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The French trio of Xavier Camarasa on piano, Valentin Ceccaldi on cello, and Sylvain Darrifourcq on percussion, having little to do with Mile Davis, but instead a creative band using timbral changes, intensity, density, volume to create unique improv environments.

Shapin' With


Label: BeCoq    
Released in: France    

"We've heard great piano trios, and then you have exceptional trios, and this one is among the latter, with Xavier Camarasa on piano and piano-percussion, Valentin Ceccaldi on cello, and Sylvain Darrifourcq on percussion and zither. After the real albums by the Miles Davis Quintet in the late fifties and early sixties (Cookin', Steamin', Relaxin', Workin', Walkin'), we now have this trio which calls itself "Milesdavisquintet" to produce the limited edition album "Shapin'".

Maybe their ambition is high, to change the shape of jazz like Davis did sixty years ago, and to be frank, in a way they do, reducing the music to sheer sonic dynamics of timbral changes, intensity, density, volume. The role of the individual instruments almost becomes irrelevant in this context, as any instrument can produce any sound and is at the same time melodic and percussive. Despite the limited line-up, and despite the fact that the piano and the cello rarely sound like a piano and a cello, the end result is absolutely fascinating, bringing a fantastic journey that is hypnotic and builds up like a sonic tsunami on the first track, and a more contemplative yet equally intense second track.

I can also highly recommend the band's explanation of what jazz actually means, presented by drummer Sylvain Darrifourcq, and how it differs from other music. If you don't understand French, be aware that the subtitles do not correspond to the explanation, yet they are equally instructive."-Stef, FreeJazz Blog

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Product Information:

Label: BeCoq
Catalog ID: Be Coq 13
Squidco Product Code: 21731

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Espace Croix Baragnon, in Toulouse, France, on March 20th, 2014 by Jean-Charles Mouchet.


Xavier Camarasa-piano, piano-percussion

Valentin Ceccaldi-violoncelle

Sylvain Darrifourcq-percussion, cithare

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Track Listing:

1. TAP 18:45

2. RUB 13:39