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The unique Biota collective continues with this beautiful album of layered and organized sound work, a beguiling mix of acoustic and electronic instrumentation that flows in unique and exquisite ways, belying the incredible detail to process and mixing.

Funnel To A Thread

Biota: Funnel To A Thread (Recommended Records)

Label: Recommended Records    
Released in: Great Britain    

"Since the late 1970s Biota has ploughed its own furrow, producing a body of work that resembles nothing anyone else has done or is yet doing. Their compositions evolve in long, constantly shifting timbral blocks filled with fragments and echoes of quasi-familiar musical languages and sounds - or none - and use instrumental resources that span half a millennium and two thirds of the planet to create unique combinations of timbral colour in constant motion; this is a music in which everything is in flux, constantly dissolving and reforming and mutating while, from a distance, there is calm. It's a music in which movement and stasis share a single endless moment. And although we arrive nowhere, the path beguiles, both familiar and strange and - on this record - strangely comforting. As always it's meticulously recorded, with layer on layer of subtle processing and mixing. Like all their earlier releases Funnel has been some five years in the making. You can hear why. Comes in alavish package with copious artwork by the Biota/Mnemonist collective."-ReR Megacorp

28 page color booklet of artwork and recording information.

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Product Information:

28 page color booklet of artwork and recording information.

UPC: 752725033824

Label: Recommended Records
Catalog ID: ReRBCD8
Squidco Product Code: 19830

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2014
Country: Great Britain
Packaging: Digipack with booklet
Recorded at Dys Studio in Bellvue, Colorado between Fall 2012 and Summer 2014 by William Sharp.


Kristianne Gale-voice, strumstick

James Gardner-trumpet, kim

Tom Katsimpalis-electric guitar, 12 string guitar, nylon string guitar, bass, Clavoline, zither

Randy Miotke-Rhodes, trumpet, flutes

Charles O'Meara-piano

Mark Piersel-resophonic guitar, editing

William Sharp-mix, editing, electronic processing

Gordon Whitlow-Hammond organ, Esteypump organ, accordian, kaen, autoharp

Larry Wilson-kit drums, percussion, ranat, xylophone

Randy Yeates-Biomellodrone keyboard, Roland Space Echo

David Zekman-violine, mandolin, banjolin

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Track Listing:

1. Falling In Wood 3:07

2. Receptor 1:29

3. Double Unfound 1:27

4. Hearsay 4:03

5. Half Dwelling 3:04

6. Shed 1:34

7. Misnoticed 3:29

8. Understory 2:34

9. Numberless Years 3:28

10. A Dozen Moons 3:15

11. Winder 2:42

12. Not A Single Thing 4:03

13. More Than Say 1:34

14. Take Warning 4:15

15. The Land Away 3:39

16. Whirl Round 1:33

17. Hand Nor Glove 1:40

18. High Painted Streets 1:13

19. Till Time And Times 5:01

20. Usually The Guesser 2:20

21. Choosehow 1:35