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Krci (Loris Binot / Emilie Skrijelj): Krci (Creative Sources)

Filled with mystery and innuendo, the duo of French pianist and keyboardist Loris Binot, performing on prepared piano, prepared Fender Rhodes, Moog & electronics, and French-based accordionist Emilie Skrijelj, also on samples & electronics, are heard in a recording at the performing arts theater at CCAM in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy for two extended and superbly intriguing improvisations.

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Loris Binot-prepared piano, prepared Fender Rhodes, moog, electronics

Emilie Skrijelj-accordion, samples, electronics

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UPC: 5609063406252

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs625
Squidco Product Code: 28210

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2019
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at CCAM, in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France, in 2019, by Nils De Deyne.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

Filled with mystery and innuendo, the duo of French pianist and keyboardist Loris Binot, performing on prepared piano, prepared Fender Rhodes, Moog & electronics, and French-based accordionist Emilie Skrijelj, also on samples & electronics, are heard in a recording at the performing arts theater at CCAM in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy for two extended and superbly intriguing improvisations. Binot and krijelj have worked together previously in Loris Binot's larger ensemble Azeotropes.

Artist Biographies

"Loris Binot: Piano, Fender Rhodes, Moog, Processing

Art project carried out for over thirty years now. Course created with Jef Gilson (from 79 to 87), Michel Précastelli (from 82 to 85), Eric Watson (from 82 to 85), Bernard Maury (89 and 90) ....

Very eclectic formation: after beginnings with the accordion at the age of seven, abandons it around the age of fifteen and curiously, resumes it around the 92s around ... 40 years! In parallel, very attracted by the piano, classical studies with several teachers, and electronic keyboards. In the years 68 to 74, creation of a first rock group. At the time, the inspirations were Soft Machine Yes, Pink Floyd ... and later towards jazz rock with Weather Report, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis ..., then contemporary music to get to jazz.

Around 78, meeting with Jef Gilson. Worked the piano and harmony with him for several years at home in Paris, but also in internships he supervised in Nîmes. Then, for two or three years, worked with Michel Précastelli, François Couturier, Bernard Maury, Joy Kane ... and, very important meeting, from 86 to 88 with Eric Watson.

Since 1996, he has composed his music.

In 2000, selected for an order from the Region for the "JOURNEY OF MUSICIANS": the goal was:
• The renewal of harmony music in order to start a new millennium in a universe different from the previous one.
• The meeting of amateur musicians and a contemporary composer.
• The work of rehearsal and interpretation of this music.
• Presentation of this music in public.

For this creation, Loris Binot received a state commission in 2000 "Influences" "Illusion", musical writings for around thirty musicians.

Played, as a pianist-accordionist, with:
Harold SINGER, Burton GREEN, François LINDEMAN, Maurice MAGNONI, Philippe PETRUCIANI, Thomas VANDEVENNE, Jean-Paul AUTIN, Jean-François CANAPE, Jean COHEN Jef SICARD, Patrick CHARBONNIER, Philippe HOURIET, Soizic LEBRAS, Elisabeth FLUNGER, Noel AKCHOTE, Lê Quan Ninh, Steve LACY,...

His work regularly brings him into experiences where artistic expressions meet and often intersect. Exploration of musical universes to discover all the arts: painting, literature, dance, sculpture, poetry, theater .... He multiplies the meetings during his career. This is how it is found alongside:

• artists painters: Thierry Devaux, Xavier Thomen, Christian Fafet, Claudine Ange, Mireille Bettinger, Maryll Raizer, Constance Giard, Shin-Jeung Park, Byoung-Waak Chae and Jérémy Mantilaro.
• photographers (Pierre Grandmaire...),
• videographers (Xavier Quérel) 2006, creation for the KULTUR FABRIK (Esch sur Alzette) of the video show "sensitive area" with the installations of Xavier THOMEN and Loris BINOT 4tet.
• dancers (Fabienne Fogarollo, Tatiana Federspiel, Yuko Kominami. Buto dancer, Célestino GIANFRANCO),
• actors (in 2000, musical writing and theatrical play for a play by Brecht, Maïakovski, Wasselin "BMWB" - directed by Bernard Beuvelot). In 2003, musical writing for "l'Orélie", play by Claudine Galéa, directed by Bernard Beuvelot, in 2004, creation with Valéry Plancke, Claire Barrault, and the "Skin maxi mizer entertainement" video for an evening "at the arts etc ... ", in 2006, creation for KUTUR FABRIK (Esch sur Alzette) with Valéry PLANCKE and Célestino GIANFRANCO.
• poets - writers: Lucien Wasselin, Claudine Galea,
• musicians (Jef Sicard, Assif Tsahar, Peter Kowald, Steve Lacy, Noël Akchoté, Jérôme Bourdellon., Lê Quan Ninh, ..) Note that Steve Lacy responded favorably, in 1996, at the request of Loris Binot for a series of several concerts with the "Loris Binot septet".

He is the designer in 2002 of the project "Aux arts etc" in collaboration with regional venues (Trinitaires de Metz, Jarny, Neufchâteau...). Origins: musicians, a Quintet combining jazz and modern music. Loris Binot, composer and leader of the "Loris Binot Quintet" makes a creative proposal towards a place and other artistic disciplines: Invest in a space, theatrical or not, by creating an evening mixing music, literature and visual arts. Since its creation, two writers, a plastic artist and a dancer have come to cross their worlds with that of the Quintet: Thierry Devaux, painter and plastic artist, Lucien Wasselin poet, Claudine Galea playwright and novelist, Yuko Kominami, dancer. Transverse and hybrid scene, "Aux arts Etc. "Plays on the rules of theatrical representation (text defined in advance, plastic scenography) and the laws of improvisation and random combination. The public is invited to share a modular system depending on the location, the theme, the plastic installation and the lighting. Each evening is unique.

Teacher, he shares his passion with amateurs, students of the Jarny music school where he teaches.
Creation in 1986 of the "Jarny Jazz Ensemble" which became the big band "Vent d'Anges".
• 1986: creation of a show "French songs that have toured the world" with Corinne Cicolari, singer, with arrangements by Jef Gilson and Philippe Petrucciani
• 1991: creation of "New York suite" by Maurice Magnoni
• 1992: creation of "sounds in the eye" by François Lindeman with the painter Paul Brunner
• 1993: creation of Laurent Cugny with the Jarny Jazz Ensemble
• 1998: musical intervention by the jazz ensemble in "the moon opera "By PREVERT with CRAC de JARNY
• 2003: he creates "the Musical Encyclopedia", which was a discovery of musical universes in a show-concert course - (Loris Binot music, booklet and texts Claudine Galea: around the Loris Binot quintet, "the jazz ensemble ", Other amateur musicians from surrounding schools, and the actors of the Théâtre du Jarnisy).
• 2009: work with Serge Adam on Balkan music.
• 2010: work with Serge Adam on his own repertoire.
• 2011: Work with Jean-Luc Capozzo on improvisation as a whole."

-Les Explorateurs (

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"Emilie krijelj: Accordionist aspired by electroacoustic materials, trains with Loris Binot, Maurizio Spiridigliozzi, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Johannes Bauer and explores improvisation through impromptu meetings with musicians, dancers, actors, poets ... At the same pace, she ends his studies in plastic arts and scenography at the university in Metz in 2007 by writing a thesis: From sound object to sound space: interactions between sound and space among sound composers and artists (1948 -1984) .

She also immerses her ears in modular synths and starts taking sounds in the former Yugoslavia or on the edge of vinyl, all to throw herself into the arms of electroacoustics.


- Kr č i with Loris Binot

- The Marquesas Islands with Tom Malmendier

- Nights with Stéphane Clor, Thomas Coquelet, Tom Malmendier

- Dreieck Interférences Ensemble

- The Lovers with Tom Malmendier

- Mokkö with Louis-Michel Marion

- Suzanne with Annabelle Dodane and Marc Goujot

- Azeotropes with Loris Binot, Antoine Arlot, Christophe Castel, Michel Deltruc, Annabelle Dodane, Madeleine Lefebvre, Denis Jarosinski, Louis-Michel Marion, Joseph Ramacci"

-Emilie Skrijelj Website (Translated by Google) (

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Track Listing:

1. Vojvodina 25:27

2. Goli Otok 26:11

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