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July 2, 2015
"Music really is the universal language,
and that's why it can be such a force.
Words, after all, are only music."
-Albert Ayler

  SQUIDCO INDEPENDENT MUSIC SALE! Squidco Independence Day Sale

On July 4th the US celebrates Independence Day, observing the principles of independent liberty and personal rights that are the cornerstones of modern culture. Freedom is also a musical concept which has grown over the last two centuries, leading to remarkable new approaches in improvised and composed music.

To celebrate freedom in its many forms, we're offering our customers the following discounts all weekend:

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Gift Certificates and insurance products excluded. Discount is indicated on each product's detailed information page. Orders must be placed through our shopping cart, discount is applied at checkout time on payment screen. In-stock items only. Eligible items will receive reward points. Sale ends Sunday, July 6th, at 23:59 EST, GMT-5.

Squid BubbleWebs  Essential Labels

Akord Records/Subkulturni Azil
Black Truffle
Cien Fuegos
Herbal International

KS Art Yard Series
Relative Pitch
Sub Rosa

      Creative Artists

• Alva Noto
• Art Zoyd
• Albert Ayler
• Pascal Battus /
      Lionel Marchetti /
      Emmanuel Petit
• Samuel Blaser
• Brotzmann /
      Van Hove /
• Chicago Reed Quartet (
     Mazzarella /
      Rempis /
      Williams /
• Arnold Dreyblatt
• Michael Gibbs &
     the NDR Bigband
• Michael Gibbs &
     the NDR Bigband
     featuring Bill Frisell
• Guapo
• ISKRA 1903 (
     Rutherford /
      Bailey /
• Jason Kahn
• Goh Kwang Lee
• Land of Marigold (
     Joshua Zubot &      Ellwood Epps)


• Rob Mazurek /
      Exploding Star Orchestra
• Joe McPhee &
     John Snyder
• Joe Morris
• Musicworks
• Norstebo /
      Strid /
      De Heney
• Mike Pride
• The Rempis
     Percussion Quartet (
     w/ Haker-Flaten /
      Rosaly /
• Lasse Riek Marc
• John Russell (
     with Phil Minton, Thurston Moore, Evan Parker, &c.)
• Sun Ra and
     His Intergalactic Myth
     Science Solar Arkestra
• Tiger Hatchery
• Otomo Yoshihide
• Zeitkratzer

Squid BubbleWeb

   Jazz & Improvisation

Ayler, Albert: Spirits Rejoice [VINYL]

Legendary saxophonist Albert Ayler recorded this album in 1965 with the phenomenal band of brother Donald Ayler on trumpet, Charles Tyler on alto sax, Sunny Murray on drums, Call Cobbs on harpsichord, and Gary Peacock and Henry Grime on bass, reissued with its original cover.
     Buy      $24.95          

Battus, Pascal / Lionel Marchetti / Emmanuel Petit : La Vie Dans Les Bois
(Herbal International)

A document of a musical performance recorded in the open air near a castle in France by Pascal Bathus and Emmanuel Petit on electric guitars, and Lionel Marchetti credited with "electricity", recorded while Yoko Higashi performed a butoh dance during their music performance.
     Buy      $11.95      Listen          

Blaser, Samuel: Spring Rain

Swiss trombonist Samuel Blaser pays tribute to clarinetist and composer Jimmy Giuffre, in a quartet with Russ Lossing on piano & keys, Drew Gress on double bass, and Gerald Cleaver on drums, merging Giuffre's lyrical forms to create new and innovative compositions.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Brotzmann / Van Hove / Bennink: FMP 0130 [VINYL]
(Cien Fuegos)

A reissue of this 1973 LP of succinct free improvsation by Peter Brotzmann, Fred van Hove, and Han Bennink, with Brotzmann on clarinet, alto, tenor, baritone, bass saxophones, van Hove plays celesta & piano, and Bennink on drums and a crazy assortment of percussive devices.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $28.95      Listen          

Chicago Reed Quartet (Mazzarella / Rempis / Williams / Vandermark): Western Automatic

Four generations of Chicago saxophonists--Dave Rempis, Ken Vandermark, Mars Williams, and Nick Mazzarella--come together in an interactive saxophone quartet with each player providing 2 compositions of well-developed, powerful, engaging free and lyrical jazz.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Gibbs, Michael & the NDR Bigband featuring Bill Frisell: Play a Bill Frisell Setlist

Guitarist Bill Frisell's first-ever appearance as the featured soloist on a big band session, performing with British composer and arranger Michael Gibbs and his NDR Bigband for a tour de force album playing over arrangements of compositions drawn from his career.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Gibbs, Michael & the NDR Bigband: In My View

British jazz composer and arranger Michael Gibbs directs his NDR Big Band through a set of lyrical jazz pieces with brilliant arrangements, including four original compositions and compositions from Carla Bley, Thelonius Monk, Ornette Coleman, Gordon Jenkins, and Ron Carter.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

ISKRA 1903 (Rutherford / Bailey / Guy): Chapter One (1970-2) [3 CDs]

A reissue of Emanem 4031, a classic concert and studio performances from '70-'72 by the innovative trio of Paul Rutherford (trombone, piano) Derek Bailey (guitar) and Barry Guy (double bass), which was a much expanded reissue of the early Incus releaes 3/4 of the same name.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $34.95      Listen          

ISKRA 1903: Buzz Soundtrack

Music for the 1971 film by Michael Grigsby and performed by the trio of Paul Rutherford (trombone), Derek Bailey (guitar) and Barry Guy (double bass), a fascinating and distinctive set, more restrained and gentle than their live performances from that time.
     Buy      $16.95      Listen          

Land of Marigold (Joshua Zubot & Ellwood Epps): Creosote

The Montreal duo of trumpeter Ellwood Epps and Josh Zubot on violin and low octave violin for 9 upbeat, technically superb and intricate instant improvisations, what they refer to as "foot-tapping for ghosts, seeing the northern lights from underwater".
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Mazurek, Rob / Exploding Star Orchestra: Galactic Parables: Volume 1 [2 CDs]

Composer, cornetist, and musical director Rob Mazurek leads his largest regular ensemble, the Exploding Star Orchestra, through one of his most ambitious recordings, part of an epic science fiction opera inspired by the writings of Samuel R. Delany and Stanislaw Lem.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $21.95      Listen          

McPhee, Joe & John Snyder: To Be Continued [VINYL]

The first meeting of saxophonist/trumpeter Joe McPhee and John Synder, here on an ARP2600 synth, in a communal ritual septet concert for friends and neighbors titled "Ancient to the Future" performed at New York's Holy Cross Monastery in 1973, here in its first ever release.
     Buy      $18.95      Listen          

Morris, Joe : Solos - Bimhuis
(Relative Pitch)

Live recordings from guitarist Joe Morris, performing solo at Bimhuis in Amsterdam in two Octobers from 2013 to 2014, showing remarkable technical and creative skills while captivating his audience with accessible progressions and story-telling; masterful!
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Norstebo / Strid / De Heney: Oslo Wien [2 CDs]

Norwegian trombonist Henrik Munkeby Norstebo's recurring trio with Swedish drummer Raymond Strid and Swiss double bassist Nina de Heney in a 2-CD release featuring two complete concerts from 2014, first at Bidroban in Norway, and then at Freistunde in Vienna, Austria.
     Buy      $19.95      Listen          

Pride, Mike: Listening Party
(Akord Records/Subkulturni Azil)

The first solo album from Downtown NY drummer/multi-instrumentalist Mike Pride, 18 diverse and succinct pieces for percussion instruments, studio creations, glockenspiel etudes & drum set improvisations with rhythmically superb music and some strange bits of NYC humor.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Rempis Percussion Quartet, The (w/ Haker-Flaten / Rosaly / Daisy): Cash And Carry

After 10 years together, the Rempis Percussion Quartet led by saxophonist Dave Rempist, Frank Rosaly, Tim Daisy on drums and percussion, and Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten on bass, recorded this concert at Chicago's Hungry Brain for a superlative album of rhythmically simmering free improv.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Russell, John (with Phil Minton, Thurston Moore, Evan Parker, &c.): With...

British free improvising guitar master John Russell's 60th birthday gig at London's Cafe Oto is celebrated in a duo with Phil Minton, a trio with Henry Lowther & Satoko Fakuda, in a trio with Evan Parker and John Edwards, and in a duo with Thurston Moore.
     Buy      $16.95      Listen          

Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Myth Science Solar Arkestra: Sleeping Beauty [VINYL]
(KS Art Yard Series)

An extremely soulful electric album from Sun Ran and the Intergalactic Myth Science Solar Arkestra, a groove driven and funky swirling masterpiece from the late 70's.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $16.95      Listen          

Tiger Hatchery: Sun Worship

Chicago power-jazz trio Tiger Hatchery in an album from the free jazz tradition born from Albert Ayler and Peter Brotzmann, with aggressively powerful approaches that cross into noise-rock, but remain firmly rooted in modern free improvisation.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Tiger Hatchery: Sun Worship [VINYL]

Vinyl edition of the CD listed above.
     Buy      $24.95      Listen          

Yoshihide, Otomo : Guitar Solo 2015 LEFT

Reflecting on his studies with guitarist Masayuki Takayanagi, Otomo Yoshihide plays one of Takayanagi's favorite electric guitars, a 1963 Gibson-175, to record 6 extended and informed free improvisations, including Ornette's "Lonely Woman" and "Song for Che".
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $16.95      Listen          



Alva Noto: Xerrox Vol. 3 [VINYL 2 LPs]

Alva Noto continues his Xerrox series with the 3rd volume,"Towards Space", using the process of copying and manipulation of data as a basis for sound compositions, here showing a warmer music inspired by film memories, creating an imaginary soundtrack.
     Buy      $23.95      Listen          

Kahn, Jason: Beautiful Ghost Wave
(Herbal International)

Jason Kahn uses feedback and electronic noise to create a large work created from static, hiss, and unusual electronic sound, dynamic and ever-shifting aspects of both lovely and aberrant electronics, captivating in ever-shifting sounds that inform but do not overwhelm.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Kwang, Goh Lee: Hands
(Herbal International)

A fun and unusual electronic album from Malaysian sound artist Goh Lee Kwang's, whose instrument of choice is an old Roland Jupiter analogue synth, with toy keyboards, saxophones, bass and drums also thrown into the pot and merrily melted down by Max/MSP.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Riek, Lasse Marc: Harbour
(Herbal International)

Compositions by Lasse-Marc Riek of the Gruenrekorder label, created from field recordings of sounds in harbors, recorded between 1999 & 2007 in Finland's Bjorkoby and Ostero harbors, and in Germany in Wismar and Hamburg harbors, rich evocations of the sea.
     Buy      $11.95      Listen          



Art Zoyd: Generation Sans Futur [VINYL]
(Sub Rosa)

Art Zoyd's 3rd LP from 1980 now with Daniel Denis on drums is an impressive album of complex, dramatic music with shifting time signatures, tones and unlikely twists and turns.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Guapo: Obscure Knowledge

For 20 years this British rock trio has straddled the boundaries of progressive, noise, minimalism and avant-rock here in a 3 part 43 minute long work in a scenic journey through loud New York minimalism, celestial drones, avant rock, kosmiche-noise, rockin' riffs and much more.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          



Dreyblatt, Arnold: Second Selection [VINYL 2 LPs]
(Black Truffle)

A major collection of archival recordings by seminal minimalist composer, performer, instrument builder and visual artist Arnold Dreyblatt, presenting eleven pieces selected by Oren Ambarchi from Dreyblatt's extensive archive of previously unreleased recordings.
     Buy      $25.95      Listen          

Zeitkratzer: Column One: Entropium

Reinhold Friedl leads Zeitkratzer through five compositions transcribed from works of the Berlin based Dada and Surrealist inspired electroacoustic / industrial collective Column One, recorded live in performance at Berghain during MaerzMusik 2012.
     Buy      $19.95      Listen          


   Books & Magazines

Musicworks: #122 Summer 2015 [MAGAZINE + CD]

On the cover, Allison Camerson. Inside: Dave Burrell's Unsung Songbook; Peter Ablinger's Art of Time; Sabrina Schroeder's Stircrazer; plus reviews of recordings and events, label profiles, essays, &c. &c.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

The Squid's Ear The Squid's Ear is Squidco's companion online magazine, featuring reviews of Squidco items from independent writers.

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 In Stock and Ready to Ship

We're never quite caught up with new releases that constantly come in our door, and we don't like to rush a release to our homepage. That said, the following releases have already been stocked at Squidco, and are able to be ordered. In most cases we have images, often have samples, and some basic description of each release. You can always see the latest new releases by checking our Just In Stock Section.

Roldolphe Alexis / Stephane Rives:
Winds Doors Poplars
(Herbal International)

Luigi Archetti:
Null I-VII [7 CD BOX]
(Die Schachtel)

Aidan Baker & Idklang:
In The Red Room [VINYL]

Pascal Battus:
Simbol / L'Unique Trait D' Pinceau
(Herbal International)

Gordon Beeferman Trio (w/ James Ilgenfritz, Michael Evans):
Out In Here
(OutNow Recordings)

Chuck Bettis :
Pixel Bleed
(Living Myth)

From the Beginning to the End

Ido Bukelman / Madav Masel:
Ground Birds
(OutNow Recordings)

John Butcher / Burkhard Beins / Mark Wastell:

Gregory Buttner :
(Herbal International)

Canto General featuring Louis Moholo-Moholo:
Rebel Flames

Crys Cole:
Sand/Layna [VINYL]
(Black Truffle)

Contest of (More) Pleasures, The (Dorner / Pallandre / Butcher / Sassi / Charles):

Eric Cordier:
Osorezan (Selected Field Recording 1993 - 2006)
(Herbal International)

Eric Cordier / Seijiro Murayama:
(Herbal International)

Bertrand Denzler / ONCEIM:

Davidovski, EFT (Bukelman Bymel):
Spatial Awareness
(OutNow Recordings)

Ercklentz / Neumann :
(Herbal International)

Sandy Ewen / Damon Smith:
Valle de Mexico

Sandy Ewen & Henry Kaiser:
Lake Monsters
(Balance Point Acoustics)

Hanut Trio (Bukelman / Masel / Sabag):
Hanut Trio
(OutNow Recordings)

Horns (feat. Bertrand Denzler):
Horns 1.2

If Thousands:

London: Conway Hall

IST: New York (Davies / Fell / Wastell / Zorn):
Featuring John Zorn

(Drip Audio)

Jason Kahn / Phil Julian:

Zbigniew Karkowski / Kelly Churko:
(Herbal International)

Yoni Kretzmer / Andrew Drury:
(OutNow Recordings)

Yoni Kretzmer / Pascal Niggenkemper / Weasel Walter:
(OutNow Recordings)

Yoni Kretzmer 2Bass Quartet:
Book II [2 CDs]
(OutNow Recordings)

Goh Kwang Lee:
_, And Vice Versa
(Herbal International)

Goh Kwang Lee:
Butterfly Lovers OST
(Nyoba Kan)

Goh Kwang Lee:
New Ear [2 CDs]
(Herbal International)

Goh Kwang Lee:
The Lost Testimony Of Rashomon
(Herbal International)

Goh Kwang Lee :
Good Vibrations
(Herbal International)

Goh Kwang Lee / Tim Blechmann:
(Herbal International)

Eric La Casa / Cedric Peyronnet:
La Creuse
(Herbal International)

Philippe Lauzier :

Daniel Levin / Juan Pablo Carletti:
Ilusion of Truth
(OutNow Recordings)

Roel Meelkop:
Oude Koeien
(Herbal International)

Seijiro Murayama :
Broken Iteration [2 CDs]
(Herbal International)

Framework 1-4 [2 CDs]
(Herbal International)

Bill Nace / Steve Baczkowski / Chris Corsano:
Stolen Car [VINYL]
(Golden Lab)

Joacim Nyberg :
Fylkingen, March 27, 2014

Claudio Rocchetti / Klaus Janek :
Reisenotizen Aus Dem Land Der Mitte
(Herbal International)

Catholic Paws/Catholic Pause

Patrick Shiroishi :
White Sun Sutra

Small Life Form:

Thollem / Wimberly / Cline:
Radical Empathy
(Relative Pitch)

Tony Wilson 6tet:
A Day's Life
(Drip Audio)

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