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Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York: Fukushima (Libra)

Gato Libre: DuDu (Libra)

Gato Libre (Tamura / Fujii / Tsumura / Koreyasu): Shiro (Libra)

Satoko Fujii / Bley, Paul: Something About Water (Libra)

Fredrik Nordstrom : Needs (Clean Feed)

Fish-Scale Sunrise (Ab Baars / Kaja Draksler / Joe Williamson: No Queen Rises (Relative Pitch)

Evan Parker & Sylvie Courvoisier: Either Or And (Relative Pitch)

Sylvie Courvoisier / Mary Halvorson: Crop Circles (Relative Pitch)

Joey Baron / Bill Frisell: Just Listen (Relative Pitch)

Susan: Alcorn Soledad (Relative Pitch)

Nate: Wooley Battle Pieces 2 (Relative Pitch)

Samara Lubelski / Bill Nace: S/T (Relative Pitch)

Magda Mayas / Jim Denley: Tempe Jetz (Relative Pitch)

Tomas Fujiwara / Ben Goldberg / Mary Halvorson: The Out Louds (Relative Pitch)

Chris Abrahams / Magda Mayas: Gardener (Relative Pitch)

Corsano / Courviosier / Wooley: Salt Task (Relative Pitch)

Urs Leimgruber / Roger Turner: The Pancake Tour (Relative Pitch)

Peter Evans / Tim Dahl / Mike Pride: Pulverize The Sound (Relative Pitch)

Irene Aranda / Johannes Nastejo / Nuria Andorra: Inner Core (Relative Pitch)

Chris Pitsiokos / Susana Santos Silva / Torbjorn Zetterberg: Child Of Illusion (Clean Feed)

Friends & Neighbors (Roligheten / Johansson / Gronberg / Rune Strom / Ostvang): What's Next? (Clean Feed)

Tony Malaby : Tamarindo (Clean Feed)

Roots Magic (Popolla / Defabriths / Tedeschi / Spera / Ventiucci): Hoodoo Blues (Clean Feed)

Kaja: Draksler The Lives of Many Others (Clean Feed)

Cortex: Avant-Garde Party Music (Clean Feed)

Angles 9 (Zethson / Stahl / Broo / Kajfes / Aleklint / Hegdal / Berthling / Werlin / Kuchen): Disappeared Behind the Sun (Clean Feed)

Davis / Laubrock / Sorey: Paradoxical Frog (Clean Feed)

John Lindberg Raptor Trio (Lindberg / Calogero / LaBarbera): Western Edges (Clean Feed)

Adam Lane Full Throttle Orchestra: Live In Ljubljana (Clean Feed)

Imaginary Numbers (McPhee / Niggenkemper / Solberg): Imaginary Numbers (Clean Feed)

Bruno Parrinha / Luis Lopes / Ricardo Jacinto: Garden (Clean Feed)

Rova / Bruckmann & Kaiser: Steve Lacy's Saxophone Special Revisited (Clean Feed)

The: Fish Moon Fish (Clean Feed)

Steve Adams Trio: Surface Tension (Clean Feed)

Angelica Sanchez Quintet: Wires and Moss (Clean Feed)

Mia Dyberg Trio: Ticket! (Clean Feed)

Perelman / Levin / Zetterberg: Soulstorm (Clean Feed)

Mette Rasmussen / Chris Corsano: A View Of The Moon (From The Sun) (Clean Feed)

Axel Dorner / Mia Dyberg / Pierre Borel / Ernesto Rodrigues / Tristan Honsinger / Guilherme Rodrigues: Laura (Creative Sources)

Voutchkova / Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Mayas: The Afterlife of Trees (Creative Sources)

Tyshawn Sorey : Pillars IV [VINYL 2 LPs 180g with DOWNLOAD] (Firehouse 12 Records)

Mary: Halvorson Meltframe (Firehouse 12 Records)

Taylor Bynum Ho & SpiderMonkey Strings: Madeleine Dreams (Firehouse 12 Records)

Tyshawn: Sorey That/Not (Firehouse 12 Records)

Myra's Melford Be Bread: The Whole Tree Gone (Firehouse 12 Records)

Mary: Halvorson Bending Bridges [2 VINYL LPs] (Firehouse 12 Records)

Mary: Halvorson Away With You [VINYL 2 LPs] (Firehouse 12 Records)

Various Artists: 30/4 (Fragment Factory)

Eryck Abecassis / Francisco Meirino: La Gueule Du Loup (Fragment Factory)

Jurg: Frey L'ame Est Sans Retenue I [5 CDs] (erstwhile)

Keith Rowe : The Room Extended [4 CDs] (erstwhile)

Keith Rowe / Michael Pisaro: 13 Thirteen [2 CDs] (erstwhile)

Lucio Capece / Marc Baron: My Trust In You (erstwhile)

Jerome Noetinger / Will Guthrie: Face Off (erstwhile)

Toshiya Tsunoda / Taku Unami: Wovenland (erstwhile)

Keith Rowe / Thomas Lehn / Marcus Schmickler: Rabbit Run (erstwhile)

Keith Rowe / Beins, Burkhard: Erstwhile Live 001 (erstwhile)

Keith: Rowe September (erstwhile)

Toshimaru Nakamura / Sachiko M: do (erstwhile)

Jerome Noetinger / Erik M: What A wonderful World (erstwhile)

Toshimaru Nakamura / English (Foster, Joe / Jones, Bonnie): One Day (erstwhile)

Burkhard Stangl / Dieb13: eh (erstwhile)

Pisaro / Chabala / Stuart: close constellations and a drum on the ground (Gravity Wave)

Pisaro: Chabala / Porter: asleep, street, pipes, tones (Gravity Wave)

Michael: Pisaro The Middle of Life (Die ganze Zeit) (Gravity Wave)

Jason: Stein Quartet Lucille! [VINYL] (Delmark)

Ivo Perelman / Karl Berger: The Hitchhiker (Leo)

Ivo Perelman Trio: Mind Games (Leo)

Ivo Perelman / Matthew Shipp / Gerald Cleaver: The Art Of The Improv Trio Volume 3 (Leo)

Ivo Perelman / Nate Wooley / Brandon Lopez / Gerald Cleaver: Octagon (Leo)

Ivo Perelman / Joe Morris / Gerald Cleaver: The Art Of The Improv Trio Volume 6 (Leo)

Ivo Perelman / Joe Morris / Gerald Cleaver: The Art Of The Improv Trio Volume 5 (Leo)

Roscoe Mitchell / Montreal-Toronto Art Orchestra: Ride The Wind (NESSA)

Nick Mazzarella / Tomeka Reid: Signaling (NESSA)

Jimmy: Lyons The Box Set (Ayler)

Exploding Customer: Live at Tampere Jazz Happening (Ayler Records)

Akchote / Foussat / Turner: Acid Rain (Ayler)

Joelle Leandre / Marc Ducret: Chez Helene (Ayler)

Free Pantone Trio: A Blink Of An Eye To The Nature Of Things (FMR)

Phil Gibbs / Marcello Magliocchi / Adrian Northover / Maresuke Okamoto: Sezu (FMR)

Gjerstad / Edwards / Sanders: Bergen (FMR)

Gjerstad / Lonberg-Holm / Zerang: Sugar Maple (FMR)

Runcible Quintet, The: Four (FMR)

Dunmall / Schubert / Dessanay / Bashford: Sign Of The Times (FMR)

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra: The Word For it Now (FMR)

Misha Mengelberg / Peter Brotzmann / Evan Parker / Peter Bennink / Paul Rutherford / Derek Bailey / Han Bennink : Groupcomposing (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Nino: Rota Amarcord (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Dave Holland Feat. Evan Parker / Craig Taborn / Ches Smith: Uncharted Territories [2 CDs] (Dare2 Records)

John: Zorn Insurrection (Tzadik)

The: Necks Vertigo (Northern Spy)

The: Necks Open (Northern Spy)

John: Zorn A Dreamers Christmas [VINYL] (Tzadik)

John: Zorn A Dreamers Christmas (Tzadik)

Amado / Mcphee / Kessler / Corsano: A History Of Nothing (Trost Records)

Fujii / Fonda / Mimmo: Triad (Long Song Records)

Cornelius Cardew / London Experimental Ensemble: Treatise (Split Rock Records)

Joe Morris / Chris Cretella: Storms (Glacial Erratic)

Sun Ra: Joyful Noise [BLU-RAY] (MVD)

Henry Cow: Box 2: The Road: Volumes 6-10 with DVD (Recommended Records)

William Parker : Conversations II Dialogues & Monologues [CD & BOOK] (RogueArt)

Tarbaby (Waits / Evans / Revis / + Lake & Ducret ): Fanon (RogueArt)

Evan Parker / Matthew Shipp: Rex, Wrecks & XXX [2 CDs] (RogueArt)

Rob Brown Quartet: Radiant Pools (RogueArt)

Matthew Shipp Quartet Declared Enemy: Our Lady Of The Flowers (RogueArt)

Various Artists: 13 Miniatures For Albert Ayler (RogueArt)

Indigo Trio (Mitchell / Drake / Bankhead): Anaya (RogueArt)

Stefano: Scodanibbio Incontri & Reuniones (Angelica)

John Greaves / Peter Blegvad / Lisa Herman : Kew Rhone (Recommended Records)

Right Hemisphere (Shipp / Brown / Morris / Dickey): Right Hemisphere (RogueArt)

William Parker Double Quartet: Alphaville Suite: Music Inspired by the Jean Luc Godard film (RogueArt)

Nicole Mitchell & an_Arche NewMusic Ensemble: Arc Of O For Improvisers, Chamber Orchestra & Electronics (RogueArt)

Nicole Mitchell Sonic Projections (Mitchell / Taborn / Boykin / Taylor): The Secret Escapades Of Velvet Andersen (RogueArt)

Fred: Frith Propaganda (Recommended Records)

Nicole: Mitchell Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds (FPE Records)

Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth: Intergalactic Beings (For Practically)