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Schindler, Udo / Georges-Emmanuel Schneider: Kontergesang (Counter-Singing) (Creative Sources)

Eleven instrumental works with each piece based on and emulating the sound characteristics of blackbirds, such as "whistling", "squealing", or "flutes", captured in a live concert at multi-reedist Udo Schindler's Salon fur Klang+Kunst in Krailling in Berlin, from the duo of Schindler and long-time musical collaborator, violinist Georges-Emmanuel Schneider, also on live electronics.

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Udo Schindler-bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, euphonium

Georges-Emmanuel Schneider-violins, live electronics

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UPC: 5609063405699

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs569
Squidco Product Code: 26716

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded live at Salon fur Klang+Kunst in Krailling, Germany, on March 2nd, 2018, by Udo Schindler.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"The renowned Munich-based architect and sound researcher Udo Schindler together with the Swiss violinist and experimental-electronica-tinker Georges-Emmanuel Schneider in a live recording from March 2018 from the "Salon for Sound + Art" in Krailling near Munich: "Counter-Song" is a conceptual work in free improvisation focused on communication skills and the highly developed musical expressions of blackbirds. Eleven instrumental designs detached from any compositional forms, where individual titles are based on the various Vogelsang characteristics of passerine birds, also known as blackbirds, such as "whistling" , "squealing" , "flutes" or with less familiar verbs describing the animal term such as "birch" or "tixen" .

Udo Schindler with his decades of experience from the varieties of avant-garde jazz and the ad-hoc sound performance on bass clarinet, soprano saxophone and euphonium, and the academically trained solo, orchestral and ensemble musician Georges-Emmanuel Schneider as his duet partner on violin and electronic equipment produce sounds far from harmonic structures, in atonal sequences and spontaneous, supposedly incoherent sound-distortions, with a variety of immediate ideas from the oppressive cockroaches with the violin bow up to disturbing, for several minutes sprawling, dissonant Noise outbreaks and radical exploration of the possibilities of unconventional sounds. Cacophonic fan,music that permanently and thus successfully defies genre-typical categorization and calls into question traditional listening habits: Certainly a challenging experience, enriched by open ears and concentration in any case."-KulturForum (translated by Google & Squidco)

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Artist Biographies

"Udo Schindler is a German improvisation musicians (bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, saxophone, flute, cornet, also accordion, guitar, percussion, analog synthesizer) and architect. Schindler was active in the 1970s in Franconia first as rock and rock jazz musician before he had flute lessons at the conservatory Nuremberg. Subsequently, he studied architecture at the Technical University of Munich and worked as an architect. In the 1990s he turned to contemporary music (Arch.Ensemble) and improvised music (Schindler.Interferenz.3). In addition to the single tube instruments (saxophones and clarinets), he studied the cornet. In addition to his sound research, he also worked as a director, performer, musician and composer for various theater productions. In the following years he performed with solo and duo projects at new music festivals (Musica Viva, Klangaktionen, etc ...), jazz, experimental music, among others. This led to collaborations with musicians like Hubert Bergmann, Gerry Hemingway, Eddie Prevost, Sebi Tramontana, Georg Wissel, John Russell, Blaise Siwula, Frank Gratkowski, Hans Koch, Urs Leimgruber, Elisabeth Harnik, Katharina Weber and Frank Paul Schubert. In addition to his activities in solid cast he initiated in Munich a series of concerts to free improvisation in ad hoc to test instrumentation."

-Wikipedia (translated by Google and Squidco) (

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"Georges-Emmanuel Schneider has developed from the beginning of his musical career to one of the most versatile violinists of his generation. As a soloist, chamber musician and ensemble player, as a member of a band, a tango quintet, behind a DJ set, in free improvisation or in the recording studio in an electronic music production he crosses all musical boundaries. Georges is characterized by an extraordinary authenticity in a variety of musical styles.

Recent musical highlights include Jürgen Grözinger's setting of drums, tape recording and violin with live electronics, a ballet production by the Ulm Theater under the direction of ballet director Roberto Scafati (season 2017/18), the opening of Posterboy of Antikunst by the Austrian artist TOMAK in Graz with John Cage's Freeman Etudes and the beginning of the season in 2018 with the performance of Giacinto Scelsis Anahit at the Scelsi Festival in Basel. Georges has also participated in 2 CD productions that have been released in 2017: the classic jazz fusion album Sound of a Poem with singer Esther Kretzinger and the classic label Gramola (Vienna, also available as vinyl record) and Assassinous Act with the Kieler Music producer Morgen Were and the ambient label Time Released Sound (Oakland, California).

Georges deals extensively with electronic music and is currently completing his expertise in this field with a Max / MSP certification at IRCAM in Paris. Since 2015 he is a member of the artists and scientists collective EMU - Experimental Music of the University of Ulm, where he actively participates in art and research projects. In addition, Georges is an active protagonist of the subculture and participates in various band projects.

Concerts led Georges u.a. to the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices Genève, Biennale Koper, Bregenz Festival, Brucknerhaus Linz, Cadogan Hall London, Carinthian Summer, Festival Dialogues of the International Mozarteum Foundation, KHS Hall Taipei, Konzerthaus Berlin, Konzerthaus Vienna, St. Luke's LSO, Melos Ethos Bratislava, Metropolitan New York Museum, National Concert Hall Dublin, Rudolfinum Prague, Salzburg Biennale, Salzburg Festival, Salzburg Jazz Festival, Scelsi Festival Basel, Shanghai New Music Week, Sounds of Jazz Salzburg, Tonhalle Zurich, Traettorie Festival Parma, Ulmer Zelt, Ultrasonic Festival Berlin, Unprecedented ! (Bayerischer Rundfunk) and to Vienna Modern.

He works with such artists as Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Matteo Cesari, Tim Collins, David Danzmayr, Wayne Darling, Rohan de Saram, Pascal Dusapin, Gerald Endstrasser, Beat Furrer, Michel Galante, Vinko Globokar, Jürgen Grözinger, Georg Friedrich Haas, Christoph Herndler, Toshio Hosokawa, Johannes Kalitzke, Eri Klass, Esther Kretzinger, Ondrej Kukal, José Manuel López López, Andor Losonczy, Michele Marelli, Siegfried Mauser, Juan José Mosalini, Liliana Nikiteanu, Franck Ollu, Héctor Ulyse's Passarella, Omara Portuondo, Robert David Rusconi Oswald Sallaberger, José Maria Sánchez Verdú, Marianne Schroeder, Lavard Skou-Larsen, Matthias Spahlinger, the Stadler Quartet, TOMAK, Manos Tsangaris, Nicolas Tzortzis, Rudy Vistel and Noam Zur.

His unusual artistic career began when he founded his own orchestra "I Sinfonietti" in Switzerland at the age of 21. Washer, so he came to work as Indemn bits and worked on programm fitting concepts. As a student, he became interested in early 20th-century music and performed works for violin and orchestra, such as Frank Martin's "Polyptyque", Alban Berg's chamber concert or Arvo Pärt's "Fratres". With Classic Concert Records, Georges has later released several CD recordings, including the CD Solo Sonatas, which contains a unique recording of Bartók's solo sonata in the original version. Many praised by the international press, this 2011 recording was awarded the "Clef" by Resmusica.

Georges was born in Zurich and spent his childhood there. Later he became a student of Ruggiero Ricci at the University Mozarteum Salzburg for eight years. In 2006 he completed his violin studies in the class of Lavard Skou-Larsen with distinction. Musicians such as Zbigniew Czapczynski, Edmond de Stoutz, Lola Benda, Igor Oistrakh and Pierre Amoyal have their development

also marked. Georges had already engaged in current music during his studies. This was followed by an intensive work in the field of new music, Georges was for several years a dedicated member of the Austrian Ensemble for New Music. At the same time Georges found his way into jazz by meeting drummer Gerald Endstrasser. As a lecturer, he was a regular guest at music universities such as Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory Beijing, Chinese Culture University Taipei, Zhejiang Normal University, and Zagreb Music University from 2011-2015. Since 2015, Georges is managing director of the association Klang & Kunst e.V., which annually organizes the Weissenhorn Klassik Festival in the Fugger town of Weißenhorn."-

-Georges-Emmanuel Schneider Website (Translated by Google) (

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Track Listing:

1. Pfeifen 5:07

2. Schnirpen 4:52

3. Zetern 3:21

4. Schackern 3:22

5. Schlagen 4:35

6. Schirken 3:02

7. Tixen 7:38

8. Quirlen 5:14

9. Dacken 7:46

10. Orgeln 4:17

11. Foten 8:56

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