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Zuckerman, Adam: STARPERMEABLE (Nueni)

A composition for at least three musicians and processed field recordings from Adam Zuckerman, here configured as a quintet eliciting a poem by Paul Celan, organizing the lines of the poem into multiple movements, exquisitely performed by Kanoa Ichiyanagi (viola), Zaq Kenefick (harmonica), Juan Marroquin (flute), Dylan Marx (guitar) and Kristyna Svihalova (percussion).

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Adam Zuckerman-composition, recording, mixing

Kanoa Ichiyanagi-viola

Zaq Kenefick-harmonica

Juan Marroquin-flute

Dylan Marx-guitar

Kristyna Svihalkova-percussion

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Label: Nueni
Catalog ID: nueni #011
Squidco Product Code: 34034

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
recorded by the artist.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.


for at least three musicians and processed field recording playback

38' , 2020

A collection of melodies

as a constellation of stars

in the direction of a tree

in celebration of life

The melody is a thing of memory. It collects time and suspends it in apprehension of a whole. It is a sequence of points, and it is itself a point, a part cut from the virtual fabric of sound. The melodies here composed open a space of possibility, becoming only through the process of their realization. Filtered by it, they emerge folded, many-faceted - like crystal, or stone. Heard, unheard, reheard, they suggest a listening in all temporal directions. Expanding and contracting like breath, here: melody crystallizes as harmony, harmony unfolds as melody.

To the memory of Moshe Matyas (1925 - 2020)"-Nueni Rec

Artist Biographies

"Adam Zuckerman (b. 1992, Los Angeles, CA) is a musician working with acoustic, electronic, and environmental materials in the creation of scores, recordings, performances, and installations. His work often experiments with notation, form, and flexible performance situations, and is motivated by an interest in the way music shapes our experience of time and memory; in the conditions and perceptual limits of change and difference; in the subtle shifts in the atmosphere of particular performance situations; and in the incidental sounds and experiences of everyday life. Adam considers music to be a reiteration of the creative impulses and processes of nature, a coalescence of sound from the continuously transforming sonic fabric of a world always full of vibration. His music attempts to hear some aspect of this world and to hold open an immersive space for listening, reflection, and imagination.

Adam's work has been performed and/or presented internationally by ensembles, labels, and organizations such as Arts Letters & Numbers, Blanton Museum of Art, Coaxial Arts, Distat Terra Festival, Ensemble Dal Niente, Escuta Aqui Festival, Facere Collective, High Desert Soundings, L.A. Electroacoustic Ensemble (LAEE), NCTMMRN, Nueni Recs, Quartetto Maurice, Unwrinkled Ear Concert Series, wasteLAnd Ensemble, Yarn/Wire, and others.

Recent projects include: STARPERMEABLE, a studio album out on Nueni Records ; and The eternal oak., a choreographed performance piece for solo performer that was premiered at 2220 Arts + Archives. Adam also organizes concerts around Los Angeles. including a new music series in outdoor public spaces and a concert series in collaboration with a local after-school music program which serves to bridge the generational gap between professional musicians and elementary, middle, and high school musicians.

In addition to collaborations with other musicians, Adam enjoys working with visual artists, writers, filmmakers, and choreographers - most recently having composed and recorded the music for Lupines Will Abound, a film by Cody Edison which through poetic documentation explores the impact of fires on the environment of Southern California. Adam is also part of the team at Soap Ear, a quarterly online journal dedicated to sound art, and he is the resident copy-writer for Dinzu Artefacts.

Adam has extensive experience teaching music. He has taught composition, theory, piano, guitar, and violin to students of all ages and skill levels for nearly a decade. Most recently, he was on faculty at the Santa Monica Conservatory of Music, where he initiated a theory/composition class for middle and high school students. He has also worked at public elementary and middle schools for their after-school music programs.

Adam holds a B.M. in music composition and a B.A. in Ancient Greek from the Bard College and Conservatory of Music, and an M.F.A. in music composition and experimental sound practices from California Institute of the Arts. Adam also studied for two years at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst (KUG) in Graz, Austria. In the fall of 2023 Adam will begin the PhD program in composition at the University of California San Diego."

-Adam Zuckerman Website (

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"I'm Kanoa Ichiyanagi, a multi-instrumentalist and Composer!

I recently graduated CalArts with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts in music, with a focus as a Performer-composer.

Though I mainly play Violin and Viola, I love playing all kinds of instruments including Koto, Shamisen, Guitalele, Bass guitar, and more.

I love media scoring as well, most of my recent work includes many CalArts student films, including the openings as well as a few films chosen to be screened at the 2021 and 2022 CalArts Character Animation Producer's Show. I have also scored games from game jams like the GB game jam, Godot Wild Jam, and PIG Jam, including the Godot game jam #22 winner "Rayvolution"."

-Kanoa Ichiyanagi Website (

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"Zaq Kenefick is an artist usually located around Los Angeles. He has been thinking about the things that he previously ignored. Zaq teaches music to babies, and plays the saxophone decently well and the banjo endearingly poorly."

-Zaq Kenefick Bandcamp (

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"Graduated from CalArts with a Bachelor's in Music Performance. Studied Flute, Guitar, Piano, World Percussion, and Sound Engineering. Performed and worked at the Roy O. Disney Concert Hall and The Wild Beast at CalArts, and The Stage Door at Impulse Music Co."

-LinkedIn (

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Dylan Marx, guitar, California. "Moths, Clownfisher, Dylan Marx, The Sandman, Oracle of Light, Purveyor of Goods, Great Overtaker, Stopping by for Soup, Standing on the Corner with a Glass of Water, Dumping it out on the Sidewalk, missed the plants, missed the plant, went back, wrote a postcard, postmarked it, forgot to address it, sitting in a big mail room waiting to be sorted, sort of open to that."

-Dylan Marx Bandcamp (

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"Kristýna Švihálková (*1997) is percussionist and performer based in Brno (CZ). She received a master's degree in Instrumental Performance from the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts, where she is currently doing her Ph.D. studies. She attended the Orchestra Academy of Brno Philharmonics too. Moreover, during her postgraduate, she was admitted as an exchange student at the California Institute of the Arts, where she studied percussion and voice.

Kristýna is a member of Hausopera - an artistic society specializing in site-specific opera. She has collaborated with Brno Philharmonics, the rock and roll band Něco si přej, Brno Contemporary Orchestra, Ensemble Opera Diversa, National Theatre Brno, etc. As a soloist, Kristýna performed with Ostrava New Orchestra, or Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava. She also gives recitals and chamber music performances. Her practice is aimed at contemporary music and instrumental theatre (the connection of playing the musical instrument with singing, recitation, movement, choreography, light design, and video projection).

Kristýna also works as a lecturer of the workshops for children in Brno Philharmonic.

She has premiered a bunch of contemporary music in the Czech Republic."

-Kristyna Svihalkova Website (

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Track Listing:

1. One 0:56

2. Two 0:36

3. three 0:48

4. Four 0:59

5. Five 1:59


7. Six 0:34

8. Seven 1:20

9. Eight 1:52

10. Nine 0:52

11. Ten 0:39

12. Eleven 0:51

13. Twelve 0:46


15. Thirteen 1:49

16. Fourteen 1:22

17. Fifteen 1:04

18. Sixteen 0:47


20. Seventeen 1:17

21. Eighteen 1:33

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