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July 10, 2019

"I've gone by the rules all the way,
And so now there are no rules."
—Sam Rivers

   Creative Artists

• Joshua Abrams Natural Information Society
• Apartment House
• Cyril Bondi/Pierre-Yves Martel/Christoph Schiller/Angharad Davies
• Don Cherry
• Whit Dickey/The Tao Quartets
• Dunmall/Pursglove/Tromans/Kane/Drake
• Elephant9
• Elephant9 w/ Reine Fiske
• Ferran Fages/Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Ruth Barberan
• Ferran Fages/Ernesto Rodrigues
• Fennesz
• Fresh Dust Trio
• Catherine Lamb
• Joao Lencastre
• Szilard Mezei Tul A Tiszan Innen Ensemble
• Sunny Murray/Bob Dickey/Robert Andreano
• William Parker/In Order To Survive
• Federico Pozzer
• Sam Rivers/Cecil McBee/Norman Connors
• Damon Smith
• James Weeks

Squid BubbleWebs  Essential Labels

Another Timbre
Aum Fidelity
Balance Point Acoustics
Creative Sources

Rune Grammofon
Tak:Til/Glitterbeat Records



   Jazz & Improvisation

Abrams, Joshua Natural Information Society: Simultonality
(Tak:Til/Glitterbeat Records)

Chicago bassist and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Abrams follows up his incredible "Simultonality" album with this faster-paced album recorded with his Natural Information Society, joining traditional music, American minimalism & jazz with the gnawa ceremonial instrument the guimbri.
Squidco Pick

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Cherry, Don: Complete Communion: Live in Hilversum May 9th, 1966 [VINYL]

Recorded live in 1966 around the time of trumpeter Don Cherry's "Complete Communion" and "Togetherness" albums, this exhilarating concert features Bo Stief on bass, Don Cherry on cornet, Aldo Romano on drums, Karl Berger on keyboards, and Gato Barbieri on tenor saxophone as they work through Cherry originals, plus pieces by Mongo Santamaria, Luiz Bonfa and Benny Golson.
     Buy      $19.95          

Dickey, Whit / The Tao Quartets: Peace Planet & Box of Light [2 CDs]
(Aum Fidelity)

Two unique and exceptional studio albums with differing quartets from drummer Whit Dickey in a single set: "Peace Planet" with Matthew Shipp (piano), Rob Brown (alto sax) & William Parker (bass) in a thoughtfully flowing set of collective improvisations; and the more propulsive session "Box of Light" with Rob Brown (alto sax), Steve Swell (trombone), & Michael Bisio (bass).
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Dunmall / Pursglove / Tromans / Kane / Drake: Soultime

The 2nd concert at Eastside Jazz Club for the quintet of Paul dunmall on saxophone & penny whistle, Percy Pursglove on trumpet, Steve Tromans on piano, Dave Kane on bass, and Hamid Drake on drums, in a powerfully passionate and profoundly masterful set of lyrical free jazz, the perfect example of Dunmall's skill at assembling inspired jazz bands; highly recommended!
Squidco Pick

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Fages, Ferran / Alfredo Costa Monteiro / Ruth Barberan: Istmo
(Creative Sources)

The second album from the trio of Ferran Fages (acoustic turntable), Ruth Barberan (trumpet), and Alfredo Costa Monteiro (accordion) expands on their first "Atolon" album with these two recordings of intense electroacoustic improvisation, a mixture of ritual, controlled chaos, mysterious and often disruptively provocative sound, and other inexplicable evolutions.
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Fages, Ferran / Ernesto Rodrigues: Cru
(Creative Sources)

A composite of environmental sounds, electronics, and viola, recorded in Barcelona, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal from intrepid audio explorers Ferran Fages and Ernesto Rodrigues, the single long work taking the listener on a theoretical journey of transparent traffic, squealing wheels and indeterminate location, engrossing in its detail and the mystery it presents.
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Fresh Dust Trio: Hilarious Experts

Slovenian drummer/percussionist Jaka Berger wrote 3 of the 4 pieces for this trio with guitar Samo Salamon and pianist Marina Dzukljev, also on objects, the 4th piece a collective improvisation, as the three apply experimental approaches to their playing while never leaving their collaborative conversation, making room for inspired soloing.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Lencastre, Joao: Parallel Realities

An absorbing album of free and electroacoustic improvisation from drummer/composer Joao Lencastre, introducing his Parallel Realities group of creative Portuguese avant jazz players Albert Cirera on sax, Rodrigo Pinheiro on piano, Pedro Branco on guitar and Joao Hasselberg on bass & electronics, composed for subgroups playing unique yet related passages in parallel.
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Mezei, Szilard Tul A Tiszan Innen Ensemble: Turizmus [2 CDs]

Szilard Mezei's Tiszan Innen Ensemble is a chamber jazz ensemble of rare sophistication and talent, 11 musicians performing Mezei's compositions and arrangements based on Hungarian folk songs, in active and lyrical pieces with wonderful interplay between sections and individual players, and excellent moment of lively and passionate soloing.
Squidco Pick

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Murray, Sunny / Bob Dickey / Robert Andreano: Homework

Returning home to Philadelphia in 1994 for some "Homework" with Bob Dickie on bass and Robert Andreano on guitar, recording at Robert Andreano's studio, legendary free jazz drummer Sunny Murray leads this trio through six collective improvisations, from Hendrix meets Ayler fury to introspective and hypnotic passage, a much needed reissue of a superb and previously obscure album.
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Murray, Sunny / Bob Dickey / Robert Andreano: Homework [VINYL]

Returning home to Philadelphia in 1994 for some "Homework" with Bob Dickie on bass and Robert Andreano on guitar, recording at Robert Andreano's studio, legendary free jazz drummer Sunny Murray leads this trio through six collective improvisations, from Hendrix meets Ayler fury to introspective and hypnotic passage, a much needed reissue of a superb and previously obscure album.
     Buy      $22.95      Listen          

Parker, William / In Order To Survive: Live / Shapeshifter [2 CDs]
(Aum Fidelity)

Presenting both sets of the second night of bassist William Parker's concerts at Brooklyn's ShapeShifter Lab with his group In Order to Survive of pianist Cooper-Moore, alto saxophonist Rob Brown and drummer Hamid Drake, an extraordinary event that featured all new Parker compositions, including an extended suite for late trombonist Grachan Moncur III.
Squidco Pick

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Rivers, Sam / Cecil McBee / Norman Connors: Emanation (Sam Rivers archive sessions. Vol.1)

The NoBusiness label initiates its Sam Rivers Archive Series with this CD of River's Loft-era trio. the leader on tenor & soprano saxophones, flute & Piano, Cecil McBee on bass and Norman Connors on drums, for two sets at a Jazz Workshop residency in Boston in the summer of 1971, a superb concert showing inspired group interaction and River's intense focus.
Squidco Pick

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Smith, Damon : Winter Solos for Robert Ryman [CASSETTE]
(Balance Point Acoustics)

Reflecting on the passing of artist and musician Robert Ryman, double bassist Damon Smith dedicated this concert of outstanding playing, technique and momentum at Cafe Fixe in Brookline, MA to Ryman, as Smith sought to present a definitive solo concert as an overview of his own work, ably realizing Ryman's concept of finding all the things you can do with your instrument.
Squidco Pick

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Fennesz: Live at the Jazz Cafe [CASSETTE]

Riffing on material from his "Agora" album, guitarist and experimenter Christian Fennesz is caught live at the Jazz Cafe in Camden, London in 2019 in a rich album of shimmering, swirling electronics, lush and reflective music that absorbs the listener with alluring and evolving passages, released as a limited cassette in an edition of 200 copies.
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Elephant9 w/ Reine Fiske: Psychedelic Backfire II
(Rune Grammofon)

The second of two "Psychedelic Backfire"s, The Norwegian Elephant 9 improvising rock trio of drummer Torstein Lofthus, bassist Nikolai Haengsle, and keyboardist Stale Storlokken are joined by Dungen guitarist Reine Fiske for an exciting live concert at Kampen Bistro, in Oslo in 2019, the interaction of Fiske and Storlokken a fine example that prog rock is still a vital form.
Squidco Pick

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Elephant9: Psychedelic Backfire I
(Rune Grammofon)

The first of two "Psychedelic Backfire" concerts at Oslo's Kampen Bistro, taken from a 4 night residency by the Norwegian Elephant 9 rock trio of drummer Torstein Lofthus, bassist Nikolai Haengsle, and keyboardist Stale Storlokken, expanding on tracks from their excellent studio catalog in strongly lyrical and technically superb instrumental and improvised rock forms.
Squidco Pick

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Apartment House: Perform Olivier Messiaen and Linda Catlin Smith
(Another Timbre)

The UK ensemble Apartment House performs two works--Olivier Messiaen's "Quatuor pour la fin du Temps" in 6 movements; and Linda Catlin Smith's "Among the Tarnished Stars"--taking a fresh modern approach to the Messiaen, drawing out its experimental character, and the sense of drama and intricate gradations of sonority in Smith's rich and mysterious work.
Squidco Pick

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Bondi, Cyril / Pierre-Yves Martel / Christoph Schiller / Angharad Davies: Awire
(Another Timbre)

During the tour in support of their "Tse" release, the quartet of Cyril Bondi on Shruti box, pipe & harmonica, Christoph Schiller on spinet & effects, Pierre-Yves Martel on Viola da Gamba, pipe & harmonica, and Angharad Davies on violin, captured this performance at London's Cafe OTO, improvised over a sequence of pitches with astonishing creativity.
Squidco Pick

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Lamb, Catherine : Point/Wave
(Another Timbre)

The first piece composer Catherine Lamb has written specifically for acoustic guitar was commissioned by Chilean guitarist Christian Alvear, extending concepts from an installation piece titled "Secondary Rainbow" with Bryan Eubanks, Lamb employs electronics over an infinite cycle of four "environmental chords" which overlap and resonate with one another.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Pozzer, Federico : Breaths
(Another Timbre)

Three works from Italian composer and pianist Federico Pozzer in his "breathing" series, compositions where the musicians follow the concept of inhaling, exhaling, and pausing, set against certain fixed actions or interactions as they devise their own musical actions, the goal to overcome both the players' freedom in decision-making and strictness in the score.
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Weeks, James: Windfell
(Another Timbre)

Violinist Mira Benjamin requested British composer James Weeks write a long-duration piece for her, Weeks evoking the image of a violin alone in a remote hill played only by the wind, using an evolving palette of timbral and harmonic material resolving with long sequences of Just Intonation three-part chords, Benjamin also whistling and singing softly.
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Albert Beger Quartet:
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Munchen Neus (Schindler, Udo / Gunnar Geisse / Anton Kaun):

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