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April 3, 2014
"If you listen to nature,
all the sounds are done in a confident way."
-Roscoe Mitchell

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Ambiances Magnetiques
Another Timbre
Clean Feed
Creative Sources

Hiddenbell Records
Ten Speed Records
Thirsty Ear

      Creative Artists

• Amado/Mota/
• John Carter/
      Bobby Bradford
• Nigel Coombes/
      Steve Beresford
• Kris Davis
• Jean Derome/
      Malcolm Goldstein/
      Rainer Wiens
• Matthieu Donarier/
      Albert van
• Gray/Hobbs/
• Hans Hassler
• Martin Iddon
• Christian Kesten &
      Mark Trayle/
      Annette Krebs
• Steve Lacy
• Robert Marcel Lepage
• Sei Miguel
• MusicWorks
• Partial (Noe Cuellar and
      Joseph Clayton Mills)


• Tom Rainey With
      Ralph Alessi/
      Ingrid Laubrock/
      Kris Davis/
      Drew Gress
• Eric Revis/Taylor/
      Branford Marsalis
• Rodrigues/Rodrigues/
      de Toni/Berthet/Ortis
• Irene Schweizer/
      Pierre Favre
• Matthew Shipp
• Skogen
      (Magnus Granberg,
      Angharad Davies,
      Toshi Nakamura,
      Henrik Olsson,
      Ko Ishikawa,
      Anna Lindal,
      John Eriksson,
      Erik Carlsson,
      Leo Svensson Sander
      Petter Wastberg)
• Sun Ra Arkestra
• Aki Takase
      La Planete
• Jason Ward
• Christian Wolfarth

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   Jazz & Improvisation

Amado, Rodrigo / Mota / Faustino / Ferrandini: Wire Quartet
(Clean Feed)

Saxophonist Rodrigo Amado in a quartet with 2/3's of Red Trio - bassist Hernani Faustino and drummer Gabriel Ferrandini - and guitarist Manuel Mota adding unusual angles to their exemplary blues-based free improvisation.
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Carter, John / Bobby Bradford: Tandem (remastered) (1979/82) [2 CDs]

Both volumes of trumpeter Bobby Bradford and clarinetist John Carter's remarkable concerts from 1979 in Los Angeles and 1982 in Worcester, MA, dramatically improved audio quality from their original issue.
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Coombes, Nigel / Steve Beresford: White String's Attached (1979)

These 1979 duo concert performances from violinist Nigel Coomes and pianist Steve Beresford were generally considered at the time to be the most significant advance in violin & piano music for around 200 years.
     Buy      $16.95      Listen          

Davis, Kris: Massive Threads
(Thirsty Ear)

NY pianist Kris Davis' second solo CD after her 2011 Clean Feed release expands on her repetoire by integrating modern compositional styles fused with improvisation, including one work overdubbing herself, plus a unique reading of Monk's "Evidence".
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Derome, Jean / Malcolm Goldstein / Rainer Wiens: 6 improvisations
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

Having worked together in many projects for many years, this is the 1st trio record from Montreal improvisers Jean Derome, Malcolm Goldstein & Rainer Wiens, six free studio improvisations showing the subtle and sophisticated dialog that such long association yields.
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Donarier's, Matthieu / Albert van Veenendaal's Planetarium: The Visible Ones
(Clean Feed)

The duo of French saxophonist Matthieu Donarier and Dutch pianist/prepared pianist Albert van Veenendaal (I Compani), beautifully paced and inventive dialog between two melodic players who embrace both improvisational and compositional styles.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Gray / Hobbs / Hostetter / Braman: Lawnmower II
(Clean Feed)

The second take of Boston area drummer Luther Grays' project Lawnmower with Jim Hobbs on sax, Kaethe Hostetter on violin and Winston Braman on electric bass, excellent jazz with unique instrumentation and a diversity of approaches.
Squidco Pick

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Hassler, Hans: Hassler

Swiss accordionist Hans Hassler in his 2nd Intakt release, incorporating Swiss folk music, jazz, film music, free improvisation and classical interpretation in a band with Gebhard Ullmann on bass, Jurgen Kupke on clarinet, and Beat Follmi on percussion.
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Kesten, Christian & Mark Trayle / Annette Krebs : Berlin series No. 2
(Another Timbre)

The Second in a series of split discs highlighting the experimental music scene in Berlin, presenting a solo work by Annette Krebs, and a powerful duo for voice and electronics by Christian Kesten and Mark Trayle."
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Lacy, Steve: Avignon and After - 2 (1972-7) Volume 2

The second volume of Steve Lacy's solo soprano saxophone concerts, starting off with the three short versions of Billy Strayhorn tunes which opened his first solo concert at Avignon in 1972.
Squidco Pick

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Lepage, Robert Marcel: Canard Branchu
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

A rich work for clarinets, bass and drums orchestrated for six musicians including Actuelle core players Lori Freedman, Pierre Tanguay, and Lepage himself, through 14 works that may have something to do with a swamp.
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Lepage, Robert Marcel: Le lait maternel
(Ambiances Magnetiques)

A superb instrumental exploration of the American musical language - jazz, folk, gospel, rock, bluegrass, orchestral, electronic, minimalism and post-modernism, with improvised parts played by Jean Derome, Jacques Seguin, Guillaume Bourque and Yanik Cloutier.
Squidco Pick

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Miguel, Sei : Salvation Modes
(Clean Feed)

Three groupings and three large works from Portugese trumpeter Sei Miguel, in bands including Rafael Toral, Erenesto Rodrigues, Nuno Tores, &c., performances of scores that he's written over the past 30 years that have never or have rarely been heard previously.
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Partial (Noe Cuellar and Joseph Clayton Mills): LL
(Another Timbre)

Three strange and wonderful sound pieces from the Chicago-based duo of Noe Cuellar and Joseph Clayton Mills, commissioned to make music from objects found in the basement of a local thrift store, evoking a sense of the lives embedded in those objects.
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Rainey, Tom With Ralph Alessi / Ingrid Laubrock / Kris Davis / Drew Gress: Obbligato

An album of standards from the Downtown NY scene led by Tom Rainey (drums), with Ralph Alessi (trumpeter), Ingrid Laubrock (sax), Kris Davis (piano), and Drew Gress (bass), an all–star group reinterpreting Kern, Monk, Brubeck, Ellington, &c.
Squidco Pick

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Revis, Eric / Taylor / McHenry / Jones / Branford Marsalis: In Memory of Things Yet Seen
(Clean Feed)

A superb modern jazz release from NY bassist Eric Revis with Chad Taylor (drums), Bill McHenry (sax) and Darius Jones (sax), plus special guest Branford Marsalis on two tracks.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Rodrigues / Rodrigues / de Toni / Berthet / Ortis: Trees
(Creative Sources)

Five trees interpreted through electroacoustic improv from the quintet of Guilherme Rodrigues (cello, Gianna de Toni, double bass), Raphael Ortis (electric bass, objects) Christophe Berthet (sax), and Ernesto Rodrigues (viola); mysterious and compelling music.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Schweizer, Irene / Pierre Favre: Live In Zurich

Long time and like-minded collaborators Irene Schweizer (piano) and Pierre Favre (drums) are recorded live in Zurich at Rote Fabrik in 2013 for a swinging upbeat set of melodic and playful original compositions, exuberant modern jazz from two brilliant players.
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Shipp, Matthew: Piano Sutras
(Thirsty Ear)

A solo recording both breathtakingly beautiful, deeply compansionate and intellectually upending from New York pianist and Thirsty Ear anchor Matthew Shipp, 10 original compositions plus Coltrane's "Giant Steps" and Wayne Shorter's "Nefertiti".
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Skogen (Magnus Granberg, Angharad Davies, Toshi Nakamura, Henrik Olsson, Ko Ishikawa, Anna Lindal, John Eriksson, Erik Carlsson, Leo Svensson Sander and Petter Wastberg): Despairs Had Governed Me Too Long
(Another Timbre)

Another beautiful extended composition by Magnus Granberg, exquisitely played by an ensemble of fine musicians whose last two discs on Another Timbre both featured in The Wire's best of year CD lists for 2012 and 2013 respectively.
Squidco Pick

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Sun Ra Arkestra: Audio Series Volume 1: Live at Myron's Ballroom

A 1981 performance at Los Angeles' Myron's Ballroom with a 15 piece Arkestra performing longer Sun Ra works including "Space is The Place", "The Shadow World", "We Travel the Spaceways", with Gilmore, Marsall, Tyson, Ray, Williams, Harris, &c.
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Sun Ra Arkestra: Club Lingerie (LA 1985) [2 CDs]

A well-recorded performance at Club Lingerie in Hollywood, 1985 with a 14-piece band including June Tyson on vocals, John Gilmore on sax, Pat Patrick on baritone sax, Danny Ray Thompson on sax & flute, and Marshall Allen on sax & flute, &c.
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Sun Ra Arkestra: Live at The Red Garter (NYC 1970) [2 AUDIO CDs + 1 PHOTO CD]

A double CD presenting a 1970 recording of Sun Ra at NYC's The Red Garter with Sun Ra on organ and synth, in a band with Marshall Allen, Danny Davis, Akh Tal Ebah, Kwane Hadi, John Gilmore, Eloe Omoe, Pat Patrick, &c; plus a disc of 82 B&W photos.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Takase, Aki La Planete: Flying Soul

Pianist Aki Takase's Planet Quartet ensemble with clarinetist Louis Sclavis, Dominique Pifarely on violin and Vincent Courtois on cello, a beautiful blend of improvisation and composed work that plays with time, space and sound.
     Buy      $19.95      Listen          

Wolfarth, Christian: Acoustic Solo Percussion Vol. 1-4 & Remixes [2 CDs]
(Hiddenbell Records)

This 2 CD set contains all the pieces of percussionist Christ Wolfarth's "Acoustic Solo Percussion" series on the first CD and remixes by Rashad Becker, Hans Joachim Irmler (faust), Gunter Mueller and Joke Lanz (sudden infant) on the 2nd.
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Ward, Jason: Euphoric Nightmares
(Ten Speed Records)

Guitarist Jason Ward takes the listener on a journey in sound through dark looping structures and hypnotic approach.
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Iddon, Martin: pneuma
(Another Timbre)

Composer Martin Iddon in a work of new conceptual modes of music making, with a ritualistic approach building strange sounds and stange actions in dense layers and intense timbres that demand a unique physicality from the player.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          


   Books & Magazines

MusicWorks: #118 Spring 2014 [MAGAZINE + CD]

Spring 2014 issue of Canada's best new music magazine, with articles on Margaret Noble, Nate Wooley, Victor Gama, plus articles, reviews, and a 13 track CD with tracks including Noble, Wooley, Gama, &c.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          


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Nom-Tom (Wright / Genetti / Mueller):
(Spring Garden Music)

Parodi, Claudio:
Heavy Nichel
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(Creative Sources)

Rodrigues / Gauguet / Guerreiro:
Early Reflections
(Creative Sources)

Rodrigues / Laurain / Rodrigues / Guerreiro:
(Creative Sources)

Rodrigues / Torres / Bullock / eDincise / SeDincise / Bondi:
Asteres Planetai
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Schindler / Harnik:
Empty Pigeonhole
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Schindler / Winter:
Form & Material
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Wright / Falesch:
I'd Rather Be A Sparrow
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Wright / Rainey / Ingalls / Djll:
Signs Of Life
(Spring Garden Music)

Wright / Rainey / Lonberg-Holm / March:
Double Double
(Spring Garden Music)

Wright, Jack:
As Is: Solos From Beirut & Barcelona
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Wright, Jack / John Nystrom :
Audible Shadows
(Spring Garden Music)

Wright, Jack / Pensado / Wright / Lak:
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