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Akiyama, Tetuzi / Herve Boghossian: Suketchi (Tour de Bras)

Translating to "sketch", the duo of Japanese improvising guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama and French guitarist Hervé Boghossian recorded these sketches in the studio in Marseille, France, seven succinct free improvisations of an open and intuitively lyrical nature performed on acoustic guitars, in a gorgeous album of uniquely spacious interlaced string improvisation.

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product information:

Label: Tour de Bras
Catalog ID: TDB9035CD
Squidco Product Code: 28767

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2019
Country: Canada
Packaging: Cardstock Foldover in a clear vinyl sleeve
Recorded in Marseille, France, on October 31st, 2017, by Laurent Rossi.


Tetuzi Akiyama-acoustic guitar

Herve Boghossian-acoustic guitar

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Artist Biographies:

"Tetuzi Akiyama (Akiyama Tetsuji) (born 13 April 1964) is a Japanese guitarist, violinist, and instrument-maker. Akiyama formed the improvisation group Madhar in 1987, and the classical ensemble Hikyo String Quintet in 1994 (which also included Taku Sugimoto on cello). In 1995, Akiyama and Sugimoto formed a guitar duo, and played at venues in New York City, Chicago, and Detroit. During this time, Akiyama was also a member of Keiji Haino's Nijiumu outfit. Akiyama also formed Sutekina Tea Time (a duo with Takashi Matsuoka) and Mongoose (a trio with Taku Sugimoto and Utah Kawasaki).

In 1998 Akiyama began organising a monthly concert series, The Improvisation Meeting, with Toshimaru Nakamura. In December 2006 he began a regular duo with Hervé Boghossian (France), they toured in Europe (France, Portugal, Switzerland, England) several times in 2007 (in May, October & December) & also played in Tokyo during Hervé Boghossian Japanese tour in August/September 2008. In 2009 he worked with David Sylvian."

-Wikipedia (

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"Hervé Boghossian is a guitarist and electronic musician. He was born in marseille (france) in 1973 where he lives again today.

Boghossian began to work solo with his guitar & computer in late 2000. In September 2001, he released a cd-r audio-video called "i@s" that was his first electronic composition and was created together with German video director Thomas Einfeldt. It was also #0 of his own music label "list", which soon released albums from sogar, mou, lips!, the günter müller & steinbrüchel duo as well as Hervé Boghossian's record "rvb". The label also released 2 compilations with exclusive tracks from international artists like Taylor Deupree, Richard Chartier, Alan Licht, Charles Curtis, Otomo Yoshihide, Werner Dafeldecker & Martin Siewert, Mitchell Akiyama, Colleen...

Soon after the release of "rvb", Hervé Boghossian began to work on his album "mouvements" that was based on guitar sounds processed by the computer. The album was released on raster-noton in june 2004.

In late 2004, he created the trio project "plateformes" with matthieu saladin (amplified bass clarinet), stéphane rives (soprano saxophone) and Boghossian himself on the guitar. The album was released in march 2006 by the canadian label 1.8(sec)records. At the same time, he started to work on the composition series project "archi.Texture". The first volume featured john tilbury (amm) on the piano & mark wastell on the cello, whereas Boghossian was in charge of the composition & computer process. The album was released in august 2006 on the brand new english label cathnor. 2 more volumes were to follow, featuring contributions from Burkhard Beins, Stéphane Rives, Bertrand Denzler..."

-Raster-Media (

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track listing:

1. S#1 5:12

2. S#2 4:46

3. S#3 5:38

4. S#4 6:26

5. S#5 5:07

6. S#6 5:00

7. S#7 4:39

sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Free improvisations, the only "rule" was the duration of each piece, around five minutes."-Tour de Bras

"Tetuzi Akiyama is one of the founders of "onkyo" - the famous Tokyo improvisedscene from the early 21st century, whose "godfathers" are Otomo Yoshihide alongwith Toshimaru Nakamura, Taku Sugimoto, and Sachiko M. Akiyama has been anactive musician since the early 1990s, he has published many albums ininternational labels (including Erstwhile, Locust, Headz), he toured all overthe world from the early 2000s.

Hervé Boghossian / composer / improviser from Marseille. Guitar andelectronic musician. He has released several albums in labels such as List,Raster-Noton, Cathnor, Confront, and has toured around the world since the early00's."-WROCLAW

"The living legend of the avant-garde Japanese guitar Tetuzi Akiyama and the touch of everything, multi cards, Hervé Boghossian have known and played together for years. It was necessary that one day this work be documented and it is a Canadian label that sticks to it, Tour de bras. And we are very happy to find Hervé Boghossian on disc, and in a very different register, after "iron", a beautiful electroacoustic tribute to Eliane Radigue on Comfront.

Their two games complement each other admirably. Tetuzi Akiyama, all in space, fine and distinguished game, eyeing towards a spartan blues, a martial art blues, zen. Hervé Boghossian seeks resonances in a more folk but not at all bucolic field, while attacking. Both are instinctive, minimalist punks who sabotage structures to keep only expressionist traces.

The satellite and peripheral sounds are highlighted, the strings are hard, tense but can at times, rare it is true, agree a little flexibility. We think of a Jandek which would give importance to the beauty of the sounds (Track 1) or to a schizophrenic Fahey (Track 5) or even to a broken up Led Zep III, more violent and aggressive (track 5 again).

We also appreciate the harmonics that slam (track 14) or which evolve on more serious resonances (track 3).

Obviously this disc is not to put between all ears but those who like treble and strident, guitar games possible but to which we ultimately leave little room, the new ways of considering the space between two chords of blues or folk, will find beautiful listening ranges. Until we hear them improvise in concert in September all over Europe."-Pop News (translated by Google)

Get additional information at Pop News (France)
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