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AAVD Trio (Alexander Adams / Danny Andrade / Daniel Van Duerm): Anti Glow (Amalgam)

Experimental improvisation driven by the foundations of electric piano, organ & electronics of Chicago keyboardist Daniel Van Duerm, fueled by the flexible and unusual drumming of Alexander Adams and passionately expanded by the cathartic tenor sax wrangling of Danny Andrade, dark and light come together to form an "anti-glow" from this intriguing young trio.

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Label: Amalgam
Catalog ID: AMA028
Squidco Product Code: 32188

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded live at Elastic Arts, in Chocago, Illinois, in October, 2017, by Dave Zuchowski.


Alexander Adams-drums, cymbals

Danny Andrade-tenor saxophone

Daniel Van Duerm-electric piano, organ, electronics

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"In my estimation, Daniel Van Duerm is one of the most exciting young improvisers in Chicago these days. A keyboard player who creates sonic environments rather comps and who has, in just a few short years carved out a unique and personal style, a sound language I haven't heard before.

Anti-Glow shows off Van Duerm's particular concept in a context considerably different than ones we've heard him in before. Daniel's take on the music - "This performance was during a time of tremendous self doubt...these feelings are often times not articulated in my personal words adequately. To me though, they're an incredible source of creative energy when harnessed. Examples of my most sincere emotional expression come from exploring these dark hallways inside myself."

That's not to say the music is emotionally one dimensional. Darkness and light exist together just like in the rest of our lives. Here in sound, the darkness as well as the light can illuminate. Glow and Anti-Glow. Adams' elastic drumming along with Andrade's responsive yet introspective horn make for a rewarding listening experience. I'm genuinely excited to hear what Van Duerm comes up with next."-Matt Lux, 2020

"[...] The instruments communicate with one another as if they've always been meant to. Van Duerm lays remarkable sonic foundations for Andrade to skip through and play around with, but it's not until he's bending circuits and effing with synths that you realize you're not just listening to fusion-era-Miles Chick Corea aping. The meeting of jazz and experimental electronics can often be exhilarating, and Van Duerm, Adams, and Andrade prove as adept at breaking new ground as a dude with a shovel at a groundbreaking ceremony. Anti Glow is a rush regardless of whether it's hurtling full throttle or pinging around on the inside of itself. Even when it's lurching like a hungry Frankenstein's monster, it's got that edge of cuttingness, that wobbly connection like barely failing and then unfailing magnets are holding everything together. It's unusual, and it's vital. It hits a lot of pleasure centers."-Ryan, Cassette Gods

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Artist Biographies

Alexander Adams is a drummer and experimental artist, and person behind the Lurker Bias label from Chicago. He also goes by the alias Natural Actors. He is known for the groups AAVD Trio, Adams/Bucko Duo, Galaxxu, Glow Peel, Karris Adams Duo, and Nancy Bigfoot.

-Discogs (

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Danny Andrade, saxophone from Chicago, IL received the NFMC Rose Smith Thomas Award. Born in Rockford, IL to parents who emigrated from Brazil. His musical father frequently had Brazilian music playing in the house and encouraged Danny to begin his musical journey at the age of 6 with the guitar. At 12 he joined his high school band and began playing saxophone. He began gigging around Rockford until he moved to Chicago to attend Columbia College and begin studying music. He studied with Geoff Bradfield and Greg Ward, then transferred to University of Illinois at Chicago to study with Ari Brown and Chris Madsen. His focus is on improvisation and composition. He is a member of the AAVD Trio.

-Squidco 9/20/2023

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Daniel Van Duerm is a Chicago-based pianist & keyboardist, known for his work with Paid Time Off, Set Self On Fire, Bonzo Terks, Peabody & Sherman, & KVL.

-Squidco 9/20/2023

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Track Listing:

1. Oneness 09:52

2. Where Sphere Went 02:48

3. Organize Your Dissent 06:48

4. One For Grey Ghost 08:33

5. You're Soft Now 04:33

6. Self Portrait 07:35

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