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February 26, 2015
"I think there is some vague kind of spiritually energetic thing
that goes hand in hand with truly improvised music.
Maybe that's why 90% of the human music on earth
has been improvised?"
-Henry Kaiser

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Ambiances Magnetiques
Aural Terrains
Bug Incision Records
Cadence Jazz Records
Disembraining Machine

Important Records
Mount Analogue
Novara Jazz Series
Run/Off Editions
Timeless Momentum
Trost Records

      Creative Artists

• Thanos Chrysakis/
     Chris Cundy/
     James O'Sullivan
• Circulasione Totale
• Loren Connors
• Chris Dadge
• Jerry De Villiers Jr.
• Jean Derome
• Dollshot
• Harris Eisenstadt
     (w/ Moore,
• Evidence:
     Cartier, Derome,
     Thelonius Monk
• Funf
     (Babin Crispo,
     Jacques Cornell...)
• Frode Gjerstad/
     Anders Hana/
     Morten Olsen/
     Per Zanussi
• Frode Gjerstad Quartet
• Frode Gjerstad
     Trio (w/ Steve Swell)
• Keiji Haino/
     Peter Brotzmann/
     Jim O'Rourke
• Benoit Hughes
• Hypercolor
• Henry Kaiser &
     Ray Russell


• Noah Kaplan/
     Giacomo Merega/
     Joe Moffett
• Klaxon Gueule
• Francisco Lopez
• Machinefabriek
• Mattin
• Giacomo Merega/
     Noah Kaplan/
     Marco Cappelli(w/
     Anthony Coleman &
     Mauro Pagani)
• Nickolas Mohanna
• Shoko Nagai
     (w/ Reynolds/
• Mike Osborne
• Wadada Leo Smith &
     Eco D'Alberi
• Soft Machine
• Kinya Sogawa
•The Sun Ra Arkestra
• Roger Turner &
     Otomo Yoshihide
• Vertical Squirrels
     (Fischlin, Heble,
     Melville, Warren)
• Hong-Kai Wang
     and Mattin
• John Zorn

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   Jazz & Improvisation

Chrysakis, Thanos / Chris Cundy / James O'Sullivan: Asphodels Abide
(Aural Terrains)

Sophisticated and interactive electroacoustic improvisation from the trio of Chris Cundy on bass clarinet, James O'Sullivan on guitar, and Aural Terrains label leader Thanos Chrysakis on laptop, synth and radio, performing the six part "Asphodels Abide".
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Circulasione Totale Orchestra: Enten Eller

An unusual improvising orchestra that absorbs concepts from a wealth of styles, led by saxophonist Frode Gjerstad; this 1992 recording is of a 7-piece band with 2 drummers including Paal Nilssen-Love, 2 bassists guitar, and Ove Storland on vocals.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Dadge, Chris : Bin 15 [3-inch CDR]
(Bug Incision Records)

Percussionist Chris Dadge recorded these two drones using amplified cymbals, violin, and snare drum inside a replica of a Saskatchewan-prairies-style grain silo erected by artist Mark Lowe at the 2011 Calgary Folk Festival.
     Buy      $8.95      Listen          

Dadge, Chris: Pith [3-inch CDR]
(Bug Incision Records)

Bug Incision label leader Chris Dadge steps away from his drums for a live performance at Pith Gallery in Calgary, using field recordings and amplified objects to create intriguing and compelling environments of concrete sound, tinted from a percussionist's perspective.
     Buy      $8.95      Listen          

De Villiers Jr., Jerry: The Turning Point Archives
(Timeless Momentum)

A retrospective album from Canadian fusion guitarist and composer Jerry De Villiers Jr, active in the Montreal jazz scene in the 1990s and known for the theme song to the Emmy Award winning show Arthur sung by Ziggy Marley, here with 7 studio and 7 live tracks.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Dollshot: Dollshot

An unusual and thickly strung album bridging dark rock and improvised music from saxophonist Noah Kaplan, bassist and prepared bassis Giacomo Merega, bassist and prepared painist Wes Matthews, and vocalist Rosalie Kaplan.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Eisenstadt, Harris (w/ Moore, Schoenbeck, Dresser): Golden State II

Live recordings at the 2014 Vancouver International Jazz Festival from drummer Harris Eisenstadt's excellent and lyrical Golden State chamber jazz ensemble, here as a quartet with Michael Moore on clarinet, Sara Schoenbeck on bassoon, and Mark Dresser on bass.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Evidence: Cartier, Derome, Tanguay, Thelonius Monk: Monk Work
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

After 14 years this Montreal trio dedicated to the works of Thelonius Monk, comprised of Jean Derome on alto and baritone sax, Pierre Cartier on electric bass, and Pierre Tanguay on drums, returns with 11 exuberant recordings including "Brilliant Corners", "Pannonica", &c.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Funf (Babin, Cornell, Crispo, Jacques...): La Regle
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

Sporadic sonic exchanges exploring guidelines, graphic scores, or completely improvised, with an expansive instrumentorium from the sextet of Magali Babin, Andrea-Jane Cornell, Martine H Crispo, Anne-Francoise Jacques, Emilie Mouchous, and Erin Sexton.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Gjerstad, Frode / Anders Hana / Morten Olsen / Per Zanussi : Born To Collapse

A live concert at Cafe Sting in Stavanger, Norway in 2003 from the free improvising acoustic/electric quartet of Frode Gjerstad on alto sax and clarinet, Anders Hana on electric guitar, Morten Olsen on drums and Per Zanussi on acoustic bass and electronics.
     Buy      $13.95          

Gjerstad, Frode Quartet (Bradford / Bergman / akLaff): Ikosa Mura
(Cadence Jazz Records)

The superb quartet of saxophonist Frode Gjerstad on tenor, with trumpeter Bobby Bradford, pianist Borah Bergman, and drummer Pheeroan akLaff, recording in the studio in New Jersey, 1997 in a tour de force of unusual and highly creative free improvisation.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Gjerstad, Frode Trio (w/ Steve Swell) : At Constellation

The well-traveled and nearly telephathic Norwegian trio of reedist Frode Gjerstad performing on alto sax and clarinet with drummer Paal Nilssen-Love and bassist Jon Rune Strom are joined by NY trombonist Steve Swell for a live concert at at Constellation in Chicago, 2014.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Haino, Keiji / Peter Brotzmann / Jim O'Rourke: Two City Blues PT 2
(Trost Records)

One of two sets recorded on one intense night at Tokyo's Shinjuku Pit Inn from the trio of Japanese improvised rock legend Haino Keiji, European Free Jazz saxophone master Peter Brotzmann, and versatile American composer and musician Jim O'Rourke.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $16.95      Listen          

Hughes, Benoit: Crescent Road [3-inch CDR]
(Bug Incision Records)

Autodidact Benoit Hughes recorded these improvisations to a mini-disc recorder on auto-volume, adding unusual sonic qualities to inventive playing on the piano and half-clarinet, where the physical ambiance mixes with his unbridled machinations.
     Buy      $8.95      Listen          


Eyal Maoz, James Ilgenfritz, and Lukas Ligeti make up Hypercolor, the NYC-based spastic jazz-rock hybrid whose ridiculous artsong craftsmanship alternately revels in complexity or brazen simplicity, favoring entropy and near-disaster over order or tidiness.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Kaiser, Henry & Ray Russell: The Celestial Squid

Legendary UK free-jazz guitarist Ray Russell meets California avant guitarist Henry Kaiser to explore celestial squids with drummers Weasel Walter & William Winant, bassists Michael Manring & Damon Smith, and saxophonists Steve Adams, Joshua Allen, Phillip Greenlief, and Aram Shelton.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Kaplan, Noah / Giacomo Merega / Joe Moffett: Crows And Motives

The NY trio of saxophonist Noah Kaplan, electric bassist Giacomo Merega, and trumpeter Moffett, in free improvisation focusing on texture and tone, applying traditional counterpoint to contemporary improvisation.
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Klaxon Gueule (Cote, Falaise, St-Onge): Pour en finir
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

Montreal's electroacoustic trio of Michel F Cote (percussion), Bernard Falaise (guitars) and Alexandre St-Onge (bass), in their 6th release, 12 succinct tracks of sophisticated improv merging unorthodox approaches for peculiarly satisfying compositions.
Squidco Pick

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Mattin : Songbook #5
(Disembraining Machine )

Unorthodox vocalist Mattin takes 5 spontaneous 5-minute songs from 5 musicians, and a 25 minute concert structured by 5 instructions based on those song titles, then records vocals for the 5 songs as a singing lecture, then superimposes all 3 to create the five 5-minutes songs on this album.
     Buy      $19.95      Listen          

Merega, Giacomo / Noah Kaplan / Marco Cappelli (w/ Anthony Coleman & Mauro Pagani): Watch The Walls Instead

Italian electric bassist Giacomo Merega together with saxophonist Noah Kaplan and guitarist Marco Cappelli for a set of rhythm-less free form improvisations recorded in Brooklyn, NYC, with pianist Anthony Coleman and violin player Mauro Pagini joining for several tacks.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Nagai, Shoko (w/ Reynolds / Goldberger / Takeishi / Black): Taken Shadow

Experimental electronics & improvisations from NY based composer/keyboardist Shoko Nagai, using multiple textures and an open sense of time to evoke rich aural environments, with the aid of Todd Reynolds (violin), Jonathan Goldberger (guitar), Stomu Takeishi (bass) & Jim Black (drums).
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Osborne, Mike: Dawn

British Sax legend Mike Osborne in his earliest surviving recording as a co-leader with John Surman from 1966, and in 1970 with the first known recordings of his trio with the South African rhythm team of Harry Miller and Louis Moholo.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Smith, Leo Wadada & Eco D'Alberi: June 6th, 2013
(Novara Jazz Series)

The Novara Jazz Series starts their label with this impressive live recording at the 2013 NovaraJazz Festival of the avant jazz quartet Eco D'Alberi (Antonio Borghini-bass, Fabrizio Spera-drums, Alberto Braida-piano, Edoardo Marraffa-sax) with US trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $21.95      Listen          

Soft Machine: Switzerland 1974 [CD+DVD]

Innovative UK avant/jazz-rock band Soft Machine from their 1974 line up of Mike Ratledge on keys, Karl Jenkins on keys, Allan Holdsworth on guitar, Roy Babbington on bass, and John Marshall on drums, performing live at Congress Hall, in Montreaux, Switzerland.
     Buy      $24.95      Listen          

Sogawa, Kinya: Playing Bamboo

Kinya Sogawa is one of the most outstanding shakuhachi performers in Japan today, and is also one of Japan's finest shakuhachi makers, here in an album of masterful performance on one of his own instruments.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Sun Ra Arkestra, The: Live in Nickelsdorf 1984 [VINYL 4 LP BOX]
(Trost Records)

A sturdy 4 LP box set documenting Sun Ra's 1984 European Tour, here performing live in Nickelsdorf, Germany at Jazzgalerie, for an ebullient set of Sun Ra originals and standards with the Arkestra including John Gilmore, Marshall Allen, Danny Ray Thompson, Eloe Taylor, James Jackson, &c &c.
Squidco Pick

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Turner, Roger & Otomo Yoshihide: The Last Train

UK free improvising drummer Roger Turner meets Japanese guitarist Otomo Yoshihide at the Hara Museum, Tokyo in the winter of 2013 for a performance that balances introspective improvisation with assertive and authoritative playing for a captivating and dynamic album.
Squidco Pick

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Vertical Squirrels (Fischlin, Heble, Melville, Warren): Time of the Sign
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

An incredibly informed instant-composing ensemble drawing on free jazz and post rock sensibilities with nods to Indian ragas, jazz-inflected minimalism, Zappa-esque bouts of sonic anarchy, and German rock music from the 1970s, captured live at Toronto, Guelph and Hamilton, Canada in 2012.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Wang, Hong-Kai and Mattin: Collapsing Ourselves
(Mount Analogue)

A unique album of self-aware conversation from Hong-Kai Wang and Mattin, who record themselves responding to their own dialog, addressing those responses to the audience and adding their reaction to the final recordings, creating an abstract spoken ambiance.
     Buy      $19.95      Listen          

Zorn, John: John Zorn's Olympiad The Early Game Pieces

New York electric guitar quartet Dither (Gyan Riley, Taylor Levine, Joshua Lopes, James Moore) initiate John Zorn's Olympiad series, recording Zorn's early pre-Cobra game pieces "Fencing", Curling", and "Hockey".
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Zorn, John: The Hermetic Organ Vol. 3. - Pauls Hall, Huddersfield

The third in John Zorn's solo organ is performed live at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in 2013, performing with unusual sonorities, spectral experimentation, hypnotic moods and stirring melodies.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          



Lopez, Francisco: Untitled #274
(Important Records)

Kasper T. Toeplitz performs sound artist Francisco Lopez' work "Untitled #274" in the GRM Studios in Paris, France, presenting a 48 minute work balancing arhythmic rumbling, interstellar sound and washes of static seas with silence and contemplative environment.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Machinefabriek: Loos

A live performance at Ephemere, Studio Loos in The Netherlands from Rutger Zuydervelt, AKA Machinefabriek, in a set that mixes his sources with recordings from the room, creating a dynamic and vibrant recording that ranges from subtle near-silence to thick electronic excitement.
     Buy      $7.95      Listen          

Mohanna, Nickolas: Phase Line
(Run/Off Editions)

Digital sound processing oscillating through a variety of media saturated sources including electronic billboards, kiosk stations, traffic control devices and other city environments, knotted into sculptural arpeggiation by sound artists Nickolas Mohanna.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          



Connors, Loren: My Brooklyn

The story of New York City told through the guitar from Brooklyn guitarist Loren Connor, performing solo live at The Stone in January 2012, and at Brooklyn's Zebulon in February 2012, intensely personal and reflective work that well echoes this magnificent borough.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          



Derome, Jean : Chamber Music 1992-2012
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

25 chamber works composed by Montreal composer, multi-instrumentalist and improviser Jean Derome, presenting pieces from the wealth of projects he's involved in, including Dangereux Zhoms, Ensemble de flutes Alize, duos with Lori Freedmam, Quasar, quatuor de saxophones, &c.
Squidco Pick

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Detail: Stevens / Pedersen / Gjerstad:
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Tomba Emmanuelle [VINYL]

Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus:
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Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus:
Bonita [VINYL + CD]
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(Flying Note)

Haitian Rail (Ed Ricart, Nick Millevoi, Dan Blacksberg, Kevin Shea):
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Hyrrokkin (Ed Ricart, Roy Campbell, Steve Swell, Daniel Carter):
Pristine Origin [VINYL]
(New Atlantis)

Impulsive Machinations (Thollem McDonas + Sara Lund of Unwound):
Conformity Contortion
(New Atlantis)

Philippe Lauzier :

Dave McDonnell Group (Abrams / Rosaly / Welcome / Adasciewicz / Reid):
The Dragon And The Griffin
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Star System [VINYL]

Roscoe Mitchell (with Craig Taborn / Kikanju Baku):
Conversations I
(Wide Hive)

Demon Box [4 CD/DVD BOX]
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Keir Neuringer:
Ceremonies Out Of The Air
(New Atlantis)

Keir Neuringer:
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Electronic Works 1958-1995
(Important Records)

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( Chamaeleon )
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(Mystery School Records)

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Thollem + Chase:
Dub Narcotic Session
(New Atlantis)

Ian Watson / Susie Hodder-Williams :
The Tao Of Homeopathy

Trevor Wishart:
Red Bird: A Political Prisoner's Dream [VINYL]
(Sub Rosa)

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