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Hippie Diktat: Fire On (Self Released)

Six raw instrumentals bridging free jazz and free rock forms, clearly influenced by both Brötzmann and Sunn O))) (as referenced in the track "SunnA)))") from the French Hippie Diktat trio of Antoine Viard on amplified baritone sax, Julien Chamla on drums and Richard Comte on guitar, recording at l'Ecluse, in Reims in 2013 for six ruggedly inspired tracks.

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product information:

Label: Self Released
Catalog ID: None
Squidco Product Code: 32081

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2013
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard sleeve, sealed
Recorded in June and September, 2013, By Richard Comte.


Antoine Viard-saxophone

Julien Chamla-drum

Richard Comte-guitar

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Artist Biographies:

Antoine Viard is a French saxophonist, known for the groups, Hippie Diktat, ITHAK, Pipeline, Urban Sax, and Umlaut Big Band. He is also a member of Frederick Galiay's Camaeleo Vulgaris.

"COAX Collective's Artistic Director, Antoine Viard develops a singular saxophone practical based on the sound and its componants. Electric or acoustic, he enforces his rough/free playing with bands like Hippie Diktat, Chameleo Vulgaris, Uns, in his solo project Tumulus or in improvising collaborations with Peter Brötzmann, Eve Risser, Frederick Galiay, Guillaume Orty..."

-Squidco, Hippie Diktat Website (

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"Throughout hundreds of performances all around Europe on the experimental, improvised music and alternative rock scenes, Julien Chamla developed a unique vocabulary focused on tension, roughness and repetition. Eager to unlearn and to strip down the musical matter, his work is now mainly connected to primitive, trance and ritualistic music. Amongst others, he's involved in the bands Tripes, Helved Rüm, Ritual Extra, Aquaserge, and many dance and circus projects."

-Hippie Diktat Website (

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"Richard Comte is focused on the sonic possibilities of the guitar, drawing timeless spaces, from loud immersive drones to spacious resonances bordering on silence itself. He played with improvisers Simon H. Fell, Mark Sanders, Shabaka Hutchings, Mars Williams, Jim Black, and he interpreted contemporary music pieces from Michael Pissaro, Eliane Radigue, Fausto Romitelli. He works also in the field of contemporary dance, theater and visual arts. In 2017 he founded Nunc., a label dedicated to liberate and open music."

-Richard Comte Website (

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track listing:

1. Fuli Keta 3:15

2. SunnA))) 8:53

3. Gunther Schuller 3:20

4. Michel Thor 8:33

5. Kabaleros 3:57

6. Stephane Mittal 4:14
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"Since 2011, HIPPIE DIKTAT has been rocking its Trance Noise on European alternative scenes. The repetitive rhythms inherited from a Steve Reich dig deep into the granite and the impressive sound mass -worthy of Sunn O)))- releases an infinite solar space.

Material sculptures, sound pyrography, the music of Hippie Diktat penetrates bodies and disconnects souls. Distortions of the perceptions of time and spaces, phonic immersions, infernal repetitions plunge the listener into a solid, saturated atmosphere.

8 years of collective work, 3 albums and more than 150 concerts in Belgium, Spain, Germany, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Denmark and France... have enabled the trio to shape an essential and universal music."

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