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Angherr Shisspa Revisited [VINYL]

Koenjihyakkei: Angherr Shisspa Revisited [VINYL] (Skin Graft)

A new edition of Koenjihyakkei's landmark fourth album, blending progressive rock, jazz fusion, symphonic rock and neoclassicism with the energy of hardcore punk, the volume of metal and the attitude of Rock In Opposition, from Tatsuya Yoshida on drums, Sakamoto Kengo on bass, Kanazawa Miyako on keyboards Yamamoto Kyoko on voice, and Komori Keiko on reeds.

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Tatsuya Yoshida-drums, voice

Sakamoto Kengo-bass, voice

Kanazawa Miyako-keyboards, voice

Yamamoto Kyoko-vocal

Keiko Komori-reeds, voice

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Colored vinyl, Double-sided Full-color Poster & Lyric Sheet.

UPC: 647216613718

Label: Skin Graft
Catalog ID: LP-GRA-136
Squidco Product Code: 28024

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2019
Country: USA
Packaging: LP
Recorded at PAL and MAGAIBUTSU studio in spring 2005, by Yoshida Tatsuya. Vinyl cut in 2019 by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Japan's KOENJIHYAKKEI (aka Koenji Hyakkei) is a phenomenon of modern instrumental and vocal rock. Tatsuya Yoshida's (of the renowned bass and drum duo RUINS), progressive rock powerhouse is Area and ELP at their most excessive; Deus Ex Machina with tempo changes multiplied by 100; and Magma at their orff-ian choral, fusion jazz, overcharged gospel peak.

Angherr Shisspa, the band's landmark fourth album explodes with glittery keyboard lines, speedy bass/drum workouts, emotive reed respites, and operatic female vocals that take the listener from sheer exuberance to absolute apocalypse... all performed with superhuman technique in confoundingly catchy, complex arrangements."-Skin Graft

"Towers over most modern progressive rock because of an attention to detail and an almost overwhelming force of conviction. No irony here: this rocks with the teeth and heart to cut through scenes and the "overground" like a knife." - PITCHFORK

"Headed by "vocalist / composer / drummer extraordinaire" Tatsuya Yoshida, this group is a boiling-hot, Stravinsky-meets-Sex Pistols stew of blaring woodwinds, power chord guitars, shimmering synths, and soaring, operatic vocals delivered by a front-woman 'speaking in somersaulting tongues'." - TINY MIX TAPES

"Not only the most brilliant of all of contemporary Japanese bands, but perhaps the greatest group currently operating in the world." - ALTERNATIVE PRESS

"One of the most mind-blowing progressive bands ever." - MATHCORE INDEX

Also available on CD with 3 additional tracks..
Colored vinyl, Double-sided Full-color Poster & Lyric Sheet.

Artist Biographies

"Tatsuya Yoshida, born in Kitakami, Iwate is a Japanese musician; drummer and composer who is the only consistent member of the renowned progressive rock duo Ruins, as well as Koenji Hyakkei. He is also a member of the progressive rock trios Korekyojinn and Daimonji. Outside his own groups, Yoshida is renowned for his tenure as drummer in the indie progressive group YBO2, a band also featuring guitarist KK Null, whom he also joins in the current line up of Zeni Geva and he has played drums in a late edition of Samla Mammas Manna. He has been cited as "[the] indisputable master drummer of the Japanese underground". Along with his participation in bands, he has also released several solo recordings."

-Wikipedia (

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Yamamoto Kyoko: "Latin jazz vocalist fromIshikawa Prefecture, born July 12, 1967, Scorpio

Yamamoto KyokoBorn in Ishikawa Prefecture. Active as a Latin jazz vocalist.

Won the vocal section of the 10th Asakusa Jazz Contest.

Participated in the Australian Manly Jazz Festival as a Taito-ku cultural mission.

She studied under Kiyohiko Senba. After leaving Orquesta del Sol, she became active as a solo artist. 1998 NGO Philippine concert tour. Participated in a goodwill mission in Cuba performance commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Japan-Japan Economic Exchange in 2004. In 2005, participated in the French Revolution Memorial Festival on Martinique Island in the Caribbean.

March 2010 3rd album "KYOKO" released.

In addition, she is also active in studio work such as CM and recording.

In the live performance, I am trying to say, "A singing voice that is polite and emotional, with a focus on grooves and imagination". To date, many people have heard Kyoko Yamamoto's song saying, "I feel well!". She has a wide range of concert activities from piano narration to performances with orchestras.

Won the 2014 Japan Jazz Vocal Award and Excellent Singing Award.

In May 2018, she sang at the representative of Japan, the 95th anniversary concert of former President Heydar Aliyev, in Baku, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In June of the same year, she was invited to the Golden Bolero Jazz Festival in Havana, Cuba, and was well received for his performance.

The 30th anniversary of singer activity in 2019."

-Yamamoto Kyoko Website (Translated by Google) (

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Keiko Komori: "I play the clarinet and saxophone in Tokyo. Member of KOENJI HYAKKEI and more."

-Keiko Komori Facebook Page (

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Track Listing:

1. Tziidall Raszhisst 7:13

2. Rattims Friezz 7:01

3. Grahbem Jorgazz 4:06

4. Fettim Paillu 7:45

5. Quivem Vrastorr 4:22

6. Mibingvahre 4:07

7. Angherr Shisspa 6:34

8. Wammilica Iffirom 8:38

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