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Kris: Davis Aeriol Piano (Clean Feed)

Harris: Eisenstadt Guewel (Clean Feed)

Perch Hen Brock & Rainy (Ab Baars / Ig Henneman / Ingrid Laubrock / Tom Raine): Live @ The Jazz Happening Tampere (Relative Pitch)

AYCH (Jim Hobbs, Mary Halvorson, Taylor Ho Bynum): As The Crow Flies (Relative Pitch)

Stephen Gauci / Kirk Knuffke / Ken Filiano: Chasing Tales (Relative Pitch)

Matana Roberts : Always (Relative Pitch)

Mette Rasmussen / Chris Corsano Duo: All The Ghosts At Once (Relative Pitch)

Tony Malaby Paloma Recio: Incantations (Clean Feed)

Mockuno NuClear: Drop It (NoBusiness)

William Hooker Quintet featuring Adam Lane: Channels of Consciousness (NoBusiness)

Peter Kuhn (w/ Toshinori Kondo / Arthur Williams / William Parker / Denis Charles): No Coming, No Going. The Music of Peter Kuhn, 1978-1979 [2 CDs] (NoBusiness)

William: Hooker Light (1975 - 1989) [4 CD Box Set] (NoBusiness)

Martin Kuchen / Johan Berthling / Steve Noble: Night In Europe (NoBusiness)

William Hooker / Thomas Chapin: Crossing Points (NoBusiness)

RED trio & Mattias Stahl: North And Red Stream (NoBusiness)

Adam Lane / Darius Jones / Vijay Anderson: Absolute Horizon (NoBusiness)

Pascal Niggenkemper / Simon Nabatov / Gerald Cleaver: Upcoming Hurricane (NoBusiness)

Melodic Art-Tet (Brackeen, Abdullah, Parker, Blank, Waters): Melodic Art-Tet (NoBusiness)

Daunik Lazro / Joelle Leandre: Hasparren (NoBusiness)

Joe McPhee and Michael Zerang: Creole Gardens (A New Orleans Suite) (NoBusiness)

Billy Bang / William Parker: Medicine Buddha (NoBusiness)

The Group (Abdullah / Brown / Bang / Sirone / Hopkins / Cyrille): Live (NoBusiness)

Convergence Quartet, The: Slow and Steady (NoBusiness)

Billy Bang Survival Ensemble: Black Man's Blues / New York Collage [2 CDs] (NoBusiness)

Evan Parker / Barry Guy / Paul Lytton: Live at Maya Recordings Festival (NoBusiness)

Rodrigo's Amado Motion Trio, & Jeb Bishop: Burning Live at Jazz Ao Centro (Jacc Records)

Scott Fields Freetet : Bitter Love Songs (Clean Feed)

Fields Ensemble, Scott : Denouement (Clean Feed)

Nate Wooley Quintet (Wooley / Sinton / Moran / Opsvik / Eisenstadt): (Dance to) The Early Music (Clean Feed)

Michael Dessen Trio: Resonating Abstractions (Clean Feed)

Paradoxical Frog: Union (Clean Feed)

SKM : Gauci / Davis / Bisio: Three (Clean Feed)

BassDrumBone: The Other Parade (Clean Feed)

Ballister (Dave Rempis, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Paal Nilssen-Love): Mechanisms (Clean Feed)

Eric: Revis City of Asylum (Clean Feed)

Nobuyasu Furuya Trio: Bendowa (Clean Feed)

Ralph Alessi and This Against That: Wiry Strong (Clean Feed)

Harris: Eisenstadt September Trio (Clean Feed)

Daniel Levin Quartet: Bacalhau (Clean Feed)

Ellery Eskelin with Susan Alcorn and Michael Formanek: Mirage (Clean Feed)

Trumpets and Drums (Wooley / Evans / Black / Lytton): Live in Ljubljana (Clean Feed)

Matthieu Donarier's / Albert van Veenendaal's Planetarium: The Visible Ones (Clean Feed)

Tetterapadequ: And the Missing "R" (Clean Feed)

Chicago / Sao Paulo Underground feat Pharoah Sanders: Pharoah and the Underground / Spiral Mercury (Clean Feed)

Julie Kjaer 3 (Kjaer / Edwards / Noble): Dobbeltgaenger (Clean Feed)

Cortex: Live! (Clean Feed)

Susana Silva Santos / Torbjorn Zetterberg: Almost Tomorrow (Clean Feed)

Elliott Sharp Aggregat: Quintet (Clean Feed)

Mahanthappa / Lehman: Dual Identity (Clean Feed)

Stephan Crump / James Carney: Echo Run Pry (Clean Feed)

Harris Eisenstadt September Trio: The Destructive Element (Clean Feed)

Cortex (Johansson / Alberts / Hoyer / Nilssen): Live in New York (Clean Feed)

Eve: Risser Des pas sur la neige (Clean Feed)

Angelica Sanchez / Wadada Leo Smith: Twine Forest (Clean Feed)

Bernardo Sassetti Trio: Motion (Clean Feed)

Kris Davis Trio: Waiting For You To Grow (Clean Feed)

Scott: Fields Five Frozen Eggs (Clean Feed)

Knuffke Quartet, Kirk : Big Wig (Clean Feed)

Mario: Pavone Blue Dialect (Clean Feed)

Cene Resnik Quartet: From the Sky (Clean Feed)

EMJO (European Jazz Movement Orchestra): EMJO Live in Coimbra (Clean Feed)

Fredrik: Nordstrom Live in Coimbra (Clean Feed)

John Hebert Trio: Floodstage (Clean Feed)

Arrive: Shelton / Adasiewicz / Roebke / Daisy: There Was (Clean Feed)

Wishful Thinking: Wishful Thinking (Clean Feed)

Townhouse Orchestra (E.Parker/ Sandell / Flaten / Nilssen-Love): Belle Ville (Clean Feed)

Herb Robertson - NY Downtown Allstars: Elaboration (Clean Feed)

Hemphill Sextet, Julius : The Hard Blues - Live in London (Clean Feed)

Empty Cage Quartet: Stratostrophic (Clean Feed)

Daniel Blacksberg Trio (w/ Matt Engle & Mike Szekely): Perilous Architecture [VINYL] (NoBusiness)

Liudas Mockunas and Barry Guy: Lava [VINYL] (NoBusiness)

Thomas Borgmann / Wilber Morris / Reggie Nicholson: Nasty & Sweet [VINYL 2 LPs] (NoBusiness)

Arthur Williams (w/ Peter Kuhn / Toshinori Kondo / William Parker / Denis Charles): Forgiveness Suite [VINYL] (NoBusiness)

Ted Daniel's Energy Module (feat. Oliver Lake and Daniel Carter): Innerconnecti75on [VINYL 2 LPs] (NoBusiness)

RED trio: Rebento [VINYL] (NoBusiness)

Amalgam (Watts / Clyne / Stevens / Guy): Prayer For Peace [VINYL] (NoBusiness)

Julius Hemphill and Peter Kowald: Live at Kassiopeia [VINYL] (NoBusiness)

Bobby Bradford / Hafez Modirzadeh / Mark Dresser / Alex Cline: Live At The Open Gate [VINYL] (NoBusiness)

Bobby Bradford / Frode Gjerstad Quartet: The Delaware River [VINYL] (NoBusiness)

Kidd Jordan / Peter Kowald / Alvin Fielder: Live In New Orleans [VINYL 2 LPs] (NoBusiness)

Evan Parker / Barry Guy / Paul Lytton: Live at Maya Recordings Festival [VINYL 2 LPs] (NoBusiness)

Anthony: Braxton (Victoriaville) 1992 (Victo)

Michel Doneda / Erik M / Jean-Marc Montera: Not (Victo)

Mark Dresser / Maroney, Denman: Duologues (Victo)

Chadbourne / Kaiser: The Guitar Lesson (Victo)

Eugene Chadbourne / Lussier, Rene: L'Oasis (Victo)

Cecil Taylor / Dixon, Bill / Oxley, Tony: Cecil Taylor - Bill Dixon - Tony Oxley (Victo)

Evan Parker / Namtchylak, Sainkho: Mars Song (Victo)

Elliott, Sharp Orchestra Carbon: Abstract Repressionism: 1990-99 (Victo)

William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra: For Percy Heath (Victo)

Nels Cline / Parkins, Andrea / Rainey, Tom: Downpour (Victo)

Borbetomagus / Hijokaidan: Both Noises End Burning (Victo)

Keiji Haino / Akita, Masami: Kikuri - Pulverized Purple (Victo)

Chadbourne / Blechdom: The Chaddom Blechbourne Experience (Victo)

Morris / Fell / Ward: The Necessary And The Possible (Victo)

Kihlstedt / Bossi / Ismaily: causing a tiger (Victo)

Tanya Tagaq : Anuraaqtuq - Le Vent (The Wind) (Victo)

Peter: Brotzmann Solo + Trio Roma [2 CDs] (Victo)

Pinhas / Merzbow / Wolf Eyes: Victoriaville May 2011 (Victo)

John Butcher / Matthew Shipp: At Oto (Fataka)

Pat: Thomas Al-Khwarizmi Variations (Fataka)

Nate Wooley & Seymour Wright: About Trumpet and Saxophone (Fataka)

Edwards / Sanders / Tilbury: A Field Perpetually At The Edge Of Disorder (Fataka)

Joe: McPhee Nation Time: The Complete Recordings [4 CD BOX] (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Wadada Smith Leo: Red Chrysanthemums | Solos 1977 (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Joe McPhee : Alone Together: The Solo Ensemble Recordings 1974 & 1979 (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Joe: McPhee Variations on a Blue Line / 'Round Midnight (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Rob: Mazurek Mother Ode (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Mats: Gustafsson Torturing the Saxophone (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Tom Prehn Quartet: Axiom (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Staffan Harde : Staffan Harde (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Jimmy Lyons : Push Pull [2CDs] (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Russ Lossing Trio: Oracle (hatOLOGY)

Albert Ayler Quartet with Don Cherry: European Radio Studio Recordings 1964 (Hatology)

James: Tenney Forms 1-4 - In Memoriam Edgar Varese, John Cage, Stefan Wolpe, Morton Feldman [2 CDs] (Hat [now] ART)

Ko Ishikawa / Tetuzi Akiyama / Hideo Ikegami: Live at Kissa Sakaiki (Confront)