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Jimmy: Lyons The Box Set (Ayler)

Benjamin: Duboc Primare Cantus (Ayler)

Matthew Shipp Quartet: Points (Silkheart)

Charles Tyler + Brus Trio: Autumn in Paris (Silkheart)

Other Dimensions in Music featuring Fay Victor: Kaiso Stories (Silkheart)

William Hooker / Billy Bang Duo: Joy (within)! (Silkheart)

Steve Swell (w/ Brown / Hwang / Ulrich / Boston / Pugliese): Music for Six Musicians: Hommage a Olivier Messiaen (Silkheart)

Jim Hobbs Trio : Babadita (Silkheart)

Marc: Ducretq Tower-Bridge [2 CDs] (Ayler)

Anders: Gahnold Trio Flowers For Johnny (Ayler Records)

Stephen Gauci's Stockholm Conference: Live at Glenn Miller Cafe (Ayler)

Alexandra Grimal / Giovanni Di Domenico: Chergui [2 CDs] (Ayler)

Alexandra Grimal / Benjamin Duboc / Valentin Ceccaldi: Bambu (Ayler)

Marc Ducret Trio + 3 (Chevillon / Echampard + Monniot / Blaser / Martinez): Metatonal (Ayler)

Daunik Lazro / Jean-Luc Cappozzo / Didier Lasserre: Garden(s) (Ayler Records)

Marc: Ducret Tower, Vol. 4 (Ayler)

Joelle Leandre 10: Can You Hear Me? (Ayler Records)

Marc: Ducret Tower, Vol. 3 (Ayler)

Daunik Lazro : Some Other Zongs (Ayler)

Gonzalez Yells at Eels, Dennis: Resurrection and Life (Ayler)

Dennis Gonzalez Yells at Eels: Cape of Storms (Ayler)

Alexandra: Grimal Andromeda (Ayler)

Stone Quartet (Leandre / Campbell / Crispell / Maneri): Live at Vision Festival (Ayler)

Charles: Gayle Trio Live at Glenn Miller Cafe (Ayler Records)

Exuberance: Live at Vision Festival (Ayler Records)

Lars-Goran Ulander Trio: Live at Glenn Miller Cafe (Ayler Records)

Gyldene Trion : Live at Glenn Miller Cafe (Ayler)

Nuts (Duboc / Siddik / Oki / Lasserre / Sato): Symphony for Old and New Dimensions (Ayler)

Barno / Grip / Lasserre: Snus (Ayler)

The: Fish Live at Olympic Cafe & Jazz a Mulhouse [2 CDs] (Ayler)

Per Wallin Henrik Trio: The Stockholm Tapes (Ayler Records)

Exploding Customer: Live at Tampere Jazz Happening (Ayler Records)

Abdelhai Bennani Trio: There Starts the Future (Ayler)

Correction: Two Nights in April (Ayler)

Henry Grimes Trio: Live at the Kerava Jazz Festival (Ayler Records)

Firehouse: Live at Glenn Miller Cafe (Ayler)

O'Leary / Friis-Nielsen / Pasborg: Stoj (Ayler)

Francois Carrier Trio + Bobo Stenson: Entrance 3 (Ayler)

Dennis Gonzalez Yells At Eels (feat. Rodrigo Amado): The Great Bydgoszcz Concert (Ayler)

Surd: Live at Glenn Miller Cafe (Ayler Records)

Fred Anderson / Bankhead, Harrison: The Great Vision Concert (Ayler)

Hamid Drake / Assif Tsahar: Live at Glenn Miller Cafe: Soul Bodies Volume 2 (Ayler)

The Electrics : Chain of Accidents (Ayler)

The Electrics : Live at Glenn Miller Cafe (Ayler Records)

Exploding Customer : At Your Service (Ayler)

Return Of The New Thing: Traque (Ayler)

Mary Halvorson : Code Girl [VINYL] (Firehouse 12 Records)

Mary: Halvorson Away With You [VINYL 2 LPs] (Firehouse 12 Records)

Nicole Mitchell Black Earth Ensemble's: Xenogenesis Suite (Firehouse 12 Records)

Bill: Dixon Tapestries for Small Orchestra (Firehouse 12 Records)

Anthony Braxton : Quintet (Tristano) 2014 [7 CDs] (Braxton House/Firehouse 12 Records)

Eve Risser / White Desert Orchestra: Les Deux Versants Se Regardent (Clean Feed)

Ches Smith and These Arches (Smith / Berne / Malaby / Halvorson / Parkins): Hammered (Clean Feed)

Angelica Sanchez Trio (w/ Michael Formanek / Tyshawn Sorey): Float the Edge (Clean Feed)

Paradoxical Frog: Union (Clean Feed)

Bruno Parrinha / Luis Lopes / Ricardo Jacinto: Garden (Clean Feed)

Benoit Delbecq 4 (w / Turner / Hebert / Cleaver): Spots On Stripes (Clean Feed)

Gray / Hobbs / Hostetter / Braman: Lawnmower II (Clean Feed)

Keefe Jackson Quartet: Seeing You See (Clean Feed)

Twenty One Quartet (Vicente / De Joode / Govaer): Live at Zaal 100 (Clean Feed)

Max: Johnson In The West (Clean Feed)

Tony: Malaby Tamarindo Live (Clean Feed)

Protean Reality: Protean Reality (Clean Feed)

Dre Hocevar : Collective Effervescence (Clean Feed)

Eric Revis / Taylor / McHenry / Jones / Branford Marsalis: In Memory of Things Yet Seen (Clean Feed)

Mario: Pavone Blue Dialect (Clean Feed)

RED Trio w/ John Butcher: Summer Skyshift (Clean Feed)

Brotzmann / Edwards / Noble: Soulfood Available (Clean Feed)

Chris Lightcap Bigmouth: Epicenter (Clean Feed)

The: Fish Moon Fish (Clean Feed)

Mahanthappa / Lehman: Dual Identity (Clean Feed)

Trinity: Breaking the Mold (Clean Feed)

Lytton / Wooley + Ikue Mori and Ken Vandermark: The Nows [2 CDs] (Clean Feed)

Cecil Taylor Quintet: Hard Driving Jazz + Looking Ahead! (Mad About Records)

Herb Robertson - NY Downtown Allstars: Elaboration (Clean Feed)

Charles: Gayle SHOUT! (Clean Feed)

Herb Robertson NY Downtown Allstars: Real Aberration (Clean Feed)

Dennis: Gonzalez Boston Project (Clean Feed)

Nate: Wooley Seven Storey Mountain V (Pleasure of the Text Records)

Mario Costa (w/ Marc Ducret / Beniot Delbecq): Oxy Patina (Clean Feed)

Jonas Cambien Trio (w / Roligheten / Wildhagen): We Must Mustn't We (Clean Feed)

Peter Blegvad : Bandbox [6 CD BOX SET] (Recommended Records)

Rova Channeling Coltrane: Electric Ascension - Live At The 2012 Guelph Festival + "Cleaning The Mirror - A Documentary by John Rogers" [Blu Ray + DVD + CD] (RogueArt)

Borbetomagus: A Pollock of Sound [DVD] (Taping Policies)

Larry Ochs / Sax and Drumming Core: Wild Red Yellow (RogueArt)

Tarbaby (Waits / Evans / Revis / + Lake & Ducret ): Fanon (RogueArt)

Sabir: Mateen Urdla XXX (RogueArt)

Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble & Ensemble Laborintus: Moments Of Fatherhood (RogueArt)

Roscoe Mitchell & Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble: Three Compositions - Live At Sant'anna Arresi (RogueArt)

Peter Kowald / Petit-Jouvet, Laurence: Off The Road (RogueArt)

Jemeel Moondoc Quartet: The Astral Revelations (RogueArt)

Swell's Fire Into Music, Steve : Swimming In A Galaxy Of Goodwill And Sorrow (RogueArt)

Ochs / Masaoka / Lee: Spiller Alley (RogueArt)

East-West Collective (Petit / Ochs / Masaoka / Fengxia / Kassap): Humeurs (RogueArt)

Jacques Coursil with Alan Silva: FreeJazzArt (RogueArt)

William Parker Double Quartet: Alphaville Suite: Music Inspired by the Jean Luc Godard film (RogueArt)

Joelle Leandre / Lewis, George : Transatlantic Visions (RogueArt)

Jeff' Albert Instigation Quartet: The Tree On The Mound (RogueArt)

Declared Enemy (Shipp / Mateen / Parker / Cleaver / Lavant): Salute To 100001 Stars: A Tribute To Jean Genet (RogueArt)

Roscoe: Mitchell Numbers (RogueArt)

Tiger Trio (Leandre / Melford / Nicole Mitchell): Unleashed (RogueArt)

Henry Cow: Unrest (Remastered) (Recommended Records)

Sun Ra: Nidhamu / Dark Myth Equation (Art Yard)

Matthew Shipp : Magnetism(s) [2 CDs] (RogueArt)

Roscoe Mitchell / Matthew Shipp: Accelerated Projection (RogueArt)

Eloping with the Sun (William Parker / Morris / Drake): Counteract This Turmoil Like Trees and Birds (RogueArt)

Third Coast Ensemble: Wrecks (RogueArt)

Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra: The Intergalactic Thing [VINYL 2 LPS + DOWNLOAD CODE] (Roaratorio)

Joe Mcphee & Chris Corsano: Scraps and Shadows [VINYL] (Roaratorio)

"A" TRIO: Live in Nickelsdorf [VINYL] (Roaratorio)

Steve Lacy & Joe McPhee: The Rest [VINYL] (Roaratorio)

Thurston Moore / Umut Caglar: Dunia [VINYL] (Astral Spirits)

Hearts & Minds (Stein / Giallorenzo / Rosaly): Hearts & Minds [VINYL] (Astral Spirits)

John Butcher / John Edwards / Mark Sanders: Last Dream Of The Morning (Relative Pitch)

Fred Van Hove / Roger Turner: The Corner (Relative Pitch)

Joe: Morris Shock Axis (Relative Pitch)

Mary: Halvorson Reverse Blue (Relative Pitch)

Nate Wooley (w/ Ingrid Laubrock, Sylvie Courvoisier & Matt Moran): Battle Pieces (Relative Pitch)