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Lean Left (The Ex guitars meet Nilssen-Love/Vandermark Duo): Live at Cafe Oto (Unsounds)

John Butcher / Andy Moor: Experiments With A Leaf (Unsounds)

Lean Left: Live At Area Sismica (Unsounds)

Butcher / Buck / Mayas / Stangl: Plume (Unsounds)

Joelle Leandre / Lewis, George : Transatlantic Visions (RogueArt)

Sun Ra: Horizon (Art Yard)

The: Necks Chemist (Recommended Records)

Various Artists: Recommended Records Sampler [2 CDs] (Recommended Records)

Pauline Oliveros / Roscoe Mitchell / John Tilbury / Wadada Leo Smith: Nessuno (Angelica)

The: Necks The Necks Box [8 CD BOX SET] (Recommended Records)

The: Necks Drive By (Recommended Records)

The: Necks Townsville (Recommended Records)

Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Myth Science Solar Arkestra: On Jupiter (Art Yard)

The: Necks Mindset (Recommended Records)

Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Myth Science Solar Arkestra: The Antique Blacks (Art Yard)

Illegal Crowns (Halvorson / Fujiwara / Delbecq / Ho Bynum): Illegal Crowns (RogueArt)

Sun Ra: Joyful Noise [BLU-RAY] (MVD)

Sun Ra: Media Dreams (Art Yard)

Tiger Trio (Leandre / Melford / Nicole Mitchell): Unleashed (RogueArt)

Bob Drake : Arx Pilosa (Recommended Records)

The: Necks Hanging Gardens (Recommended Records)

Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere: 02 (Discus)

Martin Archer : Story Tellers (Discus)

Butcher / Muller / van der Schyff: Way Out Northwest (Drip Audio)

Francois: Houle Aerials (Drip Audio)

Peggy: Lee Band Invitation (Drip Audio)

Ratchet Orchestra: Hemlock (Drip Audio)

Tony Wilson Sextet: The People Look Like Flowers at Last (Drip Audio)

Gord Grdina Trio with Mats Gustafsson: Barrel Fire (Drip Audio)

Various Artists (including Talibam!): Getting Rid of the Glue [VINYL] (Pendu Sound Recordings)

Konrad: Bauer Toronto Tone (Les Disques Victo)

Barre: Phillips Camouflage (Les Disques Victo)

Mark Dresser / Denman Maroney : Duologues (Les Disques Victo)

Anthony Braxton Steptet (with Ho Bynum / Halvorson / Pavone / Rozen / Siegel / Testa): Echo Echo Mirror House (Les Disques Victo)

Chadbourne / Blechdom: The Chaddom Blechbourne Experience (Les Disques Victo)

Greg: Cohen Golden State (Relative Pitch)

Stephen Gauci / Kirk Knuffke / Ken Filiano: Chasing Tales (Relative Pitch)

Jemeel: Moondoc The Zoopkeeper's House (Trio/Quartet/Quintet) (Relative Pitch)

Joe Morris : Solos - Bimhuis (Relative Pitch)

Tomas Fujiwara / Ben Goldberg / Mary Halvorson: The Out Louds (Relative Pitch)

Thollem / Mazurek: Blind Curves and Box Canyons (Relative Pitch)

AYCH (Jim Hobbs, Mary Halvorson, Taylor Ho Bynum): As The Crow Flies (Relative Pitch)

Joelle Leandre & Jerome Bourdellon: Evidence (Relative Pitch)

Chaman Chomeur : Chaman Chomeur (BeCoq)

Konstrukt w/ Graham Massey & David McLean: Live at Islington Mills [CASSETTE with DOWNLOAD CODE] (Astral Spirits)

Anker / Lonberg-Holm & Jackson / Serries: Two Duos [CASSETTE with download] (Astral Spirits)

Boxhead Ensemble: La Hora Magica [CASSETTE with download code] (Astral Spirits)

Icepick (Nate Wooley, Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten & Chris Corsano): Amaranth [VINYL + DOWNLOAD CODE] (Astral Spirits)

Machinefabriek (w/ Anne Bakker / Edita Karkoschka): Crumble (Self Released)

Christian: Wolff Exercise 15 (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Alfred: Zimmerlin Dunki . Frey . Aeschbacher . Capt . Hefti . Moster (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

John: Cage Empty Words (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Cage . Pisaro . Frey . Beuger: Accordion Music (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Jurg: Frey String Quartet No. 3 / Unhorbare Zeit (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Jurg: Frey String Quartets (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Christian Wolff / Wandelweiser Komponisten Ensemble: Stones (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Full Blast (Brotzmann / Pliakas / Wertmuller): Risc (Trost Records)

Albert Ayler : The Hilversum Session (ESP)

St. Francis Duo (Stephen O'Malley / Steve Noble): Peacemaker Assembly (Trost Records)

Peter Brotzmann / Fred Hopkins / Rashied Ali: Songlines (Trost Records)

Jungle: Mat Walerian / Matthew Shipp / Hamid Drake: Live at Okuden [2 CDs] (ESP)

Sun Ra: The Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra [3 CD BOX] (ESP)

Paul: Bowles Music of Morocco: Recorded by Paul Bowles, 1959 [4CD & BOOK + DOWNLOAD] (Dust-to-Digital)

Hartmut Geerken And Chris Trent: Omniverse Sun Ra [BOOK] (Art Yard)

Brotzmann / Van Hove / Bennink (w/ Albert Mangelsdorff): The End [VINYL] (Cien Fuegos)

Brotzmann / Van Hove / Bennink (w/ Albert Mangelsdorff): Couscouss de la Mauresque [VINYL] (Cien Fuegos)

Albert: Ayler Spirits Rejoice [VINYL] (ESP)

Peter: Cusack After Being In Holland For Two Years [VINYL] (Blume)

Oren Ambarchi / Kassel Jaeger / James Rushford: Pale Calling [VINYL] (Black Truffle)

Peter Brotzmann / Hamid Drake: Solid & Spirit [VINYL 2 LPs] (Nero's Neptune)

Jean: Schwarz Erda / Suite N [VINYL] (Recollection GRM)

Okkyung Lee / Bill Orcutt: Live at Cafe OTO [VINYL] (Otoroku)

The: Necks Unfold [VINYL 2 LPs] (Ideologic Organ)

Akio Suzuki / Lawrence English: Boombana Echoes Fan [CD + PRINTS] (Winds Measure)

Tetuzi Akiyama / Jason Kahn / Toshimaru Nakamura: IHJ / Ftarri (Winds Measure)

Cornford Stephen / Ben Gwilliam: On Taking Things Apart (Winds Measure)

Pisaro / Chabala: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue (Voyelles) [CASSETTE] (Winds Measure Recordings)

Pisaro / Chabala: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue (Voyelles) [2 CDs] (Winds Measure Recordings)

Anthony Braxton / Derek Bailey: Moment Precieux (Les Disques Victo)

Heiner Goebbels / Alfred 23 Harth: Live at Victoriaville (Les Disques Victo)

Jean: Derome Confitures de Gagaku (Les Disques Victo)

Marilynn: Crispell Labyrinths (Les Disques Victo)

Anthony: Braxton Ensemble (Victoriaville) 1988 (Les Disques Victo)

Lindsay: Cooper Oh Moscow (Les Disques Victo)

Zeena: Parkins Ursa's Door (Les Disques Victo)

Diedre Murray / Fred Hopkins: Firestorm (Les Disques Victo)

Anthony Braxton Quartet: (Victoriaville) 1992 (Les Disques Victo)

Paul Plimley / Lisle Ellis / Gregg Bendian : Noir (Les Disques Victo)

Konrad Bauer Trio : Three Wheels - Four Directions (Les Disques Victo)

Lisle Ellis : Elevations (Les Disques Victo)

King / Moss / Yoshihide ‎: All At Once At Any Time (Les Disques Victo)

Keith: Tippett Une Croix Dans L'Ocean (Les Disques Victo)

Charles: Gayle Unto I Am (Les Disques Victo)

Rene Lussier & Now Orchestra: Le Tour Du Bloc (Les Disques Victo)

Boris: Kovac Anamnesis: Ecumenical Mysteries (Les Disques Victo)

Evan Parker / Sainkho Namtchylak: Mars Song (Les Disques Victo)

Thurston Moore / Tom Surgal / William Winant : Piece For Jetsun Dolma (Les Disques Victo)

Eugene Chadbourne / Paul Lovens: Patrizio (Les Disques Victo)

Musci / Venosta / Mariani: Losing the Orthodox Path (Les Disques Victo)

Chris: Burn Music For Three Rivers (Les Disques Victo)

Gianni Gebbia / Terra Arsa: Il Libro Degli Eroi (Les Disques Victo)

Robert Dick / John Wolf Brennan / Daniele Patumi : Aurealis (Les Disques Victo)

Lee Ranaldo / William Hooker / Jim O'Rourke / Gianni Gebbia: Clouds: Victoriaville Concert May 1997 (Les Disques Victo)

Ben: Goldberg Eight Phrases For Jefferson Rubin (Les Disques Victo)

Fushitsusha: Withdrawe, this sable Disclosure ere devot'd (Les Disques Victo)

Boris: Kovac East Off Europe - Closing the Circle (Les Disques Victo)