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Electronic Musics

Junk & The Beast (Petr Vrba / Veronika Mayer): Trailer Junk & The Beast (Petr Vrba / Veronika Mayer):

(Mikroton Recordings -- Russia )

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Petr Vrba and Veronika Mayer use non-idiomatic improvisation to research the combination of textural materials, crossing them with vibrations of objects on the speakers, pure sound waves, feedbacks, tones coming from trumpet, accordion, electronics, and laptop, culminating in the creation of a muscular frenetic soup of tense energy fields.

Naphtali, Dafna / Gordon Beeferman: Pulsing Dot Naphtali, Dafna / Gordon Beeferman:
Pulsing Dot

(Clang -- USA )

Price: $14.95    

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Gordon Beeferman and Dafna Naphtali perform duet pieces and improvisations for piano and voice with kinetic sound processing, fractal rhythms, and polyphonic/kaleidophonic disturbances, as Beeferman creates solid structures which are augmented by Naphtali's live processing, while she employs extended vocal techniques and hand & voice activated electronics.

Haco: Qoosui Haco:

(Someone Good / Room40 -- Australia )

Price: $17.95    

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An hypnotic, lush and beautiful album of sound and lilting voice from Japanese vocalist and electronic experimenter Haco (After Dinner), seven songs of subtle sophistication that create dreamlike environments of floating tones and invoking voice, refined from decades of experimentation and investigation to yield this enchanting album.

Cole, Crys / Oren Ambarchi: Hotel Record [VINYL 2 LPs] Cole, Crys / Oren Ambarchi:
Hotel Record [VINYL 2 LPs]

(Black Truffle -- Australia )

Price: $31.95    

In Stock

A double LP and the second release from the duo of Crys Cole and Oren Ambarchi, also romantic partners, as they explore their relationship through sound and voice, each side presenting a unique approach to their collaboration while maintaining a certain somnambulist feeling over rich guitar and organ work, and other unfathomable sound.

M² (M to the power of 2): Pink M² (M to the power of 2):

(Creative Sources -- Portugal )

Price: $15.95    

In Stock

Maria da Rocha's name may not be familiar to jazz and improvised music lovers in Portugal, and this is because this violinist and violist from Lisbon has worked mainly on the Berlin and Stockholm circuits and much of her dedication goes...

Farhadian, Thea: Tectonic Shifts Farhadian, Thea:
Tectonic Shifts

(Creative Sources -- Portugal )

Price: $15.95    

In Stock

"Farhadian is an American composer and performer with a base in San Francisco and one in Berlin. Her work often is about connecting solo violin and interactive electronics. Combining her classical background as violist (Berkeley Symphon...

Machida, Yoshio / Constantin Papageorgiadis: Music from the SYNTHI 100 Machida, Yoshio / Constantin Papageorgiadis:
Music from the SYNTHI 100

(Amorfon -- Japan )

Price: $13.95    

In Stock

The duo of Japanese artist Yoshio Machida and Belgian artist Constantin Papageorgiadis working together on the Synthi 100 keyboard, a modular synth used by Stockhausen, John Mcguire, Eduard Artemiev, Aphex Twin, &c. The instrument, one ...


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