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La Casa, Eric: W2 (1998-2008) [2 CDs]

Label: Herbal International
Product Code: 20798
Catalog Code: 1005-2
Country: Malaysia
Price: $15.95

In Stock

A journey in sound from composer Eric La Casa, who organized these recordings of water and wind captured over 12 years as a sonic journal of the various geographic locations he visited, transforming them into an absorbing story about the living world.

La Casa, Eric / Cedric Peyronnet: La Creuse

Label: Herbal International
Product Code: 20783
Catalog Code: CD0802
Country: Malaysia
Price: $13.95

In Stock

Eric La Casa and Cedric Peyronnet collected sounds in a triangular area in the north of the Creuse departement, France, giving the landscape a sonic corporeality by each initiating a sound work based on a specific site, which the other composer expanded upon.

La Casa, Eric / Taku Unami: Parazoan Mapping

Label: erstwhile
Product Code: 20447
Catalog Code: Erstwhile 076
Country: USA
Price: $14.95

In Stock

Using "recordings" and "devices", this is the first release from the long-standing collaboration of Eric La Casa and Taku Umani, 15 untitled tracks of curious and subtly discursive sound work recorded in a diverse set of locations.

Murayama, Seijiro / Eric La Casa: Paris: Public Spaces

Label: Ftarri/Swarming
Product Code: 19582
Catalog Code: ftarri-992
Country: France
Price: $12.95

In Stock

Twelve recordings constructed from 2012 field recordings of public locations in Paris by Eric La Casa and Seijiro Murayama, including subway stations, parks, open gardens, tunnels and fountains; a fascinating portrait of communal sound in this great city.

La Casa, Eric / Cedric Peyronnet: Zones Portuaires [2 CDs]

Label: Herbal International
Product Code: 18315
Catalog Code: 1034-2
Country: Malaysia
Price: $17.10

In Stock

Site specific recordings made for two live performances in Le Havre and Liege (2010) by sound artists Eric La Casa and Cedric Peyronnet, one disc each of sound sculpted from the same field recordings, but with vastly different results.

Guionnet, Jean-Luc + Eric La Casa + Philip Samartzis: Soleil d'Artifice

Label: Swarming
Product Code: 17504
Catalog Code: swarming001
Country: France
Price: $15.95

In Stock

The first 2009 release for French The Swarming label is the trio of saxophonist Jean-Luc Guionnet, and electronic artists Eric La Casa and Philip Samartzis, using unusual procedures and investigations to create impressive and dynamic sonic journeys.

Battus / Gauguet / La Casa: Chantier 1

Label: Another Timbre
Product Code: 16500
Catalog Code: at55
Country: UK
Price: $15.95

Out of Stock

Three improvisers, Pascal Battus (rotating surfaces, found objects), Bertrand Gauguet (saxophones) and Eric La Casa (microphones) recorded while playing at a working building site in Paris and also in studio.

La Casa, Eric / Jean-Luc Guionnet: Inscape. Lille-Flandres

Label: Monotype
Product Code: 11821
Catalog Code: mono 019
Country: Poland
Price: $15.95

In Stock

A concept album for their Inscape project: onsite installations with strategically placed microphones mixed in real time to create complex and intriguing sound sculptures.

Chiesa / Guionnet / Petit / La Casa: Belvedere Dans L'etendue

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 06011
Catalog Code: CS058
Country: Portugal
Price: $15.95

In Stock