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Anthony: Pateras Collected Works 2002-2012 [5 CD BOX] (Immediata)

Anthony Pateras / Erkki Veltheim: Entertainment = Control (Immediata)

Thymolphthalein : Mad Among The Mad (Immediata)

Fred Van Hove / Roger Turner: The Corner (Relative Pitch)

Rhodri Davies / John Butcher: Routing Lynn (Ftarri)

International Nothing, The: The Dark Side of Success (Ftarri)

International Nothing, The (Fagaschinski / Thieke): Less Action, Less Excitement, Less Everything (Ftarri)

Katharina: Rosenberger Texturen (2007 - 2011) (Hat[now]ART)

Morton Feldman : Patterns In A Chromatic Field [2 CDs] (Hat [now] ART)

Liebman / Beirach/ Mcclure/ Hart : Redemption (Hatology)

Myra Melford Trio: Alive In The House Of Saints, Part 1 (Hatology)

Irene Schweizer : Les Diaboliques (Intakt)

Bauer / Kowald / Sommer: Between Heaven and Earth (Intakt)

Priska Walss & Gabriela Friedli: Intervista (Intakt)

Schweizer / Anderson / Drake : Willisau & Taktlos (Intakt)

Alexander Schlippenbach Von: Twelve Tone Tales Volume 2 (Intakt)

Chris Brown / Frith, Fred: Cutter Heads (Intakt)

Anthony Braxton : Solo Willisau (Intakt)

Maybe Monday: Unsquare (Intakt)

Schlippenbach Trio: Gold Is Where You Find It (Intakt)

Louis Moholo-Moholo and Crispell, Marilyn: Sibanye (we Are One): Duets (Intakt)

Ingrid: Laubrock Sleepthief (Intakt)

Juerg: Wickihalder Furioso (Intakt)

Xu Fengxia: Black Lotos (Intakt)

Omri: Ziegele Can Walk On Sand (Intakt)

OM (Leimgruber / Doran / Burri / Studer): Willisau (Intakt)

Ingrid: Laubrock Anti-House (Intakt)

Laubrock Sleepthief, Ingrid: The Madness Of Crowds (Intakt)

Sylvie Courvoisier - Mark Feldman: Hotel Du Nord (Intakt)

Katharina: Weber Games And Improvisations (Intakt)

Aki: Takase My Ellington (Intakt)

Sharp / Gibbs / Niggli: Crossing The Waters (Intakt)

Stephan Crump - Mary Halvorson (Secret Keeper): Super Eight (Intakt)

Trio 3 + Jason Moran: Refraction Breakin' Glass (Intakt)

Tiziano Tononi And Southbound: Trouble No More... All Men Are Brothers (Long Song Records)

Keith Tippett's Ark: Frames (Music For An Imaginary Film) [2 CDs] (Ogun)

Mike Osborne Trio with Harry Miller and Tony Levin: The Birmingham Jazz Concert [2 CDs] (Ogun)

Loius Moholo / Evan Parker Quintet: Bush Fire (Ogun)

Tippetts, Tippett Moholo & Canto General: Viva La Black Live At Ruvo (Ogun)

Elton's Dean Ninesense: Happy Daze + Oh! For The Edge (Ogun)

Moholo-Moholo / Pukwana / Dyani / Wright: Spiritual Knowledge and Grace (Live 1979) (Ogun)

Keith Tippett Octet: From Granite To Wind (Ogun)

Chris' McGregor Brotherhood Of Breath: Procession - Live at Toulouse (Ogun)

Harry Miller's Isipingo: Different Times, Different Places (Ogun)

Arcane Device: Noise Matrix Mantras / Modular Waves [2 CDs] (pulsewidth)

Frode Gjerstad / Parker, William / Drake, Hamid: On Reade Street (FMR)

Runcible Quintet, The (featuring John Edwards / Neil Metcalfe): Five (FMR)

Dunmall / Gibbs / Metcalfe / Rogers: Sun Inside (FMR)

Paul Dunmall / Mark Sanders: Pipe & Drum (FMR)

Dunmall / Gibbs / Rogers: Tribute to Tony Levin (FMR)

Evan Parker / John Russel / Ian Brighton / Phillip Wachsmann / Marcio Mattos / Trevor Taylor: Reunion: Live From Cafe Oto (FMR)

Francois Carrier / Michel Lambert / Alexey Lapin: The Russian Concerts Volume 1 (FMR)

Convergence Quartet, The: Live In Oxford (FMR)

Deep Whole Trio (Dunmall / Rogers / Sanders): That Deep Calling (FMR)

Paul Dunmall / Paul Rogers / Philip Gibbs: The Clouds Turned Silver (FMR)

Frode Gjerstad / Peter Brotzmann: Soria Moria (FMR)

Frode Gjerstad / John Stevens: Let's Just Keep Going (FMR)

Derek Bailey / Trevor Watts / John Stevens: Dynamics of the Impromptu (FMR)

Atmospheres Without Oxygen (Dunmall / Gibbs / Stevens / Taylor): 4 Live In Oxford (FMR)

International Nothing, The: Mainstream (Ftarri)

Double Duo (Verploegen / Mengelberg / Tamura / Fujii): Crossword Puzzle (Libra)

Satoko Fujii Orchestra Tokyo + KAZE: Peace (Tribute To Kelly Churko) (Libra)

Fujii / Melford: Under the Water (Libra)

Satoko: Fujii Quartet Angelona (Libra)

Satoko Fujii Trio : Trace A River (Libra)

Satoko Fujii / Bley, Paul: Something About Water (Libra)

Junk Box (Tamura / Fujii / Hollenbeck): Cloudy Then Sunny (Libra)

Junk Box (Tamura / Fujii / Hollenbeck): Fragment (Libra)

Natsuki Tamura & Fujii, Satokoz: How Many ? (Libra)

Satoko Fujii / Natsuki Tamura: In Krakow In November (Not Two Records)

Satoko: Fujii Quartet Vulcan (Libra)

Natsuki Tamura / Fujii, Satoko: Chun (Libra)

Natsuki Tamura / Satoko Fujii: Clouds (Libra)

Satoko: Fujii Indication (Libra)

Hartmut Geerken And Chris Trent: Omniverse Sun Ra [BOOK] (Art Yard)

Chris McGregor & The Castle Lager Big Band: Jazz / The African Sound (Jazzman Records)

Faust: Faust [VINYL] (Lilith)

Hedvig Mollestad Trio: Black Stabat Mater (Rune Grammofon)

Sunny Murray : Sunny Murray (ESP)

Last Exit: Iron Path (ESP)

Fire! with Oren Ambarchi: In The Mouth - A Hand (Rune Grammofon)

Sun Ra: College Tour Volume One: The Complete Nothing Is... (ESP)

Peter Brotzmann / William Parker / Hamid Drake: Song Sentimentale [VINYL] (Otoroku)

Peter Brotzmann Group: Alarm [VINYL] (Cien Fuegos)

Bill Orcutt / Chris Corsano: Live At Various / Various Live [VINYL 2 LPs] (Palilalia)

Will: Guthrie People Pleaser [VINYL] (Black Truffle)

Univers Zero: Heresie [VINYL] (Sub Rosa)

Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra: I Roam The Cosmos [VINYL] (Art Yard)

Evan Parker & Joe Mcphee: What / If / They Both Could Fly [VINYL] (Rune Grammofon)

MAP (Halvorson / Nakatani / Radding): Fever Dream [VINYL] (TAIGA)

Chicago Reed Quartet (Mazzarella / Rempis / Williams / Vandermark): Western Automatic (Aerophonic)

Daunik Lazro / Joelle Leandre / George Lewis: Enfances 8 Janv. 1984 (Fou Records)

Sophie Agnel / Daunik Lazro: Marguerite D'Or Pale (Fou Records)

Ken Vandermark and Mats Gustafsson: Verses (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Vandermark / Gregorio / Bishop / Morris / &c: Pipeline (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Eugene Chadbourne : There'll Be No Tears Tonight (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Joe McPhee : Alone Together: The Solo Ensemble Recordings 1974 & 1979 (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Tom Prehn Quartet: Axiom (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Joe McPhee / Andre Jaume: Nuclear Family (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Sun Ra: Continuation [2 CDs] (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Steve Lacy / Steve Potts: Tips (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Tomeka Reid : Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Thurston Moore : Sonic STREET Chicago (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Rob: Mazurek Mother Ode (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Brotzmann / van Hove / Bennink: 1971 (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Peter Kowald / Kent Kessler / Fred Lonberg-Holm: Flats Fixed (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Jimmy Lyons : Push Pull [2CDs] (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Wadada Smith Leo: Red Chrysanthemums | Solos 1977 (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Mats: Gustafsson Torturing the Saxophone (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Staffan Harde : Staffan Harde (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Matthew Shipp Trio: Root Of Things (Relative Pitch)

Sylvie Courvoisier / Mary Halvorson: Crop Circles (Relative Pitch)

Corsano / Courviosier / Wooley: Salt Task (Relative Pitch)

JR3 (Olaf Rupp / Rudi Mahall / Jan Roder): Happy Jazz (Relative Pitch)

Susan: Alcorn Soldad (Relative Pitch)

Tomas Fujiwara Trio: Variable Bets (Relative Pitch)

Peter Evans / Tim Dahl / Mike Pride: Pulverize The Sound (Relative Pitch)