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+DOG+ / Bastard Noise : Desecration Tales [VINYL] (Love Earth Music)

Two long-standing experimental sound projects join together as Legendary Bastard Noise, aka Eric Wood and +DOG+, aka Steve Davis, combine for two extended and well-paced works of dark sonics and electronics, the first piece "Misery Milestone" a haunting and desolate soundscape with disruptive punctuation; the 2nd "Beneficiary: Earth" adds agonizing voice to a work of global arpeggiation and destruction.

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Steve Davis-electronics

Eric Wood [2]-Electronics, "Irish Spring", Lyrics, Vocals

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Label: Love Earth Music
Catalog ID: LEM-300
Squidco Product Code: 34246

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: USA
Packaging: Gatefold LP
Recorded in Sudbury, Massachusetts, and Sun Valley, California, in Fall/Winter 2022.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Legendary Bastard Noise, active since around 1992 in the person of Eric Wood, is teaming up with Love Earth's own Steve Davis, a.k.a +DOG+. In 2022 they sent each other all kinds of material to work on/with/from, which became "Desecration Tales". This 12″ is a gorgeous black and gold vinyl hidden in a foldout cover with - when opened - what seems to be hyenas in a field of Bastard Skulls. Minimal in design, yet maximum impact, a job well done by Kevin Fetus. Both sides have an almost 20-minute track, and we all know that's pushing it on what an album can handle. Though this one was cut properly, and it's all there.

Side A is titled "Misery Milestone" and starts with a desert-like feeling where someone throws garbage bins and junk around. It's the beauty of the first being affected by the remains of society. The second part has vocals by Eric, and the characteristic sound of WT Nelson's machines (I think) is added to the composition. It's how I know Bastard Noise and why I admire their activities. The composition leaves the desert, and halfway, we're guided into a futuristic environment, First noisy, then chaotic. Between the line, I make up the message, 'There is still time to change the future, but you have to start doing something now'.

The other side, "Beneficiary: Earth", has a much more oppressive feel, and the lyrics subscribe to this. A completely corrupted earth where humanity will cease to exist. "The extinction to glorify. The rebirth of biodiversity we'll thankfully never witness! Fuck humans!". Oh, you thought these were happy songs? Bzzzzt. Wrong. Think again. The first part would very well fit a CMI or Slaughter release, and the second part is lovely, and I can't put my finger on why this is. Either the spacious arpeggiator or that typical minimalistic noise sounds I love, or the prolonged build-up to the third and final part: The collapse of earth, the end of humanity and a second chance for the earth as the sole beneficiary. A+"-BW, Vital Weekly

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Artist Biographies

Steve Davis, aka S. Standfish Davis. +DOG+ has been a central project of Steve Davis' Love Earth Music label, the noise project formed 1990 in Osaka, later in Massachusetts (and, for a time, Southern California) since 1997.

Davis is a member of the groups +DOG+, Blue, Dogshit, Expando Brain, Intensive Studies, Le Chien Nu, Shit Brothers, and Reality Challenged.


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Eric Wood is an American musician and sound artists, also known as Koock, and Throatrake. He is known for the groups Amber Asylum, Antennacle, Bastard Noise, Charred Remains, Crossed Out, Cyclops, Hierophant, Man Is The Bastard, Neanderthal, Peace Corpse, Pillsbury Hardcore, and Pissed Happy Children.

-Discogs (

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Track Listing:


1. Misery Mile Stone 19:21


1. Beneficiary: Earth 19:21

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