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Collectif Inaudible

Cardo: Improvised Music in Brussels

Collectif Inaudible: Cardo: Improvised Music in Brussels (Emanem)

Collection of twelve duo, trio and quartet improvisations featuring various artists from the European scene that were recorded over a four years at an improvisation workshop in Brussels.

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product information:

UPC: 030243412228

Label: Emanem
Catalog ID: 4122
Squidco Product Code: 5678

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2005
Country: Great Britain
Packaging: Jewel tray, not sealed.
Recorded in Brussels between 2001 and 2005.


Twelve duo, trio and quartet improvisations by: Roald Baudoux-electroacoustics

Jose Bedeur-cello

Jean Demey-bass clarinet & doublebass

Jean-Jacques Duerinckx-baritone & sopranino saxophones

Léon Laffut-piano

Nicole Legros-voice

Jan Huib Nas-acoustic guitars & banjo

Mara Pigeon-voice

Pat Riské-percussion

Fabrizio Rota-synthesizer

Adelheid Sieuw-flutes

Guy Strale-piano, clarinet, percussion, etc

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg-voice

plus guests: Jim Denley-flutes

Nicolas Rombouts-doublebass

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Artist Biographies:

"Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg ( JM VS ). Voice, performance, improvised music. Brussels. Born 1955. Member of Brussels' Inaudible Collective & Workshops since 1984. Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg develops vocal improvisation and voice extended techniques from low throat singing to high falsetto, overtones and yodels, mouth noises etc.. . " Phonoetry " (phonésie in french) describes the poésie sonore of his solo voice performance " ORYNX " (Orynx -Phonésie cd Inaudible 003.)

Solos in London, Lille, Slovakia, Liège and Brussels. Interested in telepathic interplay and adapting his sounds with different partners/ groupings. Worked with pianist Guy Strale and percussion poet and graphic artist Kris Vanderstraeten,first as a guitar player(...). Became vocalist gradually since the early 90's. Gingko 4 -JMVS, Guy Strale, flutist Adelheid Sieuw and guitarist Jan-Huib Nas- performed some years. (Freedom of The City 2006 cd Emanem 4139). Duos: guitarist John Russell, percussionnist Javier Carmona, singer Mara Pigeon, G. Strale, A. Sieuw and guitarist Pascal Marzan. The Mercelis Concert: John Russell / JM VS / Jean Demey (dblebass) cd Inaudible 006. SUREAU : Kris Vanderstraeten / Jean Demey / Van Schouwburg (Creative Sources CS112). Garden Gift: Adelheid Sieuw / John Russell / Jean Demey / JM VS Hurta Cordel 08 Madrid Performed with Jacques Foschia, Mike Goyvaerts, Lawrence Casserley, Paul Hubweber, Gianni Mimmo, David Leahy, Phil Minton and Ute Wassermann, Marco Loprieno, Jacques Fauville, Jean Coulon, José Bedeur, Michaël Delia,Timo Van Luyck, Hugh Metcalfe....

Festivals: Freedom of the City London, Sons Libérés Brussels, Hermes Ear Nitra, La Malterie Lille, Bevrijdt de Muziek Antwerpen, Hard Gaan Hasselt, Hurta Cordel 2008 Madrid with Garden Gift, R de Choc 08 Paris. Benjamin Péret's Poems Performance with Jacques Foschia's radios. Workestra of Inaudible.Since 1999, Inaudible has organized continuously workshops & concerts with Belgian and Foreign improvisers in Brussels. Inaudible members : Strale / JM VS / Nas / Sieuw / Loprieno / Legros / Demey etc... JMVS writes on the subject of improvised musics and his "Spontaneous Music Ensemble and John Stevens' Story" (1965-1994) was published in french magazine Improjazz.

Current groups are : Sureau with Kris Vanderstraeten percussion and Jean Demey double bass. Duos with Marjolaine Charbin piano and Audrey Lauro, sax alto. Garden Gift with Jean Demey, John Russell, guitar, Adelheid Sieuw, flutes & J-MVS. MouthWind with Lawrence Casserley and players Hubweber, Charbin, Sieuw and Foschia.

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg belongs to the band : Adam Bohman / Zsolt Sörès/ Oli Mayne/ J-M Van Schouwburg. Works with composer and electro-acoustic musician Dario Palermo. Projects and performances with Adelheid Sieuw, John Russell, Lawrence Casserley, Jacques Foschia, Gianni Mimmo, Angelo Contini, Paul Dunmall, Paul Hubweber and some others. Performed also with Mike Goyvaerts, Mara Pigeon, David Leahy, Javier Carmona, Phil Minton, Ute Wassermann, Pascal Marzan, Dan Warburton, Pat Wichers, Gianni Mimmo, Enzo Rocco, Stefano Giust, Mick Beck, John Jasnoch, Hugh Metcalfe, Heddy Boubeker, .... Extracts of Orynx were selected in Peter Strickland's Katalin Varga soundtrack. Will play his singer's role in the movie Berberian Sound Studio of director Strickland."

-M-Etropolis (

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track listing:

1. Aux Portes Du Temps 3:22

2. Dévoyés 2:10

3. Festina Lente 6:48

4. Sur Le Fil 15:48

5. Improbable 2:52

6. Vents Croisés 3:38

7. Yem Tuf 5:54

8. Strasina 2:19

9. Aigue-Marine 7:18

10. Dans La Courbure Du Temps 8:09

11. Sayonara 3:46

12. Grande Rue Au Bois 10:26
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"This disc focused on the openness of a music improvisation workshop that Strale and artist Philippe Legris founded in the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels in 1976. They wanted it to be open to everyone wishing to discover sounds, self-expression and collective improvisation without any rules and scores. This workshop was held together with a monthly concert featuring the who's who of the then burgeoning scene of improvised music. It has continued since then, and is still at the core process of all the music of CARDO."-Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg

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EMANEM & psi
January 2006
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