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Chicago cornetist/composer Rob Mazurek leads his Exploding Star Orchestra featuring Roscoe Mitchell with Nicole Mitchell, Matana Roberts, Steve Swell, Matt Bauder, Jason Adasiewica, &c. through a colossal 8 part work, and also provides a single CD of cosmic electronics.

Mazurek, Rob Exploding Star Orchestra Featuring Roscoe Mitchell
Matter Anti-Matter, Sixty-Three Moons Of Jupiter & Electronic Works [2 CDs]

Mazurek, Rob Exploding Star Orchestra Featuring Roscoe Mitchell: Matter Anti-Matter, Sixty-Three Moo (RogueArt)
Label: RogueArt    
Released in: France    

"Matter or antimatter, everything is out of proportion with Rob Mazurek's music; it is larger than nature, it has no other choice but to be so, to tell the truth. Must everything really be colossal and euphoric? The answer is yes: everything must be colossal, and euphoric.... ...Wasn't the Exploding Star Orchestra created in 2005 in order to gather shattered pieces of a single celestial and musical body, Chicago, its satellites here present, the inhabitants of multi-layered formations successively assembled by Rob Mazurek, the inhabitants of the Chicago Underground, of Isotope 217, of Mandarin Movie, of Sound Is Quintet, of Starlicker, of the Pulsar Quartet, of the Skull Sessions? To gather them again on May 8th and 9th 2009 at São Paulo's Vila Mariana, on the satellite and with the inhabitants of the São Paulo Underground, and with a distant inhabitant of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, a grandmaster of gravitational fields."-Alexandre Pierrepont, excerpt from the liner notes

Includes a color insert with two litographs: "Matter Anti-Matter I" & "Matter Anti-Matter II"

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Product Information:

Includes a color insert with two litographs: "Matter Anti-Matter I" & "Matter Anti-Matter II"

UPC: 3760131270518

Label: RogueArt
Catalog ID: R0G-051
Squidco Product Code: 18029

Format: 2 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2013
Country: France
Packaging: 2 CDs in a digipak
Recorded live on May 9th, 2009 by Egidio Conde at SESC Vila Marina, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Rob Mazurek-director, cornet, electronics, compositions

Roscoe Mitchell-alto saxophone, soprano saxophone

Nicole Mitchell-flutes, voice

Matana Roberts-alto saxophone

Matt Bauder-tenor saxophone

Steve Swell-trombone

Jason Adasiewicz-vibraphone, tubular bells

Kevin Dumm-electronics

Matthew Lux-bass guitar

Mauricio Takara-cavaquino, percussions

Guilherme Granado-samplers, marimba

John Herndon-drums

Mike Reed-drums

Chad Taylor-drums

Damom Locks-voice

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Track Listing:

CD 1

1. Lo and Volcanic 3:31

2. Europa 7:18

3. Ganymede and the Ice Parade 5:22

4. Callisto the Bear 8:27

5. Himalia as Metaphor for Joe Frazier 5:15

6. Almathea is Red 8:12

7. Elara Beneath the Underground 6:42

8. Pasiphae Gives Birth to the Minotaur 4:24

CD 2

1. Cryogenics After the Land of Spirals 17:56

2. Pondering the Hidden Light 3:26

3. Stalking the Spectrum of Inevitable 17:06

4. Last Breath on the Forgotten Planet 1:08

5. Ascension Dream Phoenix 8:48

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