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Jurg Frey : Grizzana and other pieces 2009-2014 [2 CDs] (Another Timbre)

Morton Feldman played by John Tilbury & Philip Thomas: Two Pianos And Other Pieces 1953-1969 [2 CDs] (Another Timbre)

Jennings / Cage / Tilbury / Lexer: Lost Daylight (Another Timbre)

Cogburn / Jones / Rainey: Arena Ladridos (Another Timbre)

Sebastian Lexer & Seymour Wright: blasen (Another Timbre)

Lash / Farmer / Hughes: Droplets (Another Timbre)

Raymond Strid & Roland Keijser: Yellow Bell [3 CD BOX] (Umlaut Records)

Garrison Fewell / Gianni Mimmo: Flawless Dust (Long Song Records)

Emanuele: Parrini The Blessed Prince (Long Song Records)

Black Spirituals: Black Tape [CASSETTE with download] (Astral Spirits)

Joe: Morris Perpetual Frontier The Properties of Free Music [BOOK] (Riti Publishing)

Jack Wright / Ben Bennett : Tangle (Spring Garden Music)

Nom-Tom (Wright / Genetti / Mueller): Nom-Tom (Spring Garden Music)

Jack Wright / John Nystrom: Audible Shadows (Spring Garden Music)

Ellery Eskelin with Susan Alcorn and Michael Formanek: Mirage (Clean Feed)

RIDD Quartet: Fiction Avalanche (Clean Feed)

Ches Smith and These Arches (Smith / Berne / Malaby / Halvorson / Parkins): Hammered (Clean Feed)

Eric Revis / Taylor / McHenry / Jones / Branford Marsalis: In Memory of Things Yet Seen (Clean Feed)

Kris Davis Infrasound (Davis / Goldberg / Noriega / Badenhorst / Bishop / Radley / Versace / Black): Save Your Breath (Clean Feed)

Kaja: Draksler The Lives of Many Others (Clean Feed)

Tetterapadequ: And the Missing "R" (Clean Feed)

Michael: Attias Twines of Colesion (Clean Feed)

Mahanthappa / Lehman: Dual Identity (Clean Feed)

Festen (Hedtjarn / Ullen / Bergman / Carlsson): Festen (Clean Feed)

Jaruzelski's Dream: Jazz Gawronski (Clean Feed)

Joe Morris Quartet: Beautiful Existence (Clean Feed)

Bryn: Harrison Vessels (Another Timbre)

Chang / Davies / Drouin / Durrant / Patterson / Tilbury: Variable Formations (Another Timbre)

Antoine Beuger / Konzert Minimal: The Berlin Series No. 5: tschirtner tunings for twelve (Another Timbre)

Larry: Ochs The Fictive Five (Tzadik)

John: Zorn Madness, Love and Mysticism (Tzadik)

John Zorn / Naked City: Black Box-20th Anniversary Edition: Torture Garden/Leng Tch'e (Tzadik)

Jamie Saft Trio: Astaroth: Book of Angels Vol. 1 Jamie Saft Trio Plays Masada Book Two (Tzadik)

Mark Feldman / Courvoisier, Sylvie: Malphas-Book Of Angels Vol. 3 (Tzadik)

Koby: Israelite John Zorn - Orobas: Book Of Angels Vol. 4 (Tzadik)

Bar Kokhba: Lucifer: Book of Angels Volume 10 (Tzadik)

John; Zorn Masada String Trio: Haborym: The Book Of Angels V. 16 (Tzadik)

Zorn / Medeski / Wollesen / Dunn / Baron: At The Gates Of Paradise (Tzadik)

Braxton / Graves / Parker: Beyond Quantum (Tzadik)

John Zorn & Thurston Moore,: "@" (Tzadik)

John: Zorn A Vision In Blakelight (Tzadik)

John: Zorn The Mysteries (Tzadik)

John: Zorn The Alchemist (Tzadik)

Zion80 (John Zorn): Adramelech: The Book Of Angels Volume 22 (Tzadik)

John: Zorn Flaga: The Book Of Angels Volume 27 (Tzadik)

Morton: Feldman Clarinet & String Quartet (Hat [now] ART)

Morton: Feldman String Quartet (1979) (Hat [now] ART)

Morton: Feldman For Bunita Marcus (Hat [now] ART)

John Cage & Domencio Scarlatti: Changes (Hat [now] ART)

Karlheinz Stockhausen : Mantra (performed by Mark Knoop, Roderick Chadwick and Newton Armstrong) (Hat [now] ART)

Stockhausen / Beethoven (Pi-hsien Chen): Klavierstucke/Sonaten (Hat [now] ART)

Joe McPhee / Lisle, Ellis / Plimley, Paul: Sweet Freedom - Now What? (Hatology)

Steve: Lacy Five The Way [2 CDs] (Hatology)

Peter Kowald / Petit-Jouvet, Laurence: Off The Road (RogueArt)

Henry Cow: In Praise of Learning (Recommended Records)

Jeff Parker / Rob Mazurek: Some Jellyfish Live For Ever [VINYL] (RogueArt)

Swell's Fire Into Music, Steve : Swimming In A Galaxy Of Goodwill And Sorrow (RogueArt)

Henry Cow: Unrest (Remastered) (Recommended Records)

Henry Cow: Box 1: The Road Volumes 1-5 (Recommended Records)

Various Artists: Angelica '96 (Angelica)

Slapp Happy/Henry Cow: Desperate Straights (Recommended Records)

Camberwell Now: All's Well (Recommended Records)

Michele Edelin Trio + Steve Lehman: Kuntu (RogueArt)

Joe Morris Quartet: Graffiti In Two Parts (RogueArt)

Tarbaby (Waits / Evans / Revis / + Lake & Ducret ): Fanon (RogueArt)

Anthony Braxton / Quartet: (Santa Cruz) 1993 1st Set [REPRESS] (Hatology)

Anthony Braxton : Quartet (Santa Cruz) 1993, 2nd Set (Hatology)

Cecil Taylor Unit : The Eighth (Hatology)

Joe McPhee / Survival Unit II / Thorton, Clifford: N.Y., N.Y., 1971 (Hatology)

Steve Lacy / Gysin, Brion: Songs (Hatology)

Steve: Lacy at the New Jazz Meeting Baden-Baden 2002 (Hatology)

Steve: Lacy Shots (Hatology)

Joe: McPhee As Serious As Your Life [reissue] (Hatology)

Ran Blake & Anthony Braxton: A Memory Of Vienna (Hatology)

Steve Lacy Five: Blinks...Zurich 1983 (hatOLOGY)

Steve Lacy Four: Morning Joy ...Paris Live [reissue] (Hatology)

Anthony: Braxton Eight (+1) Tristano Compositions 1989 for Warne Marsh (Hatology)

Cecil Taylor : Garden 1st Set (Hatology)

Cecil Taylor : Garden, 2nd Set (Hatology)

Henry: Threadgill Everybody's Mouth's a Book (Pi Recordings)

Henry Threadgill Zooid: This Brings Us To, Volume I (Pi Recordings)

Henry Threadgill Zooid: This Brings Us To, Volume II (Pi Recordings)

Jen Shyu + Mark Dresser: Synastry (Pi Recordings)

New Zion Trio & Cyro Baptista: Sunshine Seas [VINYL] (Rarenoise Records)

Mats Gustafsson / Merzbow / Balazs Pandi / Thurston Moore: Cuts of Guilt, Cuts Deeper [2 CDs] (Rarenoise Records)

Martin Kuchen : ...And Everything Inside Came Down As Dust (Confront)

Sandy Ewen / Damon Smith: Valle de Mexico (Confront)

Taumatrop (Fages / Marquez): For John Ayrton Paris (Confront)

The: Sealed Knot Surface/Plane (Confront)

Ran Blake with Ricky Ford and Steve Lacy: That Certain Feeling (Hatology)

Anthony: Braxton Seven Compositions (Trio) 1989 (Hatology)

Anthony Braxton (+Duke Ellington): Concept of Freedom (Hatology)

Wolpe / Feldman / Zimmerman / Seel: Four Generations (Hat [now] ART)

Bobby-John Bradford Carter Quintet: Comin' On (hatOLOGY)

Christy: Doran In The Corner Of The Eye (Hatology)

John: Cage Imaginary Landscapes (Hat [now] ART)

John: Cage Sonatas & Interludes (1946 - 1948) (Hat [now] ART)

John: Cage Ryoanji (Hat [now] ART)

Russ: Lossing All Things Arise (Hatology)

Jackson Harrison Trio: Land Tides (Hatology)

Steve Lantner Quartet: Given - Live In Munster (Hatology)

Zorn / Lewis / Frisell: More News For Lulu (Hatology)

ICP Orchestra: Jubilee Varia (Hatology)

Gerry Hemingway Quintet: Demon Chaser (Hatology)

Ray Anderson / Han Bennink / Christy Doran: A B D (hatOLOGY)

Taylor Bynum Ho Sextet: Asphalt Flowers Forking Paths (Hatology)

Machinefabriek : Sprank (Norwegianism)

Machinefabriek (w/ Anne Bakker / Edita Karkoschka): Crumble (Self Released)

Gareth Davis / Machinefabriek: Shroud Lines (White Paddy Mountain)

David: Toop Life on the Inside [VINYL] (Sub Rosa)

Fire!: She Sleeps, She Sleeps [VINYL] (Rune Grammofon)