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A reissue of the 1995 album from the duo of Frans de Waard and Freek Kinkelaar, electronic sound work in a Zoviet France mode, using looping structures but also freeform improvisation to create dark and alluring audio environments with beautiful sonic elements.

Time Waits For No One

Beequeen: Time Waits For No One (Herbal International)

Label: Herbal International    
Released in: Malaysia    

"Time waits for no one" How true that is; took me quite some of it, to get to actual writing on this latest offering from Beuys aficionados "Beequeen". This re-release of the 1995 album, has been spinning in my player for quite some months now, and I try to make myself believe that 2 or 3 months more, do not affect the discourse. After all, this album has been out there for quite a bit already and as opposed to the title, this album doesn't sound outdated at all. Unfortunately I cannot do the test of comparing it with the original, but I have to say that the re-mastering (care of Jos Smolders) is crystal clear and carries a warm vibe.

Okay, so the overall feel brings back thoughts of droney tribalism a la Zoviet France and/or soundscape experimentation a la Hafler Trio, but still today Stockhausen and Henry sound fresh to me. Modern day droneys like Uton or Datashock do not acknowledge their roots either. Time Waits for no one is a great album that spreads about a certain calmness and that grows on you after repeated listens. Sometimes the edges get a bit sharper but the overall atmosphere is moody, dark and eerie. Not depressive though, more the contemplative kind or the ideal setback to repent one's sins. Apart from that is it also interesting for the new listeners that got more acquainted with recent albums like "Sandancing" or "The Body Shop". Essential listening so to speak; a piece of history brought back to life by the gentle folks at Herbal International.-Steffan de Turck, Vital Weekly

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Product Information:

UPC: B002SR5H24

Label: Herbal International
Catalog ID: CD0801
Squidco Product Code: 20784

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2008
Country: Malaysia
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 3 Panels
Recorded at the Beautiful House, Nijmegen, Netherlands between 1992-1993.


Frans de Waard-composer, performer

Freek Kinkelaar-composer, performer

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Track Listing:

1. Whispering Confessions 3:08

2. Der Holzweg 4:56

3. Rupert Writes A Rainbow 10:11

4. The Shore Of Leaves 3:09

5. Fafagg 1:12

6. V-Time 4:55

7. Illusions 4:20

8. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps 3:59

9. Six Notes On Blank Tape 20:55