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Lord, David

Forest Standards, Volume 3 [VINYL]

Lord, David: Forest Standards, Volume 3 [VINYL] (Big Ego / Astral Spirits)

The third volume in West Coast/Montreal/Kansas guitarist David Lord's series exploring the concept of what makes a jazz standard, in ten beautifully warm and lyrically rich Lord compositions performed with Chad Taylor on drums & percussion, Christine Tavolacci on flute, David Tranchina on double bass and Nathan Hubbard on vibraphone, marimba & percussion.

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Numbered edition of 500 copies

Label: Big Ego / Astral Spirits
Catalog ID: BIG023 / AS220LP
Squidco Product Code: 33200

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: USA
Packaging: LP
Recorded at BIG EGO, in Long Beach, California, by Devin O'Brien.

Additional recording at Air House, in Wichita, Kansas, by David Lord.


David Lord-electric guitar, classical guitar, acoustic guitar, bass vi, glockensiel

Chad Taylor-drums, percussion

Christine Tavolacci-flute, alto flute, bass flute

David Tranchina-double bass

Nathan Hubbard-vibraphone, marimba, percussion

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"What is a standard to a forest? What makes that different to what's a standard, in that jazz classic compositional sense, to a desert? To a city? To a suburb? To a plain? A wetland? A grove? The only thing standard in a forest, like any other environment, is the search for balance. Nature seeks an equilibrium and, given enough time, it finds it. It's the only way to ensure survival and growth.

For three albums, David Lord has been exploring this idea, seeking out some sense of the ethereal, with drummer Chad Taylor and producer Chris Schlarb, his only constant companions. All the while, on Lord's solo ventures under his own name (and even in his prior work under the nom de plume Francis Moss), he's finding new ways to examine the interconnectivity of trees, of fungi, of ecosystems brought together in harmony and just what that would be for people to make that kind of harmony for ourselves. This third volume is merely the latest iteration of that idea, the results of the latest planted seeds. The ensemble is a bit larger, and so are the ideas, but that's also how growth tends to work in the forest if things are going right.

When Taylor opens up on the kit midway through "Trees Yield Tomte" and all of Lord's and Nathan Hubbard's arpeggios start darting around corners, it's a fun break that doesn't feel at all like it's coming from the Christmas goblin of the song's namesake. Christine Tavolacci's flute on "In Woods I Know" add that sense of mystery like a concerning wind two the trees on a hike that could make an adventurous turn. How much of David Tranchina's bass acts the propulsive force of "Infant Elm" as much as Chad Taylor's drumming? Is Lord's glockenspiel this album series' paprika? Its nutmeg?

One song after the other, just like the two albums before this one, seem to come from the earth itself and made to fill one's ears while taking expeditions into nature's unknown. What makes these albums special is that David Lord knows the atmosphere he's making with this music and in each iteration of his chosen musicians to pull off these ideas, he's chosen just the right people at just the right time to go with the flow. He's made balance as nature does, as forests do. Like wind through leaves, like rustling branches, like birds swooping overhead, these are standards to a forest, and hopefully they are to us mere humans as well."-Anthony Dean-Harris, San Antonio, Texas.

Numbered edition of 500 copies

Artist Biographies

"Originally from Wichita, KS, David Lord is currently based in Montreal, Quebec. His music has been featured in publications such as Downbeat, Dusted Magazine, A Closer Listen, All About Jazz, Under the Radar, Bandcamp Daily, Pop Matters, Alternative Press, Magnet and Tiny Mix Tapes.

Lord has recorded and performed with Chad Taylor (Chicago Underground, Pharoah Sanders), Jeff Parker (Tortoise, Brian Blade), Devin Hoff (Nels Cline, Mary Halvorson), Billy Mohler (Dolly Parton, Macy Gray), Charles Rumback (Riley Walker, Jim Baker), David Tranchina (Cathlene Pineda), Nathan Hubbard (Mark Dresser, Kris Tiner), Christine Tavolacci (Southland Ensemble), Chris Schlarb (Psychic Temple), Dale Black (Terrance Blanchard), Scott Taylor (Maria Elena Silva) and the Los Angeles indie-rock band Timonium.

Lord has released three albums under his own name, Forest Standards Vol. 1 (2018), Forest Standards Vol. 2 (2020) and Forest Standards Vol. 3 (2023). All three albums were recorded in Long Beach, CA at Chris Schlarb's BIG EGO Studios. Volumes 1 & 2 were released via BIG EGO Records and Vol. 3 was a co-release via Astral Spirits and BIG EGO. Vol. 1 features Chad Taylor on drums and Devin Hoff on bass, with guest appearances by Chris Schlarb on guitar and Sam Hake on vibraphone. Vol. 2 again features Taylor and Hake, while adding guitarist Jeff Parker and bassist Billy Mohler. Vol. 3 features larger scale composition and instrumentation, with Christine Tavolacci on flutes, Nathan Hubbard on marimba and vibraphone, David Tranchina on double bass, Chad Taylor on percussion and Lord on guitar and glockenspiel.

Prior to releasing music as a band leader, Lord released 15 albums under the name Francis Moss and with the bands The Wonder Revolution, Miki Moondrops, Elemental Trio and Solagget.

Lord has developed his own extended lydian polychordal music system for composition and improvisation which can be heard throughout his music."

-David Lord Website (

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"Chad Taylor (b. 1973) is a composer, educator, percussionist and scholar who is a co-founder of the Chicago Underground ensembles. Originally from Tempe, AZ, Chad grew up in Chicago where he started performing professionally at the age of 16. Chad has performed with Fred Anderson, Derek Bailey, Cooper-Moore, Pharoah Sanders, Marc Ribot, Peter Brotzmann, Malachi Favors and many others. Chad leads his own band Circle down which debut recording was given a 5 star review by All music:

"What is remarkable is that there is no wasted motion, no histrionics or grandstanding, as pure emotion is translated to superlative music making on this most highly recommended recording, one for the ages."

Chad has a BFA from the New School in Jazz Performance and a MFA in Jazz Research and History from Rutgers University."

-Chad Taylor Website (

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"Christine Tavolacci is a Los Angeles based flutist and educator specializing in contemporary and experimental music, yet equally well versed and passionate about traditional repertoire. She has traveled across the United States and Europe to study and perform and has had the pleasure of working in close contact with many celebrated 20th and 21st century composers, such as Christian Wolff, James Tenney, Larry Polansky, Clarence Barlow and Jurg Frey. Christine has been involved in the premieres of many new works, including those by Alvin Lucier, James Saunders, Laura Steenberge, Michael Pisaro, Carolyn Chen and Catherine Lamb.

Christine is active as a soloist, improviser, curator and chamber musician both in California and internationally. She is CEO,​co-founder and co-­director of the acclaimed experimental music ensemble Southland Ensemble, member and board member of the Dog Star Orchestra annual festival of experimental music, and featured flutist and composer in the 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Listen/Space Commissions. She is a frequent performer in the Monday Evening Concerts contemporary music series in Los Angeles, and has also performed with The Industry, Ojai Festival, LA Phil Noon to Midnight, the Vinny Golia Large Ensemble, and Microfest. She is also the principal flutist in the avant jazz large ensemble Gurrisonic, who was featured at the 2016 Angel City Jazz Festival. Her playing has been released on Orenda Records, Slub Music(Japan) and Tzadik.

A passionate educator, Christine currently maintains a flute studio comprised of students of all ages. She has been a guest lecturer at UCLA, University of Redlands and CalArts, an associate instructor at UC San Diego, and has taught several workshops on contemporary music to middle and high school and college age students. Christine holds a BFA from California Institute of the Arts, a Diplôme de Specialisation with mention très bien from the Conservatoire National de Region Strasbourg in Strasbourg, France, and a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Contemporary Flute Performance from UC San Diego."

-Christine Tavolacci Website (

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"Bassist, Composer, and Educator, David Tranchina is a bassist known for his big warm sound, solid groove and inventive melodic solos. He has composed music for Jazz ensembles, chamber ensembles, and has written music for animation and documentary films including the 2013 release "A Fuller Life". He is a founding member of the band Slumgum, and has performed with them all over the U.S. He has also excelled as a music teacher, working with many students individually or in small group settings, as well as doing workshops with people of all ages while on tours of the country. He currently lives in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Originally from Forestville, California, he started playing bass at age 13, and was self taught until he began studies with Classical bass virtuoso Barry Green at UC Santa Cruz where he earned is Bachelor's Degree in Music. In 2006 He moved to Los Angeles to attend Calarts, where he studied with Charlie Haden, and Darek Oles, and received his Master's Degree in Jazz Performance in 2008. Other influences and mentors are Larry Koonse, Joe LaBarbara, Vinny Golia, Wadada Leo Smith, David Roitstein and Alfred Ladzekpo.

David has performed with Bennie Maupin, Patrice Rushen, Bob Mintzer, Chuck Manning, Gary Foster, Gary Fukushima, Kendall Kay, Matt Otto, Nate Wood (of Kneebody), Lorca Hart, Bobby Watson (of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers), Mike Barone (Composer for The Tonight Show Band), Butch Morris, William Winant, Smith Dobson, Vinny Golia, Larry Koonse, and Joe LaBarbara. David has played some of the top jazz venues in Los Angeles, including The Blue Whale, The Jazz Bakery, Catalina's, Vibrato, The Mint, Charlie O's, Vitellos, and REDCAT and LACMA. He also has extensive studio experience recording on many albums is some of LA's best studios including Capitol Records, The Firehouse Studio, Killzone Studio, TV Tray Studios, The Hobbyshop, and Catasonic Studios.

He is also a regular member of many bands including Slumgum, the steam-punk cabaret experiment Timur and the Dime Museum, Frank Silva's Frack, Adam Bravo's Oven Fresh, the bluegrass band American Primitive, the Bluegrass-Noise band Tears of the Moose Chaser, Tony Diggenarro's solo projects, Dave Cipriani's world-music blend Mahadev, the Mike Barone Big Band, the Jon Armstrong Big Band, and the Trevor Anderies Group.

David enjoys exploring new territories and sonic possibilities on the bass, and doesn't like to be pigeonholed into one style of music. The one common thread in all the projects that he is involved in is that they are all unique, offering something new and original to the musical community. David also loves composing, and has composed for animated films, as well as for Slumgum and other chamber ensembles. He has also excelled as a music teacher, working with many students individually or in small group settings, as well as doing workshops with people of all ages while on tours of the country. He is currently a freelance musician and educator in Los Angeles."

-Orenda Records (

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"Percussionist/Composer/Instrument Builder Nathan Hubbard works in many different fields, but in general his work shows a decided interest in exploring the possibilities of sound and embracing the passing of time. This interest in sound can be seen in everything from his extended sound language as an improvisor to his homemade and found instruments. The different rates of passing time become relevant as both a rhythmic impetus and defining element in his compositions and their changing definitions of form, shape and outcome. Musically his explorations range from solo improvisations through small group collaborations to large scale compositions for his twenty-six member large ensemble, Skeleton Key Orchestra. As a composer his works range from solo pieces to medium scale works for a variety of ensembles, works for tape, electronics and acoustic instruments, large works for orchestras, creative orchestras and traditional big bands as well as pieces involving text, voice and other media. In the last several years Hubbard has been more involved with musical situations incorporating acoustics, enviroments and field recordings. His work as an artist can be seen on several of his CD covers and his work as an engineer and producer can be heard on almost all of his recordings. His current projects include solo performances, collaborations with Curtis Glatter (Glatter/Hubbard) and ARC Trio, as well as leading his own quintet (Nathan Hubbard/Passengers) and the large ensemble Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra. In addition to all this work, Hubbard has performed and/or recorded with artists such as Jacob Adler, Roger Aplon, David Borgo, Paul Carman, Castanets, Alex Cline, Anthony Davis, Michael Dessen, Mark Dresser, Tim DuRoche, Brad Dutz, Harris Eisenstadt, Marcos Fernandes, Justin Grinnell, Vinny Golia, Phillip Greenlief, Rick Helzer, Bill Horist, Mike Keneally, Paul Kikuchi, Ted Killian, Steuart Liebig, George Lewis, Doug Lunn, Noah Phillips, Garth Powell, Rafter, Jason Robinson, Tim Root, Scott Rosenberg, Jim Ryan, Chris Schlarb, Theodore Sistrunk, Moe! Staiano, GE Stinson, Kenseth Thibideau, Kris Tiner, Bertram Turetzky, Phillip Wachsmann and Nazo Zakkak."

-Castor & Pollux Music (

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Track Listing:


1. Sphagnum in Oval 05:54

2. Yellow Dragonfly 05:30

3. Trees Yield Tomte 04:39

4. All Orange Aleuria 04:50


1. In Woods I Know 03:52

2. Wood Nymph 04:30

3. Infant Elm 03:49

4. Nectria 04:33

5. Tree Sap in Water 02:43

6. Green Cap 02:14

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