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Dykstra, Jordan

Globes (Original Soundtrack Album)

Dykstra, Jordan: Globes (Original Soundtrack Album) (Editions Verde)

The original score composed by Brooklyn violist and multi-instrumental Jordan Dykstra for the documentary movie Globes directed by Nina de Vroome, exploring the relationship between bees and humans through their history and affect on the global economy and our cultures, realized in a diverse set of contemporary musical forms from orchestral to electronica.

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UPC: 755491223482

Label: Editions Verde
Catalog ID: EV011
Squidco Product Code: 33621

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2022
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardboard Sleeve, Sealed
Score produced by Jordan Dykstra and Nina de Vroome. Mixed by Jordan Dykstra in Brooklyn, NY. Mastered by Al Jones at Laminal Audio


Jordan Dykstra-viola, vibraphone, pitch pipe, piano, programming, percussion

Josh Wise-cello

J.P.A. Falzone-electric organ

Budapest Art Orchestra-performers

Peter Eotvos-conductor

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Often seen as creatures to be carelessly waved away, bees also invite us to take a fresh look at the world. The bee's language consists of a dance, itself a roadmap to fertile flower fields. In honeycombs, the colour of the pollen indicates the flowers living in the wider area: in the hive, a whole landscape is mapped out. A bee is always part of something larger, of its colony but also of society at large. As a cultivated insect, bees have lived together with humans for around eight thousand years. Could it be that bees have a lot to tell us?

The story of the bees starts with the lifespan of a single bee. This immediately forced me to invent my approach to cinematic representation; bees are difficult to depict. They hide in the darkness of their hives; opened up, hundreds of bodies are seen wriggling together. The complexity of the subject led me to an essayistic approach.

Globes began as a narrative in which the invisible is gradually rendered visible. Soon my story began to interweave with that of others; bees take on a role in many histories. I ended up in Slovenia, a country with a tradition of depicting hives containing biblical stories, mythological figures and even news from the surrounding area. In North America, bees are deeply enmeshed in the story of modernity. In plantations reaching to the horizon, masked beekeepers are reminiscent of space travelers trying to maintain artificial ecologies on a barren planet. The title refers to a notion of 'worlds', of which the earth comprises many. The documentary considers our globalised economy, but also the landscapes around the beehive. The micro-level is thus always connected to the macro-level, the local to the global. In Globes, bonds are forged between culture and nature and the ways in which the concept of 'ecology' can be given meaning are explored. Through these encounters, the film both wanders and always returns to its core, much like the bees which fly around on the hunt for flowers return to their hives laden with nectar."-Nina de Vroome

"Caught in a dance, bees tell each other stories about the world around them. People equally claim their role in those stories, sometimes very close and intimate, sometimes distant and on an industrial scale. Nina de Vroome's thoughts also swarm as bees do: from the smallest cell in a honeycomb to the global economy, her essayistic nature documentary Globes charts the bond between humans and bees. As accomplished storytellers, they both give shape to lives under the sun."-from the movie trailer

Artist Biographies

"Jordan Dykstra (b. 1985, Sioux City, Iowa) is a Brooklyn-based violist and composer exploring the performer-composer-listener relationship through the incorporation of conceptual, graphic, and text-based elements. In 2007 he moved to Portland, OR and became involved in the experimental music scene in the Pacific NW. Aside from performing and recording with individuals and bands - including Dirty Projectors, A Winged Victory for the Sullen with Hildur Guðnadóttir, Atlas Sound, and Valet - he worked at Marriage Records and Publishing House. In 2014 he received a Career Opportunity Grant from the Oregon Arts Commission to apprentice with Daníel Bjarnason, composer and conductor of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, in Reykjavík, Iceland. He received his BFA in 2016 under Michael Pisaro, Ulrich Krieger, and Wolfgang von Schweinitz at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. In 2018 he received his MA in Experimental Composition from Wesleyan University in Connecticut where - under the mentorship of Alvin Lucier and astrophysicist Seth Redfield - his thesis explored connections between microtonality and the cosmic distance ladder. In 2019 he received a Cultural Grant from the Netherlands-America Foundation to compose "The Arrow of Time" and premiere the work with Reinier van Houdt in Amsterdam. In 2020 The Arrow of Time was listed as one of the best Modern Composition albums by The Wire and included in The Best Contemporary Classical Albums of 2020 by Bandcamp. As a media composer he has numerous credits including the films Blow the Man Down, Hail Satan?, It Comes At Night, and the 2019 Emmy winner for Outstanding Investigative Documentary Documenting Hate. His compositions for film have been heard at Cannes, Sundance, TriBeCa, TIFF, and the IFFR. His performance highlights include MOCA (CA), Harpa (Iceland), Musikfestval Bern (Switzerland), Ftarri (Tokyo), CHAFF (Brussels), Echo Bücher (Berlin), Syros Institute (Greece), Yale Union (OR), Big Ears Festival (TN), and the RISD Museum (RI). Recordings of his music (solo and collaborative) have been issued by New World Records, Domino, Milan, Marriage, Mexican Summer, K, Gilgongo, and Dykstra's own cottage industry label Editions Verde."

-Jordan Dykstra Website (

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"J.P.A. Falzone is a keyboard player and vibraphonist, a composer and song writer. He is the coordinator of Providence Research Ensemble and Providence Keyboard Ensemble."

-Squidco 9/20/2023

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"Peter Eötvös is one of the best known interpreters of 20/21st century music.As a composer, conductor and teacher he combines all three functions in one very high-profile significant career. Born in Transylvania in 1944, he has long been considered one of the most significant and influential personalities on the music scene as both an internationally recognized conductor and a composer of successful operas, orchestral works and concertos, written for well-known artists from all over the world. His music is featured frequently in the programmes of orchestras, contemporary music ensembles and festivals worldwide, and as composer and conductor he has led projects focusing on his work in cities across the globe. He is regularly re-invited as guest conductor by the most important orchestras and opera houses.

Eötvös attaches great importance to passing on his extensive knowledge and experience to others. He taught at the music college in Cologne and Karlsruhe and gives regular masterclasses and seminars throughout the world. He established his "International Eötvös Institute" in 1991 and the "Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation" in 2004 in Budapest for young composers and conductors.He lives and works in Budapest, Hungary."

-Peter Eotvos Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Cells and Combs into the Bridge 1:25

2. Hypericum Perforatum 0:10

3. Hear One More Before I Die 1:13

4. The Dance VII. 0:13

5. White Man Sleeps, Dance No. 1 (Excerpt 1) 1:04

6. Coming out of the Theater 1:11

7. The Swarm 3:10

8. The Nectar 0:31

9. The Dance I. 0:31

10. The New Bridge 2:46

11. Daucus Carota 0:10

12. White Man Sleeps, Dance No. 2 (Excerpt 1) 1:25

13. The Dance II. 0:13

14. Viktor's Moment 0:18

15. Atlantis 6:18

16.The Dance III. 0:17

17. White Man Sleeps, Dance No. 1 (Excerpt 2) 1:22

18. The Dance IV. 0:32

19. Endless Rows of Harmony and Unsustainable Loss 2:23

20. The Dance VI. 0:30

21. Good Things Take Time 0:17

22. Borromean Rings (Excerpt) 2:00

23. Paintings of the Past 0:18

24. White Man Sleeps, Dance No. 2 (Excerpt 2) 2:01

25. Night Drive 0:07

26. The Theater of Night 3:33

27. Leontodon Hispidus 0:09

28. Without the Mask 0:41

29. Cells and Combs 0:12

30. The Dance V. 0:16

31. The Bridge (With Drum) [Bonus Track] 1:55

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