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Villavecchia, Liba Trio: Birchwood (Clean Feed)

The second Clean Feed release from Spanish saxophonist Liba Villavechia's trio with drummer/percussionist Vasco Trilla and double bassist Alex Reviriego, a lively working ensemble heard in three new Villavechia compositions, plus two collective improvisations, and a work from New York composer, improviser and influence on the leader, Thomas Chapin's "Anima".

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UPC: 5609063006346

Label: Clean Feed
Catalog ID: CF634CD
Squidco Product Code: 33466

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at La Casamurada in Banyeres del Penedes, Spain, in March, 2022, by Jesus Rovira.


Liba Villavecchia-alto saxophone

Vasco Trilla-drums, percussion

Alex Reviriego-double bass

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"The Liba Villavecchia Trio was founded in March 2021 in Barcelona. Their first CD, "Zaidín", which was released on March 18th 2022 by Clean Feed Records, received rave reviews, and the Trio has been active ever since, performing concerts and setting on fire several venues around Europe. Not stopping was the way to prolong the creativity of the group and to fill the vacuum that usually appears after the recording of an album.The second album that is hereby presented, "Birchwood", has been composed and rehearsed on the road. It marks the consolidation of an idiosyncratic conception of music and sound. The compositions are more mature and show a group embarked in a process of continuous musical research and creative motion. Liba Villavecchia on the alto sax, Vasco Trilla on drums and Àlex Reviriego on the double bass are musicians standing at the forefront of a new wave of creative music in Barcelona.

The White Birch, also called Lady Birch, has long been the symbol of spring, love and light. These are the themes that the songs that make up this new project try to convey. The music was recorded at an idyllic XII th century country house, surrounded by the mythical Penedès vineyard landscape in Catalunya, Spain. The peacefulness and natural beauty of the area allowed the musicians to focus on their craft without any distractions.

Every musical note must vibrate at the same frequency as human suffering, whether it is to acknowledge it or to comfort it. There are no harmless notes, there are no easy notes."-Liba Villavecchia

Artist Biographies

Liba Villavecchia (Javier Villavecchia) is a Spanish saxophone player. He is known for the groups Agustí Fernández 4uartet, Cactus, Ensemble Impromptu, Factoría Musical, Sin Anestesia, and Trio Local.

-Discogs (

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"Born in Barcelona, Vasco Trilla started playing drums at the age of nineteen. His first influences were progressive rock and metal, but gradually he developed an interest in a variety of different genres such as jazz, Indian music, African music, klezmer, free improvisation, etc.

Since then he has collaborated, toured and recorded with many different bands and projects such as Boi Akih (an ethno-jazz band from the Netherlands), Planeta Imaginario (progressive jazz-rock) October Equus (avant-rock), The Oddvisers (pop-avant), Fine! (indie pop-rock), Mundo Flotante (ethno-jazz-rock), Kaulakau/Cobla Sant Jordi (an ethno-jazz Catalan orchestra), Filthy Habits Ensemble (a jazz octet playing Zappa's and Stravinsky's repertoire), Cows On Trees (a jazz-improv quartet with Susana Santos Silva and Kaja Draksler), Balimonster (an impro-ethno duo with Angel Ontalva), Yedo Gibson-Vasco Trilla duo (an improv sax & drums duo), Outerzone (jazz-core), Reptilian Mambo (mambo free rock), Liba's Traum, etc.

In the last years he has been playing and experimenting on the free-improv scene, applying extended techniques to the kit and treating it as a textural-melodic instrument. Blowing, bowing, scratching, playing with hands and all kinds of objects, all is valid to expand the vocabulary of this innovative percussionist. He played with improvisers, such as: Lotte Anker, Marshall Allen, Yedo Gibson, Susana Santos Silva, Kaja Draksler, Jasper Stadhouders, Mikloaj Trzaska, Martin Kuchen, Richard Barrett, Jorma Tapio, Christher Bothen, Marc Stucki, Luc Ex. etc...

He has released around 30 CDs in labels such as Cuneiform Records (USA), Altrock Records (Italy), Leo Records (UK) Discordian Records (Barcelona, Spain), Audition Records (Mexico), El Negocito Records (Belgium), Jacc Records (Portugal), Fmr Records (UK)."

-Vasco Trilla Website (

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Alex Reviriego is a Spanish double bassist known for the groups Memoria Uno with Agusti Fernandez, Phicus, Pindio, Völga, and Alguns Homes Bons.

-Squidco 9/27/2023

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Track Listing:

1. Birchwood 6:23

2. Lublin 8:17

3. Blue Quinoa 10:51

4. Anima 8:41

5. Deep Yellow 5:00

6. Senan 6:02

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