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Forsgren, Joakim / Andreas Hiroui Larsson featuring David Lackner: Vending Machine (thanatosis produktion)

Sound and visual installation artists Joakim Forsgren and Andreas Hiroui Larsson use a multiplicity of approaches, both rhythmic and abstract, and a vast set of instruments (flutes, bass, drum machines, saxophone, maracas, sythesizer, &c) and objects (kitchenware, nails in a box, aluminum foil, &c) to create a universe of quirky and embraceable song-like structures.

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product information:

UPC: 7320470255421

Label: thanatosis produktion
Catalog ID: THTCD7
Squidco Product Code: 30643

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: Sweden
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded in Hagalund, Solna, Sweden, from 2018 to 2020, by the artists.


Joakim Forsgren-aluminum foil, baoding balls, drum machine, electric bass, field recordings, kitchenware, rhythm boxes, tape delay, synthesisers

Andreas Hiroui Larsson-Balalaika, bamboo flute, drum machine, field recordings, folding rule, kitchenware, maracas, metal, nails in a box, rhodes, sound card case, synthesisers, tennis racket

David Lackner-saxophone

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Artist Biographies:

"Joakim Forsgren (b. 1981, Skutskär) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. He holds an MFA in Art in the Public Realm/Fine Arts from Konstfack and has been awarded working grants from the The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Konstfrämjandet and Region Gävleborg among others. Recent solo exhibitions include The Mind-Body Problem at Karolinska Institutet (2019), Underjordiska förbindelser (Underground Connections) in a former bomb shelter in Ljusdal (2018) and Andra svepningen (Second Shroud) at Växjö konsthall (2016). Forsgren's work has also been shown in group exhibitions such as the 9th Göteborg International Biennal for Contemporary Art (2017) and the 9th Shiryaevo Biennale (2017)."-Johanna Thorell

-Joakim Forsgren Website (

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"Andreas Hiroui Larsson is a Swedish aesthetician, artist, artistic researcher, and musician.

He is a researcher at Stockholm University of the Arts, as part of the artistic research project Lethe (2020-23), which explores forgetfulness as an artistic method. The project is funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Larsson conducts an interdisciplinary artistic practice, in which his method of contextualising aspects of non-idiomatic improvisation, the non-productive attitude, and pluralist aesthetics, enables the concepts and materials to play the roles and fulfil the purposes of one another. Thus in terms of ontology, his works are - be it contemporary music, experimental literature, or digital graphic music scores - as much works of music and philosophy as they are works of visual art.

His works are published by Firework Edition and Firework Edition Records (SWE), Peter Lang (DE/US), Nutida Musik (SWE), Relative Pitch Records (US), Lethe (SWE/NO), Found You Recordings (SWE), Olof Bright (SWE/AT), Thanatosis Produktion (SWE), Pink Pamphlet (US/SWE), Ermatell (RU), and FMR (GB). His works are held in the collections of The Nobel Library of the Swedish Academy (SE), Princeton University Library (US), University Library Dresden (DE), Stockholm Public Library (SE), and Sachsska Children's Hospital in Stockholm (SE).


Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Postgraduate Studies Philosophy in the Context of Art (2016-17); Uppsala University, Undergraduate Studies Aesthetics (2016-17); Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Diploma Studies Performative and Textual Sculpture (2013-15); Pernby College of Art, Stockholm, Undergraduate Studies Painting and Sculpture (2011-13); Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Undergraduate and Graduate Studies Jazz and Improvised Music (2006-10, 2018-20); Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, Undergraduate Studies Generative Improvisation and Experimental Composition (2008-09)"

-Andreas Hiroui Larsson Website (

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"David Lackner (b. 1985) is a composer and multi-instrumentalist (saxophone, piano, flute, E.W.I., synthesizers) specializing in jazz, minimalist, and pop music. In 2008, David founded Galtta, a record label and project studio for producing and releasing music of various like-minded artists. In addition to his background in jazz, David studied North Indian vocal music with La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela, and began exploring just intonation and minimalist with his ensemble, Synthetic Love Dream in 2018. Married to visual artist and collaborator, Gabrielle Muller, David maintains a busy schedule of session work, gigs, production and film scoring."

-David Lackner Website (

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track listing:

1. Oud 4:20

2. Yin-Yang 8:25

3. Vacation 5:55

4. Vending Machine 2:34

5. Recycling 3:51

6. Solution 2:41
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Joakim Forsgren and Andreas Hiroui Larsson come from diametrically different perspectives on music. Hiroui Larsson has a background in acoustic jazz and non-idiomatic improvisation, while Forsgren has played electric bass in punk and rock groups since his early teenage years. The two being friends since several years, making music gradually became a way of spending more time together. Their way of collaborating began after several years of talking about doing so and sharing and discussing music such as Jah Wobble and the Nippon Dub Ensemble's Japanese Dub and Miles Davis' Dark Magus.

Hiroui Larsson says: 'One day, while hanging out at Joakim's studio, Joakim said to me, you are an educated musician and if my parents can make some music with this equipment you should be able to do so too.' Forsgren and Hiroui Larsson set up an ambivalent atmosphere on the Rhodes, reminiscent of Davis' In a Silent Way, had the drum machine play a tweaked clave, used a box with nails in it as a shaker, a sound card case as a cowbell and a folding ruler to play the tamborim rhythm. 'It was all basically determined by what the view was outside the studio window that particular day', says Hiroui Larsson. The track was sent to Brooklyn-based wind player and outsider-pop label owner David Lackner, who added some strange and mildly phunky saxophones to the mix.

A year and a half of sessions later, Forsgren and Hiroui Larsson's working method had developed into a seamless eight-limbed musical discussion. Hiroui Larsson recalls: 'Sometimes, Joakim had already set up a groove when I would come to the studio, and then I usually had some opinions on determination of rhythmic frameworks, which would provoke Joakim to have me demonstrate what I was agitating. I would then find myself immersed in the digital and semi-autonomous mechanic landscapes that Joakim favoured, and being intensely focused on bringing my point across from within the sounds produced in front of me.' Forsgren says: 'I was interested in what the machines wanted to play, if they were asked. Not so much what we necessarily wanted to hear from them.'

A significant event occurred in the early spring of 2019. Forsgren assisted Hiroui Larsson with photographically documenting artworks of his that had been commissioned by and installed at a hospital in Stockholm. However, as they walked through the corridors of the hospital towards where the works were situated, a shift in their attention was called for. Hiroui Larsson: 'I remember that dusk had begun, and there was a little niche with a window through which one could see how the sky had turned red. In this niche was a vending machine. It was empty, atmospherically lit up, and emanated an electrical hum. Both Joakim and I were drawn to this singing vending machine. We were captivated by the fact that it sold us nothing and at the same time performed for us, and both of us walked around it as if in a trance. I recorded the sound and it became the foundation for the track vending machine. A half year later, during late summer of 2019, Joakim and I decided that vending machine would also be the name of our collaboration.'"

Complementing each other in the sense that Forsgren designed and framed the environment that Hiroui Larsson posed questions within, their resulting music draws on ambient, industrial, synth, techno as well as the intertextuality of Arto Lindsay's Mundo Civilizado and the dark humor literature of artists Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg."

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