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Die Enttauschung  (Axel Dorner / Michael Griener / Rudi Mahall / Jan Roder): Lavaman (Intakt)

The remarkable European Free Jazz quintet Die Enttauschung, crossing bop forms with modern creative approaches to jazz for over 20 years, takes a new drummer--Michael Griener--and adds trombonist Christof Thewes, to join Rudi Mahall on clarinets, Axel Dorner on trumpet, and Jan Roder on bass, for an exciting and upbeat album of succinct tunes that both revere and abuse jazz history in wonderful ways.

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product information:

UPC: 7640120192891

Label: Intakt
Catalog ID: INN289
Squidco Product Code: 25220

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Switzerland
Packaging: Jewel Case
Recorded Berlinaudio-Studio in Berlin, Germany, on April 11th and 12th, 2017, by Christian Betz.


Rudi Mahall-bass clarinet, clarinet

Axel Dorner-trumpet

Christof Thewes-trombone

Jan Roder-bass

Michael Griener-drums

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Artist Biographies:

"Rudi Mahall (born 1966 in Nürnberg, Germany) is a contemporary jazz bass clarinetist.

While studying classical clarinet, Mahall shifted towards contemporary music, improvisation and jazz. He is, or was a member of following bands: Avantgardeband Die Hartmann 8, Der Rote Bereich (initially comprehending Frank Möbus, Marty Cook, Jim Black und Henning Sievert), the Trio Tiefe töne für Augen und Ohren (with Sievert and Bill Elgart), Carlos Bicas Azul and Die Enttäuschung (amongst others with Axel Dörner, Jan Roder). He carried out several projects and published CDs with Aki Takase, about the work of Eric Dolphy and others. Mahall participated to Alexander von Schlippenbach's recording of the complete works of Thelonious Monk, published by a prestigious Swiss label, and he is a member of the Globe Unity Orchestra. Moreover, he performed with Conny Bauer, Lee Konitz, Barry Guy, Karl Berger, Paul Lovens, Sven-Åke Johansson, Radu Malfatti, Ed Schuller, Ray Anderson, Kenny Wheeler, Hannes Bauer and many others.

Mahall performed at the Free Music Festival Jazz à Mulhouse in 2008, at the Moers Festival, the JazzFest Berlin, the Leverkusener Jazztage and jazz festivals in New York City, Amsterdam, München, Würzburg, Nürnberg, and he toured in Portugal, southern and eastern Africa."

-Wikipedia (

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"Axel Dörner (born 26 April 1964 in Cologne, Germany) is a German jazz musician (trumpet and piano) and composer.

Dörner studied piano in the Dutch town Arnhem (1988-89) and at the Music Academy in Cologne (1989-1996). From 1991 he studied trumpet with Malte Burba, and during his studies he collaborated with trumpeter Bruno Light in the "The Street Fighters Duo". At this time he also joined the ensembles "The Street Fighters Quartet" and "The Street Fighters Double Quartet" together with Matthias Schubert, Bruno Leicht, and Claudio Puntin. In addition the "Axel Dörner Quartet" was initiated (with Frank Gratkowski, Hans Schneider and Martin Blume). With saxophonist Matthias Petzold. he participated on the albums Lifelines and Psalmen Und Lobgesänge.

Dörner has resided in Berlin since 1994, and occurs in the most diverse settings like "The London Jazz Composers Orchestra" and with "Hedros" (together with Mats Gustafsson, Günter Christmann, Barry Guy and others). Since then he has contributed on more than 50 album recordings.

Dörner is distinguished mainly by his versatility. He bouth play the more traditional Bebop, just like he fits in to classic Free Jazz or electronic music. He playd with Otomo Yoshihide at the Donaueschinger Musiktage in 2005. Dörner play both solo concerts and collaborates with his trio "TOOT" (together with Phil Minton and Thomas Lehn) and "Die Anreicherung" with Christian Lillinger, Håvard Wiik and Jan Roder, and in Ken Vandermarks "Territory-Band". Dörner is an integral part of the Berlin scene of experimental new improvisational music. Dörner was given special attention for his interpretation of all compositions by Thelonious Monk, with the pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach and his own band "Die Enttäuschung" released on a three CD album (Monks Casino, Complete 2005)."-Wikipedia

-Wikipedia (

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• occupations as trombonist, composer, arranger and intrumental teacher

• leader of various ensembles und musical projects (solo through big band), ranging from mordern jazz, free improvisation und ćNeue MusikŅ to experimental rock, funk and pop music

• present realization of this music as composer and leader in the musical groups Squakk, Undertone Project (Duo up to Octet ) Christof Thewes ŌThe Ascension FactorŌ (/Trio up to Tentet ) Quartetto Pazzo und Modern Chamber Trio, in the Free Jazz Band Yahoos, in the Big Band Little Big Band, in the Neue Musik Ensembles Modern Chamber Trio (Ensemble), in the Avantgarde-Popgruppe Phase 4, in dem Soloprojekt Trombonealone, in the Rock-Jazzformation The Matter of Taste, in the large ensemble SaarbrŸcker ŠDarmstŠdter Freundschaft, in the trombone ensemble Posaunenglanzterzet, in duos like Thewes-Mahall, RoderŠThewes, as member in groups like Squakk, Ensemble hks, Lacypool, Gutter Music, Anna Kaluza Quartet, Griener Š Roder ŠThewes, Birdfood and Bikini Big Band.

• has been playing in Globe Unity Orchester and Uli Gumpert Workshop Band since 2008

• literary and musical cooperations with author, film maker und voice talent Alfred Gulden Gulden with the group GuldenŠThewes

• Free improvisation concerts with Alexander von Schlippenbach, Paul Lovens, Evan Parker, Roger Turner, Willie Kellers, Uli Boetcher, Eddie Prevost, Tomas Ulrich, Matthias Schubert, Axel Dšrner, Olaf Rupp uva.

• appearences on the following festivals in Europe, South america USA, Kanada : Jazzfestival Willisau, Unerhšrt Festival ZŸrich, Jazz DÕOr Stra§bourg, Just Music Festival Wiesbaden, Jazzfestival Zagreb, Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf, Jazzfestival Nancy, Jazzfest Warschau, Jazzherbst Darmstadt, Jazzwerkstattfestival Berlin, Jazzfestival Mexico City , Jazzfestival Peitz, Jazzfestival Toronto uva.

• contract compositions for city of SaarbrŸcken, SaarlŠndischer Rundfunk, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg and Theatre National Du Luxembourg.

• Awards: 2007 Š City of Worms Jazzpreis, 2005 Š City of SaarbrŸcken Medienpreis for Zyklus 1-6 with Alfred Gulden, 1992 Š District of Neunkirchen Kulturfšrderpreis, 1987 Š City of SaarbrŸcken Kulturfšrderpreis, 1985 Š Saarland Rockfšrderpreis.

• was trombone lecturer in academic programme of jazz at Saarland University of Music till 2011.

• more than 30 published records as leader and sideman

• cooperations with these musiscians:

• Guitar: Olaf Rupp, Chris Klein, Thomas Honecker, Ralph Beerkircher, Simon Werner, Frank Wingold, Sven Prokaska, Frank Jacob

• Piano: Uwe Oberg, Olli Maas, Georg Ruby, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Uli Gumpert, Manuel Krass, Christoph Mudrich, Bernd Thewes

• Reeds: Hartmut O§wald, Rudi Mahall, Wolli Kaiser, Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky, Gerd Dudek, Evan Parker, Daniel dÕAgaro, Charlsey Haller, Udo Lovisa, Henrik Walsdorff, Michael Thieke, Ben Wolff, Ekkehard Jost

• Trumpet: Daniel Schmitz, Daisy Becker, Ralf Himmler, Lars Kuklinski, Axel Dšrner, Jean Luc Capozzo, Manfred Schoof, Martin Klingeberg, Rainer Winterschladen

• Trombone: JŸrgen Seyler, Detlef Landeck, Albert Mangelsdorff, Nils Wogram, Johannes Bauer, Matthias MŸller, Alisa Klein, Jan Kamp

• Bass: Martin Schmidt, Jan …streich, Jan Roder, JŸrgen Wuchner, Dieter Manderscheidt, Stefan Scheib, Ulla Oster, Robert Landfermann, Laurent Peckels, Mario Bartone

• Drums: Daniel PrŠtzlich, Dirk Peter Kšlsch, Jšrg Fischer, Michael Griener, Paul Lovens, Paul Lytton, Olli Strauch, Joe Bonica, Jochen KrŠmer

-Christof Thewes Website (

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"Jan Roder (* 1968 ) is a German jazz bassist.

Roder studied music in Hanover. He began his career as a rock musician and lived longer periods in Brazil. In 1995 he came to Berlin, where he played touring and concerts with musicians such as Ulrich Gumpert, Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, Manfred Schoof, Uschi Brüning, Joachim Kühn, Aki Takase, Gunter Hampel, Mircea Tiberian and Axel Dörner.

As a successor to Joachim Dette, he is the band Disappointment, together with Axel Dörner, Rudi Mahall and Uli Jenneßen, who, together with Alexander von Schlippenbach, has the complete work of Thelonious Monk in his repertoire. Together with Björn Lücker and Henrik Walsdorff, he is the group The Most. He is also a member of the Caciula Trio (with Maurice de Martin and Ben Abarbanel-Wolff ), JR 3, the Silke Eberhard Quartet and the Zoran Terzic Trio, and performs as a duo of Maria Răducanu."

-Wikipedia (translated by Google) (

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"Michael Griener, born in Nuremberg, Germany in 1968, began playing drums in 1982, lives in Berlin since 1994.

Under the influence of the HOHE-UFER-concerts initiated by Günter Christmann he became involved early on in the various forms of Jazztradition, Free Improvisation and New Music, which led to a longer collaboration with Christmann in his Vario-projects (a.o. C.I.M.-Festival Den Haag 1990, Moers-Festival 1992, Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik1993).

He has worked frequently with dancers, actors and poets (most recently in a project on Paul Celan with German writer Oskar Ansull). His duo KIMMO ELOMAA with electronic wizard jayrope received a grant by the city of Berlin in 2002 Received the 1. price as "most creative soloist" at the "New German Jazz Award" in 2006 His current projects include a.o.:

Uli Gumpert Quartet, TGW (Thieke-Griener-Weber), a Duo with Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, Lacy Pool, Squakk and Carl-Ludwig Hübsch' Primordial Soup Michael Griener teaches jazz drumming at the University for Music "Carl Maria v. Weber" in Dresden and jazz-history and rhythm at the Jazzschule Berlin."

-Michael Griener Website (

Have a better biography or biography source? Please Contact Us so that we can update this biography.
track listing:

1. Wer nichts furth, furth furth 4:32

2. Falschlich 3:29

3. Die Wohlgesonnten 6:01

4. Voraussichtlich 7:01

5. Christian und Isolde 1:49

6. Ausgekannt 4:02

7. Jazz als Hobby 3:03

8. Lavaman 4:37

9. Reich durch Pfand 4:32

10. Chicoree 2:16

11. Unsaglich 2:03

12. Reich durch Jazz 4:53

13. Bulyah-Dath 3:23

14. So tun als ob 3:58

15. Das Jan am Stuck 3:02
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Rudi Mahall writes in the CD-booklet of the forth release on Intakt Records: "...with our leaning to perseverance practiced over 20 years we searched for a congenial drummer and we got Michael Griener aboard: 100 % enthusiasm as prerequisite and the same taste... in a band like this the drums are the fulcrum, they navigate sound and form, like a conductor does in a classical orchestra, and Michael Griener is a master! And why add Christof Thewes? First: once you find a songwriter of this caliber hold on to him! Second: every band needs a trombonist like this! Third: Thewes gives hell to the wind section and Four: he is the most full-blown improviser. The engine runs like greased lightning - hear for yourself!" "-Intakt

"Keeping a band together is no elementary accomplishment, particularly when the purview in question is improvised music. Reedist Rudi Mahall and trumpeter Alex Dörner first made Die Enttäuschung a going concern in 1994, its formation the outcome of various Berlin-based jam sessions and a mutual fondness for the music of Thelonious Monk. Bassist Jan Roder joined soon after with Michael Griener replacing discontented long-time drummer Uli Jennessen more recently. Lavaman marks the recorded debut of trombonist Christof Thewes on the roster. The disc's notes relate all of this history in a clever merger of Mahall-penned chronicle and another sixteen interjections by the other band members cataloged in the form of foot note annotations.

The album is an assemblage of elements both familiar and different. As with the band's earlier efforts for Intakt, Katja Mahall contributes a colorful pop culture-infused collage of cut-out imagery for the cover that conveys the players' preferences for humor and keenly-channeled irreverence. Everyone but Thewes gets in on the compositional end of the endeavor and the sixteen originals supply a varied split between the principals. What he defers in terms tune-smithing, Thewes more than recoups in brash and brassy contributions to the studio performances. Mahall divides his attention between clarinet and its bass register cousin and his focus on the former is a welcome change from earlier preferences. Roder and Griener sculpt rhythms and shadings that often occupy equal footing with the contrapuntal layerings of the horns.

Familiar jazz tropes like head arrangements, drum exchanges and solos are part of the band mix, but frequently torqued or twisted into odd intervals and shapes. Dorner's "Fälschlich" juxtaposes a staggered bass line from Roder with terse fugue-like breaks that build tension alongside bustling full-ensemble outbursts. "Voraussichtlich" strings together legato phrases from Thewes over a variable bass and cymbal-driven rhythm as the composer and Mahall thread in asides. Shorter pieces like Mahall's "Christian und Isolde" and "Jazz als Hobby" revel in tonal differences of the instruments, the former combining muted trombone, arco bass, brushes and limpid clarinet in circular call and response. Roder's "Chicoree" pivots off a sing-song motif and striding bass figure that serves as focal point for the swirling, tail-chasing horns. Restless movement and variation are the common denominators of each excursion.

The meaning and usage of the band's name has also morphed over the years. Loosely translated as "the disillusioned" and originally meant at least partially in jest it's become more of an operational mantra and a reflection of the band's philosophy in general. In order to remain open to the potentiality of the moment one must first become disillusioned with and make a break from the status quo. These players, together and independently, have made that preference for peril and risk over the safety and security of the commonly known their primary means of expression for the bulk of their careers. The corporeal identity of "Lavaman" is never revealed, but his musical incarnation is perhaps the perfect distillation of Die Enttäuschung's collective musical process in its synthesis of sweet melody, fractious dissonance, tenacious unity and individual spontaneity. Disillusionment never sounded so good."-Derek Taylor, Dusted Magazine

Get additional information at Dusted Magazine
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