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Talp, Linnea: Arch Of Motion (thanatosis produktion)

Performed with Stockholm musicians including pianist Alexander Zethson, wind player Martin Küchen and trombonist Mats Äleklint, organist Linnéa Talp explores the areas of sound that emulate breathing, push/pull or back & forth motion, in eight beautifully paced recordings led by the organ's rich and microtonal vibrations & timbre and imbued by the contributor's subtle additions.

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Label: thanatosis produktion
Catalog ID: THTCD10
Squidco Product Code: 31762

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2022
Country: Sweden
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
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Linnea Talp-pipe organ, modular synth

Christer Bothen-bass clarinet

Mariam Wallentin-vocals

Martin Kuchen-flute

Mats Aleklint-trombone

Alexander Zethson-grand piano

Mandus Almqvist Johansson-guitar

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"In recent years Swedish musician Linnea Talp has grown interested in liminal spaces of sound, increasingly searching for her breath deep within passages of a song when instruments gently and patiently bridge the verses. In 2020 she released COCHLEA, a brooding pop-rock record made under the name DEEREST. "I've been trying to work with my body, my breath and my listening," she says of her work since finishing that release. "I wanted to integrate a sense of slow and simple movement into the music-push/release, forward/backward, inhale/exhale-everything centered around being present, translated into sounding." That transformation is evidenced on her remarkable new album Arch of Motion, a recording marked by exquisite patience and space.

While the recording explores similar terrain traversed by Stockholm composers like Ellen Arkbro and Kali Malone, Talp has carved out her own sonic space, masterfully blending unmediated experimentation with meticulously placed contributions by some of the country's most accomplished improvisers, including singer Mariam Wallentin, trombonist Mats Äleklint, and reedists Martin Küchen and Christer Bothén.

This transformation was enabled in part by her first encounters with the Buchla synthesizer in a composition course she was taking several years ago. She approached the instrument with child-like openness, allowing herself to be surprised and proceeding without a plan. She trusted her instincts and let things happen, abandoning the desire to control the elements that went into her pop music. Talp then applied the same sense of wonder to the pipe organ.

Further inspired by the ideas of John Cage and non-intention, she says, "When I started to work with my organ pieces, I tried to be open for whatever." The organ parts on the album were recorded at several churches in the summer and fall of 2020, including Hörkens Kyrka, where the project started thanks to a compositional residency at Ställbergs gruva. "To be in a tone or a chord for a long time enables subtle details to appear and to expand, which is so fascinating," she explains. "The organ is very suitable for this. There are so many possibilities-to work with vibrations, changes of timbre, microtonality, and to work with the sound of air, especially when slowly changing the registrations."

The pieces on the album are concise, but very little editing was applied to those initial recordings. "My sense is that these pieces capture small amounts time, of me being present, sounding," says Talp. Yet the relative brevity doesn't hinder their revelatory power. After making these recordings she invited a handful of musicians to complement her solo excursions by adding complementary improvisations. "I wanted to add some color into the material, some additional movement, small changes in timbre and so on. The instructions that I gave the musicians was simply to do some quite free, but minimalistic improvisations. I told them to experiment with the timbre, with the octave, with small dissonances, with more or less air in the tone...things like that." Working with producer Alex Zethson, she carefully selected passages from these improvisations, building out gorgeous harmonies and sympathetic shadings to enrich her playing without changing its essential nature.

These extra sounds are deployed with great subtlety, but careful listening reveals how these contributions add richness and almost inaudible counterpoint to the organ parts. On the short "To Whom" the wordless murmur of Wallentin vibrates alongside the pulse of the organ, with Kuchen's strident flute enhancing the upper register stop of the pipe organ, creating a single, extended gesture, while in "The Continuation" the organ sounds seem to blossom from the introductory bass clarinet long tones by Bothen, and the flute of Kuchen later emerges like a rime upon Talp's frosty chords. The title piece feels almost maximalist in context, with a cycling descending sequence out of which a low-end rumble, echoed in Aleklint's almost imperceptible shadowing, and ethereal, fragmented tendrils of terse melody blossom.

On first glance these pieces suggest sonic inhalations and exhalations-it's no surprise that Talp used words associated with breathing in the titles-but once the listener surrenders to these sounds, they notice that there's much more happening. There is a simultaneous focus and release in Talp's creative vision that can be deceptive in that way, but certain weightlessness of these pieces belies the rich detail and striations with each whoosh of sound. Talp demonstrates an acceptance and embrace in these small gestures as real building blocks of deep listening. They're waiting for you to jump in."- Thanatosis Produktion

Also available on vinyl LP.

Artist Biographies

"Linnéa Talp (b. 1990 in Vargön, Vänersborg, Sweden) is a Stockholm based composer, producer and musician. As a musician, she's working with the pipe organ, but also as a singer and a cellist. With her previous solo project DEEREST, she released the album COCHLEA (Dubious records, 2020) and the EPs Deep River Series (Lazy Octopus Records, 2018) and XX. (2017). Arch of Motion is her instrumental solo debut."

-Submit Hub (

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"Christer Bothén. Musician, composer and visual artist. Bass clarinet, Contrabass clarinet, Guimbri och Dontzo N´goni. Born in Gothenburg, lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Christer is currently a member of Mats Gustafsson's Nu Ensemble, collaborates with Tisha Mukerji, Wilhem Bromanderand others. Solo projects with bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet."

-Christer Bothen Website (

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"Mariam Karolina Riahi Wallentin (born 28 July 1982 in Örebro, Sweden) is a Swedish musician (vocals, percussion, composer) and voice actress.

Wallentin first sang in the local soulband Carnival, with which she presented an EP in 1999. From 2006 she studied at the Högskolan för scen och musik (Academy of Music and Drama) in Gothenburg. There she met her husband, Andreas Werliin, with whom she formed the duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums. The band has presented several albums since 2007 and toured internationally. In 2008 she was named Swedish Jazzact of the Year. Since 2013 she is also on tour with the experimental solo project Mariam the Believer, which released their first album Blood Donation, in the same year. She is also active as a singer with the Fire!Orchestra. She is also a musician on Gothenburg String Theory, David Åhlen, Susanna & The Magical Orchestra, Lykke Li and with Lisa Ullén and Nina de Heney as Nuiversum."

-Wikipedia (

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"Born 1966; saxophones. Martin Küchen has been active on the Swedish free improvised/free jazz scene since the mid-1990s. He has composed for larger groups, participated in dance projects, performed with different poets and created the music for experimental films. He now collaborates with improvisors all over Europe and USA/Canada. His current collaborations include:

Angles - a new trio with Ingebrigt Håker- Flaten, doublebass, Kjell Nordeson, drums and Martin Küchen, saxophones. Exploding Customer - a free jazz quartet with Tomas Hallonsten trumpet, Benjamin Quigley double bass and Kjell Nordeson drums, which plays mainly original compositions. Sound of Mucus - a trio with the stringchordist Herman Müntzing and Andreas Axelsson, percussion. Unsolicited Music Ensemble - a trio with Tony Wren, double bass and Raymond Strid, percussion. a duo with guitarist David Stackenås. UNSK: Birgit Ulher, Martin Küchen, lise-Lott Norelius and Raymond Strid. Looper - a trio with Greek cello player Nikos Veliotis and Norwegian percussionist Ingar Zach."

-European Free Improv Site (

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"Mats Aleklint is a freelance trombone player, born 1979, that lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

I work mostly in the fields of improvisation and jazz, but also blues, soul, theater music, pop and rock. I have been working as a freelance since the year 2000, and touring in Sweden, Norway, Canada, Slovenia, Portugal, England, Germany, and many other countries. Toured with/Recorded with: Alberto Pinton Quintet, YunKan10, Torbjörn Zetterberg Octet, Norrbotten Big Band, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Dave Holland, Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra, The Thing XXL, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, Brus Trio+2, Big Band Splash, Per-Henrik Wallin, Harmonica Henry, Lisa Ullén Quartet, Blacknuss, Angles, Je Suis!, All Included, LED, and many many others. I also have a band of my own, Mats Äleklint Kvartett."

-Mats Aleklint Website (

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"Alexander Zethson has completed the bachelor performance programme in jazz at KMH and is currently studying at the second year of the master's programme with Lisa Ullén as his primary instrument teacher.

Alexander has participated in extensive concert and tour activities and has participated in fifteen record productions. The ensembles include:

• Niklas Barnö's free jazz group Je Suis!• A number of tours in Europe with Martin Küchen's group Angles 9

Alexander is also active as arranger and pianist in collaboration with the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, a cooperation which began in 2011. Zethson, Sofia Jernberg and Lene Grenager has arranged music from Hallingdal and Røros performed by the TJO with Zethson, Jernberg and violinist/Hardanger fiddler Olav Luksengård Mjelva."

-KMH Royal College of Music in Stockholm (

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Track Listing:

1. To Whom 1:59

2. Arch Of Motion 4:42

3. Going Nowhere 3:45

4. Mending (Light Pressure) 3:53

5. Conversation 3:26

6. Inhale 3:13

7. Rasunda Kyrka (Exhale) 5:22

8. The Continuation 5:00

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