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Day, Bryan / Dereck Higgins: Woven Territories (Public Eyesore)

San Francisco East Bay sonic artist and Public Eyesore/Eh? label-leader Bryan Day meets Omaha bass player and sound artist Dereck Higgins for four enveloping works of sound, sonically rich and epic journeys through terrains of identifiable musical elements and acousmatic curiosity, all with an ear to story-telling as the duo weave passages of fantastic elements.

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Label: Public Eyesore
Catalog ID: PE154
Squidco Product Code: 33569

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardstock Sleeve, sealed
Recorded in Omaha, Nebraska, in February, 2023.


Bryan Day-invented instruments, effects

Dereck Higgins-sampler, field recordings

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

("It is not up for debate that Bryan Day is very good at what he does-nor that he is the only one who even can. Not only does he scratch-build novel sound sculptures that function as both musical and visual artwork, but many of them are also fully usable instruments as well, harnessed by the same hands that cobbled them together in amazing displays of improvisational dexterity. That dexterity also allows for transposition to a variety of contexts, something explored on other collaborative efforts on eh?, Eyesore, and elsewhere over the years, a recent gem being 2021's Crooked Doppler with Seymour Glass on Tanzprocesz. Like that tape, Woven Territories dissolves any boundaries between performance, observation, and processing, making it difficult-irrelevant-to tell who's doing what. Is this a field recording of the same space in which these machines are trundling, or is it cut-and-paste? Is that the sound of a contact mic'd vibrating surface or the growl of an old tractor engine? Any answers I spitball tend toward the imagistic because of how vivid these surreal vignettes are, painstakingly painted in all the right colors. I am a big fan of the unwieldy motifs that show up in the lengthy sketches like accidental inkblots: short synth ditties like train station announcement tones; sweeping, gauzy swirls of loosely spooled tape blur."-Jack Davidson, Noise Not Music

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Artist Biographies

"Bryan Day is a sonic adventurer, painter and inventor of curious things based in the East Bay. Using scavenged electronics, repurposed mechanical components and amplified materials that you might find in your garage or your great uncle's office, he re-imagines them into constructivist sound sculptures. Day has performed, taught workshops, and built sound installations across Europe, Asia and the Americas. He spends his days designing, building and fixing exhibits at the Exploratorium and Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco.

Festival appearances include Soundwave Festival (San Francisco, 2014), Thingamajigs Festival (San Francisco, 2013), New Media Sound and Art Summit (Austin, 2013), Milwaukee Noise Festival (Milwaukee, 2012), Denver Noise Festival (Denver, 2011), Heliotrope Festival (Minneapolis, 2010), Megapolis Festival (Baltimore, 2010), Denver Noise Festival (Denver, 2010), Transistor Festival (Denver, 2009), Quiet Music Festival (Cork, Ireland, 2008), Sonic Circuits Festival (Washington, D.C., 2007), Soundfield Festival (Chicago, 2005), and SubZero Festival (Minneapolis, 2001). Day has over 40 solo and ensemble releases on labels such as Creative Sources, Bug Incision, Friends and Relatives, Gameboy, Freedom From, Digitalis, Featherspines, Neus-318, Journal of Experimental Fiction, Unread, and Seagull.

Since 1997 he has been running the new music label Public Eyesore and its sister label Eh?. Through Public Eyesore and Eh?, Day has produced and released over 250 albums of improvised and experimental music by artists from all over the globe and organized numerous tours for American artists in Japan. Day curated regular events at Canessa Gallery, Meridian Galley, Clawfoot House (Lincoln, 2009-2010), Tiptop Haus (Omaha, 2005-2007), The Magic Theatre (Omaha, 2006) and Sitting Still, Going Places first Friday series at Chatterbox (Lincoln, 2006-2007).

Day facilitates invented instrument building workshops, both to build instruments of his own design and freeform workshops that focus on building sound objects using repurposed materials. These include Whiskerphone, Rotowhisker, Sonic Marionette, Sound Mouse, Junk Kalimba and Circuit Bending. Get in touch if you are interested in hosting a workshop."

-Bryan Day Website (

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"Active in music since the 70's Dereck Higgins is known for his bass playing skills and diverse musical interests. He has played many styles from punk to jazz to blues to electronic to Cajun. Dereck's current music projects include membership in the bands InDreama, Cleemann, The Jewel Beast, Paddy O'Furniture, The Pat Higgins Trio, as well as solo and guest appearances."

-Dereck Higgins Bandcamp (

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Track Listing:

1. Hovering Debris 10:37

2. Neon Cactus Beacons 10:35

3. Serpentine Tracing 9:01

4. Locomotive Distortion 8:02

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