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Magee, Massimo: Networking (Orbit577)

With each solo intended for a specific recipient, London saxophonist Magee recorded a series of improvisations during the pandemic isolations, retaining two of the recordings as pure solo Magee, the others virtual duos with: Travis D. Johnson on synth, Tim Green on drums, Joshua Weitze on guitar, A.F. Jones for resampling, Thomas Milovac on bass, and Lance Austin Olsen on guitar.

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UPC: 755491268452

Label: Orbit577
Catalog ID: CD-ORB5-OR5037
Squidco Product Code: 33118

Format: CDR
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: USA
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded December 2020, to October, 2021, by the artists.


Travis Johnson-digital synthesis

Tim Green-drums, percussion

Joshua Weitzel-guitar, pure data

A.F. Jones-live sampling

Thomas Milovac-double bass

Lance Austin Olsen-objects, guitar

Massimo Magee-alto saxophone

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"The album that became Networking started out on 20 December 2020, when, in one day, I recorded a series of alto saxophone solos whilst thinking of particular musical friends and collaborators. The atmosphere of continuing pandemic-induced isolation from group music-making was weighing on my mind and I resolved to do something about it through the most powerful tool available to me at the time: the internet. Each of the solos I recorded was intended for its specific recipient, which is why I am very lucky and honored that all the chosen duo partners responded positively to the project!

For my part, after a short solo statement to mark the departure point, the tracks explore a progressively broadening approach to the possibilities of the alto saxophone as instrument/object across their span, with a brief solo coda to close the loop (and then some). My musical comrades took these solitary musings and generously welcomed them into their own stunningly diverse and expansive sound worlds through the time-capturing magic of sound recordings shared over the internet. I hope the resulting music has something to say about the importance of musical communication even in trying circumstances, and the inextinguishable imperative to keep striving to push exploratory music into new realms of possibility, no matter the difficulties."-Massimo Magee

Artist Biographies

"Travis Johnson is an electronic music composer and producer based in St. Augustine, Florida. He has collaborated extensively with artists including fellow composer Mark Spybey (formerly of British industrial group Zoviet France) and PBK, and saxophonist John Butcher on the album Heat On Earth. Heat on Earth was part of the Audiosphere: Sound Experimentation 1980-2020 exhibition curated by Francisco L—pez for the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sof’a in 2020-2021."

-Wikipedia (

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Timothy Bekavac Green is an Australian experimental artist/free jazz drummer, known for the band The Cyclone Trio.

-Discogs (

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"Joshua Weitzel is a musician, curator and researcher born in 1989.

As an improviser, composer and performer he is mostly active in the field of experimental music, jazz and the grey areas in-between. His instruments of choice are guitar (acoustic and electric) and shamisen, which he plays both employing traditional and extended/invented playing techniques such as using circular breathing on stringed instruments, preparations and scordatura. His music is primarily concerned with spaces, contrast, harmony, timbre and interaction between players.

Aside from his own music practice he curates concerts, performances and exhibitions in Kassel. He was the artistic director interim of the art space Galerie Feiertag from 2019-2020 and the artistic director of the concert series Chamäleon Experimente (2018), Chamäleon Clash (2019) and Chamäleon Verbindungen (2020/21). In 2020, the concert series is awarded the culture prize of Kassel (Kulturförderpreis Stadt Kassel).

He further coordinates online-releases and concerts under the umbrella Kassel Experimental Music Productions. He also works as a gallery educator and art mediator (among others dOCUMENTA (13), 11. Berlin Biennale new talents biennale Cologne, and KW Institute Berlin).

His research interests are located at the intersection of musicology, art history, and education.

He holds a Master's degree with distinction from King's College London and a Bachelor's degree from Göttingen University. Currently, he is working on a PhD in music at the Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh, where he writes about sound in the context of the history of documenta exhibitions. Since May 2020 he is artistic-scientific asscociate for sound art and sound research at the Hochschule für Musik Mainz in the group Art - Sound - Research led by Prof. Peter Kiefer. "

-Joshua Weitzel Website (

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"A.F. Jones is the founder of the tape label Laminal Audio, and has released recordings with Derek Rogers, Bruno Duplant, Cristian Alvear, etc on labels such as Glistening Examples, Rhizome-s and more."

-Blogger (

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"Thomas Milovac (b. 1997 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) was born into a musical family and found a lifelong passion for performing and composing from an early age. He performed throughout middle school and high school band programs on various instruments including tenor saxophone, clarinet, piano, vibraphone, timpani, and the instruments closest to his heart, the double bass and bass guitar. Thomas was a member of various honor bands including All-District Jazz and Concert bands, the 2015 Florida All-State Jazz band, and the UCF All-Star Jazztet. He also founded, lead, and arranged for East Ridge High School's first jazz combo which received awards at state level MPA's and the Lake Side Jazz Festival in Port Orange, Florida. He was also th,e president of his high school's chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society.

Upon graduating high school in 2016, Thomas went on to study at the University of North Florida (UNF) in Jacksonville, FL. At UNF, he studied under composer Gary Smart, pianist Lynne Arriale, and bassists Dennis Marks, Jason Lindsay, and Doug Wieland. Thomas also performed with UNF's Jazz Ensemble One, Jazz Combo One, the UNF Orchestra, the UNF Concert Band, and UNF Chamber Ensemble. He received the award of "Most Outstanding Musician" from the school of music every academic year. Thomas graduated from the school of music at UNF in the summer of 2020 with his B.M in Jazz Studies.

Thomas Milovac has continued to perform, record, and collaborate with artists across the musical spectrum since graduating. He has collaborated with artists such as: Ulysses Owens Jr., Ryan Devlin, Steve Cohn, John Lumpkin, Zoh Amba, Doc Handy, Syoma Klochko, Dominick Farinacci, Steve Swallow, Elizabeth A. Baker, Sean Hamilton, Majid Araim, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, Renee Baker, and Jonas Van den Bossche. Thomas also is a member of the "pan-Florida improvisation syndicate" BONGUS, the Ryan Devlin Electric Band, and the Jacksonville based ensemble Madre Vaca. He also leads his own ensembles and projects to perform his original works including the Thomas Milovac Sextet and Trio, Maxiphony, and the Unit Colossus.

In 2018, Thomas Milovac created and curated the Backroom Series in Jacksonville, Florida. The series presented concerts of improvised and creative music in Thomas's home and various venues around Jacksonville. The series played hosts to artists such as Jack Wright and Ron Stabnisky, B|_ank, Zach Rowden, Majid Araim, and Adam Goodwin. The Backroom Series ceased in 2020 with a large archive of concerts on their YouTube page.

Thomas founded the Cosmo Sonic Collective in 2021 upon his move to his current home base of Orlando, Florida. Cosmo Sonic is a platform for artists around the world to present their vanguard work. The Cosmo Sonic Collective record label has focused on releasing works of improvised music. Artists that have released music on Cosmo Sonic include Paul* Hermansen, Syoma Klochko, and Taylor Rouss."

-Thomas Milovac Website (

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"Lance Austin Olsen is a composer, improviser, and painter, and owner of Infrequency Editions. He studied Printmaking and Art History at University of the Arts London, and currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia."

-Squidco 5/31/2023

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"Massimo Magee is a writer, artist and musician based in London. His work is wide-ranging, including fiction, text art, sound and image digital art pieces, experimental music (improvised, composed and everything in between), free jazz, radically extended saxophony, electronics, data manipulation and much more. He has performed internationally and had recordings released in the USA, UK, France, Poland and Australia with musicians such as Eddie Prévost, Hankil Ryu, Sangtae Jin, Keith Rowe, David W Stockard, Tony Irving (Ascension), Christian Munthe, Lee Noyes, Matt Earle, Adam Sussmann, Elliott Dalgleish, Michael Pisaro, Jim Denley, Dale Gorfinkel, Barre Phillips and many more on labels such as Homophoni, Copy For Your Records, Kendra Steiner Editions, Ilse, Ideal State, Audiotong, Factor Vac and others. Ensembles have included Cyclone Trio, Apocalypse Jazz Unit, the Magee/Green/Fowler-Roy Trio, MTJAM and many ad hoc groups. His Manifesto (New Unities) has recently been published."

-Cafe Oto (

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Track Listing:

1. Signal Flare 2:46

2. Echopraxia 3:49

3. Consolamentrum 7:22

4. Tephra 2:54

5. Alien Hand Syndrome 4:00

6. Oto-Industrial Complex 8:52

7. Membrane 13:15

8. Blinkenlights 12:34

9. Networking Outro 2:30

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