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Ganga, Arvind / Riccardo Marogna: Ballads From The Wrecked Ship (A New Wave of Jazz)

A uniquely voiced duo album from Netherlands improvisers, electric guitarist Arvind Ganga and sax & bass clarinetist Riccardo Marogna also performing on electronics, taking their dialog into unusual territory while maintaining a clear thread on jazz-influenced modes, creating an exotic combination that often takes unexpected narrative turns; fascinating.

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Arvind Ganga-electric guitar, objects

Riccardo Marogna-tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, electronics

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Label: A New Wave of Jazz
Catalog ID: nwoj0042
Squidco Product Code: 30500

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: Belgium
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Helicopter, in The Hague, The Netherlands, on November 9th and 10th, 2018.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Ballads From The Wrecked Ship is a decidedly varied and rather wonderful improv release, which sits somewhere between sonic creativity and atmospheric moodiness. The seven-track album slides in at a concise and focused forty minutes, and I must say it certainly stand as one of more distinctive/original improv release I have heard in some time.

The album appears on the always worthy/interesting New Wave Of Jazz- coming in the labels house style mini grey gatefold packaging, which as always features a write-up about the release/artists inside from Guy Peters.

The line-up we have here is Den Haag based Arvind Ganga on Electric guitar and objects. And Verona born Riccardo Marogna on Tenor Sax, bass clarinet, and electronics. And boy do the pair cover a lot of different types of sound/composition- with it all (just about) staying in the improv bracket.

We move from hovering 'n' swarming "Oed' Und Lees Das Meer" which blends billowing 'n' honking eastern atmospherics with simmering and impassioned blues scaping. Onto the off-colour/dragged-out slide guitar harmonics meets grating horn warble of the lengthy named "The Limp Leaves Waited For Rain, While The Black Clouds Gathered Far Distant, Over Himavant". We even go textured noise bound on "Phantoon" which finds constantly rolling waves of static splutter been scared 'n' slowly bayed by dragged out pop and blips of textured. We have the sour and shrill manic-ness of "Kzans" which it is a blend of constantly picking 'n' ringing guitar harmonics, and tight compressed and looping horn wails. With the album playing out with the wonderful awkward "These Fragments I have Shored Against My Ruins" with its grainy tinkling music box-like tone battering, souring whistling horn work, and scraping texturing.

Pretty much everything that New Wave Of Jazz puts out is worth a play/listen if you enjoy any of the more abstract/daring side of the improv/modern composition. But Ballads From The Wrecked Ship is a real high watermark release- as it's so creative, distinct and wholly rewarding."-Roger Batty, Musique Machine

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Artist Biographies

"Arvind Ganga is a guitar player from Den Haag, the Netherlands. He takes a physical approach to guitar playing, employing objects and extended techniques to explore new sonic possibilities. His music draws from influences as diverse as noise and drones, North Indian ragas, experimental rock, and everyday sounds. With free improvisation he brings these together into an intense, loosely structured, chaotic mesh that is bathing in the rays of a deep red sun. Ethereal noise with a punk-improv attitude. Arvind plays solo, improvises with like-minded musicians, and is active in music/dance improvisation. His music took him to play squats, galleries, clubs and festivals from Poland to Portugal, England to Slovenia, Turkey, Chile, Perú, Thailand and Myanmar."

-Arvind Ganga Website (

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"Riccardo Marogna, born in Verona (Italy), currently lives and works in The Hague (NL). His work incorporates instrumental practice with woodwind instruments, diy electronics, extended instrumental technique, free improvisation, fixed media.

He performed extensively in Italy, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Poland, United States, playing in venues and festivals such as WORM (Rotterdam), REWIRE (The Hague), WIM (Zurich), Studio Loos (The Hague), Centro D'Arte (Padua), STEIM (Amsterdam), AUT Fest (Berlin), Experimental Intermedia (NY). His works have been also presented at NIME Conference 2018 (Blacksburg, US), MusLab 2016 Muestra Internacional de Música Electroacústica (Mexico 2016), Matera Intermedia Festival (Italy, 2017), Colloqui di Informatica Musicale (Biennale Musica, Venice, 2008).

INFERNAL MOSQUITOES is the name of his solo project for saxophone, bass clarinet, and electronics.

His musical collaborations include Sho Shin Duo (with drummer Riccardo La Foresta), Ritual Habitual (with Goncalo Almeida and Phillipp Ernsting), Organo (w/ Aurelie Lierman and Abel Fazekas), DINGEN (w/ Darina Zurkova) as well as a recent collaboration with guitarist Arvind Ganga (soon to be released on Belgian label 'A New Wave of Jazz').

He has been founder and curator of the FREE FALL! concert series in Studio Loos (The Hague), as well as co-founder and director of the Free Fall Improvisers Orchestra and the Oktopus Connection ensemble, with which he explores graphic-notation-based collective improvisation.

His music has been published by El Gallo Rojo Records, Setola di Maiale Label, AUT Records.

He holds a Master from the Institute of Sonology, Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, a BD in Jazz Music & Improvisation by the Conservatoire "G. Frescobaldi" in Ferrara (IT), a MD in Electronic Engineering by University of Padua (IT) and he specialized in Computer Music at IRCAM (Paris).

He is currently a Research Associate at the Institute of Sonology.

From 2005 to 2010 he has been member of the Sound and Music Computing Group at the University of Padua, focusing his research on physically-based synthesis and multimodal interfaces. He is the author and co-author of a number of papers, published by international journals and conferences such as JASA, IEEE, NIME, Biennale Musica, DAFX.

From 2004 to 2006 he has studied theatre and performing arts at TAM - Teatromusica (Padua, IT), under the direction of Michele Sambin, also collaborating in some productions as a performer and stage musician.

He has been leading workshops on improvisation and live electronics, and has a ten years long experience in teaching clarinet and computer music.

Along with (or better, as a part of) his artistic practice, he is an active maker of electronic and software instruments and any kind of weird thing which can produce sound. He likes to combine his expertise in electronic and software engineering with his artistic practice, working with simple and humble materials such as recycled wood, diy electronics, recycled circuits."

-Ricardo Marogna Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Oed' und lees das Meer 8:56

2. Chozodia 3:46

3. The Limp Leaves Waited For Rain, While The Black Clouds Gathered far distant, over Himavant 8:48

4. Phantoon 5:58

5. Zeelas 5:01

6. Kzans 6:19

7. These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins 3:00

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