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Lane, Adam Full Throttle Orchestra: Live In Ljubljana (Clean Feed)

A joyful and sophisticated performance from bassist and leader Adam Lane's Full Throttle Orchestra, an 8-piece band including Nate Wooley, Susana Silva, Reut Regev, David Bindman, Avram Fefer, Matt Lane & Igal Foni performing live at the 53rd Ljubljana Jazz Festival. ... Click to View

Kullhammar / Aalberg / Zetterberg / Mathisen: Basement Sessions Vol. 3 - The Ljubljana Tapes (Clean Feed)

Tenor, soprillo saxophonist & flautist Jonas Kullhammar's trio with Torbjorn Zetterberg (bass) and Espen Aalberg (drums) is extended to a quartet with tenor saxophonist Jorgen Mathisen, in the 3rd "Basement Sessions" release recorded live at the 5th Ljubljana Jazz Festival. ... Click to View

Cortex: Live! (Clean Feed)

Four Norwegian jazz musicians--Thomas Johansson (cornet), Kristoffer Alberts (reeds), Ola Hoyer (double bass) and Gard Nilssen (drums)--representatives of a new generation of Scandinavian jazzmen playing new music with the tools and forms of the older generation. ... Click to View

Chicago / Sao Paulo Underground feat Pharoah Sanders: Pharoah and the Underground - Primative Jupiter [VINYL] (Clean Feed)

Live from Lisbon's Jazz em Agosto Festival, cornetist Rob Mazurek merges his Chicago and Sao Paulo Underground bands, adding bassist Matthew Lux and jazz legend tenor saxophonist Pharoah Sanders, for a potent blend of modern jazz, electronics, and free improvised music. ... Click to View

Morris, Joe Quartet: Balance (Clean Feed)

Joe Morris reunites his NY quartet as their last configuration from 2000, with violist Mat Maneri, bassist Chris Lightcap, drummer Gerald Cleaver, and Morris on guitar, bringing us an update on the intently informed collective improvisation that defines this great- band. ... Click to View

Baloni: Belleke (Clean Feed)

A New York-born trio of European free improvisers, bassist Pascal Niggenkemper, clarinetist Joachim Badenhorst, and viola player Frank Loriot present a unique orchestration that blends contemporary compositional forms with free improvisation in sublime ways. ... Click to View

Chicago / Sao Paulo Underground feat Pharoah Sanders: Pharoah and the Underground / Spiral Mercury (Clean Feed)

Live from Lisbon's Jazz em Agosto Festival, cornetist Rob Mazurek merges his Chicago and Sao Paulo Underground bands, adding bassist Matthew Lux and jazz legend tenor saxophonist Pharoah Sanders, for a potent blend of modern jazz, electronics, and free improvised music. ... Click to View

Kosi: Pictures Of Us (Kosi)

New York jazz vocalist Kosi in an album extending her duo format to a larger ensemble using lyrical jazz forms to create an intimate and emotional album of original and traditional songs. ... Click to View

Le Ton Mite: Version D'Un Ouvrage Traduit (Music a la Coque)

An unusual set of pop compositions from Brussels-based Le Ton Mite, short vignettes blending compositional and folk elements into lovely miniatures, graced with a personal and idiosyncratic style reflected in the collage art covering the album. ... Click to View

Szilard: Spokes (Palaver Press)

... Click to View

Courvoisier, Sylvie Trio: Double Windsor (Tzadik)

Sylvie Courvoisier's first recording for piano trio, performed with Drew Gress on bass and Kenny Wollensen, 9 passionate original compositions balancing melodic traditional work with through-composed and purely free playing; exceptional! ... Click to View

Phantom Orchard Ensemble (Parkins/Mori With Ratkje/Courvoisier/Parkins/Parkins): Through The Looking-Glass (Tzadik)

Expanding their duo into a sextet with the addition of strings (Sara Parkins, Maggie Parkins), piano (Sylvie Courvoisier) and voice (Maja Ratkje), Ikue Mori and Zeena Parkins have created a compelling and varied soundscape inspired by fairy stories the world over. ... Click to View

Zorn, John: Myth And Mythopoeia (Tzadik)

Five compositional works for strings and voice from John Zorn, performed by the Arditti Quartet, Talea Ensemble, cellist Jeff Zeigler, and Zorn regulars Chris Otto, Jay Campbell & Stephen Gosling. ... Click to View

Smith, Wadada Leo / George Lewis / John Zorn: Sonic Rivers (Tzadik)

Tzadik's new Spectrum series begins with the collaboration of 3 legendary NY performers--Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet); George Lewis (trombone); John Zorn (alto sax)--in 8 technically superb and joyfully unique compositions and collective improvisations. ... Click to View

Metcalfe, Neil / Daniel Thompson: Eight Improvisations (Creative Sources)

Eight free improvisations recorded in the studio from London improvisers, guitarist Daniel Thompson and flautist Neil Metcalf, recorded and presented in the order played to maintain the familiar dialog and sense of adventure between two frequent collaborators. ... Click to View

Various Artists: Traces Three [VINYL] (Recollection GRM)

Works from the late 1970s by 4 French Groupe De Recherches Musicales composers--Charles Clapaud, Janez Maticic, Servio Tulio Marin, and Eugeniusz Rudnik--short pieces using electroacoustic, electronic, concrete and other modern approaches in fascinating and unusual compositions. ... Click to View

Shibolet / Jacoby / Frangenheim / Bymel: Skulking In The Big House (Creative Sources)

Five open improvisations from the quartet of Israeli saxophonist Ariel Shibolet, viola player Nori Jacoby, drummer Offer Bymel and double bassist Alexander Frangenheim, recording in Frangenheim's studio in Germany in 2011. ... Click to View

Glue (Arthurs / Perkin / Dimitriadis): Chats With The Real McCoy (Creative Sources)

The 2nd release from the free improvising trio of trumpeter Tom Arthurs, bassist Miles Perkins, and drummer Yorgo Dimitriadis, recording in the studio in Berlin, 2012 for 8 collective improvisations with melodic strength and intensive communication. ... Click to View

IKB Ensemble: Anthropometrie Sans Titre (Creative Sources)

A large Lisboa ensemble presenting a collective improvisation titled after a painting by Yves Klein, with performers including Ernesto Rodrigues (baritone violin), Miguel Mira (bass), Nuno Torres (sax), Carlos Santos (electronics), Rodrigo Pinheiro (piano), &c. &c. ... Click to View

Mollestad, Hedvig Trio: Enfant Terrible [VINYL] (Rune Grammofon)

Norway's free avant/metal prog trio is led by guitarist Hedvig Mollestad with her trio of Ivar Loe Bjornstad on drums and bassist Ellen Brekken, in an album of driving anthemic rock that balances Mahavishnu and Zeppelin riffs in excellent and demanding instrumental rock. ... Click to View

Lazro, Daunik / Benjamin Duboc / Didier Lasserre: Sens Radiants (Dark Tree Records)

The superb trio of Daunik Lazro on baritone sax, Benjamin Duboc on bass, and Didier Lasserre on drum & cymbals, in a live recording from Ecouter pour l'instant festival, a long open work inspired by poet Henri Michaux's writings on emptiness & tranquility. ... Click to View

Moss, David / Hannes Strobl: At The Beach (Monotype)

Merging Hannes Strobl's electric bass and effects with David Moss' unusual vocal approach into stream of consciousness observations and rich music of momentum and mood that are evocative, mysterious and fully engaging. ... Click to View

Drumheller: Sometimes Machine (Barnyard)

The Toronto jazz quintet Drumheller with Nick Fraser on drums, Eric Chenaux on guitar, Brodie West on sax, Rob Cloutton on bass and Doug Tielli on trombone mix avant and traditional jazz with a variety of musical forms to create persuasive and thoroughly enjoyable music. ... Click to View

Moore, Thurston / Margarida Garcia: The Rust Within Their Throats [VINYL] (Headlights Recordings)

A one-sided LP of guitarist Thurston Moore and electric double bassist Margardia Garcia performing live at ZBD in Lisbon in 2013, strange sounds that cross sound and noise work with ea-improv in sometimes horrific yet wonderfully mysterious ways. ... Click to View

Cole, Crys & Oren Ambarchi: Sonja Henies vei 31 [VINYL] (PLANAM)

An extended collage work of organized sound from Crys Cole and Oren Ambarchi, created during a week-long tour in Norway, using field recordings, tape hiss, metallic clinks and wandering voices to create a dreamlike narrative. ... Click to View

Brio: Acid Cock (Long Song Records)

The Zagreb, Croatia free jazz/noise rock guitar-drums duo of Gordan Krajacic on guitar and Neven Krajacic on drums and vocals in their 3rd release, a suite blending melody with brutal atonality, hard groove and guitar-riffs with free playing. ... Click to View

Various Artists: PRES Scores [2 CDs] (Bolt)

Polish Radio Experimental Studio's late 50's achievements included first attempts to write down electronic sounds through graphics; this CD presents 5 such scores heard in experimental realizations commissioned of Lionel Marchetti, Thomas Lehn, Philip Zoubek and Wolfram, &c. ... Click to View

DJ Lenar: Re:PRES (Bolt)

A series of works from improvising DJ Lenar (Marcin Lenarczyk), using material from the large volumes of miniatures created by Polish Radio Experimental Studio (PRES) artist Eugeniusz Rudnik, transformed into new concrete compositions; in other words, reprising PRES. ... Click to View

Various Artists: Blanc et Rouge [3 CDs] (Bolt)

Under the wing of the Warsaw Polish Radio Experimental Studio emerged dozens of hours of socially engaged music from artists including Eugeniusz Rudnik, Krzysztof Penderecki, Elzbieta Sikora, Krzystof Knittel, &c. ... Click to View

Greif, Randy: Dirt Crawl Blues [CASSETTE] (Banned Productions)

A 4 track cassette of beats, robotic voices and other Greif oddities, definitely an obscure gem from the large discography of this experimental explorer. ... Click to View

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Switzerland's Hat Hut Records began its journey 40 years ago, releasing superb improvised and avant compositional music. Squidco and Hat Hut have worked together for over the last 12 years providing and distributing Hat Hut releases, and we're proud to include them in our catalog.

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