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Moe!: Staiano The Lateness of Yearly Presentations (Dephine Knormal Musik and Amanita Records)

Moe! Staiano's - MOE!KESTRA!: 2 Rooms Of Uranium Within 83 Markers: Conducted Improvisations, Vol.II (Edgetone Records)

Mute Socialite: More Popular Than Presidents and Generals (Dephine Knormal Musik)

Umlaut Big Band: Plays Don Redman: The King Of Bungle Bar (Umlaut Records)

ISM (Pat Thomas / Joel Grip / Antonin Gerbal): Metaphor (Umlaut Records)

The Cooper-Moore Sessions: Mad King Edmund [3 CD TIN IN A CLOTH BAG + 7'' VINYL] (Split Rock Records)

Kali. Fasteau Z.: Prophecy: The Whale And The Elephant Trade Notes On The State Of The World (Flying Note)

Kali. Fasteau Z.: An Alternate Universe (Flying Note)

Kali Fasteau & Donald Rafael Garrett: Memoirs of a Dream [2 CDs] (Flying Note)

Kali: Fasteau Worlds Beyond Words (Flying Note)

Kali: Fasteau Comraderie (Flying Note)

Kali: Fasteau Animal Grace: Live in Harlem with Louis Moholo-Moholo (Flying Note)

Kali Fasteau Z. / Jordan, Kidd : Live at the Kerava Jazz Festival: Finland (Flying Note)

Franz Koglmann Septet (w / Clark / Arcari / D'Agaro / Turkovic / Pasztor / Herbert): Fruits Of Solitude (Hat Hut Ezz-Thetics)

Daniel Carter / Stelios Mihas / Irma Nejando / Federico Ughi: Radical Invisibility (577)

Franz Koglmann Septet (w / Clark / Arcari / D'Agaro / Turkovic / Pasztor / Herbert): Fruits Of Solitude (Hat Hut Ezz-Thetics)

DKV Trio / Joe McPhee : The Fire Each Time [6 CD BOX] (Not Two Records)

Frode Gjerstad / Hamid Drake / William Parker: [4-CD BOX SET] (Not Two)

Harvey Sorgen / Joe Fonda / Marilyn Crispell: Dreamstruck (Not Two)

Bobby Zankel & The Wonderful Sound 6: Celebrating William Parker at 65 (Not Two)

Parker / Bishop / Karayorgis / McBride / Gray: The Diagonal Filter (Not Two)

Whit Dickey / The Tao Quartets: Peace Planet & Box of Light [2 CDs] (Aum Fidelity)

Derek Bailey / Anthony Braxton: Royal [VINYL 2 LPs] (Honest Jons Records)

Evan: Parker Evan Parker With Birds - For Steve Lacy [VINYL] (Treader)

Sun Ra: The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Volume One [VINYL] (ESP-Disk)

Sun Ra: The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Volume 2 [VINYL] (ESP-Disk)

Korekyojinn (Yoshida Tatsuya): Arabesque [2nd SPECIAL EDITION with new bonus tracks] (Magaibutsu)

Korekyojinn: Fall Line (Magaibutsu)

Acid Mothers Temple SWR: Yes, No & Perhaps (Magaibutsu)

Korekyojinn (Tatsuya / Natsuki / Mitsuru): Jackson [2014 Remaster] (incl "Kaleidoscope" and "Yes Medley") (Magaibutsu)

The: World Heritage Live At Goodman (Magaibutsu)

Uchihashi Kazuhisa / Yoshida Tatsuya: Improvisations 4 [DVD AUDIO + IMAGES] (Magaibutsu)

Kazuhisa / Tatsuya / Satoshi: Deposition & Erosion (Magaibutsu)

The: World Heritage Travelling Silk Road (Magaibutsu)

Sorites Paradox: Sorites Paradox (Magaibutsu)

Acid Mothers Temple SWR & Umezu Kazutoki: Sax & The City (Magaibutsu)

Korekyojin: Tundra (Magaibutsu)

The: World Heritage Invitation to the World Heritage [DVD + CD] (Magaibutsu)

Korekyojinn: Swan Dive [DVD + CD] (Magaibutsu)

Uchihashi Kazuhisa / Tatsuya, Yoshida: Improvisations 3 [DVD] (Magaibutsu Limited)

Koenji Hyakkei: 070531 [DVD] (Magaibutsu)

Uchihashi Kazuhisa / Yoshida Tatsuya: Improvisations 2 (Magaibutsu)

Ruins: Tzomborgha (Magaibutsu)

Steve Lacy Five: Blinks...Zurich 1983 (hatOLOGY)

Sun Ra Arkestra: Sunrise In Different Dimensions (Hatology)

Ran Blake with Ricky Ford and Steve Lacy: That Certain Feeling (Hatology)

Steve Lacy Four: Morning Joy ...Paris Live [reissue] (Hatology)

Christy: Doran In The Corner Of The Eye (Hatology)

Albert Ayler Quintet: Lorrach, Paris 1966 (Hatology)

Joe: McPhee As Serious As Your Life [reissue] (Hatology)

Samuel Blaser Quartet with Marc Ducret: Boundless (Hatology)

Myra Melford Trio: Alive In The House Of Saints, Part 1 (Hatology)

Myra Melford Trio: Alive In The House Of Saints CD 2 (Hatology)

Anthony Braxton / Quartet: (Santa Cruz) 1993 1st Set [REPRESS] (Hatology)

Polwechsel: Traces Of Wood (Hatology)

Liebman / Eskelin with Tony Marino & Jim Black: Non Sequiturs (Hatology)

Marco Orelli 6 von: Close Ties On Hidden Lanes (Hatology)

Samuel Blaser Quartet: As The Sea (Hatology)

Albert: Ayler Quintet Stockholm, Berlin 1966 (Hatology)

Anthony: Braxton Eight (+1) Tristano Compositions 1989 for Warne Marsh (Hatology)

Jackson Harrison Trio: Sintering (Hatology)

Cecil Taylor : Garden 1st Set (Hatology)

Joe: Morris Perpetual Frontier The Properties of Free Music [BOOK] (Riti Publishing)

Blue Sausage Infant: Flight of the Solstice Queens (Zeromoon)

David Myers Lee: Ether Music (Starkland)

Vandermark / Wooley / Courvoisier / Rainey: Noise Of Our Time (Intakt)

Stephan Crump / Ingrid Laubrock / Cory Smythe: Channels (Intakt)

Tom Rainey Trio (w/ Laubrock / Halvorson): Combobulated (Intakt)

Korekyojinn Acoustic: Kaleidoscope (Magaibutsu Limited)

Jeph Jerman / Steve Jansen: Third (Not On Label)

Jeph: Jerman Voiced [CS w/BOOK] (Fidgety Editions)

Derek Bailey / Mick Beck / Paul Hession: Meanwhile, Back In Sheffield... (Discus)

Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere: 03 (Discus)

Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere: Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere (Discus)

Bittova / Riley / Ziporyn: Eviyan Live (Les Disques Victo)

Rova: Resistance (Les Disques Victo)

Fred Frith / Evan Parker: Hello, I Must Be Going (Les Disques Victo)

Evan Parker ElectroAcoustic Septet: Seven (Les Disques Victo)

Bill: Dixon Envoi (Les Disques Victo)

Anthony Braxton : Trio (Victoriaville) 2007 (Les Disques Victo)

Evan Parker Trio & Peter Brotzmann Trio : The Bishop's Move (Les Disques Victo)

Anthony Braxton Sextet: (Victoriaville) 2005 (Les Disques Victo)

Satoko Fujii / Tatsuya Yoshida: Toh-Kichi (Les Disques Victo)

Musique Action #4 (Marclay / Jauniaux / Minton / Yoshihide / Parkins / Weston / Vatcher / Luc Ex): Madame Luckerniddle - Tribute to Tom Cora (Vand'Oeuvre)

Rova: Bingo (Les Disques Victo)

Henry Kaiser : Friends & Heroes: Guitar Duets (Fractal Music)

Masaoka Orchestra: What Is the Difference Between Stripping and Playing the Violin? (Les Disques Victo)

4g (Rowe / Ambarchi / Fennesz / Nakamura): Cloud (erstwhile)

Polwechsel / Fennesz: wrapped islands (erstwhile)

Keith Rowe / Thomas Lehn / Marcus Schmickler: Rabbit Run (erstwhile)

Jerome Noetinger / Erik M: What A wonderful World (erstwhile)

Martin Siewert / Martin Brandlmayr: Too Beautiful to Burn (erstwhile)

Eddie: Prevost Matching Mix [VINYL] (Earshot Recordings)

Rhodri Davies / David Sylvian / Mark Wastell: There Is No Love [WHITE VINYL RSD] (Confront)

Don: Cherry Complete Communion: Live in Hilversum May 9th, 1966 [VINYL] (DBQP)

Okkyung Lee / Bill Orcutt: Live at Cafe OTO [VINYL] (Otoroku)

Don Cherry / Marion Brown / Evan Parker / John Stevens: Free Jazz Meeting Baden Baden '67 (Hi Hat)

Phill: Niblock Music For Cello (Important Records)

Chicago Edge Ensemble (Phillips / Drake / Williams / Bishop / Pablan): Insidious Anthem (Trost Records)

Vienna Art Orchestra: A Notion In Perpetual Motion (Hatology)

Steve: Lacy Shots (Hatology)

Russ Lossing Trio: Oracle (hatOLOGY)

Pandelis Karayorgis Quintet: System Of 5 (Hatology)

Ellery Eskelin / Parkins, Andrea / Black, Jim: One Great Night...Live (Hatology)

Manuel Mengis Gruppe 6: Dulcet Crush (Hatology)

Anthony Braxton Trio & Quintet: Town Hall (Trio & Quintet) 1972 (Hatology)

Loren Connors & Jim O'Rourke: Are You Going To Stop...In Bern? (Hatology)

Ran Blake & Anthony Braxton: A Memory Of Vienna (Hatology)

Noah Kaplan Quartet with Joe Morris: Descendants (Hatology)

Marc Copland / David Liebman Duo: Impressions (Hatology)

Marc Copland Trio: Haunted Heart (Hatology)

Ellery Eskelin / Andrea Parkins / Jim Black: One Great Day (hatOLOGY)

Lee, Konitz Don Friedman & Attila Zoller: Thingin (Hatology)

Bobby Bradford / John Carter Quintet: Comin' On (hatOLOGY)

Ray Anderson / Han Bennink / Christy Doran: A B D (hatOLOGY)