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The quartet of Ken Vandermark on saxes, Christof Kurzmann on electronics, Devin Hoff on bass and Tim Daisy on drums trace women's influence on contemporary art, especially music, painting and photography through 3 incredible examples of modern jazz.

The quartet of Ken Vandermark on saxes, Christof Kurzmann on electronics, Devin Hoff on bass and Tim Daisy on drums trace women's influence on contemporary art, especially music, painting and photography through 3 incredible examples of modern jazz.

The free improvising quartet of Jack Wright on alto and soprano sax with four electronic artists--Andrea Pensado, Stephanie Lak, and Walter Wright--recording in the studio in Philadelphia PA for two extended pieces of unusual character and dynamic.

Four of John Zorn's compositions for large ensembles performed by Arcana, a special hand-picked orchestra of New York virtuosos under the baton of Maestro David Fulmer

Cellist and composer Ha-Yang Kim draws influences from a range of western classical music, American experimentalism, rock, noise, improvised music, music from Bali, Korea and South Indian classical music, here in her 2nd Tzadik CD with JACK quartet peforming this 3 part work.

NYC composer Tobias Picker presents four powerful and original pieces of chamber music spanning four decades of creative activity (1976-2011), chamber masterworks by one of America's major compositional voices.

The first meetings of Jason Kahn (analog electronic) and Tim Olive (one-string magnetic pickup device) recording in a studio session in Kyoto, 2012 for four eventful and intricately structured with a distinct developmental momentum.

Sound artist Lescalleet literally decomposes his analog tape sources where pre-recorded reels of tape were buried in soil and encouraged to corrode, then excavated, transferred, and edited to form an apparitional triptych of faded gesture and mood.

The quartet Andreas Backer on voice, David Stackenas on guitars, Joe Williamson on bass, and Stale Liavik Solberg on drums & percussion, for open-minded, improvised chamber music focusing on interaction, textures, dynamic variations and timbre.

Three major works from Jean-Claude Risset's unique and innovative work that illustrates the close link sustained between the music and the research from this pioneering figure in the development of computer and technology-based music.

A solo album from Louisville, KY percussionist and composer Nick Hennises, including "Settle" for vibraphone (3 players) and "Expenditures" for vibraphone & ensemble, extended and immersive works of a hypnotic and psychoacoustic nature.

Morton Subotnicks landmark 1967 album, the first full-scale composition for electronic music created at the School of the Arts at New York University using Buchla's modular electronic music system, and written specifically for release as a phonographic album.

The amazing combination of Ex guitarists Terrie Ex and Andy Moor with drummer Paal Nilssen-love and Chicago saxophonist Ken Vandermark in their 5th release, a live album from Italy showing the aggressive and exuberantly determined band in excellent form.

Portions of two nights of the long-running duo of saxophonist Ken Vandermark and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love live at the Dragon Club in Poland, 2011, ferocious and intense free playing, packaged in an oversize 2 LP cardboard case with a 7" record.

Reissuing Peter Brotzmann's first album from 1967 on his own BRO label (subsequently reissued by FMP in 1972) in a trio with German bassist Peter Kowald and drummer Sven Ake Johansson.

"Smell of Metal" & "Lopside" are from drummer Charles Hayward's 1990 Sub Rosa album "Skew-Whiff-A tribute to Mark Rothko", reissued in 2 EPs where the first 12" presents the original tracks, and the 2nd offering remixes of each track by Maxmillion Dunbar & JD Twitch.

Three Swiss improvisers - Hans Koch on bass clarinet, Alexandre Bable on percussion, and Gaudenz Badrutt on electronics - in an inventive and exceptionally well-balanced 7 part suite of tonal work, quick interplay, and extended techniques.

An excellent dialog using strong dynamics and space from electroacoustic improvisers Ernesto Rodrigues (viola), Anotonio Chaparreiro (electric guitar) and Jose Oliveira (percussion).

Composer Lucier's score instructs the players to go to an outside environment and record by any means the sound situations of those environments, then in performance re-create, solely by means of your voices, instruments and memory, those outside sound situations.

Ra's Astro Infinity Arkestra, a small grouping of John Gilmore, Marshall Allen & Danny Davis, with Ra on 2 Moog synthesizers, playing freer and more experimental music showing the "out" side of Sun Ra as he pushes his players into intergalactic territory.

180 gram Saturn reissue of Sun Ra's 1961 recordings at the Choreographers' Workshop in NYC, during a period where Sun Ra started transitioning from big band formats to smaller, freer units, here with John Gilmore, Marshall Allen, Pat Patrick, Ronnie Boykins & Tommy Hunter.

Available again after a 10 year break, the trio of of drummer and label-leader Tim Barnes with two NY turntablists and electronic artists - Toshio Kajiwara and Marina Rosenfeld - in unusual and unique sonic dialogs.

Experiments in sound from early Velvet Underground member Angus Maclise performing on vocals, prepared tape, cembalum, bells, arp synthesizer and field recordings, joined by Hetty Maclise on organ, piano and autoharp.

A surprisingly lyrical yet sparse session from the NY trio of Tetuzi Akiyama on guitar, Tim Barnes on percussion, and Masafumi Ezaki on trumpet, using their instruments in unusual and extended ways.

Inside the issue: The Ex; Malcom Pointon; Akira Sakata; Collateral Damage Salome Voegelin; Cross Platform Cevdet Erek; Global Ear Rio De Janiero; Bites; Tashi Dorji; Maya Dunietz; Laurence Crane; plus the Wire Tapper CD compilation.

The duo of NY-based pianist Tonino Miano and trumpeter Mirio Cosottini in a "voyage within where the musicians try to abandon pre- conceived notions of sound and let the past and the present collide to give us clues as to who we are".

The duo of pianist Tonino Miano and trumpeter Brian Groder, both NY based, in a sophisticated jazz duo that borrows from melodic, avant and compositional jazz forms in a strong and compelling dialog.

Musical application of mathematical techniques and visual representation of sound, particularly frequency domain manipulations of sound, from Wim Dehaen a.k.a. Franck Condon, originally from Leuven, Belgium currently residing in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Bassist Matthias Bauer and Maria Lucchese on theremin, zither, didgeridoo, launeddas, oceandrum, and gong, perform free improvisation with Bauer providing a solid melodic foundation which Lucchese punctuates and expands in unique and surprising ways.

Using a shoebox full of old cassette tapes from friend's recordings, Stamper applied Ulric Neisser's concept of echoic memory, or auditory sensory memory, to extractions from those cassettes, making these rich and powerfully beautiful compositions.

Squidco Weekly Special!
Trophies (Alessandro Bosetti / Tony Buck / Kenta Nagai)
You Wait To Publish

Label: Monotype
Product Code: 18344
Catalog Code: mono068
Country: Poland


In Stock
The third release from the trio of Alessandro Bosetti (voice, electronics), Tony Buck (drums) and Kenta Nagai (guitar) with help from trombonist Hilary Jeffrey and Els Vandeweyer on vibes.

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