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Kim, Sunik

Raid on the White Tiger Regiment [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD]

Kim, Sunik: Raid on the White Tiger Regiment [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD] (Notice Recordings)

Named after one of the eight core revolutionary operas produced during the Cultural Revolution in Korea, composer & performer Sunik Kim constructed this fascinatingly dense and constantly surprising set of compositions using Max MSP and SuperCollider, including a live version constructed from phone and Zoom recordings of performances at Cafe OTO and at Counterflows, in Glasgow, Scotland.

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product information:

Label: Notice Recordings
Catalog ID: NTR073
Squidco Product Code: 32699

Condition: New
Released: 2022
Country: USA
Packaging: Cassette
"Raid Live" was stitched together from iPhone and Zoom recordings of live performances at Cafe OTO, London, UK, on March 31str, 2022, and Counterflows, in Glasgow, Scotland, on March 2ns, 2022.


Sunik Kim-composer, performer

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Sunik Kim's Raid on the White Tiger Regiment arrives three years after 2019's Zero Chime on First Terrace Records. Raid has strong political undertones and is named after one of the eight core revolutionary operas produced during the Cultural Revolution. This particular opera focuses on the joint struggle of Chinese and Korean communists during the Korean War, during which there were devastating US attacks on the northern part of the peninsula. Raid is an insanely wild ride made with software Sunik custom-built in Max MSP and SuperCollider using free orchestral soundfonts at hyper-speed tempos. Despite the presumed chaos of this album, there is a strong and present voice that permeates the barrage of noises, almost as if the teeming and swirling sounds coalesce to create a slowly shifting mass that is somehow soothing. There is a constant regeneration of textures and sensations here: simultaneously shedding and accumulating, receding and emerging. A multidirectional presence, both solidly grounded but also unpredictable in its motion.

Side B presents a unique live document of Sunik's performances of the Raid material: a lengthy 30 minute piece created from multiple field recordings of the performances at Cafe OTO in London and Counterflows in Glasgow. "Raid Live" stands as an interesting counter to the meticulously crafted studio-created material. Its weight is held by roomtone, pockmarked with the audience's yelling and mingling; a cathartic experience felt by many."-Notice Recordings

Artist's statement:

This is possibly the second album named after one of the eight core revolutionary operas produced during the Cultural Revolution; to my knowledge, the first is Brian Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy. Raid on the White Tiger Regiment, the opera, focuses on the joint struggle of Chinese and Korean communists during the Korean War-a truly "forgotten war" in much of the world, in which the US dropped 635,000 tons of explosives and 32,557 tons of napalm on the northern part of the peninsula, killing 20 percent of the population, and massacred tens of thousands of Korean communists and suspected sympathizers from Nogeun-ri to Daejeon.

Raid, the album, pulls its titles from the opera's program and thereby positions the music as a soundtrack: an inherently limited and dependent form that requires a broader historical and political context-a connection with the world-to reach its fullest state of development. In substituting my wordless, "abstract" music for that of the original opera, I hope to establish a living nexus of contradictions between: (1) the original opera, as direct an example of "political art" as there can be; (2) the extended historical and political processes that birthed it; (3) our current conjuncture; (4) the immediate listening experience. In this clashing and intertwining of timelines, histories, and sense-perceptions, I hope to facilitate a visceral act of comparison, a tracking of excess and deficiency: what aligns, what collides, what falls horribly or comically flat, what brings tears of joy or sadness? And why?

The music is constructed with custom software I built with Max/MSP and SuperCollider that controls banks of free orchestral soundfonts at chaotic tempos. I hope the overt "cheapness" of the materials, and their constantly coalescing, collapsing, disintegrating, reassembling movement, establishes a dramatic-operatic!-tension internal to the logic of the music itself: one that, above all, argues that possibilities-aesthetic, yes, but also historical and political-have nowhere near been exhausted, and that the present order will one day be rightfully relegated to "the museum of antiquities, next to the spinning wheel and the bronze ax."-Sunik Kim, 2022

Mattin's liner notes:

"Listening to Sunik Kim gives me something I have never experienced before: a conscious encounter with history making music.

Their sound is distinctly contemporary, in that it is only their use of technology that allows them to attain these speeds and combinations of sounds, forcing our perception to new grounds. But the music also has a true spirit of rebellion, exuberance and excitement reminiscent of free jazz and other countercultural musical practices that is so difficult to find these days.

There are forms of density one is not allowed to enter. But Sunik's density is the opposite: you are not only allowed to enter, you are also there together with the audience entering and deciphering hundreds of layers of musical history.

One is inside a cultural grinder of possibilities destroying those forms of closed density and projecting us into a potential collective future. You can think here of a computerized 21st century version of Cecil Taylor, a chunk of our vertiginous reality condensed into a million musical fragments: the frenetic exuberance of life made music."-Mattin

Artist Biographies

"Sunik Kim is a musician, writer and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles. Their last album, Raid on the White Tiger Regiment, was released in 2022 on Notice Recordings and features Kim manipulating free orchestral soundfonts at hyper-speed tempos. They are also a regular contributor to experimental music publication Tone Glow, and have had writing featured in Pitchfork, Bandcamp Daily, Soap Ear and elsewhere."

-Sunik Kim Website (

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Track Listing:


1. Raid on the White Tiger Regiment 14:21

2. Spring Thunder is Rolling 07:40


1. Raid Live 30:31

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