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Carter, Daniel / Federico Ughi: Extra Room [VINYL + DOWNLOAD] (577 Records)

For more than 15 years multi-reedist, wind and trumpet player Daniel Carter and drummer Federico Ughi have collaborated in live performance and on record, here showing the results of their work in this duo album, the vinyl edition of their exceptional 2013 CD release that shows their melodic and technical sides, their jazz roots, and their warm camaraderie.

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product information:

Label: 577 Records
Catalog ID: 5785
Squidco Product Code: 20834

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: USA
Packaging: Vinyl LP
Recorded at Tedesco Studios, in New Jersey, on November 24th, 2012, by Tom Tedesco.


Daniel Carter-alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, trumpet, piano

Federico Ughi-drums

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Daniel Carter and Federico Ughi first met on the Lower East Side of Manhattan at a show at the Pink Pony, a place that doesn't exist anymore. It is somehow fitting that over the years of their collaboration the place where they were first introduced has since been lost to New York City folklore. The city is famous for its frenetic pace, an endless source of reinvention and renewal. In the midst of these strong forces, Daniel and Federico have continued to evolve as musicians, yet they have a certain fundamental understanding between them that has enabled their bond to flourish in the midst of the changes around them.

This is Daniel and Federico's third album since the studio work Astonishment, a release which All Music Guide "strongly recommended" and the very first time the two musicians played in a duo format (577 Records, 2001). The subsequently released live in NYC limited edition album Mountain Path (577 Records, 2007) was declared "creative spirituality...a great album" by Stef of Free Jazz Blog.

In this latest studio album you can hear the years of rehearsing, touring and talking in the music. Their sound has evolved over time but there is a quality, a trademark to the duo's ability to improvise that has been there from the beginning. This album confirms a connection that defines one of the most prolific partnerships in New York avant-garde for the last 15 years."-577 REcords

"Already in the early days of this blog, my appreciation for Daniel Carter and Federico Ughi was clear, with their album "Mountain Path", but also "Nivesana", Carter's duo album with Ravi Padmnahavi got five stars then. The collaboration with the two men already goes back to 2001, with their debut album "Astonishment", also on 577 Records.

I like Carter's approach to music, which was already present in bands like Test and Other Dimensions In Music : the music of new possibilities, full of spirituality and introspection, an alternative that did not need volume or screaming at the top of your lungs to position itself, and coupled with a deep sense of pulse and the blues.

His specific sound and approach works extremely well with drummer Federico Ughi, who is a rhythmic lyricist, but then one who can hit hard when needed.

This new album, "Extra Room" is a double CD, with nineteen tracks in total, and you can hear on each piece that long-standing collaborations increase the quality of the music. The two artists play like one, regardless of whether Carter picks up his sax, his flute, his trumpet or is playing the piano.

The album starts with the beautiful "It's Got To Be Better Outside", a calm boppish and bluesy tune, warm and welcoming. The harmonious piano chords in the intro of"Extra Room", the title track, quickly evolve into dissonance, and when Ughi increases the tension, Carter picks up his tenor and both musicians play up a storm, in the best of free jazz mode, calming down again near the end. "Gypsy Drive" gives a mid-tempo flute and drums duet, a short hypnotic piece without much development, followed by the short meditative "Sweat It Out" on trumpet and drums. And it goes on like this, with lots of variation, lots of ideas, always captivating and the entire album offers an incredible amount of fantastic music, whether rhythmic delights such as "The Bouncer", the meditative beauty of "Light It Up Watch It Burn" or the final screamer "It's Still Got To Be Better Outside".

Apart from the splendid interaction between both musicians, the coherence and variation in the music, the album's best quality is the warm lyricism, the human authenticity and humility that shines through every track: these two artists are not here to demonstrate what they can, they're here to celebrate music. And who doesn't want to be part of that?"-Steff, The Free Jazz Collective

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Artist Biographies

"Daniel Carter (born December 28, 1945, in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania) is an American experimental saxophone, flute, clarinet, and trumpet player active mainly in New York City since the early 1970s.

Carter is a prolific performer and has recorded or performed with William Parker, Federico Ughi, DJ Logic, Thurston Moore, Yo La Tengo, Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor, Sonic Youth, scientist/musician Matthew Putman, Cooper-Moore, Sam Rivers, David S. Ware, Yoko Ono, Living Colour, Medensky Martin and Wood and Jaco Pastorius among others. He is a member of the cooperative free jazz groups TEST and Other Dimensions In Music."

-577 Records (

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"Federico Ughi is a drummer and composer based in New York. Federico Ughi's music infuses the New York avant-garde sound with a sense of melody inspired by the Italian classical and folk traditions of his childhood in Rome. Ornette Coleman has been a major influence for Federico as well as a mentor.

Born in Rome, Italy Federico relocated to London at age 21 to play music, from there moving to New York in 2000 again to play music. He has been based in Brooklyn, NY ever since.

He has performed or recorded with Daniel Carter, William Parker, The Cinematic Orchestra, Blue Foundation among others. Federico Ughi has performed throughout Italy, the UK, France, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Lithuania, China, Mexico, Canada and the US."

-577 Records (

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Track Listing:


1. ItŐs Got To Be Better Outside 3:56

2. Extra Room 11:32

3. Sweat It Out 2:54


1. Chasing The Dream 6:02

2. Light It Up, Watch It Burn 6:04

3. New Shoes 4:18

4. Expansion 3:14

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