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Comte, Richard / Julien Pontvianne: Sunken Music <i>[Used Item]</i> (nunc.)

The long-standing duet of guitarist Richard Comte and tenor saxophonist Julen Pontvianne (Onze Hours Onze) is a conversation of introspective and resonant repetition around silence, tonal decay, slow call and response and submerged themes, here symbolically immersed as they explore four sunken islands from around the world: Vordonis; Lohachara; Semionovski and Elugelab.

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Richard Comte-guitar

Julien Pontvianne-tenor saxophone

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Label: nunc.
Catalog ID: 020
Squidco Product Code: 33778

Format: CD
Condition: VG
Released: 2020
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded by Richard Comte.

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"Richard and Julien met more than 10 years ago - Since then they never stopped playing together. Working in duet seemed natural. A necessity. An obvious way to dig what they love to explore in other situations - a music made of silence, slowness, resonances... memory also.

Here they deal with these themes through the symbols of four sunken islands: Vordonis, in the Marmara sea, partly submerged by an earthquake at the beginning of the eleventh century; Lohachara, in the Ganges delta, submerged in 2006, mostly by the rise of the sea level, while around 6,000 families where living here; Semionovski in the North of Russia; Elugelab, pulverized in 1952 by the first American test of an H-bomb."-nunc.

Artist Biographies

"Richard Comte is focused on the sonic possibilities of the guitar, drawing timeless spaces, from loud immersive drones to spacious resonances bordering on silence itself. He played with improvisers Simon H. Fell, Mark Sanders, Shabaka Hutchings, Mars Williams, Jim Black, and he interpreted contemporary music pieces from Michael Pissaro, Eliane Radigue, Fausto Romitelli. He works also in the field of contemporary dance, theater and visual arts. In 2017 he founded Nunc., a label dedicated to liberate and open music."

-Richard Comte Website (

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"The saxophonist, clarinettist and composer Julien Pontvianne feeds on many musical traditions - from the renaissance messes or the indonesian gamelan to the music of sonic youth, paul motian or morton feldman - to offer his vision. Here, no ignition, or rather a single and single, at the beginning of the sound, which runs the long lock of time to its silent end. Agglomerations of sounds, tempered or not, of the resonant, of the continuous, sometimes taking the shape of songs, silhouettes which cut far away on the horizon, and will approach to you, then disappear behind, outside your field of view. Songs related to silence. If music should tell stories, julien invites news, and if it should go somewhere, that it is going to its end and that we enjoy the trip first of all. We live fully in the time and the sound that is offered, miraculous assemblies of heights, of ketological rhythms, in a territory sometimes close to the concept of ecology of sound loved by gérard grisey or the ecology of listening to salvatore sciarror.

Within groups such as the watt clarinet quartet, aum grand ensemble, kepler or abhra, against the current, it offers a kind of hedonist ascesis, a shaking meditation. In addition to his explorations as a leader, julien is one of the founding members of the collective and label onze hours onze, one of the most active in the young french scene. He plays in bands ranging from the 20's swing to experimental rock and the most contemporary repertoire. Winning many prizes and played among others in new-york, new-orleans, los angeles, montreal, china, japan, winning many prizes, in india, colombia and throughout europe."

-Julien Pontvianne Website (Translated by Google) (

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Track Listing:

1. Vordonis 10:12

2. Lohachara 10:39

3. Semionovski 10:48

4. Elugelab 11:49

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