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Organized Sound, Musique Concrete, Sampling, Plunderphonics

Tazartes, Ghedalia: Tazartes' Transports Tazartes, Ghedalia:
Tazartes' Transports

(Alga Marghen -- Italy )

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Eccentric/brilliant composer Tazartes' first album from 1977, reissued in 1997 with additional tracks, and finally back in print; a tapestry of unpredictable sounds.

Faust: Faust [VINYL] Faust:
Faust [VINYL]

(Lilith -- Russia )

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Faust's 1st 1971 release, originally on the Recommended Record label as ReR 1, beautifully repressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl.

Kemp, Alice: Fill My Body With Flowers And Rice [VINYL] Kemp, Alice:
Fill My Body With Flowers And Rice [VINYL]

(Fragment Factory -- E.U. )

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Sound composer and multi-disciplinary artist Alice Kemp's first full length vinyl album is a mysterious and beautifully paced release blending acoustic and electronic sources, field recordings, voice and inexplicable sound to create dream-like sonic environments, subtle and suggestive sound that contains clues of ritual, longing, and beauty.

Liedwart, Kurt : Tone Liedwart, Kurt :

(Mikroton Recordings -- Russia )

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Kurt Liedwart creates a personal journey through multiplicity of intense abstract layers of electronic and synthetic sound, constructing atmospheres of dronescapes, and cryptic songs, keeping the listener on edge in this album of intense "Tones" wrought from sythesizers, electronics, light controlled electronics, electromagnetic devices, and radio.

Myers, David Lee: Superpositions [CASSETTE with Download Code] Myers, David Lee:
Superpositions [CASSETTE with Download Code]

(Cronica -- USA )

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David Lee Myers, AKA Arcane Device, explores feedback in its most beautiful forms, over decades developing systems to capture the microscopic edges of errant signals and convert them into lovely long tones, using a series of matrix mixers to manipulate them in real time, creating works of fragile charm, impressive interstices of rhythm, and gorgeous melodic nodes.

176 (Chris Abrahams / Anthony Pateras): Music In Eight Octaves 176 (Chris Abrahams / Anthony Pateras):
Music In Eight Octaves

(Immediata -- Australia )

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"A multi-octave delirium at the summit of sonic density. Recorded in 2005 in Melbourne, Chris Abrahams and Anthony Pateras multi-tracked 4 takes in each octave of the piano, superimposing them over each other to create a kaleidoscopic ma...

Parkins, Zeena: Ursa's Door Parkins, Zeena:
Ursa's Door

(Les Disques Victo -- Canada )

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