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Anthony: Pateras Collected Works 2002-2012 [5 CD BOX] (Immediata)

Anthony Pateras / Erkki Veltheim: Entertainment = Control (Immediata)

Ned Rothenberg Double Band: Parting (Moers Music)

Ned Rothenberg Double Band: Real and Imagined Time (Moers Music)

Double Rothenberg Ned Band : Overlays (Moers Music)

Korekyojinn Acoustic: Kaleidoscope (Magaibutsu Limited)

Shipp String Trio, Matthew: By The Law of Music (Hatology)

Liebman / Beirach/ Mcclure/ Hart : Redemption (Hatology)

David Liebman / Marc Copland Duo: Bookends [2 CDs] (Hatology)

Cosa Brava (Frith / Kihlstedt / Parkins): The Letter (Intakt)

Gunter: Sommer Sachsische Schatulle (Intakt)

Cortex (Johansson / Alberts / Hoyer / Nilssen): Live in New York (Clean Feed)

John Lindberg BC3 (Lindberg / Harrison / Norton): Born In An Urban Ruin (Clean Feed)

Kaja Draksler / Susana Santos Silva: This Love (Clean Feed)

Tony Malaby Paloma Recio: Incantations (Clean Feed)

Ran Blake / Sara Serpa: Aurora (Clean Feed)

Conference Call: Poetry In Motion (Clean Feed)

John Hebert Trio: Spiritual Lover (Clean Feed)

Arrive: Shelton / Adasiewicz / Roebke / Daisy: There Was (Clean Feed)

Angelica Sanchez / Wadada Leo Smith: Twine Forest (Clean Feed)

RED Trio w/ John Butcher: Summer Skyshift (Clean Feed)

Dre Hocevar : Collective Effervescence (Clean Feed)

Julie Kjaer 3 (Kjaer / Edwards / Noble): Dobbeltgaenger (Clean Feed)

Joe Morris / Nate Wooley: Tooth and Nail (Clean Feed)

Jason Robinson / Anthony Davis: Cerulean Landscape (Clean Feed)

Ricardo Gallo Tierra de Nadie: The Great Fine Line (Clean Feed)

Ralph Alessi and This Against That: Wiry Strong (Clean Feed)

Bruno Chevillon / Berne, Tim: Old and Unwise (Clean Feed)

Scott Fields Multiple Joyce Orchestra: Moersbow Ozzo (Clean Feed)

Ballister (Dave Rempis, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Paal Nilssen-Love): Mechanisms (Clean Feed)

RED Trio + Nate Wooley: Stem (Clean Feed)

McPhee / Saft / Morris / Downs: Ticonderoga (Clean Feed)

Nick Fraser (feat. Tony Malaby and Kris Davis): Too Many Continents (Clean Feed)

Brotzmann / Edwards / Noble: Soulfood Available (Clean Feed)

Friends and Neighbors: Hymn For A Hungry Nation (Clean Feed)

Chicago / Sao Paulo Underground feat Pharoah Sanders: Pharoah and the Underground / Spiral Mercury (Clean Feed)

Ellery Eskelin with Susan Alcorn and Michael Formanek: Mirage (Clean Feed)

Lotte Anker / Rodrigo Pinheiro / Hernani Faustino: Birthmark (Clean Feed)

Paradoxical Frog: Union (Clean Feed)

Perelman / Levin / Zetterberg: Soulstorm (Clean Feed)

Peter Evans Quartet: Live in Lisbon (Clean Feed)

Harris: Eisenstadt Canada Day (Clean Feed)

Flatlands Collective, The: Maatjes (Clean Feed)

Tony Malaby : Tamarindo (Clean Feed)

Townhouse Orchestra (E.Parker/ Sandell / Flaten / Nilssen-Love): Belle Ville (Clean Feed)

Gauci's Basso Continuo, Stephen : Nididhyasana (Clean Feed)

Alvin: Fielder Trio A Measure of Vision (Clean Feed)

Herb Robertson - NY Downtown Allstars: Elaboration (Clean Feed)

Whit: Dickey In a Heartbeat (Clean Feed)

Vinny Golia Quartet: Sfumato (Clean Feed)

Charles: Gayle SHOUT! (Clean Feed)

Rob Brown Trio : Sounds (Clean Feed)

Anthony Braxton / Fonda, Joe: Duets 1995 (Clean Feed)

Sten Sandell Trio / Butcher, John: Strokes (Clean Feed)

Made to Break: Lacerba [VINYL] (Clean Feed)

Evan Parker / John Edwards / Steve Noble : PEN (Dropa Disc)

Jean-Luc Guionnet + Eric La Casa + Philip Samartzis: Stray Shafts of Sunlight (Swarming)

Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Trinite: Aether (Creative Sources)

IKB: Chelonoidis Nigra (Creative Sources)

Phantom Trio (Tavares / Almeida / Martins): #00 (Creative Sources)

Great Waitress (Altman / Brooks / Mayas): Flock (Creative Sources)

Mitzlaff / Mira: cellos (Creative Sources)

Charbin / Van Isacker: kryscraft (Creative Sources)

Szilard Mezei / Markos, Albert: Korom (Creative Sources)

Peter Evans / Blancarte, Tom: [sparks] (Creative Sources)

Variable Geometry Orchestra: live at the casa da musica, porto (Creative Sources)

Scott: Fields drawings (Creative Sources)

Willers / Kneer / Marien: Nulli Secundus (Creative Sources)

Grutronic & Evan Parker: Together in Zero Space (psi)

The: Sealed Knot Unwanted Object (Confront)

Oceans of Silver & Blood: Oceans of Silver & Blood (Confront)

Jackson / Long / Taylor / Tippett: Four Quartets (Confront)

Akode (Wilkinson / Johannsesn / Hoyer / Andersen): North And South (Confront)

Schall Und Rausch (Mukarji / Arrias / Dorner / Fagaschinski): Vapour (Confront)

Watts / Weston / Sanders / Edwards: Hear Now: A Film by Mark French [DVD] (FMR)

Frode Gjerstad / John Stevens: Let's Just Keep Going (FMR)

Dunmall / Wooster / Sanders / Mapp: The Iceberg Quartet (FMR)

Frode Gjerstad Trio (w/ Paal Nilssen-Love / Jon Rune Strom): Miyazaki (FMR)

Red Dhal Sextet (Jeffery / Schubert / Dunmall / Schlippenbach / Majkowski / Dimitriadis): Red Dhal Sextet (FMR)

Carrier / Lambert / Lapin: All Out (FMR)

Circuit: Pyro (FMR)

Circuit: Electro Acoustic Ensemble: Epiphany (FMR)

Dunmall / Bianco / Kane: Ritual Beyond (FMR)

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra & George Lewis: Artificial Life 2007 (FMR)

Willi Kellers Quartet: Life In A Black Box (FMR)

Fred Lonberg-Holm / Frode Gjerstad: Life On Sandpaper (FMR)

Pedersen / Johannesen / Corsano: Door to Door (FMR)

Pat Thomas : Plays The Music Of Derek Bailey & Thelonious Monk (FMR)

Federico Ughi Quartet (Ughi / Schug / Knuffke / Johnson): Federico Ughi Quartet (FMR)

Stan Tracey & Evan Parker: Crevulations (psi)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Summer 1967 (Emanem)

Evan Parker / Barry Guy / Paul Lytton: At The Vortex (Emanem)

Roswell: Rudd Blown Bone (Emanem)

BARREL (Blunt / Kallin / Marshall): Gratuitous Abuse (Emanem)

Steve: Lacy Avignon And After Vol.1 (Emanem)

ISKRA 1903 (Rutherford / Bailey / Guy): Chapter One (1970-2) [3 CDs] (Emanem)

Kenny: Wheeler Dream Sequence (psi)

Evan: Parker Octet Crossing the River (psi)

Schlippenbach Trio: Winterreise (psi)

London Improvisers Orchestra: Improvisations for George Riste (psi)

John: Edwards Volume (psi)

Evan: Parker Saxophone Solos (psi)

Grutronic: Essex Foam Party (psi)

Evan Parker & Matthew Wright: Trance Map (psi)

Adam Linson Systems Quartet (Dorner / Mahall / Linson / Lytton): Figures And Grounds (psi)

Tony: Marsh Quartet Quartet Improvisations (psi)