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Superposition (Todd A. Carter / Michael Hartman): Glaciers (Kettle Hole Records)

Members of the Chicago free improvising, collaborative band TV Pow--Todd A. Carter and Michael Hartman--as a duo are Superposition, recording improvisations and composed improvisations primarily on piano, Rhodes, organ, and synthesizers, then mixing, adding and editing them into appealing tracks that merge electronics, jazz forms and soundscape.

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Label: Kettle Hole Records
Catalog ID: KTHL012
Squidco Product Code: 33662

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: USA
Recorded Bel_Air Sound Studio, in Southside Chicago, Illinois, on January 28th, 2023, by Todd A. Carter.


Todd A. Carter-piano, rhodes, synth, percussion, toys, organ

Michael Hartman-piano, synths, drums, percussion

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Superposition was first sparked in 2004 by TV Pow members Todd A. Carter and Michael Hartman. They have been inseparable friends, collaborators, and musicians for 30 years, first performing in Kalamazoo as members of the ambient band Liminal. Together they craft music that blends improvisational richness with intentional compositions, exploring uncharted territories and redefining the art of sonic expression. Superposition members have also performed in larger group contexts including Galactic Unity Ensemble, Chicago Sound Map, Ensemble Noamnesia, and Lightbox Orchestra.

Recorded and mixed throughout 2021 and 2022 at Todd A. Carter's belair studio, Glaciers was created from composed improvisations and improvised compositions mostly originating on the piano, Rhodes, organ, and/or synthesizers. The final work revealed itself as layers were added and the pieces were mixed, edited and reshuffled. Longer sections broken into shorter pieces and shorter pieces combined into longer sections. It was finished when we realized we were done. Take advantage of the tools at hand, and find satisfying ways to pass the time. Make a start and don't over think it."

Artist Biographies

"Todd A. Carter is an American experimental musician, producer, member of TV Pow trio, and prominent audio engineer based in Chicago, Illinois. He is a founder and owner of bel_Air Sound Studios and serves as an audio engineer for Experimental Sound Studio and Sparrow Sound Design/Southport Records. Before permanently settling in the Chicago area in the late 1990s, he lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Carter graduated from Western Michigan University with his Bachelor's degree in 1994, where he DJ'ed on WIDR 89.1 FM college radio and worked extensively at the on-campus Western Sound Studio. Between 2002 and 2017, Todd Carter was a freelance audio engineer for Delmark Records and Riverside Studio, Chicago. He also worked on individual projects at numerous other prominent studios, including WFMT Studio, Minbal, Volume Studios, Strobe Recording, Maestro-Matic, Semaphore Recording, Soma Studios, Studio Chicago, Clava, Splinter Audio, Engine Music Studios, Studiomedia, Woodshed Studios and Whiteroom in Detroit, and Sun Spot Recording, Kalamazoo."

-Discogs (

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"Michael Hartman is an improviser and composer currently living in Chicago, USA releasing and performing music as a solo artist, in various collaborative efforts, and as a member of TV Pow and Television Power Electric. Other projects include duo works with Boris Hauf, Dimes, and The Funf. Hartman was a founding partner of the now completed record label, Gentle Giant Records and currently runs the label Kuro Neko Music with his wife and partner Junko Okada (DJ JunkRoc).

Influenced by everything from American country music and international techno to the sounds of his urban environment Hartman explores and embraces future electronics, free music, soundscapes and contemporary compositions. His portfolio includes recorded works, sound installations, music for dance, and live performances that utilize synthesizers, samplers, drums and percussion, electronics, multi-track editing tools, and surround sound speaker systems.

Hartman also organizes and curates festivals (including Chicago Sound Map with Boris Hauf), performance series (including Decomposure at Deadtech) and the occasional tour.

Hartman has performed and recorded as a member of TV Pow, as a solo artist, and with many wonderful musicians, dancers, and other artists throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan."

-Kuro Neko Music (

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Track Listing:

1. Where the River Meets the Sea 3:56

2. Skylights 3:56

3. Look Inside Far Away 2:03

4. Near the End Moraines 5:53

5. Look Inside Far Coast 2:02

6. 10,000 Year Snow Blanket 4:08

7. Requiem and Blues 5:41

8. Bay Look Inside Far 1:40

9. Since We've Been Knowing Each Other 6:56

10. Love Letter to Emi Utono 1:35

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