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Other Plastics (Dominic Coles / Hunter Brown): Overtime Liquor (Creative Sources)

Unusual glitch and extreme electronics improvised by the duo of New York artist Dominic Cole and Chicago/NY artist Hunter Brown (Sound Tribe Sector Nine), using approaches including glitch, noise & circuit bending in 9 pieces with tongue-in-cheek titles, balancing erratic moments with exploratory sections and near silence, an interesting and enigmatic album of aberrant electronics.

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UPC: 5609063406542

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs654
Squidco Product Code: 29756

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded in New York, New York, in the Summer of 2019 by the artists.


Dominic Coles-electronics

Hunter Brown-electronics

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

Overtime Liquor will make you sloppy. It will make you unruly and no doubt will take you out of your head. Drinks on us.

"Other Plastics, the duo of NYC artists Hunter Brown and Dominic Coles, embody a continuation of irreverent, DIY-focused actors in the 21st-century improvised music scene like Joe Foster & Bonnie Jones (English), GOD, or Cremaster into the new decade with their debut release Overtime Liquor. Like these artists, Brown and Cole refract spontaneous actions through an arsenal of repurposed electronics, which may include anything from laptops and complex synthesizer routings to messes of frayed cords and broken-open devices. Opener "Dommy Speaks," in a short and raucous flurry, displays the distinct palette of artificial emission and erroneous electrical chaos with which they will be working over the eight successive tracks; the austere blasts of caustic digital noise and budget sine tones are certainly in a similar vein as the work of other more "academic" electroacoustic improvisers, but there's always a unique freedom to Overtime Liquor, a barely audible but persistent whisper of anything goes beneath the plastic folds. I find it difficult to accurately express what I so intensely enjoy about this album without sounding insulting (although I'm sure these adventurous musicians will understand). There's this... not cheapness, to the music, but a sense that the artists don't discriminate between the sounds they generate, an implicit marriage of indeterminacy and improvisation that can only come from the use of such haphazard materials. It's like Voice Crack; I often feel like I'm more listening to a humble experiment than a considered interaction. And that's what makes this album so uniquely infectious."-Jack Davidson, Noise Not Music

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Artist Biographies

Dominic Coles is a New York City electronics artist, know for his work with Weston Olencki & Michelle Lou; the trio Dominic Coles :: Kifferstein/Olencki :: Jenn Grossman; and the duo Other Plastics with Hunter Brown.

-Squidco 5/31/2023

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"Hunter Brown is a composer, improviser, and percussionist based in Chicago Illinois. His musical practice focuses on creating fluid musical spaces by enabling unpredictable, spontaneous, and idiosyncratic interactions between human performers and digital media. Hunter holds a Bachelor's of Music in Percussion Performance with a Minor in Technology in Music and the Related Arts (TIMARA) from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, and a Masters of Arts in Digital Musics at Dartmouth College. He is currently studying towards a PHD in Music Composition at the University of Chicago."

Research Interests: computer music, free improvisation, algorithmic composition, glitch, noise, circuit bending, extremes.

-University of Chicago (

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Track Listing:

1. Dommy Speaks 2:49

2. Maryanne's 6:12

3. Champagne Steam Rooms 1:37

4. Cold Relish 9:34

5. No Drummers 0:57

6. No Swishers 1:22

7. Squarepusher 3:12

8. Club Hate 1:47

9. Ernest Joseph Anastasio III 3:53

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