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Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Summer 1967 (Emanem)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Hot & Cold Heroes (Emanem)

Paul: Rutherford The Gentle Harm of the Bourgeoisie (Emanem)

Evan Parker / Barry Guy / Paul Lytton: At The Vortex (Emanem)

Evan Parker / Paul Rutherford / Hans Schneider / Paul Lytton: Waterloo 1985 (Emanem)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Low Profile (Emanem)

Evan: Parker The Ayes Have It (Emanem)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Frameworks (1968-73) (Emanem)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble & Orchestra: Trio & Triangle (Emanem)

Evan Parker / John Edwards / Mark Sanders: The Two Seasons (Emanem)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Bare Essentials 1972-3 (Emanem)

ISKRA 1903 (Rutherford, Paul / Wachsmann, Philipp / Guy, Barry): Chapter Two, 1981-1983 [3 CDs] (Emanem)

Lol Coxhill & Roger Turner: Success With Your Dog (Emanem)

ISKRA 1903: Goldsmiths (Emanem)

Steve: Lacy School Days (1960/3) (Emanem)

Steve: Lacy Avignon And After Vol.1 (Emanem)

John Butcher & Mark Sanders: Daylight (Emanem)

Stevens / Rutherford / Parker / Guy: One Four and Two Twos (1978/79/92) (Emanem)

Lol Coxhill & Michel Doneda: Sitting On Your Stairs (Emanem)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Challenge (1966-7) (Emanem)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble: New Surfacing (1978/92) (Emanem)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Oliv & Familie (1968-9) (Emanem)

John Russell / Phil Durrant / John Butcher: Conceits (1987/1992) (Emanem)

Anthony Braxton / Derek Bailey: First Duo Concert (London 1974) (Emanem)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Withdrawal (1966/7)[REISSUE] (Emanem)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Karyobin (1968) [2017 REISSUE] (Emanem)

ISKRA 1903: South on the Northern (1988/9) [2 CDs] (Emanem)

John Carter / Bobby Bradford: Tandem (remastered) (1979/82) [2 CDs] (Emanem)

Steve: Lacy Cycles (1976-80) [2 CDs] (Emanem)

Jimmy Giuffre 3: Bremen & Stuttgart (1961) [2 CDs] (Emanem)

Spontaneous Music Orchestra: Search & Reflect (1973-81) [2 CDs] (Emanem)

Tyshawn Sorey : Pillars IV [VINYL 2 LPs 180g with DOWNLOAD] (Firehouse 12 Records)

Tyshawn Sorey : Pillars [3 CDs] (Firehouse 12 Records)

Mary Halvorson : Code Girl [2 CDs] (Firehouse 12 Records)

Bill: Dixon Tapestries for Small Orchestra (Firehouse 12 Records)

Ahmed (Pat Thomas / Antonin Gerbal / Joel Grip / Seymour Wright): New Jazz Imagination [VINYL] (Umlaut Records)

Fenetre Ovale (Risser / Ruhl / Billet / Gouband): Deuxieme Volet (Umlaut Records)

Akio Suzuki / David Toop: Breath - Taking (Confront)

John Butcher / Burkhard Beins / Mark Wastell: Membrane (Confront)

Leif Elggren / Joachim Nordwall: Prepresence (Confront)

Mark Wastell : Quartet (Confront)

John Butcher / Michael Duch: Fjordgata (Confront)

Douglas: Benford For Now (Confront)

Ist (Davies / Fell / Wastell): Berlin (Confront)

The: Sealed Knot Surface/Plane (Confront)

North Of North (Anthony Pateras / Scott Tinkler / Erkki Veltheim): The Moment In and Of Itself (Immediata)

Anthony Burr / Anthony Pateras: The Long Exhale (Immediata)

Sarah Hennies / Greg Stuart: Rundle [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD] (Notice Recordings)

Matt Hannafin : John Cage: Four Realizations For Solo Percussion [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD] (Notice Recordings)

Chris Strickland : Excruciating... [CASSETTE] (Notice Recordings)

Joe: Morris Perpetual Frontier The Properties of Free Music [BOOK] (Riti Publishing)

The: Necks The Necks Box [8 CD BOX SET] (Recommended Records)

Arild Andersen / Clive Bell / Mark Wastell: Tales Of Hackney (Confront)

Jani: Christou Enantiodromie / Praxis / Epicycle / Anaparastasis III / Mysterion / Anaparastasis I / Praxis For 12 (Edition Rz)

Jakob: Ullmann A Catalouge of Sounds (Edition Rz)

Agostino di Scipio : Horbare Okosysteme: Live elektronic compositions 1993-2005 (Edition Rz)

Giuliano: d'Angiolini Simmetrie Di Ritorno (Edition Rz)

Faust: Faust (Recommended Records)

Phill: Niblock Music For Cello (Important Records)

Eli: Keszler Stadium (Shelter Press)

Phill: Niblock T H I R [DVD] (Von)

Ab Baars & Terrie Ex: Shifting Sands [VINYL] (Terp Records)

The: Ex 27 Passports [VINYL] (Ex Records)

Luc: Ferrari Atelier De Liberation De La Musique [VINYL] (Alga Marghen)

Spring Heel Jack / Wadada Leo Smith / Pat Thomas / Steve Noble: Hackney Road [VINYL] (Treader)

Eli: Keszler Stadium [VINYL 2 LPs] (Shelter Press)

Christian: Wolff Kompositionen 1950-1972 [2 CDs] (Edition Rz)

Volker: Heyn Sirenes (Edition Rz)

Harley: Gaber The Winds Rise In The North (Edition Rz)

Jakob: Ullmann Voice, Books and Fire 3 (Edition Rz)

Joe McPhee / John Edwards / Klaus Kugel: Journey to Parazzar (Not Two)

Clifford Thornton Memorial Quartet, The (McPhee / Lazro / Foussat / Sato): Sweet Oranges (Not Two)

International Nothing, The: The Dark Side of Success (Ftarri)

Rhodri Davies / John Butcher: Routing Lynn (Ftarri)

International Nothing, The (Fagaschinski / Thieke): Less Action, Less Excitement, Less Everything (Ftarri)

Sachiko M: Salon de Sachiko (Hitorri)

Larry Ochs / Gerald Cleaver: Songs Of The Wild Cave (RogueArt)

Matthew Shipp Trio / Nicole Mitchell: All Things Are (RogueArt)

William Parker : Conversations II Dialogues & Monologues [CD & BOOK] (RogueArt)

Jemeel Moondoc Quartet: The Astral Revelations (RogueArt)

Grid Mesh (Schubert/ Willers / Fischerlehner]: Coordinates (FMR)

Louis Moholo / Frode Gjerstad: Sult (FMR)

Wachsmann / Taylor / Mattos / Brighton: Strings (FMR)

Chris: Cundy Gustav Lost (FMR)

Max Johnson Trio with Kirk Knuffle & Ziv Ravitz: Elevated Vegetation (FMR)

Gjerstad / Lonberg-Holm / Sen / Nilssen-Love: The Cello Quartet (FMR)

Paul Dunmall / Tony Bianco: Autumn (FMR)

Derek Bailey / Trevor Watts / John Stevens: Dynamics of the Impromptu (FMR)

Frode Gjerstad / Steve Hubback: One Foot Moving (FMR)

Thomas / Minton / Tucker / Turner: Scatter (FMR)

Pat Thomas : Plays The Music Of Derek Bailey & Thelonious Monk (FMR)

Dunmall / Shipp / Edwards / Sanders: Live in London (FMR)

Vasco Trilla : The Rainbow Serpent (FMR)

Red Dhal Sextet (Jeffery / Schubert / Dunmall / Schlippenbach / Majkowski / Dimitriadis): Red Dhal Sextet (FMR)

Dunmall / Gibbs / Rogers / Sanders: Kithara (FMR)

Infinite Spirit (Gluck / Hart / Henderson / Sullivan): Revisiting The Music Of Mwandishi Band (FMR)

Hodder-Williams / Caldwell: Mariner's Way (FMR)

O'Leary / Shipp: Labyrinth (FMR)

Atmospheres Without Oxygen (Dunmall / Gibbs / Stevens / Taylor): 4 Live In Oxford (FMR)

Frode Gjerstad / John Stevens: Let's Just Keep Going (FMR)

VCDC (Motland / Lonberg-Holm / Solberg / Gjerstad): Insult (FMR)

Hartmut Geerken And Chris Trent: Omniverse Sun Ra [BOOK] (Art Yard)

Frode Gjerstad / John Stevens / Johnny Mbizio Dyani: Detail 83 (FMR)

Ian: Brighton Marsh Gas [REISSUE] (FMR)

Paul Dunmall / Jon Irabagon / Mark Sanders / Jim Bashford: The Rain Sessions (FMR)

Gjerstad / Lonberg-Holm / Zerang: Sugar Maple (FMR)

Dunmall / Siegel / Pursglove / Sanders: As One Does (FMR)

Szilard Mezei Septet: Hajnali APN (FMR)

Szilard Mezei Septet: Veres Pancel (FMR)

Ian: Brighton Imaginings (FMR)

Ricardo Gallo Tierra de Nadie: The Great Fine Line (Clean Feed)

Mahanthappa / Lehman: Dual Identity (Clean Feed)

Harris Eisenstadt September Trio: The Destructive Element (Clean Feed)

Paradoxical Frog: Union (Clean Feed)

Evan Parker / Joe Morris / Nate Wooley: Ninth Square (Clean Feed)

Adam Lane Full Throttle Orchestra: Ashcan Rantings [2 CDs] (Clean Feed)

Kris: Davis Aeriol Piano (Clean Feed)

John Butcher / Nilssen-Love, Pal: Concentric (Clean Feed)