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Electronic Musics

Parker Woods, Seth: asinglewordisnotenough Parker Woods, Seth:

(Confront -- UK )

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Violinist Seth Parker Woods presents four extraordinary compositions, the first for solo cello and voice from Edward Hamel, and then one work each for cello and electronics from Michael Clarke, George Lewis, and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, each sophisticated, suprising, and beautifully executed pieces taking the cello into unique creative territory.

McPhee, Joe / Bryan Eubanks: My Undocumented Alien Clarinet [VINYL] McPhee, Joe / Bryan Eubanks:
My Undocumented Alien Clarinet [VINYL]

(Penultimate Press -- UK )

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Recorded and presented as part of Pauline Oliveros Foundation's New Vanguard Series in Kingston, NY in 2006, the unusual duo of Joe McPhee on b-flat and e-flat alto clarinets and synthesizer and Bryan Eubanks on open circuit electronics explores unusual dynamics and psychoacoustic intersections of both acoustic and electronic instruments.

Various Artists: An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music Volume 1 Various Artists:
An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music Volume 1

(Sub Rosa -- Belgium )

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