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Various Artists

CICP Collaborative Recordings vol. 1

Various Artists: CICP Collaborative Recordings vol. 1 (Habitable Records)

An introduction to Habitable Records, initiated by members of the Composers and Improvisers Community Project led by Argentinian guitarist Javier Subatin, their work crossing composed and improvised boundaries, here in 18 duos and trios including work by Zé Alemeida, Pedro Melo Alves, Killick!, Federico Calcagno, Luis Figueiredo, Samuel Gapp, Javier Subatin, &c.

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product information:

UPC: 0727785141963

Label: Habitable Records
Catalog ID: HR001
Squidco Product Code: 30737

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold


Diogo Alexandre-drums

Ze Almeida-double bass

Pedro Melo Alves-drums, synthesizer

Zoh Amba-saxophone

Mirco Ballabene-double bass

Federico Calcagno-clarinet

Nabou Claerhout-trombone

Max Diller-trumpet

Mane Fernandes-guitar

Luis Figueiredo-keyboards

Samuel Gapp-piano

Oscar Graca-keyboards

Killick Hinds-guitar/K'Harp

Yumi Ito-vocals

Andres Marino-postpiano

Daniel Martinho-synthesizer

Joao Mortagua-saxophone

Camila Nebbia-saxophone

Joao Carlos Pinto-electronics

Francesca Remigi-drums

Heikki Ruokangas-guitar

Marta Sanchez-piano

Javier Subatin-guitar

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Artist Biographies:

"Pedro Melo Alves is one of the most unsettled new minds in Portugal, avid for something more, yet unknown.

Having been awarded with the Bernardo Sassetti composition award in 2016, distinguished as the National Musician of the Year in 2017 by and in 2019 with the Premio Internazionale Giorgio Gaslini he's been increasingly present in the European music scene, presenting his projects in events such as 12 Points Festival (2018), European Jazz Conference (2018) or Jazzahead (2019).

Born in 1991, in Porto, Portugal, Pedro starts studying music in 2000. Enrolls at the Jazz Drums superior course in 2011 at the Porto Superior School of Music (ESMAE), having lessons with Michael Lauren and Carlos Azevedo, and leaves the course in 2013 to study classical and jazz piano with Abe Rabade and Daniel Bernardes. The participation on several workshops in Portugal, Spain and Italy led him to meet and study with some of the contemporary jazz scene figures, such as Danilo Perez, John Escreet and Ralph Alessi. Enters in 2015 on the Musical Composition superior course at the Lisbon Superior School of Music (ESML), where he studies with Sérgio Azevedo, José Luís Ferreira and António Pinho Vargas.

Today he plays as a drummer and composer in innovative modern jazz bands (Omniae Ensemble, The Rite of Trio, In Igma), contemporary electroacoustic projects (his solo O, CACO.MEAL or his trio symph), improvised music (with João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Luís Vicente, Theo Ceccaldi, Ricardo Jacinto, Jacqueline Kerrod, Pedro Branco), instrumental rock (Catacombe), soundtracks for Theatre and Dance (with Schaubühne's Peter Kleinert, Carlota Lagido or his own art collective Caos) and erudite composition."

-Pedro Melo Alves Website (

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"Zoh Amba is a saxophonist from Kingsport, Tennessee who since moving to New York in fall 2021 has quickly emerged into a notable presence in the avant garde scene. Zoh has spent considerable time studying with David Murray in New York, and also at the San Francisco Conservatory Of Music & New England Conservatory. The endorsement and collaboration with the creative music world's most notable sound painters means Zoh is poised to continue her ascent in New York and beyond. She has her debut record O, Sun releasing on Tzadik March 18th, 2022. With Micah Thomas, Thomas Morgan, and Joey Baron. Produced by John Zorn."

-All About Jazz (

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"The 2020 Premio Internazionale Giorgio Gaslini winner Federico Calcagno is a clarinet and bass clarinet player, creative jazz musician, improviser and composer from Milano, Italy, and currently based in Amsterdam.

The artist released his first album with his Italian band The Dolphians. This first recording is dedicated to Eric Dolphy and his music - "From Another Planet" [Emme Label] - which has been catalogued in the list of the best 100 albums of the 2019 by JAZZIT magazine.

The second album "Liquid Identities" (Aut Records, 2020) underlines the recent artistic evolution characterized by clear compositional abilities, remarkable rhythmic variety and strong interplay between unique international artists.The last EP "Introspection" (Unite Jazz, 2020) marks the discographical debut of Fade In Trio, in which Federico works as co-leader.

<> won the first prize at the "Premio del Consevatorio di Milano 2018" with his chamber project Tri(o)ttico, the critics award and 2nd prize in the prestigious Italian jazz competition dedicated to Massimo Urbani (Premio Internazionale Massimo Urbani 2019), and other two 2nd prizes: the Keep an Eye International Contest 2019 with his quintet Liquid Identities, and another one as jazz soloist in "Concorso Bettinardi 2020". The sextet Federico Calcagno & The Dolphians won two national prizes: "Nuova Generazione Jazz 2021" and the first place at "Concorso Bettinardi 2021 (band section).

Federico studied classical and jazz clarinet at Milan Conservatory, and in 2019 he graduated in Jazz Master in bass clarinet at Amsterdam Conservatory and attended the International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (Canada), directed by Vijay Iyer and Tyshawn Sorey.In the academic year 2020-2021 Federico is teaching "Analysis and Application of Advanced Rhythm Techniques" at Conservatorio Vittadini, Pavia (Italy).

Federico has been active between Amsterdam, Milan and Bruxelles. He's the leader of the bands The Dolphians, Liquid Identities, and co-leader of Fade in Trio.He regularly plays as sideman in the bands Noneto Disconcertante, Aviv Noam Quartet, Amsterdam Modern Orkest (AM.OK), Adrian Moncada Sextet, Francesca Remigi's Archipelagos, and played with Tino Tracanna's Double Cut and Giovanni Falzone's Contemporary Orchestra. Recently, he developed interests in the rhythms of Carnatic music and in the world of the Conduction as instant composition: with Stab Freeze Collective Federico found and developed common elements between "Butch" Morris' Conduction, Walter Thompson's Soundpainting and Frank Zappa's way, demonstrating how a limited dictionary of gestures can be applied on a small orchestra with success."

-Federico Calcagno Website (

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"Mané Fernandes is a guitar player, composer and improviser based in Porto and Copenhagen.

He is part of a broad, musical experimental scene he likes to call Post-Beat Aesthetics.

The meeting of the "Jazz" (#BAM) tradition as an ever-inspiring source of depth and truth, with the fresh timbres and methodologies of electronic and sample based music(s) is where he finds his space.

Mané has worked with some of the leading figures in Jazz and Improvised music.

More recently he featured as part of João Barradas' "Home", Pedro Melo Alves' 24 piece "Omniae Large Ensemble", Orquestra Galego-Portuguesa de Liberación, "Quang Ny Lys" with João Mortágua and Rita Maria, as well as featuring soloist and arranger for Orquestra de Jazz de Matosinhos."

-Mane Fernandes Website (

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"Luís Figueiredo was born in Coimbra in 1979.

After concluding the Piano program at the Music Conservatory in Coimbra, he graduated in Piano at the University of Aveiro, where he studied with Vitali Dotsenko, Fausto Neves, António Chagas Rosa and others. He studied at the Hot Clube de Portugal, with Filipe Melo, Bernardo Moreira and Bruno Santos. Later, he also studied with Mário Laginha.

He performs and composes professionally since 2004. He currently leads and co-leads several projects performing his own music and other repertoire, featuring musicians such as trumpeter João Moreira, bassists Mário Franco and João Hasselberg, classical singer Nuno Dias and drummers Bruno Pedroso and Alexandre Frazão, among others. As sideman, he works regularly with Cristina Branco, João Hasselberg, Jorge Moniz, Luísa Sobral, Sofia Vitória, Ana Bacalhau, and others. He also occasionally collaborates in theatre and cinema as performer and composer.

Luís Figueiredo also has a PhD in Music - Ethnomusicology from the University of Aveiro (advisors Susana Sardo and Mário Laginha). He currently teaches Jazz Studies and Chamber Music at Univ. Aveiro. He is a member of INET-MD (Centre for Studies in Music and Dance) and is also associated with the Centre for Jazz Studies at University of Aveiro, where he collaborates in research projects on jazz in Portugal."

-Luis Figueiredo Website (

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"Samuel Gapp (*1997) is a German pianist, composer and interdisciplinary artist based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Gapp is active as a pianist in improvised and contemporary music. As a composer, he is mostly focussing on the combination of classical formations with improvisation.

In 2019, his compositions for piano trio and string quartet were awarded with the "Bernardo Sassetti Composition Award". In the same year, he won the "Young Musicians Award" with the "Tomás Marques Quarteto" in Portugal.

Gapp has created various interdisciplinary projects, like his video exhibition "Social Distancing" (improvised music with abstract videos), the trio "Triplo Salto Mortal" (realtime audiovisual improvising) or his most recent project "14 Dialoge" (dialogues between solo piano and images).

As a founding member of "Habitable Records" and being part of "CI Community Project", he is collaborating with artists all over the world and creating an international platform that aims for exchange, equality and musical research.

Gapp is also active in an educational and social context: In 2014, he spent six months in Ecuador, where he taught music to socially disadvantaged children in the city of Guayaquil. In 2021, he performed at the Big Bang Festival in Lisbon, an european music festival for young audiences.

So far, Samuel Gapp has worked with musicians like Peter Evans, Evan Parker, Christian Lillinger, Peter Brötzmann, Michael Schiefel, Demian Cabaud, among others.

Gapp studied jazz piano with Florian Ross, Sebastian Sternal, Hendrik Soll and João Paulo Esteves da Silva at the "Hochschule für Musik und Tanz" in Cologne, Germany and the "Escola Superior de Música" in Lisbon, Portugal.

Currently, he is doing his master degree in classical composition at the "Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa" with Luís Tinoco."

-Samuel Gapp Website (

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"Killick Hinds lives in Athens, Georgia. His music is Appalachian Trance Metal with an emphasis on unquantifiable rhythms, intuitive intonation, and shamanistic ROYGBIV. He plays a variety of unusual stringed instruments (bowed H'arpeggione; Big Red harp guitar; 3rd bridge Harmonic Isolator; infinite sustain Vo-96; fretless guitar; quarter tone fretted guitar; banjo; 3-string one-holer; 6- & 7-string guitar) with a comprehensive approach to genres known and as-yet-unlabeled. Specific focus includes sympathetic string activity; microtonality; pantonality; natural harmonic fretting; playing between the fretting hand and nut; and emerging technologies to facilitate new musical pathways. Reinvention has been the constant throughout his creative output. He has toured extensively as a performer (since 1985, hundreds of club/gallery/school/festival appearances in Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, Colorado, California, Louisiana) and is an active organizer and promoter of lesser-heard music. He founded record label Solponticello in 2001, and now runs H(i)nds(i)ght Studio for his musical and written word pursuits. Pop-culture mashups and ancient and obscure forms infuse his music; his song titles are integral to the works they embody: they result from free association without censorship, refined until they capture the tenor of a given piece of music.

Killick has deeply rooted classical technique as a player, but broadens his music by stretching and contracting phrases temporally, conceptually, dynamically, and stylistically. The effect more closely resembles speech patterns and emotionally-drawn architecture than it does conventional Western music. Despite its eclectic nature, the music is surprisingly familiar and accessible to audiences of all ages and levels of musical involvement.

Outside interests and jobs have included yoga and lifeguard training, 13+ years of public school writing assessment for the state of Georgia, 5 years working at Daily Groceries Food Co-op, oceanographic research, archaeology, psychology, philosophy, and religious and women's studies. Killick has a fascination with early 80s arcade games, plus a love for instruments and any tools that encourage linear expansion. At age 19 through the Sea Education Association, Killick sailed from New England to the Caribbean on the brigantine SSV Corwith Cramer. Travels to France, Costa Rica, Australia, Tahiti, Mexico, Canada (Ontario, New Brunswick, Québec, Newfoundland), and Morocco plus the first 3 years of his life in Japan are formative experiences. A near-death experience in 2008 and an active meditation practice (including a recent 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat) have greatly broadened his perspective and capacity for compassion. The primary sonic influences on Killick are animals, wind, water, fire, electrical hum, and silence.

Killick's preferred performance vehicle is the solo concert, a "One (Sha)Man Band" channeling the muse in the fashion of shamanic ritual of old. Every performance is different, factoring the instrumentation and energy of the audience and space. Various strains of Killick's training and enculturation appear in bespoke combinations with the likelihood of something (an approach, a texture, a rhythm, a juxtaposition) entirely new emerging. Shamanic presentation is characterized by sometimes abrupt shifts in mood, pulse, and harmony yet Killick prioritizes inviting dialogue infused with levity and sudden beauty.

In 2012 Killick published his first book, an autobiography about the creative process called The World For A Dying Antidote.

He has given masterclasses and forums in musical improvisation at the University of Colorado Boulder, CalArts in Valencia CA, Alfred University in Alfred, New York, the University of Georgia Athens, and through the Frantasia Festival in Livermore Falls, Maine and City University of New York's New York City Electroacoustic Improvisation Summit. Killick has co-presented with luthier Fred Carlson at the University of California, Santa Cruz as part of the International Society of Improvising Musicians 2009 conference. He has served as musical education guest in the Gwinnett & Athens-Clarke County school districts. Killick's work has been featured in Guitar Player, Creative Loafing, Copper Press, Flagpole, Signal to Noise, among many other magazines, as well as online publications Bandcamp Daily, Unfretted, Guitar Moderne, Prepared Guitar, and New Music Box.

Killick was co-curator, along with Athens musician Julie Caldwell and MacArthur "Genius Grant" Fellow Ken Vandermark, of the Athens Creative Media Encounter (ACME) Festival in 2004, centering around the music of pioneering free jazz saxophonist Peter Brötzmann. In 2010, Killick was southeastern tour coordinator and a nightly performer for The Improvisor magazine's 30th anniversary four-city traveling concert series.

From 2002-2004, Killick organized The Butterfly Effect, a yearly concert series highlighting new music compositions by Athens composers. Killick also organized several Solponticello Nights and numerous large-scale concert promotions over the years, including the world premiere peformance of Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet (attendance: 1,000!). Killick has showcased numerous local, national, and international performers for Athens concertgoers for more than 20 years.

With host Robb Holmes, Killick helped start the popular WUGA ( radio and television program It's Friday (which in 2015 celebrated its 300th show), presenting local and regional, well-known and yet-to-be, musical acts of all types.

Killick performed and recorded his interpretation of Slayer's thrash metal classic Reign In Blood on his 18-string H'arpeggione, and was a technical consultant and interviewee for the 33 1/3 series book about Reign In Blood by D.X. Ferris published by Bloomsbury.

With Pocketful of Claptonite, Killick has performed an Athens-centric cover of the underground classic Franklin Kiermyer album Solomon's Daughter; Pharaoh Sanders' saxophone role was played by Killick on guitar. Thunder O(h)m!, Crazy Hoarse, Killick & Monique, Killick & Sahada, and Beverley Hinds are also Killick's groups.

Killick has played with many great creatives from around the world, including composer/violinist Annie Leeth, electronic media artist Paloma Kop, prepared guitarist Christopher Riggs, artist Dale Inglett, Monterrey, Mexico rock band The Warning (bassist/vocalist Alejandra Villarreal, guitarist/vocalist Daniela Villarreal, drummer/vocalist Paulina Villarreal), clarinetist Kathryn Koopman, clarinetist/saxophonist Chris Tidwell, vocalist Monique Osorio, violinist Sahada Buckley, bassist Michael Manring, guitarist Se'nam Palmer, flautist Beto Cacao, drummer Kathleen Duffield, Haken Continuumist Arto Artinian, violist LaDonna Smith, vocalist Claire Campbell, vocalist Claire Dunphy, guitarist Colin Bragg, drummer Blake Helton, trumpeter Jeff Crouch, cornettist Pete Lawless, violinist Ezra Buchla, bassist Thomas Helton, guitarist Mary Halvorson, saxophonist Blaise Siwula, cellist/bassist Heather McIntosh, guitarist Jeff McLeod, guitarist Sándor Szabó, improviser Id M Theft Able, saxophonist/vocalist Louise D. E. Jensen, saxophonist Larry Ochs, drummer Ravish Momin, drummer Jamie DeRevere, fretless guitarist Adam Wilson, clarinettist Samuel Burt, multi-instrumentalist Neil Feather, cellist Chelsea Dunn, bassist Darrin Cook, drummer John Norris, pianist Brad Bassler, guitarist/bassist Jamie Thomas, guitarist Charlie Rauh, trumpeter Liz Allbee, the Shaking Ray Levis, guitarist Tim Schroeder, electronic musician Harry Shaffer, bassist Tom Blancarte, bassist C.J. Boyd, pianist Scott Eggert, cellist Alec Livaditis, guitarist Henry Kaiser, Duet for Theremin & Lap Steel, guitarist Scott Baxendale, lap steel guitarist Susan Alcorn, poet Life the Griot, multi-instrumentalist Jon Francis, and bassist Peter Kowald, as well as Mastodon's drummer Brann Dailor, filmmaker Erin Espelie, and musical projects with the Georgia Guitar Quartet, dancers, visual & multi-disciplinary artists, and many, many others. In the spring of 2019, Killick played ceng-ceng in the University of Georgia's Balinese Gamelan Chandra Natha.

Killick has appeared on more than 200 commercially released recordings in various styles (many at Bandcamp), most of which feature Killick as executive producer, engineer, composer, visual director, and performer. Killick's work as a designer includes his own solar-powered home; countless album project layouts; his full-body tattoo project; art direction with illustrator Neal Williams; a logo for legal consulting firm Law2sm, LLC; and his own "navigation wheel" logo. Collaborations with instrument builders Fred Carlson, Rick Toone, Lewis Waters, Thierry Andre, Harry Shaffer, Tim Schroeder, Paul Vo, Jamie Thomas, and Scott Baxendale, among others, have resulted in one-of-a-kind guitars to further explore idiosyncratic musical territory. In 2016, Killick received an Athens, Georgia Flagpole Music Award for the category of Avant-Garde.

Killick has been married since 2003, has two dogs, loves to hike, and is an advocate for healthy and local food, meditation, and solar power. He eats gluten-free (silly Celiac disease), every meal."

-Killick Hinds Website (

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"With his own very personal view of jazz, João Mortágua has rapidly established himself as one of the most complete and challenging modern-day saxophonists in Portugal. His elegant compositions offer space both for solo improvisation and mesmerizing group dynamics. Mortágua recorded his first album "Janela" in 2014. Recently, he published "MIRRORS" (Live at Guimarães Jazz) and "AXES"."

-Joao Mortagua Bandcamp (

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"Heikki Ruokangas (b. 1987) is a jazz/avant-garde guitarist and composer from Oulu, Finland. His music is a dialogue between melody and noise, shifting from soothing and sensitive moments to violent avant-garde expression, to distinct melodies and atonal motifs. Ruokangas draws his inspiration from avant-garde, contemporary, and traditional jazz as well as from his native Finnish musical heritage and traditions. He's performed throughout Europe and, at the age of 34, has already released over 20 collaborative and solo recordings.

His current projects include a duet with drummer Simo Laihonen, a guitar and accordion duo with Anne-Mari Kanniainen, and his solo guitar project Heikki Ruokangas Monologues. Ruokangas is a member of an international improvisers collective, CI Community Project, that includes musicians from all over the world (New York, Berlin, Lisbon, Oulu etc.)."

-Heikki Ruokangas Website (

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"Javier Subatin was born in Buenos Aires in 1985 and he is now living in Lisbon.

In Buenos Aires, at the age of ten, he felt the calling for music and guitar playing. When he was 14 he started composing music for guitar and different ensembles and his curiosity about music led him to study jazz guitar, improvisation and composition with several teachers.

In 2005 he completed the first year of the Bachelor on Electroacoustic Composition at the Quilmes University and in 2008 he got a Bachelor's degree in popular music with a specialization in Tango guitar. Between 2012 and 2013 he studied music production at INARTEC. In 2014, he moved to Paris where he worked on different projects including Tango ensembles, private teaching and composing original music for a stage production.

In the past years, he was selected to participate in various international contests and festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Guitar Competition 2015, Komeda Jazz Composers Competition 2017, the Euroradio Jazz Competition 2019 at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, So What's Next? Jazz Festival 2020, Südtirol Jazz Festival 2019 and Gaudeamus Music Week 2020.

He started his path as a composer and guitarist in the European jazz scene in 2018 with the release of his first recording "Autotelic" with the support of Sintoma Records and Antena 2 radio station. And in the course of two years, he released three recordings and is currently working on two new albums to be released in 2021. Additionally, in 2018 and 2019, he won a grant from Fundação GDA for the production of his second album "Variaciones" and for his fourth album that will be recorded in March 2021 with the support of Antena 2 and Musiberia.

His first recording, "Autotelic", is based on a duo of piano and guitar with the renowned Portuguese jazz pianist João Paulo Esteves da Silva. His second album, "Variaciones", has the collaboration of some of the most relevant jazz musicians from Portugal. Variaciones (March 2020) had its debut presentations in 2019 in Hot Club de Portugal and Porta Jazz. His third recording (Trance), which was released by Ears&Eyes Records in November 2020, is based on a trio of guitar, alto saxophone and drums. With this project, he performed in festivals such as Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Südtirol Jazz Festival and Somersby Out Jazz. Currently, Javier is composing for a new trio project and working on a solo performance in which he works on compositions and free improvisations using extended techniques and electronics, thus creating a musical context that mixes contemporary improvised music, jazz and electronic music.

Javier also works on classical and new music composition. His piece "Pensando Vientos" (for flute, clarinet, horn and string quartet) has been selected to be part of a workshop at the Annual Royal Music Association conference in Bristol. Furthermore, his experimental piece for solo guitar and surround electronics "Untitled#1", in which he explores original ways of writing for prepared guitar with different objects, loops and electronics, has been selected to be performed at the international conference 21st Century Guitar - Unconventional Approaches to Performance, Composition and Research in March 2021. Additionally, his four pieces series of interactive compositions "Exploración 111" was selected to take part in the Gaudeamus Music Week 2020 (Netherlands).In 2019 he finished the master's degree in jazz performance at the Superior School of Music in Lisbon (Instituto Superior de Música de Lisboa) during which he developed two research projects. The first year he worked on a study about the contemporary jazz current reality that was presented in the Nova Contemporary Music Meeting 2019 and it will be published during 2021 by CESEM. He also finished his dissertation about the first stage of the compositional process in contemporary jazz where he developed a map that proposes a methodology to approach and analyse the initial stages of the creative process.

In 2020, he founded the Composers and Improvisers´ Community Project (CICP) where musicians from different parts of the world release solo performances in video format and collaborative recordings produced remotely. Currently, the CICP project includes more than 15 musicians from Portugal, Italy, Finland, Argentina, the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and is constantly growing. Starting in 2021, Javier will program a series of 20 live streaming performances with the support of the Antena 2 radio station."

-Javier Subatin Website (

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track listing:

1. Snow in the Woods 5:24

2. Beta 2:21

3. Ciclos 3:08

4. Lost Parade 3:02

5. Conversation with Federico 3:28

6. Sunshine Monotrip 9:02

7. The Sick Set 3:39

8. Samen 6:15

9. Some Stability 2:47

10. I Don't Remember What I Forgot 4:39

11. Cybernetic Attack 2:57

12. Haiku for Marta 3:32

13. Partida 1:55

14. Fluctuant Flow 5:36

15. Electrothoughts #2 4:30

16. 21 vs 24 5:21

17. Accidental Rendezvous 2:17

18. Null 2:26
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Habitable Records is a new label started in March 2021 by 9 members of the Composers and Improvisers Community Project, an international initiative led by Argentinian guitarist Javier Subatin. CICP was created to maintain momentum for musicians during the Covid era through solo presentations and collaborations in audio and video form.

As an extension of the concept, Habitable features a host of idiosyncratic voices from the space beyond genre, unified by expansive curiosity about the world of sound and the societal good that can come from it. Habitable operates with aesthetic and ethical considerations in equal measure. Our hope is to present an ever-growing body of work advancing the acceptance and reach of the music we love."-Habitable Records

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