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October 9, 2014
"The music that helps us evolve
is the music that we are most deeply intrigued by."
-Joe Morris

Squid BubbleWebs  Essential Labels

Aural Terrains
Bridge Records
Creative Sources
Glacial Erratic
Hot Cup Records

Karl Records
Rune Grammofon
Spring Garden Music
Tour de Bras

      Creative Artists

      (Lonfat Huber)
• Daniel Blacksberg
      Trio (w
      Matt Engle &
      Mike Szekely)
• Bohlen Reimann Duo
• Kent Carter
      Gianni Lenoci
      Bill Elgart
• Sylvie Chenard
      Alexandre Dubuc
      Cathy Heyden
      Remi Leclerc
• Earl Cross
      Muhammad Ali
      Rashied Al Akbar
      Idris Ackamoor
• Michael Edwards
• Arve Henriksen
• William Hooker
      Liudas Mockunas
• Konstrukt &
      oe McPhee
• Ingrid Laubrock
• Louis Moholo-Moholo
• Joe Morris
      Chris Cretella


• Mostly Other
      People Do
      The Killing
• Joachim Nordwall
• Oceans of Silver &
• Harry Partch
• Ivo Perelman
      Mat Maneri
• Ivo Perelman
      Matthew Shipp
      William Parker
• Piiptsjilling
      Mariska Baars
• Helene Prevost
• RED trio &
      Mattias Stahl
• Matana Roberts
      Sam Shalabi
      Nicolas Caloia
• Samuel Rohrer
      Max Loderbauer
      Claudio Puntin
• Wadada Leo Smith
• Morton Subotnick
• Sun Ra
• Luis Tabuenca
• Jack Wright
      John Nystrom

Squid BubbleWeb

 Jazz & Improvisation

ARK (Lonfat / Huber): Verwandlung
(Creative Sources)

The Swiss duo of Coralie Lonfat on laptop and Nathalie Huber on piano, objects, and harmonium perform lowercase free improvisation with a propensity for darker sound worlds, mysterious sonic environments of indeterminate but captivating sound.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Blacksberg, Daniel Trio (w/ Matt Engle & Mike Szekely): Perilous Architecture [VINYL]

Brooklyn trombonist Dan Blacksberg's and the powerful rhythm section of bassist Matt Engle (Shot X Shot) & drummer Mike Szekely (Anthony Braxton Quartet) in their 2nd NoBusiness release, performing compositions pushing the limits of the trombone while adhering to jazz roots.
     Buy      $25.95      Listen          

Bohlen / Reimann Duo: 2nd Floor
(Creative Sources)

Recorded on various floors and in different rooms at the music school Bochum in Germany in 2014, the duo of reedists Katharina Bohlen and Claudius Reimann add spring drums, gongs, cymbals, tubular bells, and sound plates to their understated and moody improvisations.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Carter, Kent / Gianni Lenoci / Bill Elgart: Plaything [VINYL]

The trio of pianist Gianni Lenoci, bassist Kent Carter, and drummer Bill Elgart recording in France, 2012 in an album that balances free improvisation with melodic impulse, giving the impression of calm while yielding intricate interactions on close listening.
     Buy      $25.95      Listen          

Chenard, Sylvie / Alexandre Dubuc / Cathy Heyden / Remi Leclerc: Allochtone
(Tour de Bras)

Montreal/Actuelle players Sylvie Chenard on guitar and voice, Alexander Dubuc on bass, Cathy Heyden on sax, and Miriodor's Remi Leclerc on drums, with all providing electronics, in an encompassing ea-improv journey that balances acoustics with sonic environments and wonderfully controlled chaos.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Cross, Earl / Muhammad Ali / Rashied Al Akbar / Idris Ackamoor: Ascent Of The Nether Creatures [VINYL]

Previously unreleased material from the quartet of trumpeter Earl Cross, saxophonist Idris Ackamoor, bassist Rashied Al Akbar, and drummer Muhammad Ali, performing live in The Netherlands in 1980, for five smoking examples of free jazz.
     Buy      $25.95      Listen          

Henriksen, Arve: The Nature of Connections [VINYL]
(Rune Grammofon)

Featuring pieces composed by trumpeter Arve Henriksen's collaborators plus original material, this album is tinted with Nordic folk and contemporary, minimalist chamber music, beautiful pieces summoning the past in modern ways.
     Buy      $21.95      Listen          

Hooker, William / Liudas Mockunas: Live At Vilnius Jazz Festival

A demanding duo from New York drummer William Hooker and Lithunian saxophonist Liudas Mockunas, performing live at the 2013 Vilnius Jazz Festival, hard-edged and rugged free music from two outstanding players.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Konstrukt & Joe McPhee: Babylon [VINYL]

NY saxophonist and pocket trumpeter Joe McPhee meets Turkish free-improv group konstruKt, who have collaborated with Evan Parker, Marshall Allen and Peter Brotzmann, for these fascinating improvisations mixing jazz, traditional instrumentation, and electronics.
     Buy      $16.95      Listen          

Laubrock, Ingrid Octet: Zurich Concert

The NEWJazz Meeting of the SWR German Radio in Baden-Baden brought saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock together with Tom Rainey, Ben Davis, Drew Gress, Liam Noble, Ted Reichman and Mary Halvorson to develop these 7 pieces, recorded live in concert in Zurich, 2011.
     Buy      $17.95      Listen          

Moholo-Moholo, Louis Unit: For the Blue Notes

Ogun marks their 40th anniversary by releasing this superb album from drummer Louis Moholo-Moholo's Unit as an octet including Alexander Hawkins on piano, John Edwards on bass, and Jason Yarde on saxes, performing a heartfelt tribute to The Blue Notes live in Italy.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $17.95      Listen          

Morris, Joe / Chris Cretella: Storms
(Glacial Erratic)

Intense acoustic guitar interactions from frequent collaborators Joe Morris (NY) and Chris Cretella (New Haven, CT) in a remarkable display of free fingerstyle guitar improvisations presented in a limited hand-assembled package.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Mostly Other People Do The Killing: Blue
(Hot Cup Records)

New York's brilliant band takes on Miles Davis' classic "Kind of Blue" in a note-for-note recreation, a head-scratching anomaly that is as close to performing a perfect replica as is imaginable.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Nordwall, Joachim: Concert

Skull Defekts member and a part of Ocean Of Silver And Blood, Joachim Nordwal is captured in a 2008 concert in Oslo for this 17 minute lo-fi set of textured sound work, a grainy drone of howling sound.
     Buy      $11.95      Listen          

Oceans of Silver & Blood:

The debut release of the duo of Joachim Nordwall on modular synth and Mark Wastell on tam tam performing two tonal drones that blends rich cymbal sonics entwined with dark, slowly evolving synthetics.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Perelman, Ivo / Mat Maneri: Two Men Walking

The second collaboration between saxophonist Ivo Pereleman and violist Mat Maneri, pairing two single-melody instruments in a melding of sound, technique and personalities that captivates in exceptional unison and counterpoint playing.
     Buy      $15.45      Listen          

Perelman, Ivo / Matthew Shipp / William Parker: Book Of Sound

A single extended work in 6 parts from the trio of Ivo Perelman (sax), Matthew Shipp (piano) and William Parker (bass), emotional and masterful music from a trio that has developed their sound over years working together; superb!
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.45      Listen          

Piiptsjilling (Kleefstra / Kleefstra / Mariska Baars / Zuydervelt): Molkedrippen

Piiptsjilling is the improvising quartet of Jan Kleefstra (poetry, vocals), Romke Kleefstra (guitars), Mariska Baars (guitar and vocals) and Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek, electronics), creating melancholic dreamscapes from abstract minimalism to dense drones.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

RED trio & Mattias Stahl: North And Red Stream

RED trio (Rodrigo Pinheiro-piano; Hernani Faustino-doublebass; Gabriel Ferrandini-drums) meet Swedish vibraphonist Mattias Stahl for a live concert at the VDU Jazz Festival Kaunas in 2013, performing a mix of intricate interactions and subtle improvisation with space and restraint.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Roberts, Matana / Sam Shalabi / Nicolas Caloia: Feldspar
(Tour de Bras)

A meeting beween two major musicans from the Montreal scene--Sam Shalabi (Shalabi Effect) and Nicolas Caloia (Ratchet Orchestra) and American saxophonist Matana Roberts (Coin Coin)--for a drumless trio uniquely balancing free and melodic styles in masterful ways.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Rohrer, Samuel / Max Loderbauer / Claudio Puntin : Ambiq [VINYL]

Berlin based Ambiq (Max Loderbauer (Buchla200e), Samuel Rohrer (drums, Kaos pad, electronics) and Claudio Puntin (clarinets, mallets, electronics)) create electro-acoustic soundscapes pitting unusual electronic voices against acoustic structures.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Smith, Wadada Leo: The Great Lakes Suites [2 CDs]

Outstanding compositions and performances on a 2 disc set from trumpeter Leo Smith, each piece dedicated to one of the US Great Lakes, with multi-wind player Henry Threadgill, bassist John Lindberg, and drummer Jack DeJohnette, a milestone in a superlative career!
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $22.95      Listen          

Sun Ra: Sun Song [VINYL]

Reissuing Sun Ra's first album from 1957 on Transition Records, in a band including John Gilmore, Pat Patrick, Julian Priester, Wilburn Green, &c., with Sun Ra's original liner notes and poetry, a must-have release for Sun Ra fans.
     Buy      $14.95          

Tabuenca, Luis: Volaverunt
(Aural Terrains)

Combining composition & improvisation, percussionist Luis Tabuenca based each of these 9 pieces on a print from Goya's critical series "Los Caprichos", orchestrating with saxophone, cello, clarinets, piano, & voice, allowing freedom around determined structure.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Wright, Jack / John Nystrom: Audible Shadows
(Spring Garden Music)

Concert recordings from live performances at Dickenson College in Carlisle, PA in 2009 and again in 2010 from saxophonist Jack Wright and drummer Johan Nystrom, both using extended and unusual techniques in a beautifully paced album of subtle and surprising free improvisation.
     Buy      $11.95      Listen          


Prevost, Helene: A La Plage
(Tour de Bras)

A mix of sound art and improvisation from Quebec/Actuelle musician Helene Prevost, 10 minimal "Plages", or luminous surfaces, created with Eric Normand, Stephae Claude, and Mario Gauthier.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Subotnick, Morton: The Wild Bull [VINYL][REISSUE]

Electronic composer Subotnick's 1968 followup to "Silver Apples of the Moon" refines his compositions for the Buchla Series 100 synthesizer with this album, inspired by an ancient Sumerian poem of the same name.
     Buy      $19.95          


Edwards, Michael: For Rei As A Doe (for piano and computer)
(Aural Terrains)

UK Composer Michael Edwards wrote these quiet compositions using his "slippery chicken" software, originally written as a challenge to pianist Rei Nakamura, in contrast to his technical skills, instead requiring pensive accuracy over a steady line of quiet chords.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Partch, Harry: Bitter Music (Music of Harry Partch Vol. 1) [3 CDs]
(Bridge Records)

An amazing musical portrait of American microtonal composer and innovative instrument inventor Harry Partch, "Bitter Music" is a musical diary about eight months spent in transient shelters and camps, hobo jungles, basement rooms, and on the open road.
     Buy      $32.95      Listen          

Partch, Harry: Plectra and Percussion Dances
(Bridge Records)

The first complete performance of Harry Partch's major cycle in three parts, "Plectra and Percussion Dances", adding 3 missing movements from the original 1953 recordings, with a 7 minute spoken introduction from Partch himself.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

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The Squid's Ear The Squid's Ear is Squidco's companion online magazine, featuring reviews of Squidco items from independent writers.

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 In Stock and Ready to Ship

We're never quite caught up with new releases that constantly come in our door, and we don't like to rush a release to our homepage. That said, the following releases have already been stocked at Squidco, and are able to be ordered. In most cases we have images, often have samples, and some basic description of each release. You can always see the latest new releases by checking our Just In Stock Section.

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Abrams, Joshua:

Acid Mothers Temple SWR:
Yes, No & Perhaps

Adasiewicz's, Jason Sun Rooms:
From The Region

BEFOREHAND (Lazaridou / Wastell):
Live at Hundred Years Gallery

Bianco, Tony:
Utoma Quartet

Carrier, Francois / Michel Lambert / Alexey Lapin:
The Russian Concerts Volume 1

Carrier, Francois / Michel Lambert / Alexey Lapin:
The Russian Concerts Volume 2

Castello, Angelica / Billy Roisz / Burkhard Stangl / Dieb13:
(Mikroton Recordings)

Celer & Machinefabriek:
Numa / Penarie [VINYL 7-inch]
(Self Released)

Davies, Angharad :
Six Studies

Deep Whole Trio (Dunmall / Rogers / Sanders):
That Deep Calling

Dumitrescu, Iancu / Ana-Maria Avram:
Paris-London (III), Spectrum XXI Festival
(Edition Modern)

Dunmall, Paul / Paul Rogers / Philip Gibbs:
The Clouds Turned Silver

Dunmall, Paul / Philip Gibbs / Neil Metcalfe:
The Ravens Look

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble:
Black Is Back - 40th Anniversary Project

Grimal, Alexandra / Giovanni Di Domenico:
Chergui [2 CDs]

Halvorson, Mary:
Reverse Blue
(Relative Pitch)

Illusion Of Safety:
Children Of The Fear Of Truth [CASSETTE]
(Banned Productions)

Jerman, Jeph:

Jerman, Jeph:
Quo Modo Deum
(No Label)

Kellers, Will Quartet:
Life In A Black Box

Leandre, Joelle / Michael Duch:
(Live at) Gramolna

Lonberg-Holm, Fred / Frode Gjerstad:
Life On Sandpaper

Moholo, Louis / Frode Gjerstad:

Murayama, Seijiro / Eric La Casa:
Paris: Public Spaces

Nelson, Matt:
Lower Bottoms

NG4 Quartet (Keith Rowe / Anthony Taillard / Emmanuel Leduc / Julien Ottavi):
A Quartet For Guitars
(Mikroton Recordings)

Noyes, Lee:
Truth In Opposition [CASSETTE]
(Banned Productions)

Riverloam Trio:
Inem Gortn

Rosenqvist, Dag / Rutger Zuydervelt:

Rowe, Keith / Alfredo Costa Monteiro / Ilia Belorukov / Kurt Liedwart:
(Mikroton Recordings)

Sealed Knot, The:

Shea, David:

Shetland Improvisers Orchestra:
First Steps

Triac (Tatone / Seracini / Polidoro):
In A Room

Uchihashi, Kazuhisa / Noid / Tamara Wilhelm:
I Hope It Doesn't Work
(Mikroton Recordings)

Various Artists:
(Runningonair Music)

Vincente / Pinheiro / Faustino / Franco:
Clocks And Clouds

Volkov, Ilan conducts Ana-Maria Avram / Iancu Dumitrescu:
Hyperion International Ensemble
(Edition Modern)

Warren, Geoff:
The Quartet Album

Wastell, Mark:
Caressed On The Brow By Unseen Hands

Watts, Trevor:

WHO Trio (Hemingway / Wintsch / Oester):
Zoo [2 CDS]

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