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Kabas + Luis Vicente + Carlos Godinho: Negen / Live at SMUP [2 CDs] (FMR)

The Belgian creative improvising quartet Kabas of Jan Daelman on flute, Thijs Troch on piano, Nils Vermeulen on double bass, and Elias Devoldere on drums for a 2-CD release, one album in studio with trumpeter Luis Vicente (Deux Maisons, Chamber 4), and one live at Portugal's SMUP with both Vicente and percussionist Carlos Godinho (Variable Geometry Orchestra).

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product information:

UPC: 73807979000

Label: FMR
Catalog ID: 466-1117
Squidco Product Code: 25300

Format: 2 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: UK
Packaging: Digipack - 4 panel
CD1 recorded at Namouche Studios, in Lisbon, Portugal, on January 4th, 2017 by Joaquim Monte.

CD2 recorded at SMUP, in Parade, Portugal, on January 5th, 2017, by Claudio Rega.


Luis Vicente-trumpet

Jan Daelman-flute

Thijs Troch-piano

Nils Vermeulen-double bass

Elias Devoldere-drums

Carlos Godinho-percussion

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Artist Biographies:

"Luis first picked up a trumpet when he decided to participate in a Philarmonic Association. Later he had private classes with Tomás Pimentel.He attended the Escola de Jazz Luís Villas Boas/ Hot Club de Portugal, where he had the chance to study with João Moreira, Tomás Pimentel, Vasco Mendonça, Afonso Pais, Filipe Melo, Bruno Santos e André Fernandes. During these years, he also participated in workshop with musicians such as Evan Parker, Chris Speed, Mário Laginha, David Binney, Jesse Davis, Julian Arguelles, Ohad Talmor, André Fernandes, Pedro Madaleno e Phil Grenadier.

He already played in dozens of venues and festivals in Portugal and across Europe. He performed and recorded with Carlos Zingaro, Wilbert De Joode, Akira Sakata, Johannes Bauer, Oori Shalev, Jorrit Dijkstra, Kaido Yutaka, Jasper Stadhouders, Giovanni Di Domenico, Mary Oliver, Nuno Rebelo, Jonathan Hafner, André Fernandes, Joost Buis, Marco Franco, Steve Heather, Mette Rasmussen, John Dikeman, Roberto Negro, João Lobo, Hugo Antunes, Valentin Ceccaldi, Seppe Gebruers, José Ernesto Rodrigues, Onno Govaert, Rodrigo Amado, Tó Trips, Luís Lopes, Federico Pascucci, Théo Ceccaldi.

Currently he plays his own tunes in trio and quartet and is a member of : Vicente|Marjamaki; Clocks& Clouds; Fail Better!; Twenty One 4tet; Deux Maisons; Chamber 4; W.A.S?; Jasper Stadhouders' International Improv Esnsemble."

-Luis Vicente Website (

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"Jan Daelman (1990) is a Belgian flute player best known from his improv-duo Keenroh with pianist Thijs Troch. In 2014, they released their debut album 'Keenroh' on the Ghent based El Negocito Records label. In 2015, after winning the Young Jazztalent Ghent award, they extended to a nine piece band and released a second album 'Keenroh XL' (Bart Maris/Thomas Jillings/Marti Melia/Ruben Verbruggen/Niels Van Heertum/Thijs Troch/Laurens Smet/Teun Verbruggen) In april 2016 his quartet Kabas (Thijs Troch/Nils Vermeulen/Elias Devoldere) released the album 'Abel' on vinyl, again on the El Negocito Records label. Daelman functions as a tenor saxophone player in the impro/drone collective Residuum Free Unit (Dirk Serries/Thijs Troch/Nils Vermeulen/Bert Minnaert) and plays EWI in synthesizer-mayhem-formation Glin Fraktion (Thijs Troch/Seppe Gebruers/Bert Minnaert). Together with Dirk Serries and Thijs Troch he forms the minimalistic DST trio. Furthermore he is also active in the new group The Milk Factory (Viktor Perdieus/Edmund Lauret/Thijs Troch/Kobe Boon/Benjamin Elegheert), a duo called Peedved with Nils Vermeulen and an exciting new project called Les Biches De Milleseptante (Teun Verbruggen/Bert Minnaert/Thijs Troch). As a sideman he contributed to the project 'Fair is foul and foul is fair' from Italian singer Costanza Alligiani (Thomas Jillings/Thijs Troch/Armando Luongo/Danieli Cappucci). The album was released in 2014 on the Italian label 'Improvvisatore Inovolontario'."

-Criss Cross Europe (

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"Thijs Troch is a Belgian piano player, mainly active in improvised music. He plays in bands such as: Keenroh, Jukwaa, Kabas, Glin Graktion, Hypochristmutreefuzz, Northern Escorts, Residuum Free Unit, Bulliphat, &c."

-Thijs Troch Website (

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"Nils Vermeulen is a double and electric bass player, based in Ghent (Belgium). The variety of projects in which he plays, indicates his wide range of interest in music. The one thing that connects them all is sound. Nils Vermeulen has taken a profound interest in vibrations, production of sound and the esthetics that comes with it.

His projects include Nils Vermeulen Solo, Kabas, Jukwaa, Uma Chine, Peedved, Marta Rosa, Mdc Iv, Lamoral, Residuum Free Unit, Frame Trio, Laughing Bastards, Midnight Blue Birds."

-Nils Vermeulen Website (

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"Elias Devoldere (1991) is a Ghent-based impro/jazz/rock drummer, who started playing the drums at the age of eight. He was mainly active in rock formations. At the age of eighteen he went to the Royal Conservatory of Ghent where he got in touch with improvised music and jazz. He took classes with Toon van Dionant, Erik Vermeulen and Bart Maris. In this period his main project Nordmann was formed, a crossover band between rock, impro and jazz. He graduated at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where he took classes with Stéphane Galland, Lionel Beuvens, Kris Defoort and Jeroen Van Herzeele. Besides his classes in school he also took classes with Dré Pallemaerts, Teun Verbruggen and the Brussels Youth Jazz Orchestra. Currently he's playing with bands such as Nordmann, Hypochristmutreefuzz, John Ghost, Kabas, Hast, Jukwaa Double Trio, Bardo and Maya's Moving Castle. Besides these band formations he's also active for choreographer Helder Saebra."

-Elias Devoldere Website (

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"Carlos Godinho is a Portuguese percussionist, a member of Band À Part, Diceros, Octopus, Variable Geometry Orchestra, and Zarabatana."

-Squidco 5/18/2022

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track listing:


1. Celula Dura 3:58

2. Hamerkopter 4:50

3. Cilindro Pendulo 7:27

4. Claramente Escuro 5:56

5. St. Print 3 (2) 6:19

6. Fogofaze 6:46


1. Kabas (Set 1) 18:25

2. Kabas + Vincente + Godinho (Set 2) 9:47

3. Kabas + Vincente + Godinho (Set 3) 6:54

sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Last summer, while visiting the Alentejo coast, I had a caldeirada (a traditional fish stew) that completely knocked me over. It was then and there, during my ninth visit to Portugal, that I finally understood how fond I have grown of the food, the landscape, the climate, the people and their way of doing things. It became clear to me that Portuguese culture is radically different from Belgian culture, but it is also surprising how quickly you adapt when you are there. You start having dinner later, take your time to think things through, remind yourself to breathe and have another glass of wine.

It is a way of doing things that fits the music of Belgian quartet Kabas. All four members have several other bands and projects, but few have the sense of restraint and thoughtfulness that Kabas has. Some would interpret their rather minimalist style of improvising as rigid, disciplined and in line with Scandinavian aesthetics, but to me, the open-ended and conversational approach somehow fits the Portuguese vibe. And just like the size and acoustics of a space can have its impact on a performance, time and geography undoubtedly affect what you play as an improvising unit.

When the four of them arrived in Lisbon in the first week of 2017, only one of them was familiar with the country (it is a classic story that involves an ex-lover and bittersweet emotions), while for the others, it was the first time to soak up the culture. I wonder how they reacted to the penetrating smells of grilled fish in the cobblestoned streets, the glorious cups of espresso, the pace, the easy meetings with locals and, of course, the nightlife, which they could explore in Lisbon, Parede, Porto and Guimarães.

I imagine that the new surroundings enabled them to explore their collective identity further as the nights went on. Even with a local guest, trumpet player Luís Vicente, there is no pressure to make quick and direct statements. Kabas' method avoids hierarchies and easy structures. It is a style that takes space and silence into consideration, one that allows individual ideas to simmer, but also to have a shapeshifting mass of sound change course or suddenly dissolve. Not all instruments are always recognizable as such and the subdued intensity makes you wonder what you just heard. Jazz, Satie, contemporary music, free shit. You might even question your own expectations as a listener.

There is a stimulating and refreshing curiosity in these two discs. Their crisscrossing ideas are like a timid dance across various surfaces, with each breath and touch given its own autonomy. It can be a challenge to grasp what is going on, but the tangible coherence is entirely theirs. Perhaps that is why these collaborations run so smoothly, as both Vicente (who was with them for the studio session and several concerts) and percussionist Carlos Godinho (who joined them at SMUP in Parede) fit in easily. It is Kabas' easy-going communication, that remarkable balance of surprise and familiarity, that allows them to invite people into their ranks without sacrificing their sound and identity."-Guy Peters, from the liner notes

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