas and serves as an outlet and meditative release for the artist using sound. Stonecipher was his birth name thus being adopted by his grandparents becoming Lewis.

-SQuidco 4/17/2024

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Track Listing:

1. Shit Show Invocation 8:37

2. Puede Ser Temporal 2:58

3. Monkey Pulse 9:01

4. New Eden 2:05

5. Wind Up 7:11

6. Scratching Ainchicken 2:05

7. Reversectx 1:59

8. Friday The 13th 7:06

9. Chair Road 4:23

10. Relgion Is A Fading Siren 2:28

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