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Improv & Jazz Experimental Compositional Rock/RIO/Prog
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Angharad Davies / Rhodri Davies / Michael Duch / Lina Lapelyte / John Lely & John Tilbury: Goldsmiths (Another Timbre)

Doneda / Kocher / Schiller : ///Grape Skin (Another Timbre)

Carl Hubsch Ludwig / Christoph Schiller: Giles U. (Another Timbre)

Angharad Davies / Axel Dorner: A.D. (Another Timbre)

Angharad Davies / Tisha Mukarji : Endspace (Another Timbre)

Decoy (Alexander Hawkins / John Edwards / Steve Noble) With Joe McPhee: AC/DC (Otoroku)

Luigi: Archetti Null IV-VII [4 CD BOX] (Die Schachtel)

Peter Brotzmann / Heather Leigh: Sparrow Nights (Trost Records)

Peter Brotzmann / Fred Hopkins / Rashied Ali: Songlines (Trost Records)

Georg: Graewe Stills And Stories (Random Acoustics)

Thollem / Parker / Cline: Gowanus Sessions II (ESP)

Konstrukt + Ken Vandermark: Kozmik Bazaar [VINYL] (KARLRECORDS)

Smith Quartet with John Tilbury: Morton Feldman: Music for Piano and Strings Volume 3 [DVD-AUDIO] (Matchless)

Christian Wolff / Eddie Prevost: Uncertain Outcomes [2 CDs] (Matchless)

Schlippenbach / Parker / Edwards / Prevost: 3 Nights at Cafe Oto (Matchless)

AMM (Tilbury / Prevost): Place Sub. V (Matchless)

Sebastian Lexer / Evan Parker / Eddie Prevost: Tri-Borough Triptych (Matchless)

Bertrand Denzler / John Edwards / Eddie Prevost: "All-in-All [en tout en pour tout]" Meetings With Remarkable Saxophonists | Volume 4 (Matchless)

AMM: Two London Concerts (Matchless)

Butcher / Viltard / Prevost: "All But" - Meetings with Remarkable Saxophonists -- Volume 2 (Matchless)

Parker / Edwards / Prevost: "All Told" - Meetings with Remarkable Saxophonists -- Volume 1 (Matchless)

Free Jazz Quartet: Memories For The Future (Matchless)

Alexander Schlippenbach Von & Eddie Prevost: Blackheath (Matchless)

AMM w/ John Butcher: Trinity (Matchless)

Eddie Prevost / Alan Wilkinson / Joe Williamson: Along Came Joe (Matchless)

John Butcher / Eddie Prevost : Interworks (Matchless)

MEV/AMM: Apogee (Matchless)

John Tilbury / Eddie Prevost: Discrete Moments (Matchless)

Earle: Brown Chamber Music (Matchless)

AMM: Fine (Matchless)

AMM: Before driving to the chapel we took coffee with Rick and Jennifer Reed (Matchless)

AMM: Live in Allentown USA (Matchless)

AMM: Combines + Laminates + Treatise '84 (Matchless)

AMM: Newfoundland (Matchless)

AMM: The Nameless Uncarved Block (Matchless)

Barry Guy / Eddie Prevost / Evan Parker / Keith Rowe: Supersession [REMASTERED, REPACKAGED, ADDITIONAL TEXT] (Matchless)

John Butcher / Eddie Prevost: Visionary Fantasies (Matchless)

AMM: Generative Themes (Matchless)

AMM: The Crypt - 12th June 1968 The Complete Session [2 CDs] (Matchless)

Peter Evans / John Hebert / Kassa Overall: Zebulon (More Is More)

Peter Evans Quintet: Destination: Void (More Is More)

Futterman / Levin / DuRoche: Timeless Memories (JDF/CLM )

Kidd Jordan / Joel Futterman / William Parker / Alvin Fielder : Live At The Guelph Jazz Festival 2011 (Creative Collective)

Kidd Jordan / Alvin Fielder / Joel Futterman Trio: Live At The Tampere Jazz Happening 2000 (CLM)

Morton Feldman (Philip Thomas): Piano [5 CD BOX SET] (Another Timbre)

Whit Dickey (w/ Nate Wooley / Matthew Shipp): Morph [2 CDs] (ESP)

Anders Dahl & Skogen: Rows (Another Timbre)

Morton Feldman played by John Tilbury & Philip Thomas: Two Pianos And Other Pieces 1953-1969 [2 CDs] (Another Timbre)

Morton Feldman : Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello (Another Timbre)

Laurence Crane / Apartment House: Chamber Works 1992-2009 [2 CDs] (Another Timbre)

Jurg Frey / Magnus Granberg: Early to Late (Another Timbre)

John Cage : Winter Music (Another Timbre)

Karl Evangelista (w/ Alexander Hawkins / Louis Moholo-Moholo / Trevor Watts): Apura! [2 CDs] (Astral Spirits)

Rodrigo Amado / Chris Corsano: No Place To Fall (Astral Spirits)

Thomas / Butcher / Solberg : Fictional Souvenirs [CD] (Astral Spirits)

Tony Irving / Massimo Magee: The Fog [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD] (Astral Spirits)

Brandon Lopez : quoniam facta sum vilis (Astral Spirits)

Harris Eisenstadt (Malaby / Roebke / Bishop): Old Growth Forest II [CD] (Astral Spirits)

AMM: An Unintended Legacy [3 CDs] (Matchless)

Anthony: Braxton Ensemble (Victoriaville) 1988 (Les Disques Victo)

Non Credo: Happy Wretched Family (Les Disques Victo)

Sebastian Gottschick : Notturni (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

Angharad Davies / Tisha Mukarji: Ffansion | Fancies (Another Timbre)

Christoph: Schiller Variations (Another Timbre)

Linda Smith Catlin : Drifter [2 CDs] (Another Timbre)

Joe: Morris Perpetual Frontier The Properties of Free Music [BOOK] (Riti Publishing)

Francois Carrier / Alexander Hawkins / John Edwards / Michel Lambert: Nirguna [2 CDs] (Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

Evan Parker / Eddie Prevost: Tools Of Imagination (Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

George Graewe / Ernst Reijseger / Gerry Hemingway: Concertgebouw Brugge 2014 (Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

Parker / Trzaska / Edwards / Sanders: City Fall [2 CDs] (Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

Paul Lytton / Nate Wooley: Known / Unknown (Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

Ben Stapp / Joe Morris feat. Stephen Haynes : Mind Creature Sound Dasein (Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

Barry Guy : Blue Horizon. Barry Guy@70 (Live At The Ad Libitum Festival 2017) [3 CDs] (Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

McPhee / Reid / Lopez / Nilssen-Love / Rempis: Of Things Beyond Thule Volume 1 [VINYL + DOWNLOAD] (Aerophonic)

Eugene Chadbourne / Henry Kaiser: Wind Crystals: Guitar Duets By Wadada Leo Smith (Relative Pitch)

Bruce Ackley / Fred Frith / Henry Kaiser / Aram Shelton: Unexpected Twins (Relative Pitch)

Tomeka Reid / Filippo Monaco: The Mouser (Relative Pitch)

Mark: Nauseef All In All In all (Relative Pitch)

John Butcher / John Edwards / Mark Sanders: Last Dream Of The Morning (Relative Pitch)

Sylvie Courvoisier / Mary Halvorson: Crop Circles (Relative Pitch)

Ingrid Laubrock / Tom Rainey: Buoyancy (Relative Pitch)

Mette Rasmussen / Chris Corsano Duo: All The Ghosts At Once (Relative Pitch)

Vinny Golia & Urs Leimgruber: Empiricism in the West (Relative Pitch)

Susan: Alcorn Soledad (Relative Pitch)

Nate Wooley (w/ Ingrid Laubrock, Sylvie Courvoisier & Matt Moran): Battle Pieces (Relative Pitch)

Jemeel: Moondoc The Zoopkeeper's House (Trio/Quartet/Quintet) (Relative Pitch)

Mary: Halvorson Reverse Blue (Relative Pitch)

Henry Kaiser / Damon Smith: Relations (Balance Point Acoustics)

Sandy Ewen & Henry Kaiser: Lake Monsters (Balance Point Acoustics)

Jaap Blonk / Damon Smith: Hugo Ball: Sechs Laut- Und Klanggedichte 1916 (Six Sound Poems, 1916) [CASSETTE] (Balance Point Acoustics)

Jimmy: Lyons The Box Set (Ayler)

The: Fish Live at Olympic Cafe & Jazz a Mulhouse [2 CDs] (Ayler)

Mongezi Feza / Rosengren Quartet, Bernt: Free Jam [2 CDs] (Ayler)

Hamid Drake / Assif Tsahar: Live at Glenn Miller Cafe: Soul Bodies Volume 2 (Ayler)

Dennis Gonzalez Yells At Eels (feat. Rodrigo Amado): The Great Bydgoszcz Concert (Ayler)

Abdelhai Bennani Trio: There Starts the Future (Ayler)

Barno / Grip / Lasserre: Snus (Ayler)

Dennis Gonzalez Yells at Eels: Colorado at Clinton (Ayler)

Dennis Gonzalez Yells at Eels: Resurrection and Life (Ayler)

Dennis Gonzalez Yells at Eels: Cape of Storms (Ayler)

Theo Ceccaldi Trio + Joelle Leandre: Can You Smile? (Ayler)

Daunik Lazro : Some Other Zongs (Ayler)

Daniel Carter / Patrick Holmes / Matthew Putman: Whoadie (577)

Daniel Carter / Patrick Holmes / Matthew Putman / Hilliard Greene / Federico Ughi: Electric Telepathy, Vol. 1 (577)

Tony Irving / Massimo Magee : Vitriol And The Third Oraculum (577)

Treesearch: Know More Knowledge (577)

Peter Kowald / Daunik Lazro / Annick Nozati: Instants Chavires (Fou Records)

Departement d'Education Psychique: Untitled [VINYL] (Fou Records)

Marteau Rouge (Pauvros / Sato / Foussat): ... Un Jour Se Leve [VINYL] (Fou Records)

Dave Rempis / Tomeka Reid / Joshua Abrams: Ithra (Aerophonic)

Ballister (Lonberg-Holm / Nilssen-Love / Rempis): Mi Casa Es En Fuego (Ballister Music)

Rempis Percussion Quartet ,The: Phalanx [2 CDs] (Aerophonic)

Astroturf Noise (Harmet / Nagano / Swanson / Martin / Bernstein): Astroturf Noise (577)

Pat Thomas / Dominic Lash / Tony Orrell: BleySchool [VINYL] (577)

Ken Vandermark w/ Butcher / Drake / Kessler / McPhee / Mori / Noble / Prevost / Rasmussen / Tilbury / Wooley: Unexpected Alchemy [7-CD BOX] (Not Two)

Kassel Jaeger / Jim O'Rourke: In Cobalt Aura Sleeps [VINYL] (Editions Mego)

Whit Dickey Trio (w/ Rob Brown / Brandon Lopez): Expanding Light (Tao Forms)

Monash Art Ensemble (Grabowsky / Neal / Ford / Hannaford Williamson / Evans / Hope): Here Now Hear [2 CDs] (FMR)