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Lepage, Robert Marcel: 20 H 17 Rue Darling (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Composer Robert Marcel Lepage arranges a film score for a full-length film by Bernard Emond that is fascinating and enchanting.

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product information:

UPC: 771028110827

Label: Ambiances Magnetiques
Catalog ID: AM 108 CD
Squidco Product Code: 1716

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2003
Country: Canada
Packaging: Jewel Tray


Stephane Allard-violin

Vincent Bernard-violoncelle

Bernard Buisson-piano

Claude Castonguay-glass organ

Normand Guilbeault-doublebass

Jean Rene-alto saxophone

Gilles Tessier-guitar

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Artist Biographies:

"Jean René. Born Victoriaville, Québec, 1956. Residence: Montréal, Québec. Performer (viola), Conductor.

Jean René has a Bachelor's degree in composition from the Université de Montréal. He has studied viola and conducting; Raffi Armenian, Michel Longtin, and Bruno Guiranna were his professors. From 1991 to 2002, he was associate principal violist with l'Orchestre Métropolitain de Montréal. He still freelances with a number of ensembles. Since 1990 he has collaborated with many artists, including André Duchesne, Pierre Cartier, Jean Derome and René Lussier. He also headed the group from the Ensemble SuperMusique for the Symphony of the Millennium."

-ActuelleCD (

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track listing:

1 J'aime pas la mer (2002) 2:23

2 Sonate pour piano et violon no 7 en do mineur, op 30 no 2 (excerpt) 2:25

3 Le sinistre (2002) 1:16

4 Rien comme un scotch... (2002) 2:00

5 Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (2002) 3:27

6 Les Histoires sont sacrées (2002) 2:57

7 Sonate pour piano no 21 en do majeur "Waldstein": Introduzione. Adagio molto - attacca, op 53 (excerpt) 4:25

8 (Premier Fantôme): Trio no 5 en mi bémol majeur, opus 70 no 1 ("Fantôme") (excerpt) (2002) 1:05

9 Nocturne à 20h17 (2002) 1:04

10 La Valse de la rue Laurier (2002) 1:08

11 Deuxième Fantôme (2002) 3:37

12 Le Diable (2002) 1:31

13 Nocturne à 20h17 (2002) 37s 14 Les décombres (2002) 2:32

15 Sur la montagne (2002) 1:05

16 Chez-nous (2002) 1:44

17 Sonate pour piano et violon no 5 en fa majeur "Le Printemps", op 24 (excerpt) 1:32

18 Maniwaki (2002) 2:06

19 Le noyé (2002) 1:15

20 La Valse de la rue Laurier (2002) 1:04

21 Troisième Fantôme (2002) 2:47

22 Y'a plus d'air... (2002) 1:45

23 Nocturne à 20h17 (2002) 3:05
descriptions, reviews, &c.
Robert Marcel Lepage / Stéphane Allard /Vincent Bernard / Bernard Buisson /Claude Castonguay /Normand Guilbeault /Jean René /Gilles Tessier

Robert Marcel Lepage has composed a great deal of music for film, including his work for the film Full Blast. This album presents the music for the full-length film by Bernard Émond "20 H 17 Rue Harling". Lepage's original music is interwoven with pieces from Beethoven, including his “Ghost” Trio (for piano, violin and cello). The music is intermingled with the voice of the journalist in the film, Gérard (played by Luc Picard), and with sound effects. The result is haunting, dark and lyrical, with melancholy harmonies and powerful string arrangements. The result is a coherent album that stands on its own as a fascinating work of music.

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