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Filosofer : Landet Er Gitt Oss (Nakama Records)

An hallucinogenic and commanding blending of improvisation, song, spoken word, and tonal/timbral music from double bassist Christian Meaas Svendsen's Filosofer, creating beautiful sonic environments out of which voice and message emerge and submerge, buoyed by a string quartet (two violins and two double basses), computers, turntables, synths and samplers.

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product information:

UPC: 7090040250049

Label: Nakama Records
Catalog ID: NKM003CD
Squidco Product Code: 24567

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Norway
Packaging: Cardboard sleeve
Track I recorded live at Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria, in Oslo, Norway, in 2015.

Track II and III recorded live in Lavinsalen on two different occasions, Oslo 2015


Hakon Aase-violin

Adrian Loseth Waade-violin

Erlend Olderskog Albertsen-double bass, tenor saxophone

Christian Meaas Svendsen-double bass

Bendik Baksaas-synth, sampler, computer

Kjetil Jerve-piano

Rob Waring-vibraphone

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Artist Biographies:

Hakon Aase is a Norwegion violinist and composer.

-Squidco 3/22/2023

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"Adrian Løseth Waade is a violinist/composer known from groups such as Skadedyr, Trondheim Jazz-Orchestra and the Swedish/Norwegian quartet Bone Machine. Adrian is looking to develop the violin as a tool for both free and structured improvisation, and create frameworks in order to make the instrument sound in new, interesting ways. He incorporates both old and new, rhythmic and classical music in his work."

-Nakama Records (

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"Erlend Olderskog Albertsen is a bassist and saxophonist in the jazz miljeau of Norway, Oslo. He is currently playing in groups such as: Filosofer, AKmEE, Kristo ff er Eikrem Kvintett, Avatar, Espen Jørgensen Bjarnar Trio, as well as doing his own project "rødssalG nEEn Glassdør".

Erlend is also teaching the bass, focusing on jazz, improvisation and interplay. He believes that everyone that has a keen interest, can learn the art of making music."

-Erlend Olderskog Albertsen Website (

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"Svendsen started his jazz career within Kongsberg Big Band, was a year at Toneheim folkehøgskole and later studied Performing jazz music at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. In 2007 he was awarded Kongsberg Jazzfestival's talent scholarship. During the Kongsberg Jazzfestival in 2010, Svendsen referred to as The festival's busiest musician by Laagendalsposten[1] when he performed seven gigs in different constellations during the festival. In 2011 he received Kongsberg Municipality's Cultural Grant.[2] for sitt arbeid med byens tradisjonelle julejam.

Together with his own quintet Mopti he won the 2012 JazzIntro award.[3][4] After this he has performed among others with the brilliant Japanese pianist and band leader Ayumi Tanaka in the band Nakama with the release Before The Storm (2015) and the exiting Ayumi Tanaka Trio with the release Momento (2016)."-Wikipedia

-Wikipedia (

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"Bendik Baksaas (born 1991 in Oslo, Norway) is a jazz and electronica musician who has got some attention in the recent past, including through performances at places like Turkish Delight, Brukbar and Rockefeller.

Baksaas has previously played together with the electronica comet Mathias Stubø from Vestfold, and his Proviant Audio. In 2012 he released his debut album with Bendik Baksaas Band with David Aleksander Sjølie and Jonas Barsten Johnsen, an EP on the Trondheim based record label Dayladore Collective. Unlike the band's little ambitious name, the debut album of the band got the eloquently name The Shape Of Beats To Come (2012), undoubtedly inspired by the chord progression free and simultaneous improvised album The Shape Of Jazz To Come (1959), by free jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman. The similarity of Coleman genre defining release however stops there. The material that is presented on the five track and just over twenty minutes long release, fits nicely into the aesthetics that have been funded by Mathias Stubø and Proviant Audio In the recent past (2015), but is probably also inspired by sample delighted hiphop magicians J Dilla, and smooth jazz guitarists such as George Benson."

-Wikipedia (

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"Kjetil Jerve was Born in Ålesund, Norway on August 28th, 1988.

Raised by a family of five in the same town.

Played recorder for one year at age 6, and started taking piano lessons the year after. Age 8 was the first on clarinet in the local school ensemble (Åse Skolekorps).

After finishing high school at Fagerlia VGS and 11 years at Ålesund Kulturskole (the local music school, as nearly seen in the picture), it was all about Sund Folk College on Inderøya and its jazz department.

Age 20 brought Trondheim's Jazz Department "Jazzlinja" at NTNU, and after two years Jazz and Improvisation Studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.

He is currently doing a master degree at The Norwegian Academy of Music in improvisational music and jazz."

-Kjetil Jerve Website (

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"Rob Waring (born December 3, 1956 in Yonkers, New York) is an American-Norwegian Contemporary music composer and performer (drums and vibraphone), commonly associated with symphony orchestras and jazz ensembles.

Waring studied with Roland Kohloff, who had just become timpanist of the New York Philharmonic, while still in high school. Then he continued studies on percussion at the Juilliard School with Saul Goodman and Elden "Buster" Bailey (1974-79), and earned his Bachelor and Master of Music Degrees. During that period, he also took elective courses in composition with Stanley Wolfe, and studied jazz vibraphone in 1975 with Dave Samuels. He started a career as a freelance musician in New York, and worked in symphony orchestras, jazz groups, ensembles for new music, and an experimental ensemble for homemade instruments.

In 1981, Waring moved to Oslo and since then has participated on numerous recordings and established the Rob Waring Trio with Frank Jakobsen and Carl Morten Iversen (1987-). He teaches at Norges Musikkhøgskole, and has played in bands like Søyr and contributed on releases by Erik Wøllo (1983), Espen Rud (1984), Torgrim Sollid (1983), Rune Klakegg, Tone Hulbækmo (1986), Arve Moen Bergset (1987), Kjell Samkopf (1987), Morten Halle (1988), Lasse Thoresen (1994), Peter Opsvik (1999), Lars Klevstrand (2000), Torbjørn Sunde oktett (2001), Elin Rosseland (2004), SKRUK (2004), and on the Jon Larsen records Strange News From Mars (2007) and The Jimmy Carl Black Story (2008). At the Vossajazz 2014, Waring joined Mats Eilertsen's Rubicon, for the commissioned work."

-Wikipedia (

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track listing:

1. Vi Er Universet 15:13

2. Den Ene I Forandring 8:54

3. Landet Er Gitt Oss 6:46
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Improvisation, truth, joy, jazz and doubt. These are but a few of the elements that frequently emerge in the universe of Filosofer. Using the Norwegian version of a term used for people who spend most of their time pondering, one is lead to belive that their music is rooted in complex concepts and theoretic academia. So it is not. Filosofer focuses more on guts and feel rather than analyzing and thinking. Their basis for comprehension of the material- as well as meta- physical world, lies not within the realm of the intellect, but in the realm of sound.

The music on Landet Er Gitt Oss (the land was given to us) unites an unorthodox string quartet consisting of two violins and two double basses with fresh input from computers, turntables, synthesizers and samplers. In what way are five jazz musicians the same as a string quartet and a DJ? "Filosofer" put their heads together and through the mercy of the moment they contemplate the riddle. It all collides in an improvisational play which holds powerful sounds, tender emotions and surreal musical narration.

The album is a collection from three live events from 2015."-Nakama Records

Also available on vinyl LP.
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