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Nate Wooley (Wooley / Sawyer / Halvorson / Alcorn): Columbia Icefield (Northern Spy)

With two guitarists--Mary Halvorson and Susan Alcorn on pedal steel--and Ryan Sawyer on drums, New York trumpeter explores the Rocky Mountains Columbia Icefield, the largest icefield in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, through sophisticated compositions and superbly illustrative sound, an exceptional album of improvisation and intention from four modern masters. ... Click to View

The Seen: Archive : Volumes Vi - X : 2014 To 2016 (Confront)

Five concerts of exceptional free improvisation, recorded in London, the lastat Cafe OTO, across 5 CDs of collective ensembles known as "The Seen", presenting of some of the UK & Europe's finest improvisers including Mark Wastell, John Butcher, David Toop, Dominic Lash, Phil Durrant, Angharad Davies, Jason Kahn, Bertrand Denzler, Yoni Silver, Chris Burn, &c. ... Click to View

Arild Andersen / Clive Bell / Mark Wastell: Tales Of Hackney (Confront)

World instrumentation of shakuhachi, thai flute, shinobue, thai mouth organ, and shruti box blends with western orchestration of electric bass, percussion and electronics and Clive Bell, Arild Andersen, and Mark Wastell come together in the studio after their well-received concert at Cafe Oto in London to develop these beautifully lyrical improvisations. ... Click to View

Matthew Shipp Trio / Nicole Mitchell: All Things Are (RogueArt)

Chicago and New York come together in Brooklyn to record this excellent encounter between pianist Matthew Shipp and flutist Nicole Mitchell, with Michael Bisio on bass and Newman Taylor Baker on drums, bridging exciting free playing with strong lyrical elements, balancing kinetically exuberant interaction with introspective and dark moments; inspired and masterful. ... Click to View

Ernesto Rodrigues / Tristan Honsinger / Guilherme Rodrigues / Klaus Kurvers: Ignis Fatuus (Creative Sources)

Recording in Germany, Creative Source's two Rodrigues'--Ernesto on viola and Guilherme on cello--along with double bassist Klaus Kurvers, celebrate legendary improvising cellist Tristan Honsinger's birthday with this studio album of active playing with a chamber quartet feeling through superb technical skills yielding electrifying string improvisation. ... Click to View

Matthias Bauer: Spontan In Granit (Creative Sources)

Berlin double bassist Mathias Bauer, a member of Unitedberlin, Asian Art, Junge Music and mosaik, and half of the duo Alchimia Organica presents a series of 18 solid and diverse spontaneous improvisations, most averaging under 3 minutes, captivating the listener through articulate momentum, exceptional technique, and inventive narrative. ... Click to View

Irene Kepl / Fred Marty: Pirouette (Creative Sources)

Austrian violinist and composer Irene Kepl met French double bassist Fred Marty in the studio in France in 2018 to record this lively album of string interactions, both players showing masterful skills informed by classical and improvisational training, shown through impressive and mischievous technique and dialog that "Pirouettes", "Rolls", "Skids" and even takes a "U-Turn". ... Click to View

Eric La Casa / Eamon Sprod: Friche : Transition (Swarming)

Making something out of "nothing", audio explorers and sonic organizers Eric La Casa from France and Australian Eamon Sprod spent a week on the waste grounds in the North East of Paris along the Canal Ourcq, capturing field recordings which they used to develop these active compositions, captivating by morphing everyday sounds into something intriguingly mysterious and remarkable. ... Click to View

Carlo Costa / Jason Nazary: Dim Thickets [CASSETTE] (Anticausal Systems)

Bringing together two New York percussionists for a wild ride of that finds drummer Jason Nazary performing exclusively on electronics against and alongise Neither/Nor label-leader Carlo Costa's percussion, using glitch and aberrant electronics in actively constrained ways as the two dart and weave around each other in an exciting and unique improvisational dialog. ... Click to View

Eugene Chadbourne : The Banshee (Chadula)

Doc Chad pays homage to classic horror flicks with this experimental album blending collages of spoken word from the original movies, with an emphasis on Vincent Price/Hammer Horror era epics, creating a new soundtrack to accompany them through effected guitar work in a Chad/Horror/Rake mode, a freakish and fun blend of improvised and planned performance. ... Click to View

David Torn / Tim Berne / Ches Smith: Sun Of Goldfinger (ECM)

The fourth ECM album from NY Saxophonist Tim Berne and drummer Ches Smith, here in a trio with textural guitarist David Torn in three extended compositions merging jazz, rock and ambient forms, the middle track augmented with the Scorchio String Quartet and Craig Taborn, as they ebb and flow intense energy, fascinating compositional turns, and superb playing. ... Click to View

David Torn / Tim Berne / Ches Smith: Sun Of Goldfinger [VINYL] (ECM)

The fourth ECM album from NY Saxophonist Tim Berne and drummer Ches Smith, here in a trio with textural guitarist David Torn in three extended compositions merging jazz, rock and ambient forms, the middle track augmented with the Scorchio String Quartet and Craig Taborn, as they ebb and flow intense energy, fascinating compositional turns, and superb playing. ... Click to View

Anthony Braxton : GTM (Syntax) 2017 [12 CD BOX SET] (New Braxton House/Firehouse 12 Records)

A 12-hour collection over 12 CDs of composer Anthony Braxton's Ghost Trance Music (GTM), a compositional system he developed with his superlative Tri-Centric Vocal Ensemble, GTM allowing the ensemble to generate a performance in real time in a mix of sung, spoken, and non-verbal utterances, with unpredictable and surprising results that reveal fascinating layers with each listen. ... Click to View

Francesco Massaro / Giovanni Cristino / Walter Forestiere: Undergrowth (Creative Sources)

The Italian trio of saxophonist/clarinetist Francesco Masaro, pianist and prepared pianist Giovanni Cristino, and drummer/percussionist Walter Forestiere, take us on a journey at the lower levels of a forest's undergrowth, adding objects, preparations and extended techniques in a blend of free jazz and nonidiomatic forms to reveal mystery and brightness in the brambles. ... Click to View

Udo Schindler / Georges-Emmanuel Schneider: Kontergesang (Counter-Singing) (Creative Sources)

Eleven instrumental works with each piece based on and emulating the sound characteristics of blackbirds, such as "whistling", "squealing", or "flutes", captured in a live concert at multi-reedist Udo Schindler's Salon fur Klang+Kunst in Krailling in Berlin, from the duo of Schindler and long-time musical collaborator, violinist Georges-Emmanuel Schneider, also on live electronics. ... Click to View

Udo Schindler / Georges-Emmanuel Schneider / Gunter Pretzel: Rhizome (Creative Sources)

Live recordings of the performance on March 1st, 2018 at the Galerie arToxin in Munich, presenting compositions from Udo Schindler performing on bass clarinet, soprano saxophone & euphonium, Gunter Pretzel on viola, and Georges-Emmanuel Schneider on violins & live electronics, three artists of diverse background crossing boundaries to create something unique and exciting. ... Click to View

Mattin: Songbook #7 [VINYL] (Munster Records)

Using historical references to rethink the present--the first 7 months of the Russian Revolution; and the accusal of Marius Plateau's murder by Germaine Berto--and working with Lucio Capece, Marcel Dickhage, Farahnaz Hatam, Moor Mother & Cathleen Schuster, Mattin performed this intense work of sound and narrative at the Digging The Global South Festival in Cologne, 2017. ... Click to View

Oyauchi / Deku Duo: Now's The Time? [VINYL] (Armageddon Nova)

The first release on Japan's Armageddon Nova, now reissued as a limited 180gm double vinyl LP, presenting a 2012 concert at Performing Arts Center, in Japan in 2012 by the duo of free improvising alto saxophonist Aishi Oyauchi, a peer of Karou Abe in the 60s, and contrabassist Deku, a member of the 70s free improvising group New Jazz Syndicate. ... Click to View

String Theory : Thickness Of The Present (Evil Clown)

The Leap of Faith string-heavy grouping in a concert at Outpost 186 in Cambridge, 2018 with PEK on bamboo saxophones, reeds, tarota, contrabassoon, sheng, melodica, aquasonic & bells; Glynis Lomon on cello & aquasonic; Grant Beale on guitar; Lukasz Pavlikovsky on cello & aquasonic; Albey onBass on electric bass; Silvain Castellano and Adrienne Schoenfeld on double bass. ... Click to View

Axel Dorner / Jason Kahn: For Berner Munster (Im Berner Munster) (Confront)

The pairing of German trumpeter Axel Dorner, and NY-born experimental artist Jason Kahn living and performing in Zurich, brings the tradition of avant free jazz and nonidiomatic improvisation into an unusual merging of techniques and approaches, each applying their advanced virtuosity to this intense concert, recorded during Hamburg's Zoom In Festival, 2017. ... Click to View

Flying Luttenbachers, The: Shattered Dimension (ugEXPLODE)

Weasel Walter is the constant in the no-wave influenced free improvising band Flying Luttenbachers, formed in 1991 and on hiatus since 2007; Walter reassembled the concept in 2018 for a tour in France, then again in 2019 with this lineup of saxophonist Matt Nelson, guitarist Brandon Seabrook and bassist Tim Dahl, recording this startling, demanding and excellent album. ... Click to View

The Urge Trio: Live In Toledo (Veto)

Performing in Toledo, Ohio, the trio of Keefe Jackson on tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, Christoph Erb on tenor saxophone & bass clarinet, and Tomeka Reid on cello are caught live at the Robinwood Concert House for a rugged set of collective improvisation, the two horns intertwining in extreme technique as Reid bows, scrapes and provides counterpoint to their volleys. ... Click to View

The Urge Trio: Live At The Hungry Brain (Veto)

The second of two live concerts on Christopher Erb's Veto label for the Chicago/Swiss trio of Tomeka Reid on cello, Keefe Jackson on tenor & sopranino saxophones & bass clarinet, Christoph Erb on tenor and soprano, here in Chicago's Hungry Brain for an album of radical free improvisation contrasting reeds and string through impressive technique and fascinating collective discourse. ... Click to View

Tomas Fujiwara : Triple Double [VINYL 2 LPs] (Firehouse 12 Records)

Drummer Tomas Fujiwara's sextet is actually two trios interacting, with fellow drummer Gerald Cleaver, both Mary Halvorson and Brandon Seabrook on guitar, and Taylor Ho Bynum on cornet and Ralph Alessi on trumpet, the pairings forming unisons and contrasts that add an unrestrained sense of enthusiasm and excitement to Fujiwara's sophisticated compositions. ... Click to View

Xenofox: Rupp / Lanz / Fischerlehner: Alarm (Oltrarno Raw)

Electric guitarist Olaf Rupp, one of the leading figures of Berlin's Echtzeit scene, and Rudi Fischerlehner, an active Berlin improvising drummer, have been playing together as Xenofox for years, releasing albums and playing festivals, here captured at A L'Arme Festival at Radialsystem, in Berlin in 2017 with turntablist Joke Lanz adding to their controlled chaos. ... Click to View

Tim Olive / Yan Jun: Brother of Divinity (845 Audio)

845 label leader and sonic explorer Tim Olive uses magnetic pickups and electronics in this meeting with radical living room concert sound artist, poet and improviser Yan Jun in Kobe, Japan, Jun using a variety of electronics, radio and field recordings as the two improvise in a wonderfully mischievous set of errant dialog and restrained deconstruction. ... Click to View

Cal Lyall / Tim Olive: Lowering (845 Audio)

Like mad scientists of sound, sonic explorers Tim Olive and Cal Lyall met in a Tokyo studio in 2012 armed with hydrophones, magnetic pickups and electronics to record this richly detailed and slowly unfolding work, blending organic and mechanical elements of indeterminate origin, finding absorbing dialog without clamor or tumult; intriguing and engrossing. ... Click to View

Octopus: Mimus (Creative Sources)

The 8-limbed creature that is Creative Source's Octopus presents their 3rd album of diaphanous improvisation, using two reeds (clarinet & tenor sax), trumpet, resonator guitar, viola, double bass, snare drums and electronics, as they slowly prowl in subaqueous and subtle improvisation of powerful technique, cautiously moving with rich details and deft direction. ... Click to View

Houben / Rodrigues / Rodrigues: The Haecceity Of Things (Creative Sources)

A mysterious album of viola, viola d'amore, organ, and field recordings, merging the compositional minimal approach of Wandelweiser artist Eva-Maria Houben with Creative Sources performers Ernesto & Guilherme Rodrigues, the field recordings creating a virtual setting of environmental stillness, evoking slow motion in the unique "thisness" of haecceity. ... Click to View

Leap Of Faith: Tangled Hierachies (Evil Clown)

A 2019 performance in Cambridge, MA of this intertwining quintet of unique instrumentation, with PEK on bamboo & bass saxophones, clarinets, contrabassoon, tarota, melodica, sheng, aquasonic, wood, metal, wind siren, crank siren, & chimes; Glynis Lomon on cello, aquasonic, & chimes; Eric Zinman on piano; Syd Smart on percussion; and Yuri Zbitnov on drums, gong, wood, metal, wind siren, & chimes. ... Click to View

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Squidco Sales

Op-Ed (Opinions and Editorials)
  • March 18, 2019:

    If it seemed quiet at Squidco last week, the truth was that it was anything but quiet, as we planned out our major purchases for the spring. We still have a couple of other big purchases to work out, Not Two, Pi Recordings, PNL, and Audiographic Records, and Clean Feed/Shhpuma being the last pieces of the puzzle that we expect to resolve this week. Most of the our other acquisitions are complete and a large number of purchases were placed last week. A couple of them arrived today and should start showing up on the store midweek, while the rest will be arriving over the next 1 to 4 weeks. We're very excited about the lineup for the spring, which I've listed below. You can use our Upcoming Releases Page to ask us to email you when each album is available.

    Carlo Costa: Oblio (Neither/Nor)

    Costa / Nazary: Dim Thickets [ CASSETTE] (Neither/Nor)

    Chadbourne, Eugene: Invitation To A Jam Session (Chadula)

    Chadbourne, Eugene: Invitation To A Jam Session [CASSETTE] (Chadula)

    Chadbourne, Eugene with Son of Shockabilly: Unreal Band (Chadula)

    Chadbourne, Eugene: The Banshee (Chadula)

    Gil Sanson / Lance Austin Olsen: Works on Paper [2 CDs] (elsewhere)

    Michael Pisaro: Nature Denatured and Found Again [5 CD Box Set] (Gravity Wave)

    Boneshaker (Williams / Nilssen-Love / Kessler): Fake Music (Soul What Records)

    Neuk÷llner Modelle: Zyklus (Umlaut)

    Hannes Lingens: Pieces for Percussion (Umlaut)

    Ruhl, Joris: Toile, Etoiles (UMFR-CD28) (Umlaut)

    Musaeum Clausum: Musaeum Clausum (umfr-cd23) (Umlaut)

    Roscoe Mitchell Orchestra: Littlefield Concert Hall Mills College [VINYL] (Wide Hive)

    Matthew Shipp Trio & Nicole Mitchell: All Things Are (RogueArt)

    Lang, Klaus / Golden Fur : Beissel (Another Timbre)

    Davies, Angharad / Rie Nakajima / Alice Purton: Dethick (Another Timbre)

    Eastman, Julius / Apartment House: Femenine (Another Timbre)

    Granberg, Magnus / Skogen: Nun, es wird nicht weit mehr gehn (Another Timbre)

    Winged (Courvoisier / Davis / Taborn / Marsella / Ortiz / Coleman): Six Encomiums For Cecil Taylor ( Tzadik)

    Wooley, Nate: Columbia Icefield (Northern Spy)

    Cleric (John Zorn - Masada Book 3): The Book Beri'ah Vol 2-Chokhma (Tzadik)

    Laubrock, Ingrid (w/ Halvorson / Davis / Wooley): Contemporary Chaos Practices - Two Works For Orchestra With Soloists (Intakt)

    Hawkins, Alexander : Iron Into Wind (Intakt)

    Fred Frith: All Is Always Now - Live at the Stone [3 CDs] (Intakt)

    Crump, Laubrock, & Smythe: Channels (Intakt)

    In the Sea (Tristan Honsinger / Nicolas Caloia / Joshua Zubot): Forks and Spoons (Creative Sources)

    Rodrigues, Ernesto: Utez Hekaezi (Creative Sources)

    Sama, Hernan / Pablo Vazquez: EL NOMBRE DEL RITUAL (Creative Sources)

    Bramnk, Frank / Guenola Fatout: Diez Seiz (Creative Sources)

    Vort4: Stroming (Creative Sources)

    Dyberg, Mia / Elo Masing / Ernesto Rodrigues / Guilherme Rodrigues / Tomo Jacobson: Egin (Creative Sources)

    de Heney, Nina / Karin Johansson / Henrik Wartel: Quagmire (Creative Sources)

    Rodrigues, Ernesto / Abdul Moimeme / Antez: Magma (Creative Sources)

    Rowland┤s Evil Jazz Trio (Galewicz / Sandstad Dalen / Nordberg Funderud): Death Machine (Creative Sources)

    Besalduch, Ferran / Riuichi Daijo: Cumulonimbus (Creative Sources)

    ZYFT (Ziv Taubenfeld / Henk Zwerver / Maya Felixbrodt): Midnight Tea Suite (Creative Sources)

    Brennan, Patrick / Abdul Moimeme: Terraphonia (Creative Sources)

    NOI TREI (Gestalder / Marion / Becheanu): 3 vues d'un paysage / 3 views of a landscape (Creative Sources)

    Cajlan / Wissel / Nillesen: fourtyfour fiftythree (Creative Sources)

    Wassermann, Blonk & Vorfeld: Improvisors (Kontrans)

    King Champion Sounds/Surplus 1980 (Moe! Staino): Split [7" VINYL] (Moe! Staiano/)

    Stefan Roigk: Suffering For The Promised [VINYL] (Fragment Factory)

    Christina Kubisch: Schall und Klang (Fragment Factory)

    Anne Guthrie And Seymour Wright: Chelsea Bridge (Winds Measure/Wind Measure Recordings)

    Ben Owen: Turning (Winds Measure/Wind Measure Recordings)

    Sista Maj (Segel / Tuominin / Axelsson / Wiberg): Localized Pockets of Negative Entropy [VINYL] (Adansonia)

    Daniel Carter, Watson Jennison, William Parker, Federico Ughi: Live! Volume 1: Erie [VINYL] (577 Records)

    Federico Ughi feat. Rachel Musson: Transoceanico [VINYL] (577 Records)

    Fujii, Satoko: Stone (solo) (Libra)

    Tamura / Yoshino: Kaikou (Libra)

    Ullmann, Jakob : Erscheint in Kurze (Edition Rz)

    Ercetin, Turgut (Ensemble Mosaik, Ensemble Apparat, Ensemble Adapter, Sonar Quartett): Panopticon Specularities (Edition Rz)

    Common Objects (Davies / Butcher / Davies / Lapelyte / Patterson / Thomas): Skullmarks Meena

    Minami Saeki / Wakana Ikeda / Yoko Ikeda / Taku Sugimoto / Stefan Thut / Manfred Werder: Sextet Meena

    Sugimoto, Taku / Minami Saeki: Songs [2 CDs] Ftarri

    Toshimaru Nakamura / Ken Ikeda / Tomoyoshi Date: Ink on Paper Meena

    Yasumune Morishige / Yoko Ikeda / Takashi Masubuchi: Shade Meena

    TGB: Tuba, Guitarra & Bateria (Clean Feed)

    Guillotine (Lopes / Ceccaldi / Wildhagen) (Clean Feed)

    The Fictive Five (Ochs / Wooley / Filiano / Niggenkemper / Eisenstadt): Anything Is Possible (Clean Feed)

    Matthias Spillmann Trio (Spillmann / Lang / Baumgartner): Live At The Bird's Eye Jazz Club (Clean Feed)

    Spring Roll (Helary / Mayot / Rayon / Lemetre / Davis): Episodes (Clean Feed)

    The Selva (Jacinto / Almeida / Morao): Canicula Rosa (Clean Feed)

    Carlos Bica / Daniel Erdmann / Dj Illvibe: I Am The Escapade One (Clean Feed)

    Luis Vicente / Vasco Trilla: A Brighter Side Of Darkness (Clean Feed)

    Nicola L. Hein: The Oxymothastic Objectar (Shhpuma)

    Oli Steidle & The Killing Popes (Steidle / Mobus / Nicholls / Downes / Donkin): Ego Pills (Shhpuma)

    Oli Steidle & The Killing Popes (Steidle / Mobus / Nicholls / Downes / Donkin): Ego Pills [VINYL] (Shhpuma)

    NAO (Vaz / Silva / Marques): Arcana (Shhpuma)


  • March 8, 2019:

    The last two weeks have seen us slowly but surely catching up with an overwhelming number of new releases that spilled over the brim of our workday. At one point we had more than 60 new releases awaiting final cataloging. Consequently we slowed the rate of purchases a bit to allow us to catch up, and we've now got us ourselves to a very reasonable number of 20 items awaiting cataloging. As with most cycles, the lull won't last, and we've already received a box of Confront CDs that will show up on the store next week, including the excellent new box set from Mark Wastell's The Seen concert series.

    This week saw the arrival of a significant release from Anthony Braxton - GTM (Syntax) 2017, a 12 CD Box Set of vocal music that blurs the line between composition and improvisation, performed by his 12-member Tri-Centric Vocal Ensemble. The system Braxton has developed is known as Ghost Trance Music (GTM), and the pieces he's written that specifically use the human voice are referred to as Syntactical Ghost Trance Music.

    In a Sound American article by Erica Dicker, an overview of GTM is provided:

    "One of the most straightforward contexts in which to examine Braxton's process of unification is the Ghost Trance Music series, a set of roughly 150 pieces written between 1995 and 2006. Ghost Trance Music (or GTM) describes compositions specifically designed to function as pathways between Braxton's various musical systems. One can think of GTM as a musical super-highway - a META-ROAD - designed to put the player in the driver's seat, drawing his or her intentions into the navigation of the performance, determining the structure of the performance itself.

    At the heart of Braxton's work is an emphasis on interpretation over execution, a feature designed to empower performers to trust their intuition. He achieves this balance through the provision of highly detailed parameters first defined in music written in the 1980s for his long-standing quartet featuring Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser, and Gerry Hemingway. In this context, Braxton conducted experiments using various collage techniques, particularly the synthesis of through-composed melodic lines and other written pieces, as well as areas of controlled improvisation. This afforded the ensemble opportunities to carve the structure of given performances while the musical material retained its integrity.

    To make the experience repeatable yet variable, Braxton devised graphic pieces called "pulse tracks" -scores that are "to be played concurrently with other compositions"6 (see Example 0). Dresser or Hemingway were typically given pulse track scores and would play them, while Crispell and Braxton played notated material or improvised.7 Pulse tracks, such as Composition No.108-B, are read by the musicians "fairly literally... [adhering] to the time lapses that were happening." Hemingway would interpret these pulse track scores as either "velocity diagrams" or "dynamic diagrams." Thanks to such notational devices, Crispell, Dresser, Hemmingway, and Braxton were able to depart from and return to particular compositions, "explore fresh kinds of improvisation and interplay," and stay unified as an ensemble.

    Braxton's inspiration for GTM came through his study of Native American musics, particularly the traditions tied to a post-colonial ritual called the Ghost Dance. The Ghost Dance spread throughout Native American communities in the late 19th- and early 20th centuries as both a spiritual practice and a movement seeking social justice. Surviving members of various displaced Native American tribes would come together and perform transcendental circle-dances, or ghost dances, in which the living attempted to communicate with their deceased ancestors. These ceremonies often lasted hours or days and helped disparate tribes establish larger communities as well as preserve the customs remaining to them.

    The Ghost Dance provided Braxton with a vital structural model and affirmed his own ideas regarding human interconnection and ritual practices. GTM emulates the ceremonial and social aspects of the Ghost Dance and serves two purposes. The first is transcendental: GTM parts the curtain between Braxton's past and current work, unifying it in the same "time-space." GTM is also an arena in which Braxton helps curate intuitive experiences for both performers and listeners."

    The explanation Braxton house provides with this new album is presented with the liner notes:

    "However, SGTM eschews the narrative logics of the operas, instead offering intricate and rhythmically complex written lines with syllables, numbers and words, sometimes sounding like a string of activation codes, sometimes like an alternate language. The performers have an infinite number of real-time choices to make within each composition. From the pulse-driven first species to the graphically-enhanced accelerator class, SGTM and the Tri-Centric Vocal Ensemble demonstrate new possibilities for vocal choir music where composition meets improvisation, ensemble members become conductors, and the line between sounds and singing blur to form a sonic tapestry of voices unlike any other. "


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