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Krausbauer, John / David Maranha

John Krausbauer & David Maranha [7'' VINYL]

Krausbauer, John / David Maranha: John Krausbauer & David Maranha [7'' VINYL] (Public Eyesore)

A minimalist work in the tradition of Tony Conrad and Henry Flynt, John Cale or La Monte Young, West Coast-based composer and multi-instrumentalist John Krausbauer performing on an amplified violin and Portuguese experimental/drone artist David Maranha (Osso Exótico) performing on electric organ present two emphatic and rich compositions of interacting tone and texture.

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product information:

Label: Public Eyesore
Catalog ID: PE153
Squidco Product Code: 33571

Format: 7" Record
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: USA
Packaging: 7" Record
Recorded in 2020


John Krausbauer-amplified violin

David Maranha-electric organ

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"[...] The 7"; I always love them. Partly, of course, it is the format of my earliest days of buying music. These days, I don't play them as often as I would love to. In the past, I expressed my feelings about this particular format and some experimental music it sometimes contains. I am not the only lover of the format, so it seems. However, many 7"s in Vital Weekly's world are excerpts of longer works, so it starts with a quick fade, ending with a quick fade out; everything to accommodate the format, I sometimes think. I'd rather hear a well-developed piece of music for this format and save your fade-outs for a CD. How does it work on the 7" by John Krausbauer (amplified violin) and David Maranha (amplified organ)? The latter is best known for his work with Osso Exotico and many of his minimalist buddies (Phill, Niblock, Akio Suzuki, Werne Durand or Stephan Mathieu). From the first, I only heard one solo CD (Vital Weekly 1140), also from the minimalist music world. They both play the music that benefits from a longer duration and sadly, that is the case here too. They offer two excellent minimalist music here, paying tribute to Tony Conrad and Henry Flynt, John Cale and La Monte Young. Two furiously played pieces, loud and clear; loud, clear and too short. Both these pieces could be four times as long and on an LP and still be enjoyable. The whole fade-in/fade-out thing is sadly present here too. That is the only downside, but I realize an important one to the music here. Should longer recordings exist? Let this 7" be a teaser for the full-length release."-Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

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Artist Biographies

John Krausbauer is a West Coast-based composer and multi-instrumentalist, known for the bands Tecumseh and Trees, and his association with Bill Holloway. He has released albums on the lables Fabrica Records, Ants, and Debacle Records.

-Squidco 9/27/2023

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"David Maranha is a Portuguese musician known from the experimental/drone project Osso Exótico, which regularly releases albums since the 80s. More recently, David has released some albums under his own name (Marchs Of The New World - 2008, Antarctica - 2010, among others). His albums' reviews and his discography can be found at"

-Last.FM (

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Track Listing:


1. Bringing It Back 05:04


1. Round And Round And Round 05:13

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