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July 23, 2015
"Life is a lot like jazz...
it's best when you improvise."
-George Gershwin

  A short but essential list of new items, this mailing is a week earlier than usual so that philz can take a week in NYC while Carl runs the store. The next list mailing will be on August 6th.

Squid BubbleWebs  Essential Labels

Clean Feed
Herbal International


      Creative Artists

• Alexis, Roldolphe /
      Stephane Rives
• Harris Eisenstadt
• Bryan Eubanks &
     Stephane Rives
• Nick Fraser
• Sylvaine Helary
• IST: New York (Davies /
      Fell /
      Wastell /
• Jason Kahn /
      Phil Julian
• Korekyojinn
• Goh Kwang Lee
• Daniel Levin Quartet
• Frantz Loriot /
     Manuel Perovic
     Large Ensemble


• Seijiro Murayama
• Murmer
• Simon Nabatov /
      Mark Dresser
• Joacim Nyberg
• Evan Parker /
      Joe Morris /
      Nate Wooley
• PYN (Yoshida /
      Pittard /
• Jason Roebke
• Roots Magic
     (Popolla /
      Defabriths /
      Tedeschi /
      Spera /

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   Jazz & Improvisation

Eisenstadt, Harris: September, Canada Day IV

Drummer Harris Eisenstadt continues his excellent NY quintet with Nate Wooley, Matt Bauder, Chris Dingman, and new bassist Pascal Niggenkemper, through 7 original compositions of lyrical modern jazz that leaves room for open-ended and extraordinary soloing.
Squidco Pick

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Eubanks, Bryan & Stephane Rives: fq

French soprano saxophonist Stephane Rives and US Sound artist Bryan Eubanks on oscillators and feedback synth recorded this extended improvisation after performing live together in Berlin in 2014, using twisting acoustic and electronic tones punctuated by dramatic confrontations.
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Fraser, Nick: Too Many Continents" feat. Tony Malaby and Kris Davis
(Clean Feed)

Toronto drummer and composer Nick Fraser in a superb trio with saxophonist Tony Malaby and pianist Kris Davis, performing Fraser originals that merge free improvisation, jazz and avant compositional approaches with astonishing solos from all three.
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Helary, Sylvaine : Spring Roll / Printemps [2 CDs]

A hybrid of theater, music, sound poetry and political manifesto from Sylvaine Helary, focused on the "Arab Spring" in Egypt, using intertwining words and voices around the quartet performances of Hugues Mayot, Sylvain Lemetre, Antonin Rayon and Sylvaine Helary.
Squidco Pick

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IST: London: Conway Hall

IST, the trio of Rhodri Davie (harp), Simon H. Fell (double bass) and Mark Wastell (violincello) from their 2003 live performance at London's Freedom of the City Festival, 8 years into the project, showing the remarkable sonic language the trio had developed.
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IST: New York (Davies / Fell / Wastell / Zorn): Featuring John Zorn

Acoustic string improvising trio IST was invited by Derek Bailey in 2001 for his Company event at Tonic in NYC, here in the entire and intense concert they performed that night, including a 2nd set pairing with John Zorn, pushing the band into amazing and unexpected territory.
Squidco Pick

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Kahn, Jason / Phil Julian: Valentines

The first meeting of Jason Kahn and Phil Julian, both performing on analogue modular synthesiser, intended to be recorded as material for studio sound compositions, but which was so compelling as improvised work that they chose to release the album as recorded.
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Levin, Daniel Quartet: Friction
(Clean Feed)

Cellist Daniel Levin Quartet leads his quartet with Nate Wooley on trumpet, Matt Moran on vibes, and Torbjorn Zetterberg on bass, in open-minded modern compositions that blend jazz, chamber, and experimental improvisation of reserved and riveting character.
Squidco Pick

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Loriot, Frantz / Manuel Perovic Notebook Large Ensemble: Urban Furrow
(Clean Feed)

French-Japanese violist Frantz Loriot's large ensemble drawn from 5 nations in an excellent set of compositions that employ a diverse set of approaches, slyly drawing the listener into unique and encompassing sound worlds of remarkable elements and superb improvisation.
Squidco Pick

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Murayama, Seijiro: Broken Iteration [2 CDs]
(Herbal International)

A 2-CD release from Japanese percussionist Seijiro Murayama, performing solo on "objects" which combines clearly percussive objects and other electroacoustic items of obscure origin, creating active, rich and curious sonic environments that envelop the listener.
Squidco Pick

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Nabatov, Simon / Mark Dresser: Projections
(Clean Feed)

The 1st meeting between Simon Nabatov on piano (inside and out) and double bassist Mark Dresser, recorded live at the Loft in Cologne in 2014, for a remarkable dialog of empathetic communication, outrageous technique and dynamic exchange from two authoritative players.
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Nyberg, Joacim : Fylkingen, March 27, 2014

Guitarist Joacim Nyberg, also performing on double bass, bell and recorder, in a live performance in Stockholm, Sweden at Fylkingen in 2014, using "Wood, steel, air. Hands, fingers, heart" in an open-ended and ardent exposition of his interpretation of jazz.
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Parker, Evan / Joe Morris / Nate Wooley: Ninth Square
(Clean Feed)

The extraordinary trio of three masterful players from different generations who have broken with convention while playing within free forms--Evan Parker on sax; Joe Morris on guitar; and Nate Wooley on trumpet--performing live at Firehouse 12 in Connecticut, 2014.
Squidco Pick

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Roebke, Jason: Every Sunday
(Clean Feed)

The music of bassist Jason Roebke and his trio of guitarist Matthew Schneider and drummer Marcus Evan is rooted in the leader's solid bass work and the tasteful and informed lyrical freedom of his sidemen, as heard in this live performace Chicago's Hungry Brain.
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Roots Magic (Popolla / Defabriths / Tedeschi / Spera / Ventiucci): Hoodoo Blues
(Clean Feed)

An Italian quartet playing rootsy jazz and blues compositions from John Carter, Charley Patton, Julius Hemphill, Phil Cohran, Sun Ra, Blind Willie Johnson, Olu Dara, alongside and a few originals; gutsy, informed, spell-binding Hoodoo from the delta blues to outer space.
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Alexis, Roldolphe / Stephane Rives: Winds Doors Poplars
(Herbal International)

Rodolphe Alexis composed these works from a diverse set of recordings of trains, factories and other potent sounds, pairing them with recordings from saxophonist Stephane Rives using extended and unusual techniques, yielding these inventive and irrepressible sound works.
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Kwang, Goh Lee : Good Vibrations
(Herbal International)

Aberrant experiments with a stereo DJ mixer from Herbal International label leader Goh Lee Kwang, 5 tracks of unexpected sounds, micro-drills, crackles, purrs, hums, buzzes, quirks and bleeps from the mixer itself, performed live with no overdubs or pre-programming.
     Buy      $11.95      Listen          

Murmer: Framework 1-4 [2 CDs]
(Herbal International)

Patrick McGinley (Murmer) in a series of bold experiments with untreated field recordings, exploring notions of musicality within the structures of found sound, written partially as a reaction against the idea of documentary or objective presentation of found sound.
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Korekyojinn: Fall Line

The 5th studio album from the trio of Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins alone / Koenji Hyakkei), Kido Natsuki (Bondage Fruit / Salle Gavoux), Nasunomitsuru (Altered states / Umbeltipo), avant-progressive instrumental rock, melodic and complex rock performed at breakneck speed.
Squidco Pick

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PYN (Yoshida / Pittard / Nasuno): Songs for children who don't want to sleep

P (Yann Pittard on oud and guitar & vocals), Y (Tatsuya Yoshida on drums & vocals) and N (Mitsuru Nasuno on bass & vocals) performing Arabian Progressive Pop Improvisation, an unusual melding and orchestration of arabic progressions and melodic prog rock.
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We're never quite caught up with new releases that constantly come in our door, and we don't like to rush a release to our homepage. That said, the following releases have already been stocked at Squidco, and are able to be ordered. In most cases we have images, often have samples, and some basic description of each release. You can always see the latest new releases by checking our Just In Stock Section.

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Ido Bukelman / Madav Masel:
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Gregory Buttner :
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Contest of (More) Pleasures, The (Dorner / Pallandre / Butcher / Sassi / Charles):

Eric Cordier:
Osorezan (Selected Field Recording 1993 - 2006)
(Herbal International)

Eric Cordier / Seijiro Murayama:
(Herbal International)

Bertrand Denzler / ONCEIM:

Benjamin Duboc:
St. James Infirmary
(Improvising Beings)

Leif Elggren / Joachim Nordwall:

Ercklentz / Neumann :
(Herbal International)

Sandy Ewen / Damon Smith:
Valle de Mexico

Hanut Trio (Bukelman / Masel / Sabag):
Hanut Trio
(OutNow Recordings)

Horns (feat. Bertrand Denzler):
Horns 1.2

Gene Janas / Vinnie Paternostro / Jay Reeve / Other Matter :
United Slaves #2~3
(Improvising Beings)

Lucien Johnson / Alan Silva / Makoto Sato:
Stinging Netties
(Improvising Beings)

Zbigniew Karkowski / Kelly Churko:
(Herbal International)

Kid Millions & Jim Sauter:
(Astral Spirits)

Yoni Kretzmer / Andrew Drury:
(OutNow Recordings)

Yoni Kretzmer 2Bass Quartet:
Book II [2 CDs]
(OutNow Recordings)

Goh Kwang Lee:
_, And Vice Versa
(Herbal International)

Goh Kwang Lee:
New Ear [2 CDs]
(Herbal International)

Goh Kwang Lee:
The Lost Testimony Of Rashomon
(Herbal International)

Goh Kwang Lee / Tim Blechmann:
(Herbal International)

Eric La Casa / Cedric Peyronnet:
La Creuse
(Herbal International)

Philippe Lauzier :

Daniel Levin / Juan Pablo Carletti:
Ilusion of Truth
(OutNow Recordings)

Roel Meelkop:
Oude Koeien
(Herbal International)

Itapu Oki / Axel Dorner:
Root Of Bohemian
(Improvising Beings)

Claudio Rocchetti / Klaus Janek :
Reisenotizen Aus Dem Land Der Mitte
(Herbal International)

Matilda Rolfsson / Richard Sanderson / Mark Wastell:
Live at l'Klectic

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No Is No (Don't Fuck Around With Your Women)
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Wally Shoup Sax Trio + One:
Copaesthetics [CASSETTE]
(Astral Spirits)

Taco Bells w/Pekka Airaksinen:
(Astral Spirits)

Taumatrop (Fages / Marquez):
For John Ayrton Paris

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