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October 20, 2016
"Sometimes I'd think I was making music
through the wrong end of a magnifying glass."
- John Coltrane

Squid BubbleWebs  Essential Labels

Amethyst Sunset
Another Timbre
Astral Spirits
Bad At Raving Foundation
Black Truffle
Bug Incision Records
Edition Wandelweiser Records

Firehouse 12 Records
Long Song Records
More Is More
Relative Pitch
Rune Grammofon
Tour de Bras

      Creative Artists
• Bennett, Ben
• Hugo Blouin/Claude Bourque/Paul Gregoire
• Peter Brotzmann/Steve Noble/John Edwards
• Bushman's Revenge
• John Cage
• Alvin Curran
• Angharad Davies/Tisha Mukarji
• Bertrand Denzler/Antonin Gerbal/Alex Dorner
• Aaron Dilloway
• R. Dockery Lee/Smokey Emery
• Tashi Dorji /Tyler Damon
• Peter Evans
• Farmer/Munthe
• Forebrace (Ward/Sassi/Horro/Doulton)
• Satoko Fujii/Joe Fonda
• Bryn Harrison
• Hearts & Minds (Stein/Giallorenzo/Rosaly)
• Illogical Harmonies (Chang/Majkowski)
• Jerman/Barnes
• Konstrukt w/ Graham Massey & David McLean
• Radu Malfatti
• Sergio Merce
• Cody Oliver
• Evan Parker/Pat Thomas/John Russell/John Edwards/Alex Ward/Alison Blunt/Benedict Taylor/David Leahy/Kay Grant
• Rankin-Parker/Pearce
• Sam Shalabi/Alan Bishop & Sam Shalabi
• Linda Smith Catlin
• Tim Stine Trio The
• Talibam! w/ Alan Wilkinson
• Scott Thomson
• Usurper
• Wilmington Sound Orchestra
• Nate Wooley

Squid BubbleWeb

Squid BubbleWebs
Squidco's $10 Sale

We're always going over our inventory, looking to share our excesses with our customers at reasonable prices.

To that end we've set the price on more than 75 releases that we have too many copies of to just $10 each!

That's a big reduction from these releases' retail price, and many are selling below our distribution price. It's a great list of records, primarily improvised music on compact disc, with a couple of LPs and some rock and compositional titles included. So take advantage of this great price, but hurry, because this sale ends Sunday, October 23rd!

Sales end Sunday, Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 23:59 EST. Prices listed are discounted to $10. While quantities last, sale items will disappear from our website when they have sold out. Customers must place orders using our shopping cart to receive $10 price. Sale items are not eligible for Squidco Reward Points.

See all $10 Sale CDs.

   Jazz & Improvisation

Bennett, Ben : Trap [CASSETTE with DOWNLOAD CODE]
(Astral Spirits)

Twelve tracks of solo percussion using a variety of drum-like devices, an intense album of percussive possibilities that surprise in the variety of approaches, the intensity of sound, and the dynamics of each work, using close microphones to capture sonic details.
     Buy      $8.95      Listen          

Brotzmann, Peter / Steve Noble / John Edwards: The Worse The Better

CD edition of the first set performed by the trio of Peter Brotzmann, Steve Noble and John Edwards at Cafe OTO in January 2010 during Brotzmann's first residency at the venue, and the first time this trio had played together.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $16.95      Listen          

Brotzmann, Peter / Steve Noble / John Edwards: The Worse The Better: Live at Cafe OTO, January 2010 [VINYL REPRESS]

LP edition of the CD listed above.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $27.95      Listen          

Davies, Angharad / Tisha Mukarji: Ffansion | Fancies
(Another Timbre)

The title reflecting violinist Angharad Davies' Welsh Roots, this duo with inside pianist Tisha Mukarji furthers the collaborations of these improvisers, recording in St Catherine's Church in South London, using the acoustics of the space to shape the form of their music.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Denzler, Bertrand / Antonin Gerbal / Alex Dorner: Le Ring

Having performed in duos previously, this trio came together at Festival Noise No. 5, at Theatre Le Ring, in Toulouse, the sound of the group is a "malleable space in which the musicians generate small or bigger shapes, simple and complex sounds, irregular and mechanical rhythms."
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Dorji, Tashi / Tyler Damon: Live at the Spot +1 [CASSETTE with DOWNLOAD CODE]
(Astral Spirits)

The free improvising duo of Himalayan guitarist Tashi Dorji and drummer Tyler Damon, who preform regularly as a duo based in Asheville, NC and Bloomington, IN, here in a live album of thick and energetic interaction bordering on the ecstatic, recorded in two exhilarating concerts.
     Buy      $8.95      Listen          

Evans, Peter: Lifeblood [USB Drive]
(More Is More)

Trumpeter Peter Evans' first solo release in over 5 years, presenting two demanding and impressive live performances from 2015/16, during Evan's residency at Roulette, and at Bop Stop in Cleveland, presented on a USB credit card drive in mp3 and wav formats, with liner notes.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $19.95      Listen          

Farmer / Munthe: Angle Of Repose
(Bug Incision Records)

Texture heavy sonic free improvisation from the duo of Swedish free improviser Christian Munthe on acoustic guitar and Patrick Farmer on "acoustic turntable", each masking the sounds of their instruments in uncommon ways, pacing their interactions with subtlety and intention.
     Buy      $11.95      Listen          

Forebrace (Ward / Sassi / Horro / Doulton): Steeped
(Relative Pitch)

Blending jazz and rock forms with frenetic excitement and masterful control, multi-reedist Forebrace quartet with Roberto Sassi (electric guitar), Santiago Horro (electric bass) and Jem Doulton (drums) run the gamut on exultantly virtuosic improvisation, here recording live at Cafe Oto.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Fujii, Satoko / Joe Fonda: Duet
(Long Song Records)

First meeting of Japanese pianist Satoko Fujii and New York bassist Joe Fonda, initiated at the suggestion of Fonda, recording in Portland, Maine at the Dimensions in Jazz Series, a beautifully recorded and intimate duo of superb dialog between two seasoned improvisers.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Hearts & Minds (Stein / Giallorenzo / Rosaly): Hearts & Minds [VINYL]
(Astral Spirits)

The Chicago trio of Jason Stein on bass clarinet, Paul Giallorenzon on keys, and Frank Rosaly on drums, performing a joyful album of lyrical jazz, blending compositions and free playing with modern creative skills and unpredictable, enthusiastic soloing; superb!
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Jerman / Barnes: Goethe

An extended improvisation of muted sound from the long-running duo of Jeph Jerman and Tim Barnes, performing live at Non-Event in Boston, creating mysterious analog sounds and cycles of drones with underlaying metallic textures creating an environment of suspense.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Konstrukt w/ Graham Massey & David McLean: Live at Islington Mills [CASSETTE with DOWNLOAD CODE]
(Astral Spirits)

The Turkish Konstrukt trio teamed up with 808 State guitarist Graham Massey and pianist David Andrew McLean (Charles Hayward's Anonymous Bash) for a live album at Islington Mill in Salford England for two sides of blistering avant-funk & cosmic space sounds.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $7.95      Listen          

Merce, Sergio: Be Nothing
(Edition Wandelweiser Records)

A beautifully ambient album of analogue synthesiser, microtonal saxophone and electronics by Argentinian saxophonist Sergio Merce, a single long track that pauses and resumes its rich tones and harmonies at a deliberate and measured pace, allowing each environment to ring.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Oliver, Cody: Rodent Landscapes
(Bug Incision Records)

Recording on Calgary, CA guitarist Cody Oliver's old resonator guitar, this set of untitled solo recordings finds Oliver playing every inch of the guitar, using the body, pickups, strings and natural resonance as equal partners in exploring unusual territory.
     Buy      $11.95      Listen          

Parker, Evan / Pat Thomas / John Russell / John Edwards / Alex Ward / Alison Blunt / Benedict Taylor / David Leahy / Kay Grant: Mopomoso Tour 2013 | Making Rooms [4 CD BOX SET]

An excellent 4-CD set from a UK tour of the long-running London monthly concert series Mopomoso, featuring improvisations from various grouping of John Russell, Evan Parker, John Edwards, David Leahy, Pat Thomas, Alison Blunt, Benedict Taylor, Kay Grant & Alex Ward.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $44.95      Listen          

Rankin-Parker/Pearce: Odd Hits [CASSETTE with DOWNLOAD CODE]
(Astral Spirits)

An exhilarating and unusual set of duos for drum and cello from Daniel Pierce and Teddy Rankin-Parker, the latter known for Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble, ICE, and work with Primus; together they deliver intense and captivating polyrhythms and unexpected string sonics.
     Buy      $7.95      Listen          

Stine, Tim Trio The: Tim Stine Trio [CASSETTE with DOWNLOAD CODE]
(Astral Spirits)

Acoustic guitarist Tim Stine and his trio with upright bassist Anton Hatwich and drummer Frank Rosaly, an all-star group of younger Chicago players in an album of buoyant, original improvisations with great give-and-take from a superb working band of contemporaries.
     Buy      $7.95      Listen          

Talibam! w/ Alan Wilkinson: It is Dangerous to Lean Out [CASSETTE with DOWNLOAD CODE]
(Astral Spirits)

The Downtown NY insanely creative duo Talibam! of Kevin Shea on drums and Matt Motel on keys is joined by free improvising legend, saxophonist Alan Wilkinson, for two incendiary improvisations performed live at Sant'anna Arresi Jazz Festival in Sardinia, Italy.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $7.95      Listen          

Thomson, Scott: Heures Indues
(Bug Incision Records)

Co-founder of the Association of Improvising Musicians in Toronto (AIMToronto) and a member of The Rent, Scott Thomson presents a solo trombone release of explorative approaches to the instrument, masterful work from one of Canada's leading improvisers.
     Buy      $11.95      Listen          

Usurper: You Can Do It
(Bug Incision Records)

An extremely unusual album of sonic interactions from the long-running peformance duo of Ali Robertson and Malcy Duff, aka Usurper, recorded during a residency in Helsinki in May 2010, an eccentric display of vocal and aberrant apparatus with a unique inner logic.
     Buy      $11.95      Listen          

Wooley, Nate: Argonautica
(Firehouse 12 Records)

Trumpeter Nate Wooley's major 3-part work makes oblique reference to dodecaphony, ambient tape music, and the minimalist rock of Terry Riley, conceived as a tribute to Wooley's mentor Ron Miles, who performs alongside Devin Gray & Rudy Royston (drums), Cory Smythe & Jozef Dumoulin (piano).
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          



Blouin, Hugo / Claude Bourque / Paul Gregoire: L' Ossuaire [2 CDs]
(Tour de Bras)

Recordings of an installation piece built in Iles-de-la-Madeleine in the summer of 2013, a large sculpture made of resonant metal pipes with propane torches and whale bones, used as a huge musical instrument allowing three people to play simultaneously from different sides.
     Buy      $17.95      Listen          

Curran, Alvin: Natural History [VINYL]
(Black Truffle)

The first-ever vinyl issue of Alvin Curran's 1983 cassette release, a composition of organized field recordings, a major work he describes as a series of "still lifes" from 20 years of recordings with an engrossingly diverse set of curious and concrete sounds - amazing!
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $25.95      Listen          

Dilloway, Aaron: Songs About Jason [VINYL 10-inch]
(Amethyst Sunset)

Originally released in a limited edition of forty copies for a solo/duo show with Jason Lescalleet in 2013, this 10" release remasters the original album, which is a disorienting and melodic album of tape loops and dark ambient drone.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Dockery, R. Lee / Smokey Emery: Cathedrelic [CASSETTE with DOWNLOAD CODE]
(Astral Spirits)

An album of dark and cavernous sound in the second release from the sound-sculpting duo of R. Lee Dockery and Smoke Emery (aka Daniel Hipolito), two long tracks that evolve with the patience and intensity of a dark sacramental journey in deeply detailed drone.
     Buy      $7.95      Listen          

Wilmington Sound Orchestra: Play Russolo
(Bad At Raving Foundation)

Two interpretations of Luigi Russolo's 1914 Futurist noise composition "Risveglio Di Uns Citta" ("The Awakening Of A City"), performed forwards and backwards, from a live performance at Squidco headquarters in Wilmington, NC.
     Buy      $9.95      Listen          



Bushman's Revenge: Bushman's Fire [VINYL + CD]
(Rune Grammofon)

Live recordings at Cafe Mono in Oslo, Norway of the extended edition of Bushman's Revenge, the trio of guitarist Even Helte Hermansen, drummer Gard Nilssen, and bassist Rune Nergaard with David Wallumrod on Hammond Organ and Kjetil Moster on saxophone.
     Buy      $26.95          

Bushman's Revenge: Jazz, Fritt Etter Hukommelsen
(Rune Grammofon)

The Norwegian trio of guitarist Even Helte Hermansen, drummer Gard Nilssen, and bassist Rune Nergaard in their 8th Bushman's Revenge album, bridging free improvisation and 70s style prog-oriented rock, non-histrionic, outstanding instrumental music with great depth.
     Buy      $16.95      Listen          

Bushman's Revenge: Jazz, Fritt Etter Hukommelsen [VINYL + CD]
(Rune Grammofon)

Vinyl LP + CD edition of the CD listed above.
     Buy      $26.95      Listen          

Shalabi, Sam / Alan Bishop & Sam Shalabi: Mother Of All Sinners (Puppet On A String) [VINYL]

Montreal guitarist Sam Shalabi and Sun City Girls guitarist Alan Bishop in a release on Unrock's Saraswati Series, string-oriented albums; here Shalabi performs on electric guitar and oud, while Bishop plays alto sax and sings, in what is described as an "oriental psychedelic free form".
     Buy      $25.95          



Cage, John : Branches
(Edition Wandelweiser Records)

The Ensemble Daswirdas performs John Cage's "Branches" composition, which is based on a previous work, "Child of Tree", but here each performer plays an 8 minute variation of that work, which is performed on amplified pods, cacti, and other plant materials.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Harrison, Bryn : Receiving the Approaching Memory
(Another Timbre)

Bryn Harrison's highly acclaimed, labyrinthine composition for violin & piano from 2014, expertly realised by violinist Aisha Orazbayeva and pianist Mark Knoop, for whom this 5-part work of beautiful repetitions reflecting tapestries of sound was written.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Illogical Harmonies (Chang / Majkowski): Volume
(Another Timbre)

A joint composition for violin and double bass, developed over six months in 2015 by violinist and Wandelweiser composer Johnny Chang with bassist Mike Majkowski, a fragile and beautifully revealing work in 5 parts that moves slowly through subtle harmonic changes.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Malfatti, Radu: Radu Malfatti
(Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Austrian trombonist and composer Radu Malfatti presents two works: a solo piece for trombone comprised of a series of detached sonic events; and a work performed with the Wandelweiser String Quartet, using bowing and blowing techniques to create punctuations of unusual sound.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Smith, Linda Catlin : Dirt Road
(Another Timbre)

Canadian composer Linda Catlin Smith's extended composition for violin and percussion in 15 parts, performed by percussionist Simon Limbrick and violinist Mira Benjamin, a unique orchestration that reveals a journey of steady pace, tension and beauty.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

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 In Stock and Ready to Ship

We're never quite caught up with new releases that constantly come in our door, and we don't like to rush a release to our homepage. That said, the following releases have already been stocked at Squidco, and are able to be ordered. In most cases we have images, often have samples, and some basic description of each release.

• You can see the newest additions to our catalog in our Just In Stock Section.

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Banabila & Machinefabriek:
(Tapu Record)

Bonga / Champion / Mwamba:
Paperstone Suite

Claudia Quintet, The:
Super Petite

Dave Douglas & Frank Woeste:
Dada People
(Greenleaf Music)

Dunmall / Noble / Edwards / Sanders:
Chords Of Connections

Paul Dunmall / Phillip Gibbs:

Ensemble Phoenix Basel & Jerome Noetinger:
Les Voix De L'Invisible [VINYL]

Ewen / Smith / Walter:
Live in Texas
(Balance Point Acoustics)

Terrie Ex / Paal Nilssen-Love :
Schobberdebonk [VINYL]

Fenetre Ovale (Risser / Ruhl / Billet / Gouband):
Deuxieme Volet
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Alvin Fielder / Damon Smith:
Song For Chico
(Balance Point Acoustics)

Jonathan Finlayson / Sicilian Defense:
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Jurg Frey :
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Nicola Hein L. / Mia Zabelka :
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Jackson / Baker / Kirshner:
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Beat Keller / Tom Johnson / Joseph Kudirka:
String Trios
(Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Mike Majkowski:
Bright Astonishment Of The Night

Moody Alien:
Down To The Junkyard
(Thirsty Leaves Music)

Moody Alien:
Down To The Junkyard [CASSETTE]
(Thirsty Leaves Music)

Paal Nilssen-Love / Lasse Marhaug / Massimo Pupillo:
You're Next [VINYL]

Eric Normand:
(Tour de Bras)

Sylvia Ocougne / Chico Mello:
Musica Brasileira Descomposta
(Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Richard Pinhas / Barry Cleveland (feat Manring / Alberti):
(Cuneiform )

Richard Pinhas / Tatsuya Yoshida / Masami Akita :
Process and Reality
(Cuneiform )

Simon Rummel Ensemble:
Nichts Fur Alle (Nothing For All)
(Umlaut Records)

Sao Paulo Underground / Rob Mazurek:
Cantos Invisiveis
(Cuneiform )

Schall Und Rausch (Mukarji / Arrias / Dorner / Fagaschinski):

Udo Schindler / Marco von Orelli :

Steve Swell:
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Improviser
(Swell Records)

Vasco Trilla :
The Rainbow Serpent

Jack Wright :
Rattle OK & Rattle Still OK
(Spring Garden Music)

Jack Wright :
Sample Tape: 1979-1985
(Spring Garden Music)

Jack Wright :
(Spring Garden Music)

Jack Wright / Zachary Darrup:
Meet & Greet
(Spring Garden Music)

Alfred Zimmerlin :
Dunki . Frey . Aeschbacher . Capt . Hefti . Moster
(Edition Wandelweiser Records)

John Zorn / Simulacrum:
49 Acts Of Unspeakable Depravity In The Abominable Life And Times Of Gilles De Rais

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