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Gadt / Osborne / Zakrocki / Olak: Spontaneous Chamber Music Vol.3 (Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

The third volume in this free improvising series, starting with the collaboration of Polish violinist Patryk Zakrocki and guitarist Marcin Olak, varying the additional players as they explore chamber-oriented free improvisation, here with the impressive vocal improvisation of Anna Gadt and cellist Annemie Osborne, ripping apart the calendar in 14 monthly machinations.

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product information:

UPC: 5905279364752

Label: Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!)
Catalog ID: FSR 17 | 2020
Squidco Product Code: 29565

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: Poland
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Quality Studio, in Warsaw, Poland, in December, 2018, Jeremiasz Hendzel.


Anna Gadt-voice

Annemie Osborne-cello

Marcin Olak-guitars

Patryk Zakrocki-viola

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Artist Biographies:

"Anna Gadt, chanteuse, improviser, composer. A representative of the European jazz stage who combines free improvisation, classical music and contemporary jazz. She has recorded 5 original albums. In 2018 she has been nominated for the prestigious Polish Fryderyk Award for the best artist.The Grand Prix at Jazz Struggle, the international competition for singing musicians and the acclaim of Billy Harper, the head of jury, determined a breakthrough in her artistic work. She toured in France, Germany, Switzerland, Latvia, Slovakia, Poland. She participated in Polish Stage at Jazz European Conference. Apart from singing comprehended in traditional way, she seeks for the unusual sounds and techniques of performance. Her concept refers to the improvised music, in which there is no division into the accompanying band and the leader. Such a unity highlights the wealth of differences between the musicians and the value of mutual complementarity. The search for the common idea, the daring and spontaneous creation happening "here and now," become the aim."

-Anna Gadt Website (

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"Annemie Osborne starts studying the cello at the 'Conservatoire de Luxembourg' with Claude Giampellegrini at age 8, continues at the University of Leeds (U.K.) with Anna Shuttleworth and prepares and accomplishes her Master degree in the class of Jeroen Reuling at the 'Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel'. She has had the opportunity to deepen and nourrish her understanding and practice of the cello during various master classes with, amongst others, Claus Kanngiesser, Johannes Goritzki, François Guye, Lluis Claret and Istvan Varga. It is from the age of 16 that she discovers and develops an interest in Jazz, improvised music, and World Music. Since then she has continually been exploring the art of improvisation in many various musical settings and encounters. Initiated to Jazz by Gast Waltzing, Marc Demuth and André Klenes, she has more recently been following classes of free improvisation with Kris Defoort at the Royal Brussels Conservatory.

An essential inspiration to her music has also come from work and ideas in the area of music therapy, especially through her encounter with the work of Luxembourgish music therapist Martine Wallenborn and the Taka Tuka Ensemble, and during participation at a music therapy course at the 'Bodenseeinstitut' in Bregenz (AU) in 2008/2009.

In May 2009 she participates at a concert with Kris Defoort, Nic Thys, Pierre Bernard and Geoffroy de Massure at the concert hall 'Henry Le Boeuf ' at Bozar in Brussels - in the context of 'film and music', to accompany the silent movie 'L'Hirondelle et la mésange', Belgian film from the 1920s. Her current musical projects include "OakTree" and " Octet Red ", as well as a collaboration with singer and pianist Mathilde Renault (folk-pop) and the Jazz project of Corean singer Jihye Lee and pianist Nicola Andrioli. Moreover, she currently plays in a chamber music project with Luxembourg pianist Françoise Tonteling and Luxembourg percussionist Michel Mootz. She also occasionally is invited to play as a replacement in Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra (OCL)."

-Jazz In Belgium (

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"Marcin Olak: guitarist, composer, improvising and experimenting musician. He is one of the few who can play modern jazz on classical and acoustic guitars, using the specific sound and articulation possibilities of those instruments *; he also plays electric guitars. He moves between various styles: jazz, classical and contemporary pieces, from fully composed pieces to improvised music. Marcin Olak peforms solo and with various bands: from free-jazz combos, through classical guitar ensambles, to the symphony orchestra.

*[ Usually guitar in jazz is treated linearly. Most guitarists play with a pick, and are thus able to play a single note melody or chords. Marcin Olak - with his classical guitarist background - plays differently. He creates a multilevel, complex textures, using the specific sound and articulation possibilities of his guitars, as it is in the European guitar tradition. And that's not the end of surprises... ]

Marcin graduated from the Fryderyk Chopin's Academy of Music in Warsaw (PL) in classical guitar. He took part in numerous master classes with classical guitarists (like Roberto Aussel and Jorge Cardoso) and jazz performers (like Ralph Towner and Scott Henderson). Marcin Olak played at some of the most important polish guitar and jazz festivals, such as: Warsaw Summer Jazz Days (2013, 2008), Warszaw Autumn (2007,2009), Jazz na Buduku (2006, 2008, 2012), Jazz w Ruinach (2007), Guitar City (2005, 2008), Jazz Juniors (2005), Warsaw Underground Jazz (2003) and many more. The Warsaw Guitar Festival in 2008 seems particularly worth mentioning, as Marcin's own concerto for jazz guitar trio and orchestra was performed there for the first time. Marcin played on the most important stages in Poland, including the National Philharmonic Hall in Warsaw and the Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of the Polish Radio. He has recorded for Polish radio and TV on numerous occasions. He doesn't avoid jazz clubs though."

-All About Jazz (

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"Patryk Zakrocki: Musician, improviser, composer, sound artist, and illustrator (born in 1974 in Warsaw). He currently plays violin, oscillators and electric mbira as a half of the duet SzaZa and together with the guitarist Marcin Olak, alters the melodies of old music boxes, and co-creates two unique projects of his own conception: Gabinet Ucha Wewnętrznego / The Inner Ear Massage Parlour and Kino Dźwięku / Sound Cinema.

He passionately conducts improvising orchestras and choirs, works with chamber and electroacoustic music, and pushes the possibilities of audio drama. Patryk Zakrocki released 12 albums, including two solo works. Aside from countless shows in Europe, he also performed in USA, Island, Uruguay, Israel, Egypt, China and Japan."

-Patryk Zakrocki Website (

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track listing:

1. January 4:54

2. February 2:40

3. March 4:43

4. June 5:35

5. November 4:27

6. December 4:35

7. Japril 1:38

8. Oktocember 5:25

9. Novembuary 3:19

10. Februly 4:01

11. Janune 2:52

12. Februapril 2:31

13. Juluary 3:19

14. Decuary 4:11
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

The third volume in this Polish free improvising series, starting with the collaboration of violinist Patryk Zakrocki and guitarist Marcin Olak, each volume varying the partcipating players. The goal is to explore chamber-oriented free improvisation, here with the impressive vocal extemporizations of Anna Gadt and the solid string support of cellist Annemie Osborne. Each improvisation is named for a month, at first following the calendar, and then merging the syllables of months to create hybrid placeholders, a good reflection of their combinatory approach to improv. Their playing is technically superb, informed by improvisation and contemporary music, engagingly unpredictable but always calmly controlled.

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