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JR3 (Olaf Rupp / Rudi Mahall / Jan Roder): Happy Jazz (Relative Pitch)

David Ware S. Trio: Live in New York, 2010 [2 CDs] (Aum Fidelity)

Bill Nace / Chris Corsano / Paul Flaherty: These [VINYL] (Open Mouth)

Jean: Schwarz Erda / Suite N [VINYL] (Recollection GRM)

Various Artists: Traces Three [VINYL] (Recollection GRM)

Keiji Haino / Jozef Dumoulin / Teun Verbruggen: The Miracles Of Only One Thing [VINYL] (Sub Rosa)

Joe McPhee / Damon Smith / Alvin Fielder: Six Situations (Not Two)

Ulher / Shibolet / Snir / Brenner / Mayer / Smith / Bymel: yclept (Balance Point Acoustics)

Josephson / Wachsmann / Lindsay / Smith / Blume: Zero Plus (Balance Point Acoustics)

Hartshaw / Aspelin / Smith / Bryerton: Ausfegen (Dedicated To Joseph Beuys) (Balance Point Acoustics)

Henry Kaiser / Damon Smith: Relations (Balance Point Acoustics)

Matt Lavelle and Morcilla: The Manifestation Drama (KMB Jazz)

Joe Morris : Atmosphere (KMB Jazz)

William Hooker / Sabir Mateen : Dharma (KMB Jazz)

Evil Eye (Moritz / Pride / Wooley / Filiano): Doin' It All For My Baby (KMB Jazz)

Ras Moshe Quartet : Transcendence (KMB Jazz)

Ideal Bread (Sinton / Knuffke / Radding / Fujiwara): The Ideal Bread (KMB Jazz)

Szilard: Mezei Still Now (If You Still) (FMR)

Convergence Quartet, The: Live In Oxford (FMR)

Paul Dunmall Sextet: Life in Four Parts (FMR)

Frode Gjerstad / Parker, William / Drake, Hamid: On Reade Street (FMR)

Dunmall / Sanders / Thomas: Descent III (FMR)

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra & George Lewis: Artificial Life 2007 (FMR)

Dunmall / Sanders / Edwards: Mind Out (FMR)

Frode: Gjerstad The Walk (FMR)

Dunmall / Gibbs / Metcalfe / Rogers: Sun Inside (FMR)

Atmospheres Without Oxygen (Dunmall / Gibbs / Stevens / Taylor): 4 Live In Oxford (FMR)

Paul: Dunmall Deep [DVD] (FMR)

Circuit: Electro-Acoustic Ensemble: Kitaoka (FMR)

Ward / Hill / Lash / Sanders: Predicate (FMR)

Rob Hall / Chick Lyall: Blithe Spirit (FMR)

Gjerstad / Edwards / Sanders: Bergen (FMR)

O'Leary / Shipp: Labyrinth (FMR)

Deep Joy Trio: Live in Austria (FMR)

The Articles (Thomas / Gustafsson / Turner): Goodbye Silence (FMR)

Dunmall / Davis / Kane: Clown (FMR)

Dunmall / Gibbs / Rogers / Sanders: Kithara (FMR)

Pedersen / Johannesen / Corsano: Door to Door (FMR)

Frank: Perry Temple Of The Ancient Magical Presence (FMR)

Frode Gjerstad / Peter Brotzmann: Soria Moria (FMR)

Frode Gjerstad / John Stevens: Let's Just Keep Going (FMR)

Thomas / Minton / Tucker / Turner: Scatter (FMR)

O'Leary / Van Der Schyff / Horvitz: Flux (FMR)

Trevor Watts Moire Music: Moire Music (FMR)

Trevor: Watts Veracity (FMR)

Dunmall / Edwards / Noble / Sanders: Go Straight Around The Square (FMR)

Alvin Fielder / Frode Gjerstad / Damon Smith : The Shape Finds Its Own Space (FMR)

Dunmall / Noble / Edwards / Sanders: Chords Of Connections (FMR)

Mat Maneri / Evan Parker / Lucian Ban: Sounding Tears (Clean Feed)

Evan Parker / John Edwards / Chris Corsano: A Glancing Blow (Clean Feed)

Charles: Gayle SHOUT! (Clean Feed)

Tony Malaby : Tamarindo (Clean Feed)

Harris: Eisenstadt Canada Day (Clean Feed)

RED Trio + Nate Wooley: Stem (Clean Feed)

Sophie Agnel / John Edwards / Steve Noble: Meteo (Clean Feed)

Trespass Trio + Joe McPhee: Human Encore (Clean Feed)

Tony Malaby Tamarindo: Somos Agua (Clean Feed)

Cortex: Live! (Clean Feed)

Nate Wooley Quintet (Wooley / Sinton / Moran / Opsvik / Eisenstadt): (Dance to) The Early Music (Clean Feed)

Sylvie Courvoisier / Mary Halvorson: Crop Circles (Relative Pitch)

Mary Halvorson / Kirk Knuffke / Matt Wilson: Sifter (Relative Pitch)

Silver / Sanders / Wheatley: NAX/XUS (Confront)

Jerman / Salis / Sanna: KIO GE (Confront)

Jimmy: Lyons The Box Set (Ayler)

Roscoe Mitchell / Brus Trio: After Fallen Leaves (Silkheart)

William Hooker / Billy Bang Duo: Joy (within)! (Silkheart)

Steve Swell's Kende Dreams (Swell/ Brown / Crothers / Parker / Taylor): Hommage A Bartok (Silkheart)

Rashied Ali / Rhames, Arthur: The Dynamic Duo: Remember Trane and Bird [2 CDs] (Ayler)

Stone Quartet (Leandre / Campbell / Crispell / Maneri): Live at Vision Festival (Ayler)

Theo Ceccaldi Trio, Trio + Joelle Leandre: Carrousel -and- Can You Smile (Ayler)

Exploding Customer : At Your Service (Ayler)

Return Of The New Thing: Traque (Ayler)

John Tilbury / John Lely / Dirar Kalash & Christian Wolff: Seaside (Another Timbre)

Anders Dahl & Skogen: Rows (Another Timbre)

Skuggorna Och Ljuset / Magnus Granberg: Would Fall From The Sky, Would Wither And Die (Another Timbre)

Antoine: Beuger Cantor Quartets [2 CDs] (Another Timbre)

Common Objects: Butcher / Davies / Davies / Patterson: Whitewashed with Lines [2 CDs] (Another Timbre)

Jennings / Cage / Tilbury / Lexer: Lost Daylight (Another Timbre)

Jurg Frey : Grizzana and other pieces 2009-2014 [2 CDs] (Another Timbre)

Davies / Bohman / Patterson / Wastell: For Hugh Davies (Another Timbre)

Angharad Davies / Tisha Mukarji : Endspace (Another Timbre)

Eastley / Halliwell / Parker / Wastell: a life saved by a spider and two doves (Another Timbre)

Farmer / Kilymis / Hughes / Cornford: No Islands (Another Timbre)

Johan Berthling / Martin Kuchen / Steve Noble: Threnody, At The Gates (Trost Records)

Konstrukt & Alexander Hawkins: Live at Cafe OTO [VINYL 2 LPs] (Holidays Records)

P.O.W.E.R.: Tomahawk Territory (Tour de Bras)

Sylvie Chenard / Alexandre Dubuc / Cathy Heyden / Remi Leclerc: Allochtone (Tour de Bras)

Earnear: earNear (Tour de Bras)

HMZ (Hubsch / Martel / Zoubek): Drought (Tour de Bras)

Erick d' Orion / Martin Tetreault : Avant (Tour de Bras)

Yves Charuest / Agusti Fernandez / Nicolas Caloia / Peter Valsamis : Stir (Tour de Bras)

Steve Lacy / Kent Carter / Andrea Centazzo: Lost In June (Ictus)

Keefe Jackson / Jason Adasiewicz: Rows And Rows (Delmark)

Michael: Pisaro The Punishment of the Tribe by its Elders (Gravity Wave)

Michael: Pisaro The Middle of Life (Die ganze Zeit) (Gravity Wave)

Toshimaru AVVA (Nakamura / Roisz, Billy): Gdansk Queen [DVD] (erstwhile)

Graham Lambkin / Michael Pisaro: Schwarze Riesenfalter (erstwhile)

Antoine Beuger / Michael Pisaro: this place / is love (erstwhile)

Taku Unami / Takahiro Kawaguchi: Teatro Assente (erstwhile)

Jeph Jerman / Tim Barnes: Matterings (erstwhile)

Keith Rowe / Michael Pisaro: 13 Thirteen [2 CDs] (erstwhile)

Graham Lambkin / Taku Unami: The Whistler [2 CDs] (erstwhile)

Graham: Lambkin Community [2 CDs] (erstwhile)

Michael Pisaro / Reinier van Houdt: The Earth And The Sky [3 CDs] (erstwhile)

Radu Malfatti / Keith Rowe: "Phi" [3 CDs] (erstwhile)

Christof Kurzmann / Burkhard Stangl : Neuschnee (erstwhile)

Graham Lambkin / Lescalleet, Jason: The Breadwinner (erstwhile)

Matt Davis / Phil Durrant / Mark Wastell: Open (erstwhile)

Keith Rowe / Graham Lambkin: Making A (erstwhile)

Keith Rowe / John Tilbury: Duos for Doris (erstwhile)

Otomo Yoshihide / Voice Crack: Bits, Bots And Signs (erstwhile)

Equinox Quartet (Jorge / Trinite / Carmelo / Varela): Saigon (Creative Sources)

Vilhelm Bromander : Oh Lord Give Me Strange (Creative Sources)

Hui-Chun Lin / Davide Piersanti ‎: A Gash into Normality (Creative Sources)

Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Santos: Cyclic Symmetry (Creative Sources)

Sergio Sorrentino / Sylvano Bussotti: Sylvano Bussotti Complete Music For Solo Guitar (Creative Sources)