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La Baracande : La Baracande (BeCoq)


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product information:

Label: BeCoq
Catalog ID: BECOQ 29
Squidco Product Code: 25462

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at the Claus Workshops, in Brussels, Blegium, in January 2016, by Yann Gourdon.


Basile Bremaud-chant, violon

Guilhem Lacroux-guitare, lap steel, pedalier basse

Pierre-Vincent Fortunier-cornemuse bechonnet 11P, violon

Yann Gourdon-vielle a roue, boite a bourdon, pieds

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track listing:

1. La Haut La Haut Dedans La Tour 11:24

2. L'amour d'un Garcon 8:00

3. Le Vingt-Cinq Du Mois D'Avril 16:35

4. Tout En Me promenant 6:26

5. La Belle Couturiere 11:19

6. La Soeur Et Le Menuisier 10:43

7. Un Jour J'Ai Pris Le Temps 8:16
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Artist Biographies:

As a musician, composer and sound artist I consider the vibratory fields and perception as a medium. My work privileges the observation of acoustic phenomena in dynamic relation with the environment - architecture / landscape.

Together I practice the traditional musics of the Massif Central to the hurdy-gurdy. I approach this practice by listening to collections and conduct a research work on this repertoire within the collective La Nòvia .

Through these different aspects of my work, I deal only with the qualities of sound.

I only consider the work of sound in conjunction with an environment - a landscape or an architecture. My pieces are of an established duration and take the form of autonomous devices in that they do not require the intervention of an interpreter. The process involved reveals latent acoustic phenomena induced by the physical specificities of the sound propagation space.

I work mainly from electronically generated pure tones, feedback or continuous sounds recorded and broadcast by means of amplified systems; Nevertheless there is no question of sound as an object - a loudspeaker, a sound, a listener. It is not enough for the listener to cross a space if his listening is oriented on the narrative object, he must move his attention to the vibratory fields. The device is not a visual pretext legitimizing the plasticity of the piece but is chosen for its qualities to emit sounds. I consider the volumes and the surfaces produced as a new possible place."


Yvan Etienne, Marie Richeux, James Taylor, Laurent Faulon, Jérôme Poret, Boris Achour, Pascal Broccolichi, Jérôme Nœtinger, Eve Couturier, Paul Léandri et l'école d'architecture de Clermont-Ferrand, Haute Ecole d'Art & Design de Genève, Ecole d'Art & Designde St Etienne, Philippe Caillot, Antez, Hervé Boghossian, Clakton Tendring, Eric Cordier, Basile Brémaud, Jacques Puech, les Esprits Solubles, Delphine Gigoux, Lionel Hoche, le Collectif Ishtar, la Douzaine, Guilhem Lacroux, les Brayauds, Frédéric Le Junter, Daunik Lazro, Fréderic Jouanlong, Ryan Kernoa, Agathe Max, Musiques Démesurées, Delphine Reist, Lucia Recio, Jérémie Sauvage, Mathieu Tilly...

FRANCE, depuis 2005,
TOAD, depuis 2006,
VACUUM, depuis 2007,
DUO PUECHGOURDON, depuis 2009,
LA CLEDA, depuis 2011,
LA BARACANDE, depuis 2012,
JÉRICHO, depuis 2012,
LE VERDOUBLE, depuis 2012,
FLUX, depuis 2015, Gourdon Website (

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