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Resnik, Cene Free Stellar Trio + Rob Mazurek: Age Of Chaos (Clean Feed)

Saxophonist Cene Resnik seeks spiritual focus in his free playing with his trio of drummer Marko Lasic (Cerkno Jubileum Orchestra, Alchemical Playgrounds) and pianist Giorgio Pacorig, finding the perfect foil in Chicago trumpeter Rob Mazurek, as they take the stage at the 2018 Jazz Cerkno Festival for this extended energetic, introspective, & spiritual concert.

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UPC: 5609063005271

Label: Clean Feed
Catalog ID: CF527
Squidco Product Code: 27905

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2019
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 3 Panels
Recorded live at the 23rd Jazz Cerkno Festival on May 17th, 2018 | Recorded, mixed and mastered by Borut Celik


Cene Resnik-tenor saxophone

Giorgio Pacorig-piano

Marko Lasic-drums

Rob Mazurek-piccolo trumpet

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"You can call it instant composition, free improvised music or creative jazz, but for the Slovenian tenor saxophonist Cene Resnik what really matters is what comes naturally. The communion with nature, and specifically with the naturality of sound, be it producing it (by himself and his companions) or perceiving it (the audience gathered in a venue to hear him), is key to understand his personal philosophy. That's why he is committed to explore (sometimes to the limit) the capabilities of his instrument with no interferences, those offered by preparations with objects or electronic devices.

This focus on the saxophone, and on the relation between the saxophone and his body, has surprising results: at some point you understand it's not only a question of applied techniques (some are conventional, others extended and of his own invention), in order to obtain the variety of colors and overtones he manage to control. Under all that there's a human factor: Resnik plays as a form of meditation, inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist teachings, and the experience can get particularly transcendental. Being in the present moment is somehow getting out of time and getting out of space: improvisation as a kind of trance music.

In the American's cornetist (here playing piccolo trumpet) Rob Mazurek, the special guest in Age of Chaos, Resnik found a partner in this love for the natural sonic properties. It's a delight to watch how they interact together, seeming to escape their physical restraints to travel in the air with the waves of sound. Simply magnificent, either for those who want to know what Cene Resnik has more to offer and for all the fans of the mind and soul behind the Chicago Underground projects and of the Exploding Star Orchestra."-Clean Feed

"Cene Resnik has studied jazz saxophone at the Klagenfurt conservatory and attended workshops with masters such as Reggie Workman, Doug Hammond, Joe Zawinul, and Greg Osby. He is one of the more active mid-generation musicians, playing in numerous international bands, such as Cene Resnik Quartet, which he published an album at Clean Feed with. His style of playing is influenced by Buddhism, which Resnik has been practising for many years. Yet, his music is not tranquil and meditative, but energetic, introspective, spiritual free jazz. Drummer Marko Lasič is known from numerous ensembles such as Cerkno Jubileum Orchestra, Orkester brez meja, Kombo, Alchemical Playgrounds, Kača, Sraka in Lev, Trus! and The Puzzled. Pianist Giorgio Pacorig graduated from the Trieste Conservatory of Giuseppe Tartini in 1996; since 1989, he has been active on the jazz and improvisational scenes. He has fifty albums under his belt being either a leader or a sideman. Exclusively for our festival the trio will be joined by Rob Mazurek from the Chicago / London Underground quartet."-Jazz Cerkno Festival

Artist Biographies

"Cene Resnik graduated in saxophone at the Jazz conservatory in Klagenfurt in 2007.During his studies, he participated in workshops by Reggie Workman, Doug Hammond and later Joe Zawinul, with whom he had an opportunity to play with in the year of 2007 in Austria, Croatia and Lent festival in Maribor, Slovenia.

After graduating, he went to New York where he continued studies with various world-renowned musicians. One of his first close-encounter with improvised music was in New York at the Cecil Taylor/Tony Oxley concert, where he felt the world of free improvisation had opened up in front of him.

Last 12 years he is practicing Tibetan Buddhist meditation. He visited India on many occasions, mostly for the teachings of Lord Buddha and meditation retreats in Himalayan parts. His meditation teacher and guru is Most Venerable Lho Ontul Rinpoche.

His public performances are dedicated to all living beings, so they could experience the beauty of non-grasping, loving kindness and compassion."

-Cene Resnik MySpace page (

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"Pianist and composer Giorgio Pacorig, born March 25, 1970, he began playing the piano at age of eight.

During his studies in classical music, from 1987 he devoted himself to jazz andimprovised music. Participates in summer workshops of Siena Jazz in 1991 where he studied with Franco D'Andrea and Enrico Pierannunzi and a workshop held byMuhal Richard Abrams and Roscoe Mitchell in 1993 in Trento.

In 1992 he enrolled at the conservatory of music 'G. Tartini 'of Trieste and in 1996 he obtained a diploma in piano under the guidance of professor Massimo Gon.

In these years, he met many musicians with whom carries out an intense musical activity that brought him to perform in various festivals, theaters and jazz clubs andplay in numerous records.

In these years, he met many musicians with whom carries out an intense musical activity that brought him to perform in various festivals, theaters and jazz clubs andplay in numerous records. Among the most significant projects we remember "MusicFicta" group led by bassist Giovanni Maier. In 1994 he recorded "Masut" guestGianluigi Trovesi. In 1996 he published "Les Illuminations" by pianist and composer Claudio Cojaniz. He collaborates with the flutist Massimo De Mattia and performersparticipating in its many projects ("Axiom", "Metonymic", "Schiele") until reaching the disc as a duo "La parte (o) scura", dedicated to Antonin Artaud.

In 1999 he met the singer Elisa, with whom starts playing at the beginning in a "piano and voice" duo, and later as a pianist / keyboardist in the bands accompanying her in live performances.

In 2001 he was one of the founders of the association Phophonix, and homonymous orchestra. In 2007 he wrote the suite "Gift of the Seek" work submitted at the 1st National Meeting of experimental music collectives, in Massalombarda.

In 2003 he released 'My mind is on the table' (Splash Records) the first album under his own name, accompanied by Zeno de Rossi on drums, and Giovanni Maier on bass.The album received enthusiastic reviews both in Italy and abroad, is reported as arecord of the month (Choc) for the French magazine Jazz Man.

He played with: Giovanni Maier, Tristan Honsinger, Gianluigi Trovesi, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Antonello Salis, U.T.Ghandi, Claudio Cojaniz, Daniele D'Agaro, Massimo De Mattia, Mark Ribot, Jessica Lurie, Cuong Vu, Zeno De Rossi, Enrico Sartori, Vincenzo Vasi, Danilo Gallo, Enrico Terragnoli, Piero Bittolo Bon, Francesco Bigoni, Mauro Ottolini, Francesco Cusa, John Tchicai, Ab Baars, Jhoannes Fink, Gerhard Gschlößl, Kawabata Makoto, Bruno Romani, Edoardo Marraffa, Massimo Pupillo, Fabrizio Puglisi, Christian Lillinger, Achille Succi, Lauro Rossi, Enzo Favata, Stefano Senni, Pasquale Mirra, Lullo Mosso, Stefano Giust, Michele Rabbia, Gianni Gebbia, Domenico Caliri, Alessandra Franco, David Vanzan, Virginia Genta, etc."

-Long Song Records (

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"Marko Lasič, born on 8th October 1983 in Šempeter pri Gorici.

He started his drumming edjucation in primary school of music in Nova Gorica. After that he finished five years lasting private school of good known slovenian drumer, pecusionist and teacher Zlatko Kaučič. He also plays in his group Kombo Zlatka Kauciča, Jubileium Orchestra and Brezmejni orkester. He was playing two years in jazz Big Band Nova. He recorded three albums with Kombo. Marko was studing with several good known mentors and musicians like:

Tristan Honzinger, Joelle Leandre, Evan Parker, Phil Minton, Reggie Workman, Kyle Gregory, Herb Robertson, Massimo de Mattia, Bruno Cesseli, Ares Tavolazzi, Giovani Maier, Cristina Zavalloni, etc..

He is playing live music in contemporary dance shows Ruedis (Associazione Culturale Arearea Udine)

Marko is active in several groups like:

Alchemical Playgrounds, Kača Sraka in Lev, Orkester brez meja, Trus!, The Puzzled, Kombo Zlatka Kaučiča, Elastic man, Giorgio Pacorig trio, Trans Trio, Electric Violet, Avtomobili etc..."

-Skuc (

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"Rob Mazurek is an American electro-acoustic composer, cornetist, improviser and visual artist living in Chicago, Illinois. As a composer, Rob Mazurek has written over 300 original compositions over the past 30 years, and has released 55 recordings on various labels. He currently leads a number of ensembles, including Exploding Star Orchestra, Pharoah and the Underground (featuring Pharoah Sanders), Chicago Underground, Pulsar Quartet, São Paulo Underground, Skull Sessions, Sound Is Quintet, Starlicker, Mandarin Movie and Throne of the House of Good and Evil, each of which possesses its own distinct musical personality.

He has collaborated with a wide variety of artists, such as Bill Dixon, Pharoah Sanders, Mike Ladd, Roscoe Mitchell, Yusef Lateef, Fred Anderson, Naná Vasconcelos, Mamelo Sound System, Kassin and Marcelo Camelo and others. Additionally, Rob Mazurek works as a visual artist (incorporating sound, painting and video) with numerous international performances, exhibitions and artist residencies."

-Rob Mazurek Website (

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Track Listing:

01. Age of Chaos 55:43

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