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CHANGES TO blind: evolvensume (Squidco Records)

Collecting works from 2010-2017, Squidco's own Phil Zampino presents 10 tracks of electroacoustic composition sourced from studio work, live improvisation, field recordings, plunderphonics, and other indescribable approaches, a diverse set of recordings sharing a similar foreboding aesthetic and curious sonic desire.

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product information:

Label: Squidco Records
Catalog ID: squidco-023
Squidco Product Code: 25284

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Squidco Studio, in Wilmington, North Carolina, in 2010-2017, by Phil Zampino.


Phil Zampino-Korg MS2000, VSS30, Sunvox, Field Recordings, CTb Sample App, Voice, Spoken Word, Hand Bells, Flute, Harmonium, Recorder, Pipes, Cymbal, Musical Box, Ratchet, Ocarina, Whistle, Shekere, Binzasara, Egg Shaker, Flexatone, Harmonica, Singing Bowl, Rainstick, Sleigh Bells, Tambourine, construction and composition

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Artist Biographies:

phil zampino, born in 1961 in Westpoint, NY, is the son of clarinetist Gerald Zampino, and was raised with shards of music stimulating his ears from his initial memories. A mixture of music, mathematics, computers, and a love of collecting unusual recordings led to the ineludible formation of CHANGES TO blind. Those same foundations led him to forming this very same Squidco, the online music store and distributorship focused on improvisation and experimental sound. Having no longer a concept of right or wrong in "music", he follows his eccentric ear to wherever sounds leads him.

-Squidco (

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track listing:

1. Shit Show Invocation 8:37

2. Puede Ser Temporal 2:58

3. Monkey Pulse 9:01

4. New Eden 2:05

5. Wind Up 7:11

6. Scratching Ainchicken 2:05

7. Reversectx 1:59

8. Friday The 13th 7:06

9. Chair Road 4:23

10. Relgion Is A Fading Siren 2:28

sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

Since 1984 phil zampino has gnawed away at an inexplicable world of sound, organizing it and projecting his dark-hearted sonic stage on an unsuspecting world. Undeterred, he released a series of small-run albums, developing performance strategies that have taken stages through New York and NYC to Wilmington, NC. He has shared the stage with or collaborated with artists including Bugs Black Blood, Blue Sausage Infant, Circular Surgery, Zoviet France, Tatsuya Nakatani, ADD Orchestra, Ecstasy Mule, Baby Daddy, Carl Kruger, Authorless, Reverse Animals, The Wilmington Sound Orchestra, &c.

The opening track on evolvensume is one of the most recent, propelled by topical issues and partisan pugnaciousness. The second track is one of the oldest, plundering and reorganizing captured airwaves. "Monkey Pulse" and "Wind Up" are prose works, the former the result of automatic writing, the latter from a somnolent vision. "Eden 13" is a non-transpirational soundtrack; "Scratching Ainchicken" plunders some of the earliest song work of CTb, when the virtual CHANGES TO blind "trio" included brothers Heraldo de Squid and Mortimer de Squid; similarly "Reversectx" plunders an early electronics instrumental work. "Friday the 13th" was written for Kurt Gottschalk's excellent WFMU radio show. "Chair Road" is an electronic composition founded on field recording quite literally from the field. The album ends with "Religion is a Fading Siren", a mix of newrecordings and mutilations of an odd song from some of the earliest CTb.

This album culminates work since 2010, in recordings that adapt live improvisations, organized sound composition, sound prose, and self-plundered monstrosities. These 10 tracks are the tip of the audio iceberg, a series of recordings carrying personal meaning, demonstrating the various approaches CHANGES TO blind embraces. It is hardly exhaustive. though perhaps exhausting, and most likely will not psycho-acoustically disrupt the physiology of its listeners. CTb's pursuits have modulated over many years to the CD now before you, a reasonable reflection of the current state of CHANGES TO blind.

"These drones... For me, "drone" is often a dirty word, as anyone who refers to their own music as "drone music" means they got lazy, put on a synth pad and took a nap. Here, Zampino works hard to extend and morph the lugubrious pools that stretch throughout each work. It's unclear where these will guide the listener, and, as mentioned, that's the draw: "Chair Road" evokes, well, driving down an old forest road and sounds as if you're listening to the journey from inside a locked trunk; "Puede Ser Temporal" gathers a host of reversed voices and chant-like singing into a cloud of orchestra samples that mix and mingle and eventually fade into the horizon; "New Eden" offers a rich bed of bass on top of which a slightly murderous, spooky feedback line exits and enters.

What I appreciate most about Evolvensume is the "all over the map" nature; personally, I enjoy having no idea what's coming next with an album and get really excited at pan-genre explorations. The aesthetic gives the disc a multi-media quality — like sitting in front of a radio circa the War of the Worlds panic or experiencing disparate news / sitcoms / commercials compacted into 48 minutes. Stay tuned for a ticking clock followed by a discussion about religion processed through a blender."-Dave Madden

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