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Teneleven (Nasuno Mitsuru): Teneleven (Doubtmusic)

Nasuno Mitsuru (Altered States, Seijaku, Korkyojin, &c) in a new band with two synthesizers, bass, and drums, rock in a Heldon/Tangerine Dream mode using modern electroacoustic principles for richly hypnotic electronic music.

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Sakaguchi Mitsuhia-synthesizer, noise

Minakata Michiko-synthesizer, samples

Nasuno Mitsuru-bass, electric device, texts

Yamamoto Tatsuhisa-drums, cymbals, percussion

Sasaki Hideaki-visual arts

additional musicians:

Nakamura Tatsuya-drums (tracks 5 & 8)

Watabe Sachiko-voices (track 5)

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Label: Doubtmusic
Catalog ID: dmf-144
Squidco Product Code: 15972

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2012
Country: Japan
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded on October 7 and NOvember 14, 2011 at Float, Tokyo. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Masuko Tatsuki, assisted by Yamada Anna.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Uchihashi Kazuhisa's Altered States, Haino Keiji's Seijaku, Yoshida Tatsuya's Korekyojin and The World Heritage and/or Imahori Tsuneo's Unbeltipo..... Nasuno Mitsuru plays bass guitar on every Japanese radical band. Nasuno formed a new band called "teneleven" three years ago and play steadily over and over again in tokyo. Teneleven consists of two synthesizer players, bassist, drummer. The sound is dark prog. rock like Tangerine Dream, Ashra Tempel, Heldon and so on, but is not only prog. rock but also contemporary music, added noise, improvisation, sampling of musical concrete. Guest musicians of this work are Nakamura Tatsuya (FRICTION etc.) on drums on track 5 and 8 and Watabe Sachiko on vocals on track 5. Live performance of teneleven shows the abstract films by Sasaki Hideaki. Sasaki also designed this beautiful cover. Masuko Tatsuki (ROVO) engineered all this sound."-Doubtmusic

Artist Biographies

Track Listing:

1. Figure 8:37

2. Cloud (Wait-And-See Attitude Part 1) 8:58

3. Split (Wait-And-See Attitude Part 2) 7:09

4. Migrator 8:05

5. Coyote 5:42

6. Discovery 6:34

7. Schulze 8:15

8. Dark Side Of The Moon Flower 7:59

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