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Cater, Seamus: A History of Musical Pitch
Cater, Seamus:
A History of Musical Pitch

(Another Timbre -- UK )

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Investigating the experimental legacy of Victorian polymath Alexander J. Ellis, author of the 1880 paper, The History of Musical Pitch, composer Seamus Cater uses 74 tuning forks tuned to represent Elliss research of just ratios of 480Hz, in three compositions focusing on the most consonant tones of the system, and balancing them through minimalist chamber work from a 7-piece ensemble.

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Various: Amsterdam . Berlin . Moscow . Losoncy [2 CDs]
Amsterdam . Berlin . Moscow . Losoncy [2 CDs]

(Edition Wandelweiser Records -- Germany )

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A double album of experimental works and songs, virtual meetings curated by composer Dante Boon, recorded in the performer's individual cities as ensembles formed from musicians who have never met, including the Moscow duo The Same Ensemble of Sasha Elina and Kirill Shirokov, Amsterdamn's Seamus Cater's Tree Space, Berlin's Konzert Minimal, and sound artist Gabi Losoncy.

Nutters, Koen: Intervals, time and space between [2 CDs]
Nutters, Koen:
Intervals, time and space between [2 CDs]

(Meenna -- Japan )

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Three versions of composer Koen Nutters piece "Intervals, time and space between," performed in Berlin, Switzerland and The Netherlands in 2019 by Ensemble Post-music and DNK Ensemble with special guests Stefan Thut, Luke Martin, Thea Mesirow and Aaron Foster Breilyn, the work open to interpretation as a construction kit for each player to build their own version.

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