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Electronic Musics

Refusenik (Arturas Bumsteinas): Musikaliszer Pinkos Refusenik (Arturas Bumsteinas):
Musikaliszer Pinkos

(Bolt -- Poland )

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A collection of more than two hundred Hebrew religious chants compiled and published by cantor Abraham Berenstein in 1927 in Vilna, Poland (today Vilnius, Lithuania), re-composed by Arturas Bumsteinas using fragments of melodies found found in the Berenstein's book, with electronics recorded on the old Russian analogue synthezier Polyvox then mixed in EMS.

subterrene: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been subterrene:
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been

(Bad Architect Records -- USA )

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Rich sonic atmospheres from subterrene, aka Grant Stewart, a member of the 910 Noise collective, using slowly evolving and dovetailing drones that resonate and reveal shimmering beauty, deeply controlled and maintaining aural interest without any sense of impatience, maintaining a steady hand that reveals hidden harmonics amongst beautiful clouds of sound.

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